Phoenix's Poetry Corner.

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Phoenix's Poetry Corner.

Post by EphPhoenix on 18th July 2011, 10:54 am

Hello all! ^_^
After MANY years of not writing I've been suddenly in the mood to write lately. Unfortunately, any talent I used to have apparently kicked me in the crotch and ran. T_T

*Ahem* Anyway, without further ado, here is a recent attempt. It started as some random thoughts and feelings that turned into an epic poem with some wonky rhyme scheme I pulled outta my a$$. -_- Any and all opinions or critiques are welcome, provided they are constructive.

Flight of the Phoenix

The Phoenix rose into the sky
And blazed so bright
The sun turned its eye.
The moon spun in delight
For finally the sun knew the taste of the night.

In fiery fury did that Phoenix fly free.
The taste of heaven its to sample,
The winds calling it to be.
Its joy was ample,
Its song beautiful in flight.

He flew unto the mountains
To taste the morning dew.
Sparkling lights from his plumage in fountains,
Little flames that rose and flew.
And everything was right.

Its indomitable spirit brought joy to the land,
Yet sorrow to the more covetous soul
That couldn't have him on hand,
And death if they could not capture their goal.
The Phoenix learned to fight.

So he faced their persecution and contumely,
Their arrows like a storm,
Their drive all consuming,
Their hate the norm,
And their numbers like a blight.

Their attacks wounded and even brought him to the ground.
But in a fiery blaze he always rose,
Reborn and not a scar to found,
Returning to the wind's currents and flows,
Outshining the daylight.

In icy lands one day he soared
When a songless tune tookwing.
He searched, adventured, the winds they roared
As he sought the owner of this tune to sing;
No one lay in sight.

The winds buffeted
And the Phoenix tossed and tumbled.
Tailspinning as the winds parleyed,
Into a valley he stumbled,
His landing narrow and tight.

In this valley lay the quarry at hand:
An ice elemental of purest blue.
She swayed and she danced and sang across the land,
Her laugh like windchimes and her voice true.
So the Phoenix let his voice alight.

The delighted elemental joined along
And they played and frolicked in joy,
Friendship made in song.
The Phoenix flighty and the elemental coy,
Raging flame temperedby cold's fierce bite.

They journeyed and traveled in wonder.
Where one dare not the other paved the way
Their compliment tore previous limits asunder
And made wonderfull each new day.
Their bond a happy fright.

But nothing lasts forever,
And shadows dwell wherever
The light shines free.
Thus came the darkness inevitably.
It stole the elemental away
Bringing an end to their play.

Then, did the Phoenix know sorrow;
Bitter, painful, dimming the light of tomorrow.
Then, did the Phoenix know anger,
With wrathful thought to linger.
And with determination did the Phoenix fly
Into the realm where darkness lie.

Once was there did battle engage
As torrents of flame flew with righteous rage.
The darkness stabbed and slew, bringing much harm
But the Phoenix rose again and again to face the swarm
And the darkness cloaked him in endless night,
Yet the Phoenix prevailed with blinding sight.

The battle won, hard fought,
As the darkness scattered did he see what he sought.
There lay his elemental fatally struck,
Phyrric victory claiming his luck.
And in the air rose a beautiful song
A sorrowful lament that played ever long.

And those who heard it wept,
Tears spilling from their eyes.
Heartache as they slept,
And sorrow in their cries.
They knew the Phoenix no longer alive,
For life doesn't exist where a broken heart may thrive.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Avi and Sig set made by the awesome Skylar! Thank you so much!

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Re: Phoenix's Poetry Corner.

Post by HikariKuragari on 18th July 2011, 4:32 pm

It's really good, I liked it. Really pretty, even if it's rather sad at the same time. =p

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Set made by me ;D
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Re: Phoenix's Poetry Corner.

Post by xenolion on 20th July 2011, 6:32 pm

It was really well done. I liked the emotions that are brought forth.

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Thank you leah
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Re: Phoenix's Poetry Corner.

Post by EphPhoenix on 25th July 2011, 9:41 am

Thank you for your comments, HK and Xeno. I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

Apparently, Monday is my day for literary contemplation as, sitting at work today again, I had time to write another:

Who Needs These Thoughts?

We wake up everyday,
Morning, noon, or night
And pray to keep the silence away.
For silence brings that from which we hide,
Dark corners and demons to fight,
Where in unguarded moments our minds will slide.
Who needs these thoughts?

For all the world we keep it in,
Raging storms and avalanches,
Bearing the onus like deep sin.
Inside, we kick and scream, rage and bite,
Yet outside quieter than wind on willow branches,
As we succumb to our daily rite.
Who needs these thoughts?

And when you toss and turn, hurt and ache,
When it's 3 in the morn
And you're still wide awake.
When your screams turn into a deaf, silent echo,
And your heart grows forlorn,
Sit beside me cause neither of us know
Who needs these thoughts.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Avi and Sig set made by the awesome Skylar! Thank you so much!

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Re: Phoenix's Poetry Corner.

Post by EphPhoenix on 7th August 2011, 10:00 pm

I found this by accident recently looking through old journals. I had recently had my heart broken at the time. It shows. XD

Blaze Bright

Let those who hear me know of this shared plight,
And claw and rage and bite
To let the fire blaze bright.

Bring honest hate with every attack.
Let it tear, rip, and boil with acid's bite
And watch me smile as I fight back

It's not enough to suffer where none hear your cries;
Beaten, broken, bloodied with words as sharp as knives.
No man shall take the fire from my eyes.

Mangled lacerations with no reprieve in sight,
A blessed hell of lost souls,
Repercussions loaded with hatred's plight.

Let me burn, let me fry,
Cold emptiness inside.
A mirthless laugh sold with every lie.

Don't pretend to know or care.
Past the tears of blood where lie my silent cries,
See the fire still burning in my eyes
And the blinding blaze from where my torn heart lies.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Avi and Sig set made by the awesome Skylar! Thank you so much!

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Re: Phoenix's Poetry Corner.

Post by EphPhoenix on 26th October 2011, 9:10 am

Double post powers ACTIVATE!

These are some of my earlier works. Y'know, when I still had SOME modicum of talent (XD):


Twisted desires of a rotten shell
Inflicting suffering of a biased hell.
Ramifications of actions in vain,
leaving nothing but a deep red stain.

Eyes heavy, "Where have I gone?"
Some ruse, some lie, another con?
Arms refuse to move; legs? what a joke!
A deep burdening pain of some bone broke.
Doesn't matter right now, I'm too weak.
Drift back unconscious, the situation bleak.

Cruel laughter, wicked child, no friend.
Plotting, scheming, planning; new torment to send.
You set the trap and I played perfectly,
But you've yet to take the best of me!

Open eyes! that's my command,
They're still too heavy to accommodate my demand.
Encroaching darkness; thick, heavy, and inky black.
Suffocating me with a subtle depression that won't hold back.
Visions manifest in my mind with overwhelming intensity.
Swirling images of agony drown me in growing anxiety.

Evil machinations in play,
Ensnared in sanctimonious word spray.
Manipulated into this, surrounded by hypocrisy.
Faltered and fallen in impotence under a beautiful lunacy.

Didn't understand until now, the end.
As I lie here broken, too battered to mend.
I let myself fall into this game,
Now enduring penance for my shame.
Sightless sight, I see the demons, the inferno not far behind.
Laughter escapes my lips as I perceive oblivion in this eternal asylum of my mind.


Always tired, never sleeping;
Sad, but never weeping.
Angry, yet inactive.
The essence of which I consist
Falter in impotency as I resist.

Rage and flame burning bright,
Frustration coursing all night.
Internal destruction as I "live."
Broken pieces kept whole,
Dying cries of a tortured soul.

Always tired, never sleeping
Kept awake, reduced to creeping.
I give! I give! I give!
Robbed of action to enlist
The essence of which I consist.

Melancholy Dreamscape

Safe am I here in my melancholy dreamscape,
Lying flat like a pancake, listening to my eternal requiem.
No thoughts of Melchizedek or philosophy in my dreamscape,
Only the soft pancake sun glowing on my melancholy scene.
My memory eternal, the dreamscape holds my lost moment forever.
I was with her in the melancholy scene warmed by the pancake sun,
And other thoughts, like Melchizedek, stay far from this dreamscape.

This dreamscape doesn't tell why it's melancholy.
The eternal requiem doesn't sing my loss after the pancake sun.
The dreamscape doesn't go further past to Melchizedek,
My melancholy scene with its warm pancake sun.
The dreamscape I hold is only part of what is eternal,
For soon the pancake sun fades and the scene is truly melancholy.
My dreamscape reminds me as Melchizedek returns... she died.

Didn't Make It

Blank stare... "I've got you!"... "Son..."
Blank stare... "Help Me!"... "Sorry..."
Blank gaze... grip slipping... "Sorry, son..."
Blank gaze... "Can't hold on!"... "didn't make it..."
Gaze blind... Falling, falling... "she didn't m..."
Gaze blind... "I'm coming, hold on!"... "Sorry, son, she..."
Blind stare... "Don't let go!"... "didn't make it..."
Blind stare... "No, don't leave me..." "Sorry... didn't... it."
Blank stare... "I love you..." "Son... didn't m... it."
Blank stare... Going cold... "she d... make i..."
"Aah!"... "I'm coming, hold on!"... "Son?"
"Help me! I can't hold on!"... "I've got you!".. "Excuse me?"
"Don't let go!"... "Never!"... "Son, excuse me."
Grip slipping... "NOOO!!!"... "Son, son?"
Falling, falling... Thud... "Son, excuse me?"
Hold her close... "I love you..." "Son, son??"
"I... love you..." "Don't... let go..." "Son...?"
Body cold... Blank stare... "... didn't make it."
"Excuse me, son?" "Hmm?" "I'm sorry, she didn't make it.
There's nothing you could've done."

I Grow Stronger

You thought you could destroy me.
You thought your words could break me.
You thought I'd be destroyed by your judgements and insults,
But what are insults than just foolish words used ignorantly?
What are judgements you've made than just opinions you believe are fact?
Nothing. They sway by me like the blowing wind.
You thought your harsh words and treatment could break me and leave me weak.
But you were wrong, it only made me stronger,
Like tempered steel, like the tall redwood tree.
But even so, I can still be hurt,
I'm not totally invunerable to your scorns.
But hear me now, and hear me well:
No matter how you try, no matter how much you hurt me
I will persevere, I will overcome, and I will grow stronger.
You say I'll never make it, you say I can't make it alone.
But you are wrong.
Nobody needs nobody, your words
You have all tried to make fact in the minds of everybody.
They have no relevancy,
You attack because I am different.
You knock me down,
I get back up.
You kick me down,
I rise again.
You knock me down,
I get back up.
Though you hate me so much, I cannot hate you.
You make me angry, so angry, yet so sad, but I can't hate you.
I want to so badly, yet I can't.
Even through your persecutions I will never hate you.
For I cannot make room for hate in my heart.
I will never give you the satisfaction of my tears
And I will never let you make me bitter.
You attack me in groups, my eyes swell with tears.
But I won't let them fall.
I grow stronger,
You attack again.
You knock me down,
I get back up.
You kick me down,
I rise again.
You knock me down,
I get back up.
Do you ever grow tired of your fighting me?
I ask myself why you focus all your attention on me.
The fight grows tiresome,
How long can this cycle of hatred continue?
You knock me down,
I get back up.
You kick me down,
I rise again.
You knock me down,
I get back up.
I grow stronger.
You're tired now, and so am I.
My fight is almost over, yet yours has just begun.
You knock me down,
I get back up.
You kick me down,
I rise again.
You knock me down,
I get back up.
I grow stronger.
I find acceptance, yet what of you.
You've hated me for so long now,
You are alone on your quest.
Come with me now, it doesn't have to end this way.
Put your hand in mine,
And we can both be free.

The Mask

Weak, hurt, and in so much pain,
I lie on the ground, nearly slain.
Scorned by time, by people, and am nearly insane.
I put it on, and rise up from where I've lain.
I stand up, stronger than before.
Too strong to be hurt,
Too strong to be destroyed by people or time,
Too strong to feel pain anymore.
I rise to a new challenge and face another day.
The night comes, I take it off,
My newfound strength has gone away.
Tears flow from my eyes,
No one hears my cries.
A lonliness strikes me, like it has before,
I lie on the ground, beaten once more.
I wear the mask, and it gives me strength to survive.
Without it, I'm barely alive.
Hate consumes me, and fills me with limitless rage.
I scream in the night, locked in a cage.
I put on the mask, and fight once more.
I leap free from my troubles, no pain once more.
I take off the mask, and lose my way.
I need that mask, to get by day by day.
I am nothing without it, too weak to fight.
For with it, I am a hero, I sail through the night.
I put on the mask, I have strength once more.
I take it off again, I can wear it no more.
For my time has come, I had a good fight.
But my life is over,
And I die there in the night.

Little Boy in the Rain

Crying out in so much pain.
What is the problem that enacts your fears?
Causing you to shed so many tears.
Is the pain in your heart so bad?
That it would cause you to be so sad?
Let this pain haunt you no more
And in your heart put love you can store.
Come back toward the light,
End this eternal fight.
For in the light, you will find
The key to your piece of mind.
Do not seal your fate,
Please end this cycle of hate.
Escape the darkness and the rain
And forever end your pain.
Little Boy in the rain
Crying out in so much pain.
Let your rage come to a cease
Finally letting you rest in peace.
Little Boy in the rain
It's time to end your pain.
Let your troubles come to a cease,
Put your soul at ease.
Little Boy, it's time to face your fears.
Time to stop your flow of tears.
Find a friend, and in your heart she'll stay
And I know everything will be okay.

Alone and Surviving Always

Alone and surviving always.
It's how I live.
I manage to persevere through the days.

It hurts sometimes. But that's life's ways.
I will always persevere.
Alone and surviving always.

I'm hurt by others, the pain it stays.
No more tears. My eyes have dried up.
I manage to persevere through the days.

I don't fight fate, it never pays.
For it keeps showing me my truth.
Alone and surviving always.

It seems this world is beating me up always.
This world is cruel.
I manage to persevere through the days.

Time's scorns, people's attacks. The pain it stays.
I accept my truth.
Alone and surviving always.
I manage to persevere through the days.

Welcome to My World

To be here is to be alone.
Don't enter here, only lonliness is known.
This place is of shadows and fear.
Sorrow is everywhere, and pain always near.
Welcome to my world.
My kind can be found in this place,
Skulking around quickly space to space.
Bitter, hateful, rage holding fast,
I am known to you as an outcast.
Welcome to my world.
Numb I am to the pain in this hell,
Dead inside like a corpe's shell.
I am a warrior in constant battle.
Bruised and beaten, yet my nerves won't rattle.
Welcome to my world.
I warn you now to leave this tour.
I was attacked by your kind and here I endure
The eternal wounds and pain that binds me.
If you don't leave I can say only
Welcome to my world.

Dark Premonition

I've seen you once, holding that blade
Everything around you in crimson shade.
Speak now demon and answer me.
What atrocities have you committed, what tragedy?

Why so angry, you it doesn't suit,
Festering over there like some rotting fruit.
You admire my blade, as well you should,
Stained in the blood of your brood.

How dare you, vile creature, what have you done?
That evil smile on your lips, you consider your deeds fun?
Do you find pleasure in causing others pain?
Then rot, foul beast, in foul disdain.

Indignified are you, self righteous fool.
Slander me all you want with whatever verbal tool.
But I ask you now, look at where I lurk
And see if you don't recognize your own handywork.

What accusation is this?
Foul tongued devil, what slander do you hiss?
Are your foul deeds not enough to satiate your needs?
Are you so much a coward you blame me for your deeds?
Is this to be your final piece?
Speak now, or forever hold your peace.

Are you that blind, that you cannot see.
Look closer, friend, and you'll find that you are me.
You speak badly of me, but you're much worse.
For you yourself wrought this curse.
By your own acts, you created me.
Now blood is shed, you are the cause of this tragedy.

Those eyes, how can it be those eyes?
The same hopes, fears, and cries.
No, demon, I will not fall for your trick!
This must be some lie, you cannot make it stick.

Lie, you say, but how can that be so?
That is even beyond my power, that much you know.
If you must know, I am your creation.
Each slaughter is the result of your elation.
You recognize me now? I am what you will become.
Your own foolishness makes you grow numb.
That look of horror on your face
Tells me that my words have finally found their place.
You know the reason
And know your actions will bring the change of your season.

"No!" I cry as I wake up.
In my bed I find myself, scared like a little lost pup.
Happily I realize it was just a dream
Until the mirror's reflection nearly makes me scream.
The dark silhouette stands there laughing,
My ill fated future it is graphing.
I understand now the warning and must take heed.
A moment of indiscretion and pleasure, I must never commit this deed.
If I do, that innocence will be forever lost,
And this can never happen, no matter what the cost.
But there is one person who is my greatest enemy.
The person I must fight to keep this from happening is... me.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Avi and Sig set made by the awesome Skylar! Thank you so much!

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Re: Phoenix's Poetry Corner.

Post by Gateway Bot on 26th October 2011, 1:44 pm

Wow, good poems. You seem to be really into the "loner' concept. Maybe even the fact that you're your own enemy really makes this all sound pretty depressing.

Good work, though. :D

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