Soul Wrought Registration

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Soul Wrought Registration

Post by JerriLeah7 on 30th June 2018, 3:14 pm

Soul Wrought Registration
RPM: JerriLeah7
RPH: MethosArchaic

Listed below are the rules of this role-play and the character layout.  In the next post following this one, there will be additional registration information and an actual, full length explanation of the character layout that is listed after the rules.  Please read all of this post and the one following it very carefully before registering for this role-play and, as always, follow the rules and have fun.


● Follow the GtR Rules & RP Guidelines, as always.  If you cannot respect the RPM or RPH, don't join this role-play.

● No more than two characters are allowed per member.  Do not create multiple characters if you cannot participate actively with both characters.  Only you will truly know how much free time you have, so keep to it and don't drag everyone else behind without communicating about your inactivity.

● Any and all haunted gears, weapons, and other items must have the appropriate back story to follow with it.  Back stories such as "I just found this," or "I made this myself when I was ten" are unacceptable.  Most magical items take a very long time to create and are incredibly expensive--your stories should line up with this.

● Your character(s) can only be a member of the human race.

● Character Approval is a thing in this role-play.  You cannot post within the actual role-play thread, nor participate in any collaborative posts until your character is approved by a role-play maker or helper.  The less information that you give about your character's history, knowledge, and abilities, the longer this section of your character creation will take.

● All characters must be a member of the Cinema Tribe.  This does not mean that they originated from there, but it does mean that they are at least a current member.  

● Creating a tribe from your past is acceptable, but the tribe must be approved.

● Your character's age must reflect the appropriate age and experience reflected in the role-play's information thread.  If your age doesn't line up with magical or physical occurrences (such as puberty), you'll be asked to change something.

Character Layout
[b]Color Code:[/b]

[b]Tribe Title:[/b]
[b]Tribe Skills:[/b]
[b]Personal Skills:[/b]

[b]Realm Rates:[/b]
[b]Magician Type & Class:[/b]
[b]Magic/Fighting Style:[/b]

[b]Living Relatives:[/b]
[b]Back Story:[/b]

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Re: Soul Wrought Registration

Post by JerriLeah7 on 30th June 2018, 3:52 pm

Name: Character's Name
Color Code: Hex Color Codes Preferred
Age: Character's Age
Gender/Sexuality: Character's Gender and/or Sexuality
Appearance: Before placing an image, please list height, weight, eye color, and hair color.

Tribe Title: Status or occupation within the Tribe.  This could mean are you a child or adult?  Elder, Shaman, or just a normal adult?  Etc.
Tribe Skills: These are the skills you use to contribute to the tribe.  Ex. Hunting, Weaving, Tailoring, Tanning, Etc.
Personal Skills: These are skills that benefit yourself, primarily and can also be hobbies or minor, less useful and widely used skills.  Ex. Weapon Proficiency, Drawing, Singing, Jewelry Making, Etc.

Realm Rates: Consult with your RPM or RPH, as you should create your character with them. This slot will be explained then.
Soularm: Describe what your soularm is, what it looks like, its aura color(s), how it is evoked, and explain how long you've had it and what it means to you.  Many people name their soularms, so if yours is named, please list its name.
Magician Type & Class: Soul/Aura/Element/Dimension and Which sub-class do you belong to?
Magic/Fighting Style: How do you fight?  How does your magic function?

Living Relatives: What are the names of your living family members?
Mentor(s): What is/are the name(s) of your mentor that assisted you during your time as a sapling?
Back Story: What is your back story?

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Re: Soul Wrought Registration

Post by JerriLeah7 on 30th June 2018, 9:50 pm

Name: Ascharya
Color Code: ab1717
Age: 45
Gender/Sexuality: Female, Mostly Heterosexual
Appearance: Dark Brown Hair, Light Brown Eyes; 5'6 Tall, 140lbs.
Ascharya is usually seen in clothing and garb unlike most Tribal Shaman or Tribe members in general.  This is due to the region and tribe in which she was raised, as she dresses more like her birth-born culture, rather than her current culture.  
With Shaman Garb:

Tribe Title: Cinema Tribe Shamari
Tribe Skills: Ritual Practices & Law, Tribal Law, Leadership, Storytelling, Advising, Mediating, Clanesh Education, Interpreter, Meric and Neomeric Language Education, Sight Training
Personal Skills: Survival, Herbalism, Botany, Textile Weaving, Skinning, Tanning, Spear & Bola Proficiency, Net Fishing, Midwife

Realm Rates: Corporea: 4 , Leveates: 1, Archeron: 1, and Mezzetez: 4
The first, original soularm of Ascharya is a spear named "To Catch His Predator," but nicknamed "Catchor."  Due to being created by Ascharya herself, Catchor has a very low ego, but it can communicate with her through their shared senses, emotions, and opinions.  She can pick up vague impressions of approval or disapproval, agreement or disagreement, and warnings of perceived danger or mistrust.  As they share the same soul, both Catchor and Ascharya once shared the same values and they clashd only rarely.

In appearance, Castor is simply a wooden pole with a spearhead made of Exuma, though the Exuma is also patterned and entwined around the point where they are connected in a decorative pattern with meaningless swirls and tiny spikes that can deter an enemy from grabbing the upper end of the staff in an attempt to take it from her.  Other than that, the minor decorations serve no further purpose and this soularm looks rather plain, overall.

Though their bond has always been strong, Catchor is rarely used these days due to Ascharya's responsibilities, position, and injuries of her past.  Rarely evoked, Catchor hasn't been seen by others often, and although many can see the signs of fondness between the two during the rare occasions that Catchor has been around, they will also be able to see that something has come between them if given enough time to observe.

When evoking Catchor, Ascharya pulls out her Bola with one hand while reaching behind her with the other.  It is then that Catchor will appear wtihin her hand and she will pull it around as though unsheathing it from her back.  It's aura is a pale red.

Ascharya's second Soularm, which was once a haunted item, is now bound to Ascharya due to having been passed down to her from the Cinema Tribe's previous Shamari (and her Mentor).  This Soularm is a rather large, white, shining orb made of quartz and Exuma combined that is hollow and aids her in divining larger events that are not necessarily small or within a closer locale.  

This orb is called "Enginswei" (Een - gen - sway), and as it contains multiple souls within it, she sometimes gains the wisdom and experience of the souls harbored within.  Her compatibility with it comes and goes, as their values do not always align, but they do work well together, overall.  Enginswei's creator was a powerful embodier Spiritualist that was eventually discovered by Shaman and then passed from Shaman to Shaman over the generations ever since.  

The dominant spirit within Enginswei varies, as does its cooperative behavior and what kind of assistance it gives to Ascharya.  This can sometimes be quite unfortunate, but their bond is still unquestionable--despite the fact that Ascharya is not its creator, she has been deemed worthy.  Ascharya suspects, though she does not yet know, that Enginswei has embodiment magics of its own.  (This is due to the memories obtained from older spirits contained within the orb.)

When evoking Enginswei, Ascharya moves her hands before her as if grabbing a ball that isn't there, fingers pointing in opposite directions to start with before twisting her hands and wrists around to make the fingers of both hands face the same direction in front of her.  The orb will then appear between her hands, surrounded by a hue of deep indigo.
Magician Type & Class: Soul : Shaman
Magic/Fighting Style: Using a spear and Bola fighting style for hunting, physical battle, and survival was once Ascharya's primary way of life, but this was when she was young and very strong.  Although she has kept much of that strength, she is blind in one eye and mostly blind in the other and battle is, for the most part, out of the question.  

Magically speaking, she splits souls, heals and stitches souls, reads souls, etc., but she is also known to be an incredibly strong diviner.  Divination is a magical talent for her and Ascharya is known to be one of the most powerful Seers within the entire region.  

Additionally, Ascharya does have a familiar that is always seen with her.  It is a maned wolf, which is actually quite rare in this region, known as "Sarresha."  She is a loving animal that seeks attention from any who wander nearby.  Snuggling up to humans and children are what she does best.  She's incredibly intelligent for her species, even for a familiar.

Living Relatives: Adoptive Brother: Seneka
Mentor(s): Senan
Back Story:  Born within the Region of the Hwy (Hwee), Ascharya originated from the Tribe of Alsea (All - say - uh) that was almost destroyed six months after her birth.  Due to an attack from another nearby Tribe, the Alsea were almost wiped out entirely, but Ascharya was taken in by one of the warriors of the attacking Tribe, known as the Gold'atye Brige (Gold - awt - yay Bree - geh), though they go by the Gold'atye Tribe for short.  The Gold'atye are a proud people, but they are also cold.  You are expected to survive due to their significantly different life style in comparison to other nearby tribes.  

The Gold'atye are thieves, scavengers, pillagers, and travelers, moving about from their main location into other locations to hunt for food, goods, and additions for their slaves.  As a member of one of their slaves, Ascharya was one of the people who was often left behind on the somewhat slim, but long stretch of land that rose up above a great mass of water and connected to large masses of land.  This territory was fought over and if you wished to cross, you had to pay.  If you did not must turn back or die.  It was no short of abuse and fear of her untrained power that led her to run away from the Gold'atye as soon as she was old enough.  

It was during her escape that her powers manifested and Ascharya was forced to run while being hunted, hide and flee during many days and nights of the torment at the thought of being caught while fighting off the ravaging images that threatened to push at her mind.  She was distracted, seeing visions, hearing voices...demons spoke to her, whispering at her ears and beckoning her to call on them for aid.  She could see it--the black place, as she called it.  She didn't know well enough to know what it was, but she did know well enough to know that if she went there somehow, she would surely die.  The ground was cracked and black, dry and hot, heat rising from it with streaks of red and yellow like molten coal.  

There was no sky...just thick, black fog covering the air above as it threatened to lower and suffocate her--but it never did.  Nothing in the black place turned out to be real.  Or be "there" with her.  However, seeing this place made it harder and harder for her to run, all the while she would eventually fall asleep from exhaustion, only to wake from dreams flitted with nightmares that showed her of her trackers finding her tracks, hear their voices as they asked passerby with her description while they pretended to be concerned family or friends.  She knew their approach became more inevitable, more dangerous.

This was Ascharya's life until the hunt was given up, until it ended and she could breathe again.  When she was freed, she survived within Hwy alone, traveling from place to place as a Nomad, but also as a slowly maddening sapling with no focus to keep her from becoming adrift.  Fighting back the embrace of the black place, she eventually learned (through listening to other passerby magicians) what the black place was, as well as why she could hear both them and hear other people from far away that lived in their place.  She learned of the four realms, learned that she would someday go insane.   This was a fate she accepted.  She did not wish to be a part of the Hwy.

Senan could detect this from Ascharya right away--from the moment that he met her, he could tell that this young girl did not like people and she despised the situation that had been forced upon her.  She was bitter, lost, and without proper home.  He approached her, offering her a place within another region and tribe, promising her a home and stability, support and a place within his family.  This was something she did not expect, and although she was skeptical, he also offered something she desparately needed--the soul wrought ritual.  

To save her own life, she agreed, following Senan into the Cinema Tribe where she was adopted by Senan and raised to be his own daughter.  It took her a very long time to open up to him, to become his child.   Yet, as her heart opened, so did her personality as she grew into the person that she is now--a strong, unique individual that is determined to help and save others and to spread the acceptance that Senan gave to her without question when others did question it through much of her childhood.  

Although Senan did eventually die of old age, he passed to her his gauntlet of the Shamari title (with the approval of the Elders) and gave her the responsibility of seeking out peace between the Hwy and Us Ro'da Regions, wherever it be possible.  She has worked diligently since that day, aging kindly despite having been blind through most of her life.  (She did lose blindness in her left eye during her time of wandering, but the partial blindness of her new eye is a recent occurrence with an unknown cause.)

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Re: Soul Wrought Registration

Post by JerriLeah7 on 2nd July 2018, 8:37 pm

Name: Suitsue (Suit - sway)
Color Code: 6699ff
Age: 28
Gender/Sexuality: Female, Biromantic Demisexual
Appearance: Dark Brown Hair, Light Blue Eyes; 5'6 Tall, 140lbs.
General clothing for Suitsue is furs and simple cloths with leather straps, but she often wears bone plated armor, etc. when out beyond the Tribe's wall.  She has a lot of feathers over her head in a hood and under her helmet, which often conceals her features a little more.
Fully Armored:

Tribe Title: Adult; Cinema Sentinel
Tribe Skills: Us Ro'da Geography, Tersta Geography, Watcher Training, Bodyguard Training, First Aid, Scientyr Geography, Sight Training
Personal Skills: Aerobics, Lance Proficiency, Tower Shield Proficiency, Weight Lifting, Acting, Painting, Spear Proficiency

Realm Rates: Corporea: 4 , Leveates: 4, Archeron: 3, and Mezzetez: 3
Alvara, the bone and exuma shield that consists mostly of an ancient skull front of a creature now unknown, was collected and created by Suitsue with great care.  Adding the exuma into an old creature's skull is a difficult process, but it is one that she enjoyed.  The challenge was great, even for a smithcaster's experience, but with much practice any many mock-ups beforehand, her final product was a massive success--literally.

Alvara is a tower shield with a tri-horned creatures face and with eyes of Exuma within its sockets.  The hollowed out facial fossil is filled entirely with the organic metal, increasing its weight a great deal.  Although it's quite decorative and incredibly defensive against physical and magical attacks, it is difficult to lift or move and its ego is incredibly low.  

Evoking Alvara occurs when Suitsue crosses her arms before her chest and then turns her arms so that the "x" becomes a "+" before the shield materializes upon her outermost arm in front of her.  Although most smaller soularms appear instantly, it will always be noticeable by others that this particular Soularm is slow to be evoked into existence within Corporea.
Magician Type & Class: Dimension : Summoner
Magic/Fighting Style: Suitsue summons creatures from realms through dimensional gateways to fight for her.  She has been able to befriend a few allies from different realms and make contracts with them that ensured their safe return.  As such, she doesn't usually need to do too much battle on her own.  

Although she has lance and shield training, these fighting styles are her last resort.  She generally prefers that her summoned allies take the fight for her so that she can avoid any violence.  Her most frequently summoned allies come from Corporea and Leveates, but she has been known to summon things from other realms, as well.

Her dimensional gateways look like falling, ashen petals that fall into an oval formation and shift into black and red feathers as they form the outer rim of the opening gateway of thick, water-like substance within the center after the frame of feathers connect.  The water color shifts depending on the realm that she is summoning from.  (Corporea is blue, Leveates is gold, Mezzetez is red, and Archeron is green.)

Living Relatives: Father: Ridian
Mentor(s): Basha (Summoner), Kunrei (Shield Training)
Back Story: Cinema born, Suitsue has known no other way of life outside of her own tribe.  Unfortunately, she lost her mother at her own birth, but her father has always taken great care of her and she still lives with him to this day after having a happy and carefree childhood.  He does, of course, regularly try to marry her off, but she generally has none of that nonsense.  

She is just your average woman with average, tribal duties of protecting the tribe's wall, ringing the bell to warn from approaching danger, protecting trading caravans, guiding people up the Scientyr mountain during their soul wrought ritual, being a bodyguard for elders or shaman during diplomatic relations, and so on.  She's lived a normal life, doing normal average things, and she is happy to say that it's been quite uneventful.  (Mostly due to her avoidance of leaving the tribe and traversing the wilderness.)

Suitsue was named by her mother before she was born, so when she had gone through the naming, her father honored her mother's wishes and named her after the Suitsue tree--a local, uncommon tree the bears small fruit from the ends of its branches by hanging them from tiny, little vines.  The fruit are called Suitfruit and almost always have a sweet, tangy taste.  It was her mother's favorite fruit and that is all that she knows of her, but since she did not ever come to know her, she does not grieve for her so deeply as most would a lost parent.

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Re: Soul Wrought Registration

Post by MethosArchaic on 3rd July 2018, 12:27 pm

Name: Zahoet; Pronounced: Za-hoe-t
   Color Code: c15600
   Gender/Sexuality:Male, Biromantic Demisexual;
   Appearance: Zahoet fits pretty averagely among his peers of the Cinema Tribe being 4ft 10in high and also at about 140 pounds. While his features make him slightly effeminate compared to some of the burlier hunters and men of the tribe this is just fine with him. Strangely enough both his eyes and hair are unusually pale, the former being more colorless grey and his hair a more bone bleached white. He further stands out by wearing wearing a disproportionate amount of blue and orange clothes which are two of his most favorite colors than his tribes preferred colors. If that wasn't enough he often wears tasseled or belled clothing as he is widely know to love dancing and parties, though the clothes and bells do also balance well against his quiet footfalls and nature outside of those parties. During colder months he is known to wear a poncho or leg wraps for warmth but generally is well acclimated to the cool. I suppose that it must be mentioned that Zahoet is missing his right arm, having had to have it amputated due to infection and not due to divorce as some misunderstandings have arose in the past over such assumptions.

   Tribe Title: Adult; Unmarried and living with his family
   Tribe Skills: Assistant Charcoal Burner, Brickmaker/Bricklayer, Home building, Night soil Collector
   Personal Skills: Shotel proficiency, Shield Proficiency, Axe Proficiency, Composting, Dancing, Pottery

   Realm Rates:Corporea 4; Leveates 3; Archeron 2; Mezzetez 3
Old Man Thimble:
Old Man Thimble, is the Brass handled iron shotel that Zahoet is seen in the picture with. Once a member of Zahoet's birth family several generations passed, Old Man Thimble was the family's only known magician until Zahoet. He earned his name due to his bizarre habit of finding and gifting them to his Seamstress wife, supposedly that's even how their courtship began. After his wife's death due to old age, the old man underwent a second Soul Wrought to strengthen his soularm and eventually pass it down to his daughter. Though the Soul Wrought was successful, Old Man Thimble eventually succumbed a couple months later after which his death was attributed to the stress caused by the afterforge.

Old Man Thimble leaves a wake like a film of water that makes things seen through it faintly appear like they are transformed into a watercolor image. Even when not in motion the blade glistens faintly as if damp. So far Thimble has not displayed any particular abilities, though he claims he was a rather poor Augmentor even in life. The Exuma is predominately hidden within the hilt and cross-guard though a bit of it is visible where the tang enters the cross-guard and as a set of solid pins found in the ricasso and guard overlap. It has two blue tassels hanging from the pommel, that have brass and turquoise beads along most of their length. Old Man Thimble is still obsessed with thimbles and has a bit of fascination with Turquoise, and even pressured Zahoet to buy the lone turquoise that he wears when they stumbled across it at a market.

Zahoet almost always carries Thimble on his back at his waist as Thimble becomes greatly offended if he isn't physical and quote 'shoved up the realms butt-hole' end quote. On the rare occasions that the two are fighting and Zahoet has to pull him from the 4-realms sphincter, he can do so by placing his hand at his other shoulder were Thimble's handle will appear and Zahoet pulls him out from his missing arm in a spray of water-colored blood that quickly vanishes but leaves Zahoet a bit light headed.

Before becoming a Soul-arm, Thimble would be passed down to the youngest child as they began to learn to use a weapon. He isn't one to enjoy being left at home and more so since he passed away. He offers advice and assistance when he can, but sometimes seems to stay quiet like he has fallen asleep. If caught 'asleep' he often attributes it to age rather than a supposed weak ego. Thimble hasn't undergone the soul wrought with anyone else aside from Zahoet, and expressed considerable fear at the thought of undergoing it a fourth time (at least for him) for any reason.  
   Magician Type & Class: Element; Pseudo
   Magic/Fighting Style: Mud Materia Mage: Zahoet can create or manipulate mud, this ranges from silt like those found in rivers to sticker clays. Depending on which is created, its fluidity or application changes as well. He typically isn't a fighter as his handicap of a missing arm is quite severe. If forced to fight, he can create slippery mud flows around him to trip up foes, spray fountains or balls of mud to try to blind/entrap/unbalance foes. Conversely if forced to defend himself he can use fluidic mud like a water elementalist or thicker mud closer to an earth elementalist. He can not change the consistency of the mud around him or that he creates short of adding different mud and mixing it up by hand or with magic. Mixing mud in this way is time consuming and as such is impractical for combat.
In general Zahoet tends to over compensate when using magic, an apt idiom would be: Quantity has a quality all it's own. He still practices using his shotel as he becomes more and more dominant with his left hand and only occasionally with a shield though this becomes less and less as the years go by.

   Living Relatives: Burk (Cinema tribe - Adopted Father; Charcoal burner), Meleana (Adopted Mother; Grouse and Quail tending), Fermi (Adoptive Younger Sister, apprentice weaver)
   Deceased Relatives: Hemel (Teak'ous Tribe - Father; Woodcutter/Trader), Vicca (Mother; Charcoal burner. Burk's 2nd Cousin)
   Mentor(s): Etreia [Ee-tray-uh] (Teak'ous Water Mage); Old Man Thimble
   Back Story:
Zahoet was born and grew up in the Teak'ous Tribe, until he was about ten years old. During a storm their house was stuck by lightning, caught fire and collasped killing his parents and leaving him both badly burned and orphaned. The Teak'ous shaman attempted to save his arm but was eventually left with little choice but to amputate it when infection began to set in. Now missing an arm, he had little prospect of being adopted among the Teak'ous and was instead sent to the Cinema tribe to live with his relatives whom adopted him taking Old Man Thimble with him as It was to be kept in the family.

Burk and Meleana raised him as their own the best they could given the circumstances. A little more than a year after he arrived his younger sister was born. Shortly before reaching the age of 14, Zahoet found out that he was cursed. Burk and Thimble both came to the conclusion that Zahoet stood very little chance as he was of passing the Rite of Passage in the few short months it would be before he would be presented. So instead they consulted with Ascharya whom found him a mentor among the Teak'ous. This would save face for the family as well improve relations with the Teak'ous whom might have a chance to wrangle in another mage.

Etreia took in and mentored Zahoet. For a older woman at 53, she already had an extensive family and was nearing the end of her days fighting as a magician. Dispite being a water elementalist, Etreia did a good job training Zahoet. For the two years that he stayed there he became close friends to her family, and was even tempted into joining their tribe if not for Thimble. Old man Thimble helped keep Zahoet grounded during much of Zahoet's training. Ever present during his training, Thimble proved far more reliable with helping Zahoet from becoming adrift, as well as teaching the young man about his ancestry.

When it came time for Zahoet to attempt the mountain and undergo the Soul Wrought, it was Thimble who accompanied him. If it wasn't for Thimble's memories of climbing the mountain, Zahoet might not have successfully completed the mission alone, something that they both agreed he needed to do as it would aid in his rite of passage. The deciding factor of which tribe Zahoet would join had been when his parents had taken care of him after the soul wrought. The care and affection they had displayed had been just enough to tip the scales from the two years apprenticed to Etreia and being among her family.

Deciding to remain among the Cinema Tribe meant that he had to undergo the Rite of Passage. Though he came late into adulthood, it was because of that extra time learning spent learning additional skills among the Teak'ous and accomplishing climbing Scientyr Mountain alone proved important factors in the elders' acceptance.

Though he has been an adult for over two years, he still lives with Burk and the rest of his family. While he isn't particularly gifted in fighting, he has been useful in many other ways. Since his joining the tribe, founding rituals have become shorter as he is able to help prepare building supplies and assist in constructing houses. Children with free time on their hands are sent to help him with making bricks and learning to make new buildings for the tribe, granting mother's temporary reprieves  from their children while they remain under the watchful eye of a magician.

His magic allows him to help build walls/structures for the tribe as well as provide an additional way for the tribe to get soil for their crops and fields. Though he can be a bit quiet and more than a bit odd, he has been a useful addition to the Tribe. Over the last couple years he has started making rounds, supplying people with closable chamber pots and gathering the full ones to deposit in large vats that he has been working on turning into compost. In the next couple months he'll be able to tell if it has all been worth it or not.

Zahoet has known Chenoa since they were both kids, the curious girl quickly seeking out the newcomer and forcing him to become her friend. This likely was aided by the fact that they were both orphans at one point in their lives before being adopted and integrating into the tribe. At times she can be a bit to lively for Zahoet given than she likes to have her hands in lots of different pots so to speak. While Zahoet is the older of the two, it is normally Chenoa who leads between them after all Zahoet tends to be far more focused and determined due to growing up with his handicap.

It is likely due to Chenoa that Zahoet is so well liked, after all Chenoa wouldn't be content with him only having her as a friend. Chenoa is already viewed by Burt, Meleana and Fermi as practically family as they encounter each other quite frequently and she is a staple visitor of their home. There is much good natured ribbing from his family that he wouldn't need to look far for a wife, and it is likely this teasing that has prevented such a relationship from blossoming.

They both tend to favor staying within the village, though Zahoet does go out for weeks at a time with Burt to help him with making charcoal which is a much needed resource in the village. Both enjoy and make a living from working with fire and clay though in different ways. They also tend to wear a bit more colorful clothing compared to many members of their tribe, and Zahoet wouldn't have near as much of such clothing if not for Chenoa.
[Hey all, if you want to have any history with Zahoet or anything, let me know and I'll be more than happy to flesh it out with you. This could include friends, rivals, lovers, etc. I am more than willing to edit details if someone is interested in such a thing.]

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Re: Soul Wrought Registration

Post by Goetia on 3rd July 2018, 5:26 pm

Name: Suzette
Color Code: ccffff
Age: 25
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Asexual
Appearance: 4ft 11in tall, curly pale blonde hair that falls to her shoulders, light skin, navy blue eyes, slim musculature. Often wears a leather tunic over a brilliant red cloth blouse, tan baggy linen trousers, and leather sandals.

Tribe Title: Adult, unmarried
Tribe Skills: Musician, story teller, animal husbandry
Personal Skills: Proficiency in playing the shamisen, pan flute, and harp. Singing. Star mapping. Knife throwing.

Realm Rates:
Corporea 4
Leveates 1
Archeron 1
Mezzetez 1
Meine Geliebte:

Suzette put together Meine Geliebte, a traditional shamisen crafted entirely out of ivory and bone, with the skin covering the instrument's body coming from a horse slaughtered for meat. The skin itself is stained red with Suzette's blood she collected herself over days of bloodletting. The strings are made of pressed and wound exuma. When summoned, the instrument's aura is a sky blue. Suzette evokes her soularm by pressing her left hand to her chest and spreading her right arm out with her fingers splayed open, at which point the shamisen materializes in Suzette's left hand as she pulls it away from her chest and the shamisen's bachi materializes in her right hand.

Magician Type & Class:Aura - Augmentor
Magic/Fighting Style:Suzette prefers to avoid direct contact when fighting, so she cripples her enemies with debuffs until they either retreat or fall helplessly to the ground. If neither case occurs, Suzette softens up her opponents with her musical magic until they are an easy target for her knives. In a group, Suzette stays back and supports her companions with empowering songs. Each song Suzette plays has its own effect, some being buffs while others being debuffs. Only those within audible distance of her soularm Meine Geliebte and able to hear its sound are effected by her magic.  

-Raise morale
-Reduce fear

-Induce nausea
-Induce vertigo
-Induce lethargy

Living Relatives:
 Mother - Edith
 Father - Acht
 Sister - Journa
 Brother - Kestrel
Musician instructor / Mentor - Quel
Knife combat instructor - Amadiah
Back Story: Suzette traveled far from her homeland to find the Cinema Tribe. She and her family came from a different region further down south in the temperate marshlands. In the Pescaflonne tribe, Suzette spent a majority of her time playing her shamisen near the river that provided the tribe all of its resources that led to its prosperous growth. The tribe traded seafood like salmon, crabs, and crayfish to neighboring tribes for other resources, while using the water for agriculture and hydration. The tribe's beneficial location allowed its people time to focus on their more artistic hobbies. It was common for young children to develop skills in painting, sculpting, oration, or philosophy. Musicians were rare due to how expensive instruments were to acquire and maintain, but one member of the tribe practiced the art of playing pan flute for most of his life.

Quel, the village musician and fisherman, inspired a young Suzette with his flute's musical range. His songs were anywhere between playful to soul crushing. Quel took to the child's curiosity and taught her how to make and play her own pan flute. Suzette picked up the flute right away, practicing in between knife combat classes and carrying water to plantations. In her time at Pescaflonne, Suzette discovered instruments of other cultures and worked to master them. Despite her love of music, she almost never played for an audience. It would take some coaxing from the village shaman to get her to play a piece for celebrations. To her, playing music was an intimate time with her instrument, and it was done purely for her own pleasure. She quickly underwent training to become a mage as soon as her powers manifested and she crafted a shamisen as her soularm, which she treated like a younger sibling. During her year of training and gathering materials, she only received mentoring from Quel, despite the fact he knew nothing of magic nor was a magician. There were no other aura magicians around, so the tribe's shaman left Suzette with Quel and hoped for the best.

Around the age of 20, Suzette's peaceful life in her village was cut short when an especially heavy rain brought severe flooding to the Pescaflonne. Huts and villagers were swept away in the debris, including Suzette's musical instructor. The blindsided tribe was all but wiped out in its entirety. In the wake of the flood, several members decided to cut their losses and travel inland. Suzette's own family chose to head north, wandering for 3 weeks with a few surviving sheep. When the family stumbled upon the Cinema tribe, they were welcomed and promptly put to work. Suzette chose to help manage the tribe's livestock and play music for ceremonies. In return, she was given lessons by the tribe's aura mages to boost her abilities.

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Re: Soul Wrought Registration

Post by xenolion on 4th July 2018, 1:48 pm

This is a WIP!!

Name: Chenoa
Color Code: 9933cc
Age: 18
Gender/Sexuality: Female
Appearance:Chenoa is about 5’3”.  Her body type can be described a curvaceous.  Her hair is dark cinnamon color with some lighter streaks especially during the summer.  It is short and she usually keeps it in two low ponytails.  Although she has sideswept longer bangs.  Her eyes are brown with a glint of playfulness.  One that is mirrored in her smile.
Her clothing is a mixture of leather and fabric.  Her soularm (see below) is always on her body.


Tribe Title: Adult, unmarried
Tribe Skills: Pottery making, weaving, leather assistant
Personal Skills: Dagger fighting, sword training, glaive training, and carving,
Realm Rates: Corporea: 3, Leveates: 4, Archeron: 1, Mezzetez: 4
Soularm: Hers is a haunted dagger.  It was originally her mother’s who was a magician.  The dagger was found with the strewn items left behind after the attack.  The Shaman looked into it and saw that it wanted to stay with Chenoa and her descendants.

She also has a pet monkey that she has raised since birth.  The monkey’s name is Kohi.  He is as playful as she is.  He stays by her side unless she has to leave the tribal wall.  Then he stays in her house.  He is well behaved around her friends and family.

Living Relatives: None that she knows of.
Mentor(s):  Too many to list
Back Story:  Chenoa didn’t start life in the Cinema tribe.  Her father was a trader and her mother a magician.  They were on one of their trips and brought her along.  On their way back home after visiting the Cinema tribe, they were attacked and killed.  Cinema tribe members found Chenoa alive on one of their hunting trips and took her back to the tribe.  Chenoa was 5 years old at the time.

She was adopted by a family and accepted into the tribe.  The family she was adopted by has other children about her age.
She is a friendly outgoing young woman who like to be kept busy.  She loves to learn new tasks too.  However she does not like to leave the tribal areas.  She does not trust the wilderness, so she is not a hunter or gatherer.  She is very protective of the tribe and thankful that they took her in.

She is friends Zahoet and his family.  She weaves with his younger sister and his father helps with the pottery.  She loves to flirt playfully with him, but they are currently just friends.  She does like to make some of his clothing.

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Thank you leah
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Re: Soul Wrought Registration

Post by JulietHasAGun on 4th July 2018, 11:50 pm

Name: Seneka (Sen-EH-Ka)
Color Code: #b471ce
Age: 28
Gender/Sexuality: Male, Bisexual, Aromantic
Appearance:5'5, 127 Ibs, Vibrant Purple Eyes, White Hair

Tribe Title: Adult: Head Healer, Sentinel
Tribe Skills:Herbology, Botany, Midwifery, Oration, Meteorology, Physiology, Leadership, Tribal Customs & Law
Personal Skills: Acting, Astronomy, Dance, Painting, Sword Proficiency, Acrobatics, Cooking

Realm Rates: Corporea: 1, Leveates: 3, Archeron: 2, and Mezzetez: 4
Pallas Kulve:
Seneka's soul arm, lovingly inscribed with a personal symbol, is a shamshir, a curved blade with feathered prongs at the end. The blade is elegant, swift, and of good construction, its hilt vibrantly decorated in cloth and always slung loosely about his hip. It his not uncommon to see flowers braided about its hilt when it is summoned.

Originally created by Seneka himself, Kulve shares his masters thoughts, feelings- or rather, lack thereof. Kulve expresses limited opinion's on the lives of others, rather, using his rather poetically worded opinions as bland observations upon other peoples folly's.

When summoning Kulve, Seneka spreads his fingers, opens his palm, and the blade manifests itself in a cloud of black, void like sand.

Its aura is pale purple.
Magician Type & Class: Aural, Manifestor
Magic/Fighting Style:

Living Relatives: None
Back Story: Seneka's backstory is an unusual one; as, unlike most of the tribe's, with their close knit communities, families, heirlooms, bloodlines- Seneka hasn't the slightest clue where he's from.

As a young child, he was found by one of the Cinema Sentries, in raggedy, barely existent clothing, shivering beneath a bramble of Seneka flowers, famous for their poisonous brambles. No one had the slightest idea where the poor boy came from. He did not speak, his clothing belied no culture, at least none they had heard of, but he possessed the strangest features many of the Sentries had ever seen.

His skin, dark, beyond tanned, his hair, a striking white, curly and thick, and his eyes, a vibrant purple. Truly, Seneka was an odd duckling before he had even set foot within the town.

Inevitably he was 'adopted' by one of the Shamans, being taken in and sheltered into the friendly, bright eyed young man he is today. Seneka is beloved by the townspeople; and finds himself rather popular among the younger women; and a few of the younger men.

He is indispensable as the village healer and midwife, and his young but cultured wisdom is often called upon.

He is close friends, and has been since childhood, with a fellow sentinel, Suitsue.

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Re: Soul Wrought Registration

Post by RadioTanuki on 8th July 2018, 2:15 pm


Name: Kokola
Color Code: #ff9999
Age: 35
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Biromantic Demisexual;
Appearance: 5' tall, 148 lbs.  Slightly heavy build but toned musculature, dark skin, bright green eyes, sand blonde hair

Tribe Title: Adult; Widowed

Tribe Skills: Forestry, Spelunking, Cartography, Geography (Areas TBD), Meteorology, Hunting, Traveling.

Personal Skills: Survival, Tailoring, Climbing, Cooking, Fishing, Tinkering, Stealth, Swimming, Armor-smithing, Trap-making, Historical knowledge.

Realm Rates: Corporea: 4; Leveates: 2; Archeron: 1; Mezzetez: 3

A polearm a bit longer than a javelin and ended in guissarme-like end on one side and a long spear head on the other to balance it's weight, both of which are made of exuma attached to a sturdy wooden rod. Kokola took a liking to the process of smithing, as well as exploring, at the young age of 14, when her tribe discovered  that she was showing the signs of going adrift. At the time her she found her journey to gather the exuma a bit terrifying at first, coming into a near scrape with death, but the thrill of going out on her own and holding up against beasts in the wild drove her to want to become stronger. Her mentor warned her that making a throwing weapon of this style could be a lot for someone at her age and build, but she insisted on it anyway and vowed to train with it extensively until she was perfectly comfortable with it. Seeing her drive and how serious she was, he allowed her to proceed in making it and helped her train with it until she became accustomed to a range of fighting styles the weapon allowed. Because of the extent of detail she went into balancing the weapon during the making progress, her mentor did get a bit worried that she was getting too close to becoming adrift, but while her mind wandered here and there, her focus on completing the project was strong enough drive to keep her going, and she finished just early enough to prevent it. The soul wrought though was a different story... for someone with as much focus and drive as she had, it was almost her end. But while it took a bit longer than usual for her to recover, some of the tribe shaman said it was nigh miracle that she did. But the result was a beautiful weapon unlike many created within the tribe, as many of her fellow magicians stuck to weapons that were more known or accessible such as swords. Additionally it was found to have a fairly strong ego, and even early on, although she had plenty of trouble wielding it at first, it still had a more natural feeling to her than many weapons she had been trained with before. Having come from north and learning small bit about the ancient languages from before she decided on an appropriate weapon name making reference to that, as the past cultures of her area were always of interest to her.

Magician Type & Class: Dimension (Traveler)

Magic/Fighting Style: Stealthy hit and run tactics sometimes involving portal jumping and her ability to throw warp strikes with her unique glaive.

Living Relatives: Samsa - (Mother, Ne'ork Tribe weaver), Duplo and Taxi - (Uncle and Aunt, Ne'ork Tribe Farmers), Rak - (Cousin, Ne'ork Tribe Farmer) Que'tel -(Cousin, Mon' tra Tribe Guardsman)
Deceased Relatives: Kallin - (Father, Ne'ork Tribe Hunter), Lamel and Dejar (Mon'tra tribe Traders)
Mentor(s): Towa - Specialized weapons training
Back Story: Kokola was born into the Ne'ork tribe, but many of her close relatives actually moved from north of there. Her father died when she was young but her mentor, Towa, although she was on the weak side at a young age was impressed with her drive to learn new weapons and ended up escorting her to Cinema to help her when her soul wrought came along. He became a bit like a father figure to her, and helped to support her during her soul-wrought from which she almost died. Afterwards he trained her extensively and with her strange weapon, teaching himself a bit along the way as it allowed for a fighting style that he even had limited experience in. She was small and tired out a bit easily in her younger years but hit a major growth spurt during training with her weapon, which wasn't unnatural for her family to be bigger built, but unexpected to many from how small she was early on. She focused a lot on being stealthy and versatile with her weapon, but also in her drive to be stronger and not putting on fat (as her family tended to gain more easily) she decided to specialize in building up muscle, not quite to the extent of a bodybuilder, but she became quite stout nonetheless. She trained to be stealthy but never wanted to put herself in a situation where if she were caught she couldn't fight her way out of it.
As a child while healthy and interested in the weapon training, she could be very inactive at other times (as the weapon training left her very tired) and it wasn't really until her trip to the exuma mines of cinema and her near scrape with death there that she decided to focus more on strengthening herself more so that she could travel, because she just happened to love it. It was all too convenient to her that her magical powers that allowed her to travel the realms developed. And Towa and her mother Samsa had to scold her on many occasions for taking off on her own in her early teens.
Kokola was never much of a people person either, always opting to go off for extended trips on her own which made matters even more dangerous, but she always found a way out when too close to danger luckily, and despite a few close calls got quite good at sneaking and running away as well as telling the signs of danger early. It made her well suited to hunting and she soon took that on as a job, but her passion was still travel, and the cinema tribe was in short supply of them at around the time she was of age to be married. Her tribe's shaman saw the value of making a diplomatic marriage arrangement with one of the Cinema tribe's top trader family's sons with her, and set it up, to the joy of her mother who felt she needed a husband like that to calm her dangerous venturing habits down, but much to the anger of Kokola herself... she didn't WANT to get married yet and especially not to this douche. She didn't even like him, much less love him. His face was far too punchable anyway and it was obvious he was already in love with himself... not to mention spoiled in her opinion... She didn't mind joining the Cinema tribe as much because at least it was something new but the marriage was a problem, and when it was forced through even more of a problem, as the less she wanted to do with her new husband, the more frustrated he got, trying to pressure her into things using arguments of 'tradition' and 'tribal obligations', which didn't phase her. She was new to this tribe as is but she did like how big a stand they had against rape... as far as she was concerned, he was touching her, and luckily she was also stronger than him... nevertheless he did eventually start getting into fights with her and after making many attempts at her, in addition to cheating and coming in drunk a lot... she decided to take matter into her own hands, but instead of outright divorce, due to the potential consequences and the power his family held, she decided she would handle things herself. She took him on a little trip into another realm with her later and things just happen to get out of hand, separating them. She unfortunately hasn't seen him since and the tribe then considered him to have been accidentally deceased.

It's been around a decade now since and she has made a good happy living within the tribe now, both as a hunter, a traveler, expanding her skill set to things such as cartography and a few other useful things as well. The years of experience being out on her own and exploring different realms has only continued to help her.

It's too bad she still doesn't have a lot of friends, but she is starting to loosen up, thinking maybe it's time she start focusing on making stronger bonds with other people.... after all... it couldn't be worse than her marriage, could it?

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Re: Soul Wrought Registration

Post by Goetia on 13th July 2018, 1:14 am

Name: Shamblo
Color Code: 669966
Age: 42
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Aromantic Heterosexual
Appearance: 5ft tall. Lean, muscular build. Tends to wear cloths and leather as seen in the image, but during night raids and sentinel duty, wears only a cloth tunic, leather belt, and kilt along with leather body armor. During duty, her hair is also tied into a bun with animal rib bones holding it in place.

Tribe Title: Adult, Cinema Sentinel Warchief
Tribe Skills: Watcher Training, Interrogation, Diplomacy, Combat Training, Tactics, Tar Sealing, Leadership, Scientyr Geography
Personal Skills: Weapon Training, Bug Catching, Night Hiking, Sculpting, Pan flute

Realm Rates: Corporea: 2; Leveates: 4; Archeron: 1; Mezzetez: 1
Soularm: Ten - A simple machete crafted from iron and wood with exuma rods fastening the wooden grip. The weapon was made by Shamblo early after her powers manifested. She summons it by reaching for her left thigh with her left hand, as if drawing a weapon sheathed at her side.
Magician Type & Class:Element; Pseudo
Magic/Fighting Style: Shamblo has the ability to create hot, viscous tar from her body and manipulate it so long as it remains within physical contact with her. Her magic also prevents the tar from burning her or sticking to her skin. With this, she can cover parts of her body with tar, turning her limbs into burning hot weapons capable of assuming any shape she wishes. Because of the tar's high viscosity, a thick wall of tar can act as a soft shield, absorbing the impact of both melee and ranged weapons, but not necessarily stopping them. The tar can immobilize a target by covering their eyes, gunking/burning hands and feet, or completely engulfing it in a big sticky glob. For ultimate defense, Shamblo completely surrounds herself in a hollowed out mound of tar. The outer layers cool and harden while the inner remains hot and malleable. Shamblo practices a mix of using both Ten and her tar ability at the same time, sometimes briefly hiding her soularm within tar to extend the weapon's range or deceive opponents.  

Living Relatives: Brother - Syd
Mother - Freisia
Mentor(s): Dentalion
Back Story: Shamblo was born and raised in the Cinema tribe, daughter of a Cinema sentinel who met his fate catching a drunk and enraged tribesman in the middle of a stabbing spree. Shamblo's father died when she was 12, only a year before her powers manifested. Despite her father being considered a hero among many, witnesses of the murder blamed her father's hesitation for his demise. Shamblo internalized this opinion as her reason to never relent during a battle. The safest route to victory was complete domination of the opponent, even if it meant using lethal force. Shamblo used to spend nights catching bugs with her bother and father, but after the incident, the nights became her safe haven away from society and a way to reconnect with her father. Due to her unique circumstances, Shamblo fit a useful niche in the tribe's sentinels. She could guard the tribe walls and caravans in the darkness of night without loss in effectiveness. Shamblo's long record of night missions earned her the name "Nightwitch" among the sentinels. After years of service, Shamblo carved out her role as part of a mobile strike force and night shift sentinel. It's been only a year since her promotion to Warchief.

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Re: Soul Wrought Registration

Post by EphPhoenix Today at 12:43 am

Name: Nephenee Demandred
Color Code:
Age: 16
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Demi

Tribe Title: Adult, Hunter, Scout.
Tribe Skills: Hunting, scouting
Personal Skills: Survival, spear/short spear and stick fighting, hand to hand combat, shield training, herbology, first aid, carpentry, climbing, archery, acrobatics, gardening/farming

Realm Rates: Corporea: 3; Leveates: 4; Archeron: 4; Mezzetez: 3
Soularm: None yet.
Caomhnóir [Kweev-note] – Family heirloom passed down the Demandred family line. A shield that is said to hold two wedded warriors that had a sending so that they could protect their descendents throughout the ages. (Will be presented to her one day)
Magician Type & Class: Soul Synthesis (Dragon Soul) –
Magic/Fighting Style: Dragon Soul/Spear/Spear and shield –
Dragon Soul - Taking on the attributes of a dragon, the wielder is imbued with the physical and magical characteristics of the dragon. Low level grants enhanced physical abilities, senses, and breath of the dragon while taking on some of the traits of the dragon (eyes, for example). Higher level takes on more traits, including growing wings, talons, and a tail.

Living Relatives: Stormy Demandred (grandfather)
Mentor(s): Stormy Demandred
Back Story: Her grandfather was the infamous general Stormy Demandred, who was known for his power and ferocity in battle, having led his men to many victories against impossible odds. Everyone thought he'd die on the battlefield, and perhaps he would've, except that his only daughter was murdered with her husband by a group of marauding bandits, over 100 strong, leaving behind a child. When told of the news, he immediately charged to the village. Leaving his grandaughter in the care of one of the survivors, he single-handedly charged into the bandits' stronghold and unleashed a swath of murderous fury and vengeance-filled wrath that would be sung forevermore in that area.

Afterward, to everyone's surprise, he honorably discharged from the service, took his granddaughter, and disappeared in the mountains. He has raised her to this day, teaching her how to survive and live off the land and how to fight. While well-read on the few books that her grandfather owns—and those that she’s managed to look at owned by her grandfather’s associates—she has had little experience in the way of people, despite a village being in the base of the mountains, instead taking her grandfather's hermetic tendencies and keeping to herself.

A feisty and adventurous spirit, she has roamed the entirety of the mountains, hunting and fighting every creature that roams there. However, in her travails, she came upon a secluded spot in the mountains not easily accessed. She felt close to this spot, feeling a reverence, something sacred. This became her favorite spot for refuge and retreat whenever she felt bothered.

For her trial, she left two weeks prior and went on a hunt. When she returned, she brought with her a felled gauss as her offering as proof of her strength and will as a hunter. Her grandfather was stony faced and said nothing, but she saw a twinkling of pride in his eyes that he claimed was just the light playing tricks on her.

A few months into her 16th year, while at her favorite spot, she began to hear a voice. “You are perceiving the resonance, child. Your fate has been wrought. Prepare for what’s to come…”

Alarmed, she stood ready to fight, but could only feel frustration-- and admittedly fear--as she could see nothing. But as the voice intoned, soon she could hear and see things that she couldn’t explain, and it only got worse as time wore on. Fearing madness, she kept it to herself until one night it was so bad she fled the house. She ran and ran—happening upon a group of brigands that had intended to lay waste to her grandfather. With visions and sounds assailing her, she was overwhelmed and would’ve been dead had not her grandfather given chase. His wrath was not kind.

Afterward, he took his injured and babbling granddaughter home to nurse her back to health and send for the shaman, for he knew what assailed his loved one and cursed the fates for choosing her.

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