Ericae Bedelia

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Ericae Bedelia

Post by Guest on 17th November 2011, 2:46 pm

Name: Ericae Bedelia

Age: 21

Nationality: English

Species: Human

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 130lbs

Hair Colour: Brown

Hair Style: Messy, long-ish

Eye Colour: Grey

Body Type: Medium Build

Shirt: White T-Shirt

Pants: Black jeans

Coat: Black Longcoat

Shoe Size: 12

Shoes: Navy blue Allstar Converse's

Weapons: Dragon-tooth long sword, twisting dagger, handgun and pump-action shotgun.

Skills: Swordfighting (swords and daggers) and Expert Marksmanship (all guns)

Employment: Former-Mercenary, Bounty Hunter

Employer: Freelance

Personality: Keeps to himself most of the time, sometimes calm, has anger management problems, obsessive vengeance and doesn't seem to like people who belittle others.

History: learned to use swords at an early age, conscripted into mercenary company because his family could not feed everyone and his employment would help support them financially (one less mouth to feed). He earned a share of anything they came across. Eventually, grew tired of the bad***-persona and became a freelance bounty hunter to hunt and kill undesirables for anonymous clients. Has never returned home, no more family.

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