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Post Expansion Guide

Post by JerriLeah7 on 29th November 2011, 4:27 pm

When posting in a role-play, it is always important to remember these factors:

1) Enviornment: Who and what is around you? Are there several people or just one or two and what are they doing? What are their expressions? Gestures? Clothing? Is there anything peculiar about them from your point of view? Are you in a civilized area or not? What is your opinion of your surroundings? What is the weather, the terrain? Are you properly dressed for the weather--does it make you hot or cold? Always think of all FIVE of your senses.

Ex. Marcus look around him with disgust. The commoners that were all lined up in front of the well were not only covered in filth, they acted like the filth they appeared as. It is no question that they are the commoners that they have been titled as, for they have no manners, no appropriate speech. They are nothing more than the dirt they walk on; this is why his shoes are pristine and high quality and why they are bare footed. No man of royalty should be forced to look upon such undesirable creatures. All of the architecture, even, displays such disgrace to the ones that live here. Nothing is satisfactory--not the buildings, the markets, or the people. Simply grotesque.

2) Interaction: When having a conversation with another person, it is always tempting to reply with only one or two sentences. However, that doesn't always have to be the case. Conversation, in real life, can lead us off onto tangents when we distract ourselves with similar subjects. Also, conversation is not only dialogue! What about facial expressions and gestures?

Ex. "Actually, I can do that for you, no problem." Lylishae replies with a smile, "Which reminds me....have you ever wanted to know how to glide for longer periods of time? I can most certainly teach you on our next lesson, if you'd like. After all, it's not like we have anything better to do...unless we get caught by some unwelcome foe."

Lylishae looks around her cautiously as she mentions the word 'foe,' wary from the chances of having yet another unpleasant encounter. She places one hand on her hip as she shifts her weight from one foot to the other and sighs with exhaustion.

"So tired." She adds as a side note.

3) Combat: Always vary the type of attacks that you use. You won't always hit your target--enemies can dodge, too! Try to be creative, but be realistic, as well. If you are pierced through the shoulder/arm and it went through completely, should you be able to use that arm? Yes, but not for anything strenuous, unless you want to lost that arm. NEVER be afraid to work with others in a fight--no one has to do a solo and we always love it when people post collaborative posts together. You are never limited to your weapons--why not use a comrades? Why not use their body as a shield? Why not use your environment?

Ex. Tatren turns, an inner fire in his eyes as the chains seem to appear from nowhere around him. The reach out, reaching the enemy's left ankle and dragging him to the ground. He smirks with confidence, but it falls immediately as the man reaches up, takes hold of his chain, and gives it a tug. Tugging at his magic again, Tatren makes the chain longer, and is therefore not pulled to the ground and renders the man's efforts useless.

He is about to tighten the chain and bring the man to him when he cries out in pain, falling to one knee. His arm moves to his back, where he can feel the sharp pain, and finds an arrow pierced deeply into his flesh. He groans, ready to take action again as he forces himself to stand yet again. He rears around, the chains wrapping around the body of his previous target as he switches his focus to the fool that had dared strike him.

4) What do I post?/I don't know what to post: If you're thinking this, you are in the WRONG mind frame! I have NEVER thought this, not in one day. Why? I'm usually thinking: "Which do I want to post?" or "Holy crap, so many things I can do here, but this one might be a bad idea..." and so on! If you find yourself asking these questions, then switch your point of view. You are in NO way limited, do something!

Attack that villager! Sing a song! Write a poem while repeatedly poking another member's character until they decide you are awesome! Scout the area, discover a treasure map, fall into a pit fall, anything! Here on the Gateway, you grant you the utmost freedom to do what you wish, so take advantage of it.

Most importantly, if you find yourself asking this question, ask your RPM. If you are too afraid to do something randomly fun yourself, the RPM can be your guide, for who knows the world better than he or she? So! Think carefully about all of this and be ready to expand your posts.

If you have any questions about expanding RP posts in order to improve your role-playing style, feel free to post any and all questions here and I or any other member on the board can reply here to give you post expansion advice!

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