Unamed Roleplay game; but call it Everlands (guidelines)

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Unamed Roleplay game; but call it Everlands (guidelines)

Post by Dr.Kran on 2nd August 2018, 8:41 pm

LEGIT STARTER TIP 01 : In this domain alone if you travel by land and solo without equipment and train hitchance/focus & strength on wood cutting or mining giving your upper body more strength, become a local to areas and hunt for berries or food or monsters which increases range and your lower body strength; as you take damage you gain hitpoints as well, as your stocks and treasuries grow so does your own stealth levels which are shrouded and obtained for becoming more adapted to the environment and an hidden physics term/field that protects the realm itself and all that inhabitants it from outsiders, train defense through obedient beatings and to train reflexes you can localize with the materials while leaving your current ones; this is another effect in itself and it's more effective with pure resources of the same realm for a strange reason while the same goes for your brought materials/elements etc which are lesser than the masters. As time goes by as you localize to the world, your food from the past is no longer good enough and you seek for better equipment.

Do not bother to overcome some though, because the locals of this realm will likely kill you regardless of technology or die by the basics of your weapons and methods; which ever are the possibilities you are doomed if you encounter an elemental while you're in their element; elements such as chemics, earth, water, fire, wind, electricity, magnitudes, magic, shrouds/fields which are the highest element which is both physical and untouchable without the right instrument.

LEGIT NOT : Do you wish to join this rpg legitly; if so then you can join from here and skip the everything written below but if not then you may choose to be come from another realm with your own technology/equipment gaining lesser power from the unknown shrouds. You may also register; I highly recommend you contact Dr.Kran#8188 on discord as well.

CUSTOM STARTER TIP 01 : Where does your nation now exist?
Go to{Map name (can be east/west/north/south or center)}
CUSTOM STARTER TIP 02 : What does your nation already have?
Message me {Character or item names, powers, strengths & weaknesses and scripted followings triggered by: terms such as attacked, attack, defending, defend, questioning, questioned and other flexible terms for reasons {displayed event/choice} in any way you want/can.
CUSTOM STARTER TIP 3 : Now that you've finished defining your drops, bosses, specialists and locations you can now conquer locations near yours 1 by 1 with section names on navigated set courses to the requested areas under east/west/north/south and center and you may also set up defenses etc; you'll have to be very mathematic/accurate with me or your only odds are likely going to be han/odd instead of cho/even.

NOTES; these are the vitals and important basics, you don't need to know them but any attempt with the following will fail without the completing the full REQ; for nuclear or world destroying weapons you'll need the shrouded nuclear weapon resources required found in this realm which is protected as an unbreakable/unavoidable domain term.
Note that all information you transfer to this roleplay will be shrouded to others and you'll need to contact this discord name; Dr.Kran#8188 and reveal to me your props so that they may take effect in the role play or you can display them here.

Legit builds tend to be stronger so by using this world's resources your nation will be superior to others in armor or damage.

Note that nuclear explosives do not work within this interdenominational realm as well as other zone wiper.

Gaming rules
• You are entitled to your own region, nation and armies.
• NOTE : You may have every technology and power but you may not use any that clear out portions without the needed materials and resources required to do so, this world does not have the right resources to make a nuclear or a world destroyer ability which is prevented by the domain physics and paradox dominion which is in no one's hands so you're only limited to guns, swords, tanks, and other technologies..
• As the host I will reveal to you all of the encountering results.
• NOTE : This game is basically about coloring the map with your mark.
• You can make your own technology freestyle anyhow you want in unlimited flexability ways.
• This is a RPG of strategy and conquest, the adventures you have are in your own word, and by selecting a map you are given an Empty chart you can then mark in anyway you desire. "My test for example."
• There are many maps which are connected to make a single map which can be scavenged or conquered at your will and freedom to your desire.
• Have as many nations at the cost of 1 secondary nation x1 as you want and destroy your enemy. You are given a chart for your username and all your technology trees contents, armies and leaders, etc for your own form of dominance, diplomacy and skills.
SIDE NOTES Not important but useful.
• You may also find items with descriptions and with the required examinations you may also unlock their hidden stats.

• You may drag an item from here and make an inventory or book folder on your computer for items you like.
• If you want to RP in style I recommend choosing only to store items or maps in the respected sections and folders with a document folder type of your choosing. You may sell them for whatever amount of any currency of your choosing. The dungeons or sections you make or want to plan and how they work are placed in separate sections with all components, themes, monsters, traps, effects and whatever else you may have hidden in storage for outsiders.
• SIDE NOTE : Store this icon in your documents and use it for your folders.

• You are allowed to send me data or abilities in any way you can for your original items or characters since items don't need to be unshrouded to take effect. This special RP term challenges the wits of anyone and as the RP host I will call all the events that happens and if questioned will react with the event explanation and calculations.
• USEFUL : You can be specific with stats or limited to extents at your own free will with no restrictions but you may not make a mythical that is stronger than the rp terrainian protection spell and fields unless allowed by higher leveled crystals mined at specified mines and findings.
• USEFUL : Any existing physiology by interdimensional rift findings can be used in this realm but can't be used to defy the physics for this realm, you must rely on physics with your findings here in this realm.
• If you haven't decided where your nation exists then available pvp/skilling events/spawns is another option.
• Note that items shrouded will be revealed to anyone that attacks you or you attacked but not the stats.
• Zoom in has a x3 maximum preview, the 2nd zoom in is unmarked leaving you with options to label the targeted areas with letters or numbers (optional), and the 3rd is to zoom in to buildings and other locations. Any above that are inventory or other examinations.
• The more basic the item you craft the higher chance you'll craft one with rare stats since some materials used are cursed or imbued and will work more effectively than others like it.
• LEAST USEFUL : You can send me shrouded neutral terrors from your region if it's  wondering troops from your nation or neutral/hostile creatures.
• USEFUL : If your nation conquered you can either after the day you've been conquered then you can use relocate power giving you 5 revenge strikeback powers or use revenge strikeback power giving your nation temporary stealth physical stealth for 5 days if you survive, obtained randomly depending on critical or original events.
• USEFUL : You can use the secondary nation x1 use/inf power to have more than 1 nation but you must earn them or find them.
• USEFUL : You can message me or someone else to command your nation if you're away or use base protection field power, obtained when logging off/AFK only if it's a non-strategic or allied values (Allies can take command unless both are offline/AFK.)
• The max for a sector area is 150 titanics, 300 giants 600 mediums and 1200 small, this can be stretched but minor issues can be the result.
• When attacking another nation, when changing a color/icon for a section this will alert that nation that it was under attack and territory is captured unless the attack was unsuccessful.
Tip 01 : A nation and his/her army remains unharmed except by natural or more valuable resources.

Tip 02 : You can play in stealth by contacting me the RP host and dungeon master, all of your progress remains shrouded except captive sections history.

Tip 03 : I recommend making basic anti air, anti land, and anti siege units as well as industrials and factories, mining chambers and defenses in a RP folder and name it Journal 01 or any name you like.

Tip 04 : Protect with armor various areas because enemies might aim for weak spots, you can use the basic armor located on the top or focused spots but beware of equipment weight which is a shrouded stat which you can freely examine.

Tip 05 : You can use links as a faster shortcut to where you want to go for quicker access.

TIP 06 This emoticon to show that you have stored most content to reduce more questions on your hand in making a todo list.

High and low north, south, east and westerns can increase by 1 while remaining in the same directions as well.

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Post by Dr.Kran on 2nd August 2018, 10:30 pm

GLOBAL ADVICE 01 : I advise muting these channels unless you're going to be a roleplay member.

GLOBAL ADVICE 02 : You may call out the section you want or if you want you can request for east, west, north and south maps with additional terms (The higher you enter the more  danger you're in like in the wilderness.).
#rp-rules are now pinned to this page for quicker access.

Base perimeter protected by Various Assault Tanks, Deadly top secret weapons and Deadlords and Specialists.

Constructors : constructs a deadly jammer tank prototype.

Outposts were quickly expanding from afar in the closer regions.

The nation grew and so were currency.

Double dollar bills is Ecticon's currency.


Ecticon now located at 61 M1.



Area 61 is claimed and fortified.



Your suggestion was successful.

Defenses successful, they couldn't get their hands on samsites though, you'll have to buy them.

Hired men exhaustion high while their moral is low.

Your base looks pretty expensive now.
Your base has advanced exceedingly.

Of years work your region has grown far and wide, you can expand the rest from here.

Of years work your region has grown far and wide, you can expand the rest from here.
NOTE Nuclear warhead could not be completed, materials required weren't available on this planet.
• As stated in the rules no nuclear weapons or bound breakers were allowed or even possible to begin with.

-Section temporary waiting for now LOADING sequences unless your map was already loaded for you, do please select a code beforehand while I'm off and reveal it here.
You can now use a compass to navigate.

North 01 has now loaded.

Ecticon's great armies traveled to location 61 to improve defenses.

The 1st south north east and west maps are now available, you can play on them or be patient for the rest.
You may request a certain map but it will be shrouded for a length of time depending on how far it is.

Starting new farming areas with existing drops etc.

Feel safe to navigate anywhere you want.
East, west, north and south.
Where ever you want to start.
(@Dr.Kran#8188 I remember this mistake.)

Black, 3 blue stars and red, got it.

Think of it as rolling dice, since you have no threats then you get to make all the obstacles for F28 and other conquered or captured territory.

This is the default map btw

Is this the dark green you want?

There's lighter on the edge.

Loading complete @MakaroniX#1354 , you'll have to select an area for your base.

Loading complete @MakaroniX#1354 , you'll have to select an area for your base.







What will your nation color be? And your nation flag?

The map tz loading was successful.
You may now select an area you'll start on.

LOADING 102 and 006 (This should take twice as much time) ...
South West 01, 102 and 006 has successfully loaded.

There were no sign of life below except for insects and plants.
You have found some unknown magical ores.

Iron with unknown effects located on 006.


New rules in the #rp-rules.

Ok this is what changed
I expanded even further
Factorised one more area
And bombed everything near my objective.
(Those icons next to the objective indicate that that area is bombed by heavy artillery)


Dr.Kran's history charts
• Dr.Kran is located on uncharted greenland zz.
• Dr.Kran
has advanced his region.
MasterChief1887's history charts
• has joined area Oii.
Tortoise's history charts
• Tortoise is located on uncharted lush lands South on section 006.
• The Dark Power is located on uncharted islands just in South West away from center map owning 006, tz and 102.


On Map 01 zz Dr.Kran targets the 61, Diva, Con, PH, meD, at, Z, XX,  zzz, H, 84 mal and XI sections which are now selected and successfully captured for shrouded reasons.

@MakaroniX South 01 has successfully loaded.

My guess : Those mysteries are shrouded, it's possibly jungles that goes down into a crack into an underground prehistoric landscape.

All New! Terrifying Dragons are now tamable even when untamable, get the new @Dragons Roar items from bosses and monsters at South 02 if you dare.

You found an unknown weapon @MakaroniX.

The weapon empowers the wielder and changes their shape while it remains in their physical possessions.
The weapon could be tested on trees and materials.

Congratulations @Warnen you and your nation now has lvl 725b mining for mining Toratian Ores.

You've never mentioned the driving speed though.
Is it slow, normal or fast or sports car fast?

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