Private Monsters and Items Cheat Book

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Private Monsters and Items Cheat Book

Post by Tomeka Tando on 7th August 2018, 6:33 pm

This is required to beat stages of my roleplay.

Defeat Boar for 5+ experience and provides 1+ ham "used to gain life.
Attacks : Charge doing 10 damage with 1 hit chance.

Goblin, Imp, Mushroomanoid, Carnivoid and Kid 5+ experience and 1+ random common item.
Attacks : Charge strike doing 7 physical damage but sometimes x100+ if without common weapons or armor.

Defeat Soul Tiki 11+ experience and 1+ wood, logs, leaves, bark or weed.
Attack : Soul charge doing 15 soul damage and 17 mana drain, energy maul reduces 20 life per move unless you can remove a spirit with your charms, magic or attack.

Orc, Elf, Dark Elf, Undead, Human and Unknown Kind 250+ experience and
Attacks : Charge strike doing 17+ physical damage but sometimes x1000+ if without common weapons or armor

Defeat Babwom Tufol (Dog Dragon), Golem or Automaton 950+ experience and 1+ stone, elements, plants, ores, gems and uncommons+.
Attack : Charge doing 10 damage with 3 hit chance and after charge inflicts Bite doing 71 damage with 3 hitchance reduced by 10 per 1 armor.

Dragon, Giant and powerful beings gives 2000+ experience and rares+
Attack : Unpredictable with high hit chance magical, spiritual, elemental or physical attacks.

Aveth city directions

Inside Aveth city
Entrance is left, right is inside, up is stores, down is stores, right 2 is close to the center, up 2 is stores, down 2 is path to path 1, center has a mountain with up3 with a big mansion and down with a 3 un-owned houses and going up is a bar and a path4 giving away free drinks to whomsoever joins the city.

Path 1
Left of Path 1 is an abandoned house, Right of path 1 is abandoned house also going to path 2 with water fountain.

Path 2
Just above the water fountain has 4 abandoned houses with kids gambling with cards wagering money, and under it is 2 abandoned houses and a dead end with a doorway leading to a bigger house with an entrance at path 3.

Path 3
A store going above and a big house going down with a railed railing and a large walkpass just after the enterence.

Path 4

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