Soul Wrought Role-Play

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Soul Wrought Role-Play

Post by JerriLeah7 on 28th July 2018, 6:10 pm

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Re: Soul Wrought Role-Play

Post by MethosArchaic on 5th December 2018, 6:48 pm

[ATTN: Cinema Village Border Wall, Open]

Tap, tap, tap tap.

Everything was just soo infuriating. Why couldn't they just let him tag along?! "I've lived there my entire life." Tayus growled under his breath and through clenched teeth. His eyes darted off to the side, noting the distance to the next sentinel. The fact that it wasn't true did cross his mind and it was still infuriating in it's own way. Again with the drumming of his fingers.

Tapity tap when his fingers as their tempo increased. Thankfully his comrades.. "pfft, yeah right." Comrades wouldn't leave each other behind. At least the nearest left behind comrade shouldn't be in earshot. Tayus checked again slightly paranoid. Good, she was still plenty far enough away not to eavesdrop.

These were the kind of people that he was trying to be part of. That he was supposed to be part of. Of course Tayus knew his parents wishes and he was going to obey them, but moments like this just burned in his gut and were a bit hard to keep down.

He'd been working hard on making gifts for each of the Elders, working bit by bit to make suitable jewelry for them. So far he'd had resorted to trading for the odds and ends to craft them. Months he had been working on them, most were close to finishing. Right now he felt like running back home and smashing them to pieces, just grabbing a boulder and hammering them into oblivion.

I'm being irrational Tayus even thought to himself. Even that self realization still warred hard against his urges. His hand sought the familial touch of Soltayus, the irony of petting his soularm not lost on him. It helped though, somehow it helped.

He opened his eyes again exhaling a sigh now that he had regained his composure. "I just need to prove myself Soltayus, then they will accept us." his fingernails dragged along Soltayus' rings, a clicking, scraping sound that also moved against Tayus' skin.

The scraps and unusable bits that others had cast off hadn't been enough. At first they had, but all the best pieces were taken by the tribe. Tayus could understand not getting first pick, he was an omega at best. That thought stung a bit, but he could raise his place in the pack yet - The Right of Passage.

So far he was still the outsider with the creepy aura, terrifying power. But if he could prove to them that he could hunt them alone then he could secure a place. Then they would have to bring him along.

They hadn't let him cut completely loose yet, and they wouldn't likely trust just his word... "We'll just have to bring back trophies too." That wasn't what he originally had been going for but it made sense. After all, Tayus had to prove that he was capable. Hunting them would be fun, less then normal prey for sure, but still fun. Tayus couldn't help but smile a predatory grin.

A sentinel approached and then passed behind him. Tayus made sure to suppress his grin as woman passed by, and then followed her example of walking along the wall to patrol. Oddly enough he didn't see Galefor or Ein's when it came to be his turn in the tower as a look out. Odd, he couldn't remember if he had seen either of them leave the wall. That was good though, Galefor had been trying to look good in front of Ein anyway. Ohh look there he was talking to.... the name escaped him.

"Blonde curly hair... unattractive..." He was looking at her and still her name escaped him. "Ahh there." Tayus said when he noticed Ein making a characteristic appearance around Galefor. Claiming her territory by cock-blocking Galefor as per the norm, really the two should just find a room somewhere and rut already.
Again the urge returned, leaving Tayus once again stuck someplace doing his duty rather than doing what he wanted. "Duty." Tayus left the 'Sucks' part unsaid but not unthought. He couldn't wait too long or she might escape. Doing his job and scanning the horizon was boring. While he couldn't completely keep himself from scanning behind him back in the village from time to time, he continued to restlessly do his job. Duty sucks.

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Re: Soul Wrought Role-Play

Post by JerriLeah7 on 8th December 2018, 8:55 am

Suitsue knows where they are going and she doesn't like it. They put her in the back, though. The whole group here probably knows how she hates fighting...but they also know that she'll watch their back. Traveling through Leveates is just the way that she always goes, even if it can be slower. Suitsue knows the shortcuts. She knows the Watchers and where the good ones are. Aran seems to know her way around, but she'd by lying if she didn't admit wanting more control over the trip's direction, herself. She's just gotten too used to being the guide and the director of such trips. This isn't an escort. It's a rescue, Suitsue reminds herself carefully.

They traveled for a few hours before the group stopped, Benbei having returned to them. He's the scout that moves ahead, due to his superior sight training. She's curious as to what could be the problem, but that curiosity is increased dramatically when she notices Aran and Benbei both speak before turning their gaze to her. Her eyes dart to the others, all equally mystified. Had she done something wrong? Suitsue watches Benbei approach her with nervousness while Aran watches in the distance, but Aran looks impatient and restless.

Benbei speaks in a hushed tone, "Watcher at the tree. Hoped we'd sneak by, but he's already smelled us--smelled you. You're his favorite, says he'll deal with you."

Suitsue groans, her eyes screaming out her misery into the open beneath her bone helmet. She crosses her arms, clearly unhappy. She knows just which Watcher it is. She might be his favorite, but he's her least favorite Watcher to ever have to put up with. Why must everything in this realm be so damn territorial? With a sigh, she contemplates how to deal with him. He'll ask for something...shiny. Something old. Where can she get something like that? Aran is approaching, clearly antsy.

"Are you going to do this or not? We need to keep moving, you know that." Aranlea says.

"Yes, yes," Suitsue says reassuringly, "I know what to do. First, I have to make a summons. Then we can move forward. Benbei, tell him I'm coming."

Benbei nods and walks away, but Aran stays just to watch her with an impatient alertness, hovering over as if to say "get this over with" or "I'm breathing your air until you finish." No pressure or anything, girl, Suitsue thinks to herself sarcastically before she opens up a portal. The portal's beauty calms Suitsue and remind her why she's here, looking like falling, ashen petals that fall into an oval formation and shift into black and red feathers as they form the outer rim of the opening gateway of thick, gold, water-like substance within the center after the frame of feathers connect.

Aran smiles, "Beautiful. I haven't seen that in a while."

Suitsue smiles back, but says nothing, her focus on her magic, now. She closes her eyes, careful to hold her portal as it needs before calling the creature that she needs. After a few moments, it arrives, looking incredibly uncomfortable. An Opalescent Tree Shark, certain to hate being away from home and in this realm. Distaste is alight on its features, but it says nothing. Suitsue never summons sharks into this realm, so it surely knows she must have a reason. Right? She hopes that her Shark friend will trust her.

It simply walks to her, waiting. She's never really had a full on conversation with a shark before, let that be known. She's been nervous around them and they are extremely territorial, themselves. However, she's still getting to know this one and until their relationship is more solidified, she's not summoning it into battle unless it's a last resort. Trust is important in battle.

"Most wise, Creature," The voice in her whispers, deep warm, thrumming at her skin with waves of energy that Suitsue could never understand. It makes the hair on the back of her neck stand up--as it usually should.

Suitsue tries not to freak out, almost jumping out of her skin. Her hands slap to her mouth, covering any sound that could come out, but nothing came. Her eyes are wide, looking upon it with concern. Can it read her mind? Is that silly to think? Oh, by the mountain, if it can....that's embarrassing.

"Yes. I could read your mind when I made our contract. You should be embarrassed. My lack of response should also be telling. Why have you brought me to this filthy place?" The Shark asks.

This place is the opposite of filthy, but it still feels filthy, so Suitsue can understand a statement like that. It feels wrong, because this isn't their home. At least, that's how she views it. Still, looking around, she's mystified by the level of disgust in his tone. Upon inquiry, her eyes snap back to the shark immediately and she apologetically asks for a trinket that it may have collected, something shiny and something old. She knows that the Sharks collect things. Baubles.

"Why would I give you something that is mine?" The shark is clearly agitated.

Suitsue, again apologetic, but also desperate, explains that they need it to get by a watcher. She will do whatever she can to make it up to the Shark, trade for it however way it would find acceptable. She just really needs to go help Ascharya and the rest and be certain they are not in danger. Through this Watcher is the quickest way through. He will not let them pass without a trinket. Suitsue waits nervously for a reply and the small, pink dragon seems to contemplate, deciding what to do. She hopes and hopes, biting her lips with desperation.

The shark says, "Fine. I'll give you one of my baubles. But in return, I'll ask a favor of you someday. You'll have to commit to that favor, whether you like it or not."

Suitsue, knowing the nature of Opalescent Tree Sharks, knows that this favor won't be too nefarious, so she nods her head in agreement, joyous in her movement. The dragon-like critter vanishes through the portal before returning with some strange looking item, handing it over to her and then waiting to be dismissed with an impatience of its own. Aran, at least, looks satisfied. She thanks the Shark before sending it home, closing the portal, after. She looks at the strange item.

It looks so alien...what could it be? A bracelet? It sort of looks like one, made of a strange blackish-and silverish material, cold to the touch. The decoration on it is a circle, with a clear plate on top, covering what is inside. The insides are what is strangest of all. Underneath that transparent little plate, a white plate rested with strange, silver symbols all neatly arranged at its edges, equally distanced apart. Two black rods, one long and one short, started at the center and pointed outwards, directing Suitsue's eyes to the more important symbols of the twelve. But why those two symbols? Why not any of the others? What does it mean and what kind of person would wear this decoration at their wrist or arm?

Mystified, she and Aran look it over with confusion before Aran just shrugs and Suitsue shakes her head. She finally clears her throat, bringing the item down in her hand at her side and looking up with confidence. She says, "Now I have something for the Watcher, so I'll move ahead first. If that's okay?"

Aran smiles, "I thought you might be getting food, but this might be better. Alright. Go ahead, Suitsue. You'll have to tell me about this Watcher, later. So I know how to deal with him, too."

Suitsue nods her head, "Yes."

She makes her way down the path for another several minutes before they happen upon the tree. It's a Leveates Lirifruit tree, so there's much to be said about it. It's more than just some tree, it's magic. Its roots give life to creatures below, little glow bugs that seed the ground with much of Leveates' wildflowers. More than that, Lirifruit trees are beautiful. Their wood is white bark on the outside, but a deep lavendar and blue on the inside. This multi colored wood is the least flammable one can find and the fruit that grows at its limbs are called Lirifruit. Lirifruit are beautiful, aqueous orb-sacs that are small and when you put them in your mouth, they seem to pop, releasing the liquid of the fruit's juices that are high in protein and sweetness. In winter, Lirifruit are warm and in Summer, they are icy cold.

There are lots of rules and regulations about them--how much fruit you can take, how to take the fruit without bursting it, when to take it, how to act around a Lirifruit Tree and so on. Despite the tree's general loveliness, Suitsue cannot afford to give it her attention. After all, there's a Watcher hanging from one of its lower, larger limbs, hanging upside down from his bent knees. His eyes are closed, arms hanging below him with a relaxed, almost dead pose. He is, indeed, the one that Suitsue had assumed he would be. Fantastic. With an inner sigh, she approaches, the creature's eyes finally opening.

Albeit humanoid in form, Suitsue knows that this Watcher is no human. His knees release the trees limbs and he drops to the ground smoothly, catching his fall with his hands and turning himself upright into a nice, confident standing position before her. He grins, his pointed ears lifting up from the expression as he holds his feather arms out for a hug. This purple-flowered sash seemed to move with him and Suitsue just glares at him critically.

"I'm not here for warm hugs, Faun." Suitsue says, "We just want to pass. Keep your creepy hands and your creepy flower vine thing away from me."

He looks her up and down, a mock expression of affront lighting his face briefly before he closes his eyes once more and pets his flowery sash in a comforting way, almost as if to say "sorry, she didn't mean it." Then, looks at her directly, meeting her gaze with expectation and without saying a word. All of his movements up until now have been oh, so silent. You couldn't even hear him fall from the tree. It creeps her out and he knows that his silence effects her similarly.


"I'll take your silence as permission to pass, then." Suitsue says irritably, "We won't touch the tree, don't worry."

Clearing his throat, Faun finally speaks in a soft, feminine voice, "Oh, sweetness. You know that won't do. What special gift have you brought me?"

Suitsue, happy things are moving along, holds out the bracelet and Faun's big hands reach out and take it with a movement so quick that she barely sees it. She lowers her now empty hand, sort of shocked from the item's cold absence. She had warmed it in her palm and then suddenly, it wasn't there. Somehow, she sort of missed it. Odd. Odder still is Faun's reaction. His eyes are wide, his jaw dropped. Then, another grin. Suitsue has never seen Faun so happy, not like this. Nor surprised or expressive as he is today. This bracelet must truly be special...

"My, my!" Faun exclaims, his eyes still widened. The size of his eyes grew on his skull, seeming to transform his entire appearance just from his excitement alone, "Suitsue, I never knew how fond you were of me. This is the greatest gift I have received in such a long time....the glass on it is barely scratched. No cracks!"

It was then that, abruptly, Faun broke down into laughter. So much laughter was had, tears of joy streaming from his eyes as he kept saying things like "how appropriate" and "this really....'suits' you, Suitsue. See? I can do it, too!" He was so amused, so happy, and Suitsue had never seen him act this way before. She's nonplussed, absolutely uncertain what to do or say at this point. She heard him say between his cackles, "You really have no idea, do you?" Suitsue just blinks, staring at him. The whole group of people behind her are staring, and she can tell they are all as uncertain and as confused as she is.

This goes on for what feels like forever before Faun finally calms down. He wipes the tears from his eyes, moving up and hugging Suitsue over her bony armor with no complaint. He's never actually hugged her before! He's never touched a human, from what she's known of him. What in Leveates is going on? Seriously! What is this strangeness? Was this bauble truly that valuable and perfect? She truly owes her Shark more than just a small favor...

"Oh, please. Pass all you need on this day," Faun says in bright spirits, "I'll prepare some fruit for you on your return home when you come back. Prepare to take a load, I'll empty the tree for you. Good days, humans. Good days."

Suitsue's jaw drops, this time. Her eyes dart over to her allies as Faun disappears in view and she cannot believe what she is hearing or seeing. Aranlea, mystified, cannot believe her ears. Sure, Suitsue had a better rapport with Faun than most, but no one had ever seen him react this way. No one had ever had this sort of relationship with him. Suitsue's shrugging shifted into her hands moving up to either side of her skull, pressing inwards as if to will away a headache. She's still so confused.

Aran clears her throat, "I don't know what any of that was--I don't know. And I can't imagine how we're going to deal with the Lirifruit, but I do know this. It's a blessed day--a sign of a favorable Conclave. Our Shamari must be safe and we must expect to continue our efforts of our tradition!"

The others cheer a bit behind her, rallying to her words, Suitsue, included. She feels a bit better. A little less scared. Aranlea leads the group on as Benbei rushes ahead to look for the others. It won't be long, now. Then, they can all finally go home. It's something that Suitsue dearly wants more than anything, right now. To be behind those thick, tall, safe walls in the Realm where she belongs.

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Re: Soul Wrought Role-Play

Post by Luna on 8th December 2018, 10:26 pm

[ATTN: Cinema village, Lulumi]

"Oh?? ahh! yes! Nice to meet you! Dasan? yes! I have traveled from.... It would seem yes, quite far, and mostly on foot too! I am Lulumi of the Ol'do! Also known as Lulumi [unintelligible] kfuihgneuhdks snjfuicvn ihthjn we [unintelligible] to some... of my sea friends! I wish to join you and your people and I agree to any and all terms of the tribe. I have heard much of your people here and I feel like I have many things I may be able to aid in. I often go where the fluctuation of the tides are pointing me, it's just what feels right! Seal away! I am ready!"

“It is a pleasure to meet you Lulumi. Please follow me. The guards will accompany us so that there is no problem. It shouldn't take to long to do this service for you. I hope it is not painful as well. I hope this villiage opens it's arms for you. There are good people here, I assure you..” Dasan said.

"Okay, sounds good, I am willing to comply with whatever I need to become a part of the village, however I may be a bit off balance without, it's definitely happened before! And yes, I beleive there are good people everywhere, and your tribe is well known too.. I thought this over a lot on my way here... a few months into my journey I knew this was where I should go... it made sense.." Lulumi looked up as if thinking a bit. "My use here should become clear soon... anyway, us go!"

Dasan leads Lulumi away from the gates with the guards in tote. “You are a lively lady. It will be good to have you here with us. I am taking you to a hut where we can do this in private. Afterwards I will take you to where you need to go.” he said. He leads her to a not so distant hut where he could seal her powers away. “This shouldn't take to long I hope.Here, please enter. Guards you can wait here for us.”

"Okay!" Lulumi said and followed along, willing to comply with whatever was needed. It had been quite some time since she had been without her powers, but it would have to do, she needed the village's trust and they didn't seem harmful. You could actually tell a lot from a first impression, even though sometimes people were a bit hard to understand to Lulumi... But Dasan was very kind, and not in a fake way. He seemed to wear his heart on his sleeve a bit. Lulumi stood there for a second, just thinking, before coming back in focus... "Oh! yes, but of course, sir! Sorry I sometimes zone out a bit!" She waved to the guards and walked in.

There was a fire already lit in the center of the room. Dasan smiled as he turned to face Lulumi. “I understand.” He said. He walks over to some herbs that are hanging from the room. He takes a few and then turns to her again. “I just use these herbs to help keep you calm while we lock your powers away. The smell from the fire will help.”

He sat down and began to grind them up. It takes a few minutes before he is finished. He then sits an old tarnished pan over the lite fire and put the herbs there to smoke in the room. He then stands and looks at Lulumi. “Are you ready?”

Lulumi walked to the center of the room and just felt... the warmth of the fire, the smell of the herbs, she listened too Dasan's hands as they softly grinded them... she let her senses take over because she loved this feeling, it was calm, she felt safe here.... Lulumi could tell she was going to like this village already.

She took a deep breath and opened her eyes once again. "I am ready..."

For once, Lulumi looked very focused. Her senses had been allowed to overtake her, yet now she was more alert than she had been in her entire time here thus far. She was calm, yet very alert, and she would need to stay that way without her powers... she couldn't fully trust everyone here just yet, no matter how pure Dasan's intentions were.

Dasan took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and began to hum. He was calm and collected and knew what his task was. He would lock her powers away and then make sure she was alright. He raised his hands in the air and began repeating some anchient words. He began to dance around the room, bringing his arms to his sides He spinned around and stopped in front of Lulumi and opened his eyes. He put his hand on her shoulder. “I pray thee lock thine powers until said time. Then your powers can return unto you.” He said. She would feel a light shock through her body as her powers would then be locked.

“I have locked your powers for now. They can be unlocked at any time as long as someone who is trained can give them back to you.” Dasan said.

Lulumi focused in and watched in awe as Dasan did his dance. It was very different than dances she had seen in her home tribe, and her sea friends certainly couldn't. It was even a bit humorous in a way.

She braced herself as he layed his hands on her shoulders, awaiting her magic to seal... it was so integral that this could be hard on her for now, but she would be fine, she knew perfectly well how to act around normal humans, yeah it had been some time since she had been without some sense of the sight in her, but this was nothing big....

And then it happened... it felt as if a part of her soul had been sucked deep into some unknown area within her and... She collapsed on the floor, unable to stand.

Although Lulumi had braced for it, it must have indeed been sometime since she hadn't used her alterations to aid her in everything... they were a part of her... and now... although this had happened before and she thought she knew better now... it was gone... she had forgotten how to stand... at least like a normal human... well.. this was no good...

She put her arm out, stretching as far as she could to reach soemthing to pull herself up but couldn't. Quickly, she instead put her other hand under and pushed. She felt a bit weak, but as soon as she had done this she noticed Dasan rushing to help her up. "Well.. so much for being on my guard..."

Dasan rushed over to help Lulumi. He gently took her arm and helped stand her up. He helped support her as he did so. “Take no heed to it. It happens when your powers are locked away. Are you ok? You didn't get hurt when you fell did you?” He asked. He stood there with her allowing her to gather herself so that he could help her walk to the doctors place. He knew it might take a few moments before she would be ok again. “Take your time gathering your senses. I will make sure you get to your next destination.”

"It's fine, thank you very much Mr. Dasan... I have always just been... a little on the weak side.... my magic helped me stay in good shape but without it, things have always been a bit hard. My bones are weak. I have trained a bit but do to various past injuries and the amount of enrgy it took to fix them, I have lost nearly all the progress I made.... it happens when you've been around as much as I have for this long..." upon saying this, she realized it must have sounded somewhat odd to Dasan, he seemed to have a worried but puzzled expresion on his face. She had seen this before. It was only natural. Speaking as if she was so old and experienced like a frail old lady when she had the appearance of roughly a young teen. "My magic is integral to me, it makes up for some of my deficiencies, physically, I'll be okay, I just may need help until it comes back. I beleive I can trust you though until then, Dasan. Do you mind?"

Dasan's face must have been easy to read. He continued to help her stand as she explaned what was happening. “I see; I can help you then. Please come with me. Just be careful, I don't want you to get hurt while we walk over to the doctor's place. It isn't far from here.” He said as he lead her out of the hut. He looked at the guards as they turned to face them.

“Her powers have been sealed. I am going to escort her to the doctor's. Please return to your posts.” Dasan said. “Lulumi, here lean on me and allow me to support you. The hut is just right over there.” He said as he pointed with his free hand.

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Re: Soul Wrought Role-Play

Post by JerriLeah7 on 18th December 2018, 1:33 pm

The Averan lighthouse is a stone and alabaster-like structure of great height and complexity in design. It is decorative, entirely unrealistic, but also still practical and useful within its purpose. Still, its gaudy renovations are entirely intentional. After all, he had this place built for her. Stone by stone, glass pane by pane, each part of this place was put into each perfect place where it belongs. It's his greatest creation for her, by far. He could never make things like she can--goodness, no. This woman can put her very heart and soul into creations in such a way that...inspires.

However, Aeron did his best and the love of his life, the most beautiful of all creations within Leveates, loved it. This was their home. Their bastion of artistic mastery and art appreciation. Painting upon painting has been formed here; sculptures, drawings, music...and oh, the music that is often performed in these very halls. In fact, elegant music plays right now, here at the tower's central room where they rest. The servants are playing her favorite song--it's so like her to play it so much in the morning.

Aeron is smiling, looking upon her stunning black hair with shavings of gold flecked into it. Her gown, too, is black and gold, but her eyes will be a brilliant red when she turns to look upon him with a smile of her own. The music calms him, just as it relaxes her, and for some strange reason, Aeron feels as though he hasn't heard this tune in a long time. Impossible, of course. She has it played every morning. Well, almost every morning.

She's sitting in her chair before the window, looking out upon the mountain in the distance. It's such stunning scenery, seeing the mountain and the river that leads from it to the large lake that is around their home. Jimena always preferred their solitude to a point, but also invited friends occasionally. They stopped visiting recently, though, so she must be quite lonely. He'll keep her company, though. Aeron will never let Jimena be alone. Not now, not ever; just like she'd never leave him alone.

In time with the music, he caresses her hair from behind, letting her soak that gorgeous scenery in as she always does. He takes the brush from her table, beginning to brush her hair gently so as to fix whatever tangles he may have just formed from his expressions of affection. She's not at all porcelain--Jimena is a warrior goddess to him. She's a fighter and she knows how to be dangerous when she wants to be. Yet, she's precious to him and he cannot help but to treat her with such delicate and tender hands. Aeron knows of no other way.

"It never gets old, my love. Does it?" He asks her, looking out upon the scenery with a feeling of contentment in his heart. The music echoes throughout the room as the servants from the back of the room play softly and add to the atmosphere of this room with their soft, wooden flutes. He doesn't have to struggle to speak over them.

Jimena's shoulders begin to shake, obvious cries coming from her entrapped lips as tears stream from her face. He looks down, now seeing those eyes for what they are--brown and scared. Jimena's face shifts into the face of another woman that he knows, yet it's still someone that is useless, irrelevant. She's doing it wrong. She's doing it wrong! The vision is gone, the dream shattered. He cuts the music off with a stroke of his hand before he slaps the girl with other hand and the tied up girl screams behind her gag, more tears falling as she cries from the pain.

"THIS ISN'T RIGHT! YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!" Aeron screams at her. He moves across the room, grabs one of the chairs that the servants had left before they had scrambled out frantically, and moved it over next to her. He sets it down, facing her and getting really close, his hands digging into her upper arms painfully as he pulls her face closer to him. Her eyes are afraid, as they should be. He angrily pulls the gag from her mouth and when she starts to cry more, he whispers to her with a growl, "If you don't stop that crying, I will gut you like a fish."

Instantly quietened, she closes her eyes to avoid looking at him as more tears stream down her cheeks. He yells at her some more, but his words are more understandable as his voice is a little more calm and leveled, "I told you that if you weren't going to find me those keys to the vault, you were going to be useful to me somehow. DID I NOT TELL YOU?! Now, you're going to be Jimena until SHE COMES BACK do you understand me?! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!!!"

Aeron punches her in the stomach and she gasps for air as he demands an answer from her. He pulls on her hair, pulling her hair back and repeating the question. She barely manages to say "yes" before the gag is returned to her mouth, muffling her words and voice into nothingness, as he would have it. As it should be! Her voice sounds nothing like hers. It's demonstrative. Absolutely horrendous. He wants to see Jimena again, not this ugly beast!!

"I'm going to go make us some lunch, Jimena." Aeron says, calm, yet still angry. He spits out the words, "I expect to return with a better behavior from you. I know you're angry, but you can't keep punishing me for the past. I said I was sorry! So, when I come back, we'll eat. And you're going to be nicer to me. More convincing of our love."

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Re: Soul Wrought Role-Play

Post by RadioTanuki on 27th January 2019, 2:04 pm

[Attn: Seneka's Clinic]
Collab between Julliet, Luna, and me! :D

Dasan allowed Lulumi to lean on him so he could support her. "Just be careful. I don't want you to get hurt. Hopefully the doctor will be able to help you when we get to his office.: He said.

"Wow... it must have been a while... maybe I should have listened indeed when they told me to stop such heavy use of my magic...." Lulumi thought to herself... She was so used to keeping a very minute but steady stream of magic throughout her.. without it anymore just felt... wrong... it was a part of her, it didn't matter how much the shamari said the reliance on it was a bit unhealthy.... but also admitted her control for it was quite good. Ever since it had awoken in her, it felt like a part of her, and no one that knew Lulu could deny that it was a very big part of her as a person, at least the mages who understood her power couldn't. Meanwhile, everyone else just thought she had problems... not that most mages didn't....

Right now she could feel it especially... It was kind of starting to make her moody... human moody... it was odd... oddly human... the kind of human he normally wasn't... Lulumi suddenly didn't feel much like going to the doctor... or seeing anyone.... no... ugh... no...

She quickly shook the thought away.... it only made logical sense this needed to be done... but I don't even know these people? what am I doing here now? I want to float in the sun... she shivered and shook it off... No, I must do this, I came here with good reason. I must be responsible. Stick to the plan, Lulumi! She reluctantly continued to allow Dasan to drag her along, his muscular arms, at least, felt nice...

Having bid a temporary farewell to Toph, telling him and his men that he would meet them at the gate so he could tend to his sister. Hopefully her bumps, bruising, and aging joints rather than bite, stab, or slash wounds. But he wasn't holding his breath. He quickly, precisely, scuttled about the shelves, grabbing his secondary 'emergency' pack. It was bulky, dowdy, smelled rather strange, and was, well, downright ugly, but it got the job done. It sat in a lumpy pile on one of the cots used for exams as he tossed things into it.

He heard the sound of footsteps encroaching upon his tent. One, two sets? One was louder, adult male, maybe female with armor. Another was....a child? Perhaps Tayus broke something again. Then again, Seneka knew there would be a lot more digging in of the heels and whining.

He heard the leathery flap of the door breeze open and-

"Aaahhh!" He turned with a jolt, bright, lilac eyes wide in surprise. The jar he was holding tossed up into the air and he fumbled with it for a moment, catching it in one hand. His still wrapped breakfast pastry slipped from it's cover.

He caught that too.

"D-Dasan!" He said, running a still quaking hand through his silver locks as he calmed himself. "And...a newcomer?" He looked at Lulumi and smiled, setting down the class, rewrapping his pastry. "What can I do for you today?"

Dasan helps Lulumi into Seneka's office. He stands there and tries not to laugh at Seneka. All he did was help poor Lulumi into the office and the poor man looked shaken up. He quickly gathers himself up though so he can let Seneka check Lulumi out.

“Seneka, I didn't mean for us to startle you. Lulumi is new to our villiage and I was asked to lock her powers away. She has been weakend by this turn of events. Is there anything you can do for her?” He asked. He walked Lulumi over to take a seat and helped her sit down. “I wanted to make sure she made it here safely. She is to weak to walk on her own at this moment. I was afraid she would get hurt on her way over.”

Lulumi looked up to see her new doctor jump but quickly regain his composure enough to catch his thrown items... far more agile than he looked... Lulumi wondered if he specialized in a particularly dexterous weapon or maybe liked to juggle on the side? Or possible even painted... breathing heavily, she managed, "Here for my first village checkup doc... * huff * my old doc warned me about my magic reliance.... * ha * he was actually pretty lax though..."

Seneka looked owlishly between the two of them, absorbing their words. "Ah, yes of course, of course I can-" His gaze settled on Lulumi, the haggardness of her forum, her torn clothing, his eyebrows raised in concern as he quickly put down the objects in his hands. "Oh my, oh dear, right this way Miss." He goes over and assists Lulumi over to a cot, nodding his head at Dasan. "I'll take it from here, my formidable friend, I'll help her get fixed up." He almost carries the small girl over, barely realizing how light she was until he realized he had essentially lifted her with the arm meant to support her.

"Ah- Sorry." He looks guilty as he sits her down. "Make yourself comfortable, let me see where are my- Oh!" He perks up, rifling through his bag, turning back to her. He offers out his hand with a smile. "As I'm sure you heard, my names Seneka, I'm the head doctor here in Cinema. Now, tell me what's wrong. Any physical damage that you'd like me to look at first? You look rather drained, but until I do a physical examination I can't be sure specifically what's wrong."

Dasan watched Seneka and shook his head. “You are in good hands Lulumi. Seneka will take good care of you. Seneka will you need me for anything? If you do I will stay and help. If not I am going to go back to the entrance of town and greet the oncomers.” He said.

Lulumi looked at Seneka, puzzled a bit at just how concerned he seemed about her. "Umm... well tbh I'm mostly just really tired.. * huff * I didn't get too bad banged up in ways I couldn't handle on my way here or anything. Mostly some scrapes and bruises, although I did have a few slightly rough run ins on my way, but I'm good at running and hiding in most of those cases. I guess as far as bruising... * ha * my ribs hurt a little now.... * huh * I might have broken one a slight bit trying to get away from a britemetal.... not so good with those..... I had to kinda dive off a small cliff there... that was a while back so I think it's mostly healed now if so...."

She felt a bit around her ribcage as she spoke. "Yeah, OW!...." she flinched in pain " never got out of place luckily. It was a small fracture... * unhhh! * I managed. I can't really say how long ago but it does feel a lot better than it did." She looked away for a moment as a pained expression noticeably came over her face and she began to tear up. "Thank you for bringing me, Dasan. * eyunh * Without my magic it can be hard to ignore these things..."

Dasan left and Seneka took Lulumi in the back room in order to give her more thorough examination, after which Lulumi fell into a deep sleep as it was the first real chance she had been able to since she got here as is, and, Seneka knew it was for the best.

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