OC: Darin and Ethan

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OC: Darin and Ethan

Post by Holsety on 27th February 2011, 7:26 pm

These are my two characters from the Force User RP over at Godsibb. :3

Name: Darin Celeste

Age: 18

Appearance: 5’ 10”, average late-teenager build, red hair and gold-caramel coloured eyes.

Weapon(s) (if any): Two slim swords

City, Academy: Nothlynn, Crescendo

User Unit: 5

User Abilities (if any): He can catch things on fire with a touch. He can also control fire (make it smaller, bigger, etc.).

Bead Color: Gold

Backstory: His mom is a UU2 and teaches at the Crescendo Academy. His father is a non-Force user; his little sister is 10 years old and is a UU6. His parents divorced and his father moved to Simarynn City; he and his little sister stayed with their mother. He has been friends with Eli Ryker for as long as he can remember; his mother and Eli's father both work at the Academy.

His Force has given him much trouble throughout his life as he has had a lot trouble controlling it. He once got in trouble with the authorities for arson after he accidentally burnt a house down while at a party.

Since his mother teaches some UU6 courses she has worked with him exhaustively to get his Force under control. He has now managed to pass the test to become a UU5.

His mother’s Force is controlling light, same for his little sister.

He is outgoing and optimistic, though slightly careless and reckless.


Name: Ethan Narino

Age: 22

Appearance: 5'11", skinny, curly black hair, green-gold eyes.

Weapon(s) (if any): Naginata

City, Academy: Simarynn, Staccato

User Unit: 4

User Abilities (if any): Telepathy. If he gets near people he can feel what they're feeling, if he touches them he can read their thoughts. He can also project feelings to others.

Bead Color: Red

Backstory: His father left when he was very young; he doesn't even remember what he looked like. Ethan lived with his mother until he was old enough to move into the Academy.

He hates his Force and thinks of it as a curse; it has given him nothing but trouble for as long as he can remember. Accidentally reading people's secrets, being stuck feeling other people's pain, he finds it tiresome. He has been learning how to protect himself and has come a long way, but he still despises it. He is now almost ready to become a UU3.

He is withdrawn and quiet most of the time, but has a short and fiery temper.


Also, it was revealed partway through the RP that they are half-brothers. :3

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Re: OC: Darin and Ethan

Post by Guest on 21st April 2011, 7:57 am

Love these boys. They're hilarious. Yet cool at the same time. Might put Alice up here...*mutters like a crazy cat lady*

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Re: OC: Darin and Ethan

Post by Guest on 22nd June 2011, 4:07 pm

Darin and Ethan are the best! c:
They're super fun and always make me laugh!

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