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Veralidaine RP Registration

Post by Holsety on 6th August 2011, 3:55 pm

*This RP is now full*

The war-torn land of Aritia is facing its biggest threat in centuries. Demons are slowly taking over and it gets worse with every passing year. The inhabitants of Aritia are desperate, yet they still can’t stop fighting amongst themselves. Racial tension is steadily growing, and no one can agree on what to do about the demons.

However, one day, it’ll all change when a group heroes emerges from the chaos. The journey to stopping the demons will be difficult and sometimes not what they expected…


Map is subject to change XD

Aritia isn’t technologically advanced; it has a more medieval setting. Swords, horses, castles, that sort of thing.


There are three different races that inhabit this world: Humans, Infanima, and Tiamats. The Infanima live in the north-western part of the main continent, with their capital being Infanus. The Humans’ territory takes up the rest of the continent and their capital is Garell. Agustine, which is right on the border, is a neutral place that rules over both. It accepts both races and has a Human king and an Infanima king, who act like ambassadors. The Tiamats don’t have a kingdom, they live in small settlements over the continent and keep mostly to themselves.

Humans – Your regular old humans. They have the highest affinity for magic out of the three races, with most being able to use one or two elements. Each individual uses their magic differently; some are offensive, some are defensive, and some are just really creative. Humans generally don’t get along well the Infanima, though there are some exceptions. (They make up about 65% of the world population)

Infanima – They are more frail but also more agile than Humans. They have wings which look like feathery wings, but the feathers are crystalline and come in a variety of colours. While the wings look nice, they’re not that useful; Infanima can hover above the ground and only fly short distances such as up a tall tree. They have light coloured hair, like blond, light brown, or white. They cannot use any magic. Infanima generally don’t like humans, they despise the size of their territory and think it should be bigger since they believe they were there first. (They make up about 30% of the world population)

Tiamats – They have a much longer lifespan than the other two races, though no one knows how long as they were almost hunted to extinction by the other races over the centuries (their horns are believed to have special powers and are thus valuable, however a ban on Tiamat hunting was put in place 63 years ago). It is believed that they are descended from dragons and they have horns and wings of varying sizes. They can use magic, but it is more nature-based. Depending on the family, some of them have physical abilities as well, such as night-vision or enhanced hearing. (They make up about 5% of the world population)


There are six elements in magic: fire, earth, electric, water, dark, and holy. Tiamat magic includes healing, plant manipulation, wind manipulation, etc.

With the elemental magic that the Humans use, all elements can be used to make a ball or beam of that element that can be thrown or shot at enemies, as well as anything else you want to do (you're only limited by your own creativity). Also, each element has a special property that affects your character. All of these are affected by your skill level with your element.

Fire -> You can withstand more heat and your skin doesn't burn as easily.
Electric -> If someone touches you they can become stunned (unable to move for a certain period of time).
Holy -> You can do a little bit of healing.
Dark -> When in shadows, you can become completely invisible to others.
Earth -> You're physically tougher, you don't get injured as easily by physical attacks.
Water -> In the rain, your water attacks are more powerful


Water beats fire
Fire beats earth
Earth beats electric
Electric beats water
Holy and dark beat each other

Meaning, you will take more damage if you are hit by an element opposing yours.


1. Follow the GtR rules and roleplaying rules.
2. Only one character per person.
3. Have fun!

There will only be allowed two Tiamats in this RP, and since I have one, that leaves one open. PM me if you want to have one, and if there are multiple people, the first person to message me will get it. If you want to have a character that is part Human and part Infanima, message me and we can work it out.

For convenience, I would like everyone to be at, around, or heading to Agustine Castle. You can be from wherever you want, make up your own villages/towns! Just come up with some reason to be at Agustine. Also, there can be no settlements on Fire Island or Ithrin Island.

This RP will be done in paragraph-style. If you have any questions at all, PM me or Kiseki! We will be happy to answer them!



Name: Asher Ailenoir

Age: Appears 20 (is actually 85)

Gender: Male

Race: Tiamat

Element(s)/Abilities: He can see in the dark, has enhanced hearing, and is super stealthy.

Weapon(s): A greatsword that has been passed down through his family for centuries.

Appearance: He is 5’6” with a slightly muscled build and a tan skin tone. His hair is jet black and in the style of #37 on this image, his eyes are dark red. He has silver horns that start just behind his pointed ears and curl around to his temples, then point up. He has black and dark red wings that are good enough to fly short distances or break a fall.

Personality: He is quite bitter toward humans and infanima and isn’t afraid to let it be known. He is usually cool and calm, though can lose it if pushed hard enough. Deep down, though, he has a good heart and is fiercely protective of those he cares about.

Back Story: His family used to live in the forest to the east of Garell, but after his mother and grandparents were killed in a human attack they moved into the mountains. He was very young when this happened, but remembers it clearly. Since then, he has been attacked by both races, despite the ban, when going to towns to buy necessities, but he has trained tirelessly to be able to fight them off. He rarely leaves the mountains unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Name: Karyne Myscorne

Age: Appears 15 (is actually 39)

Gender: Female

Race: Tiamat

Element(s)/Abilities: Minor healing, ability to control rain, can breathe under water, has enhanced hearing.

Weapon(s): A staff that is as tall as she is.

Appearance: She is 5’0” and has golden blond hair that reaches to her knees, light blue eyes, and pale skin. She has small, white horns that peek out from behind her pointed ears. Her wings are white and blue and appear more like bird wings, though without feathers and are good enough to fly farther than an infanima, though not by much.

Personality: She is friendly and cheery and pretty much oblivious to the world outside her village. She tries to see the good in everyone, even if it isn’t actually there.

Back Story: Her family is overly protective of her, and thus rarely allowed her to leave the village. She has been shielded from much of the atrocities carried out in the world, as the village is isolated in the snowy north of Aritia. However, she always dreamed of seeing the world, so one day she snuck out and began her travels.


Name: Cassian Nakir

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Infanima

Element(s)/Abilities: None.

Weapon(s): Dagger

Appearance: His height is 5’9”, slim build. <--- Hair #39, light taupe in colour. His eye colour is amber and his wings are yellow-orange. He wears expensive-looking clothing including his usual chocolate brown long coat and long, pale blue scarf.

Personality: Cassian can be very stuck up and bossy due to being very wealthy and having servants instead of friends during his childhood. He is generally fairly upbeat when things are going well, and can become quite determined when he has a goal to accomplish. Cassian is also rather knowledgeable as there is a sizeable book collection at his mansion.

Back Story: Cassian is the only child of the rich Nakir family, whose mansion is located on the northern outskirts of Infanus. When he was seven, his parents were both murdered by a group of vicious Tiamats, leaving Cassian to be raised by servants. He has been quite isolated during his life, with the exception of escorted trips to Infanus and rare trips to Agustine. Due to fear of being attacked like his parents, he has a self-defence trainer come to his mansion periodically and teach him to defend himself using a dagger.

Name: Leroy Sariel

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Infanima

Element(s)/Abilities: None.

Weapon(s): Halberd, and now the fire bow, Liskanen

Appearance: His height is 6’0” and he has a lanky build. See picture.

Personality: Leroy is energetic, and often gullible and reckless. He is also very kind, and cares very much for Cassian despite his attitude.

Back Story: Leroy and his older sister Alicia have been Cassian’s bodyguards since their father retired from the job 4 years ago. They were joined by Bernard at that time, who Leroy's father recruited to help out; he thought Alicia would be busy looking after Cassian and Leroy by herself.

Leroy and Alicia's father often took them to the mansion when they were young to visit and keep Cassian company, especially after his parents were killed. Because of that, Leroy knows Cassian very well.


Name: Pallas Gethsemane

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Element(s)/Abilities: Holy & Fire/He can heal, create a bright light to temporarily disorient enemies, and form a wall of flame in addition to the traditional orb and beam variety of magic.

Weapon(s): He is in possession of a staff that was passed down to him by his mentor, but he prefers to use twin knives and is far more skilled with them. The knives are concealed beneath his robes, however, so when he is taken off guard he tends to grudgingly use the staff.

Appearance: Pallas is 6'1" with a lean build. He's rather pale and tired looking with blue eyes and dirty blond hair in the style of #34 on this image. He's usually sporting a five o'clock shadow.

Personality: While he plays the supportive priest role fairly well amongst visitors to his temple, in mixed company he's not shy about saying what's on his mind. He's easily irritated, but slow to become truly angry. His sense of humour tends to be sarcastic and it's rare that he speaks of the higher power he is supposed to represent, especially lately.

Back Story: Pallas' father died at sea when he was a small child and his mother, having no means with which to take care of him, took him to the priest in Agustine. The priest didn't really know what to do with a child but he agreed to take the boy in. It was from him that Pallas received the training and induction into his current occupation. He took over four years ago when the priest died of old age.

Ever since the demons began taking over, people have stopped trusting him. His livelihood is presently in danger and his faith in the higher power is all but gone.


Name: Maresca (mahr is ka) Yovani

Age: 17

Gender: female

Race: Human / Infanima (She is unaware of the mix though and thinks she is human)

Element(s)/Abilities: She has holy, using it primarily for defense than offense. She can do healing.

Weapon(s): She carries daggers and is quick with them

Appearance: She is average height with short light brown hair with blonde streaks. She is frailer than most humans. She makes up for it with her agility. Her left eye is royal blue and right is grass green. She also has some inexplicable scarring on her back by her shoulder blades. They really aren’t visible unless she has her back exposed.

Personality: She is a shy soft spoken person who likes staying in the background. She isn’t very open about herself, and is slow to trust others.

Back Story: Maresca grew up an orphan in Agustine. Her quiet nature made her easily overlooked by potential parents. She is very studious with her magic, and it is the only time she feels alive.

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