FURP: The Journey Continued

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FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 18th December 2011, 7:23 pm

Ok let me first start of with the fact that this is a story of my own writing. While it has a lot of elements from Leah's own RP game Force Users. The story is completely me. Next I must say that I don't claim to be awesome at this. At times I will be either over descriptive or lacking there in of. However seeing as how it is using characters that many of you made. I don't really need to describe them so much. Lastly some events have changed I took out the part where Zack gets the darkness ability and the crow. However other events remain like Mori and Kuni's party they threw. Also if your character had something important in their background like say a family death or something important to the character that all remains. I just have to figure it out by rereading FURP from the beginning. One other thing it will take me time to write more so for now this is a tease chapter (or maybe I will have them all be like this.)

There will be a total of four story arc's in this story. There are really five but the first one is the RPthat never finished so the story arc's are as follows:

FURP: The Demise of Merrik (this is the RP that never finished)
FURP: The Fall of Raydia
FURP: The Search for the Missing Hero
FURP: The Mysterious Fighter of Justice?
FURP: The Crystalirean War
FURP: A Journey Reborn (This will be a Reboot. It might Happen before I do the other stories)

Now that is all said and done please enjoy the first chapter for my story.

FURP: The Fall of Raydia

Chapter One

It has been five years since the students of Northlynn and Simarynn helped save the world. The experience paid a great toll on their emotions, some harder than others. While most returned to the schools others felt it best to go back to where they felt comfy. Little did they know they would be needed again to stop a threat far greater than before.

It is a windy day in Northlynn. Two female students are making their way to school in a rather rushed manner. They both are dressed in a similar fashion. They are dressed in their school uniform.

"I can't believe we are going to be late on the first day of school! Why didn't you wake me up earlier Kyra!" One said the wind blowing her blue hair around. She had a hair clip with a Crescent moon on it.

"Well it isn't my fault you wanted to take a long shower today! Geez Yue could you have taken a longer shower?" Kyra said in an angered tone. Her pink hair was also being blown around by the wind. She pulled a hair clip out of her pocket and tried to get her hair to settle enough to attach the clip.

They both ran into the school and made their way down the empty hallways of the school. They busted through the doors to the main assembly hall. Everyone turned at looked at them. An older woman turned and looked at them rather sternly. From the other side of the assembly hall they saw someone waving at them. They made their way over to the woman that had saved their seats.

Once they had sat down the woman speaker started to talk again. "And so in conclusion this is the start of a new year for all of you. If you have any questions just talk to your teachers or come see me. Classes will start tomorrow." The woman said before leaving. As the room started to empty of people. Kyra and Yue stood up with the other student.

"Thanks for saving our seats Kitaka." Yue said nicely.

"Yeah No thanks to long shower taker Yue. If we had just left we would have been here to hear Emory's speech." Kyra replied.

"Like you ever pay attention to her speech." Yue replied.

"Do you two ever stop your bickering?" Kitaka asked as they walked down the halls of the school. It was now filled with all kinds of people just chatting.

"Do you two need a refresher on where everything is?" Kitaka asked.

"No I think we can find everything." Yue said.

"Good cause I am starving." Kitaka said. "I will catch you two later!" She said waving goodbye to the twins. They made their way to their door that had both their, names on it. Yue opened the door to their room that looked the same as it always did. Yue walked over to her night sky half of the room and sat down on her bed. Kyra sat across from her in her own bed.

"Kyra I know you don't like talking about what happened five years ago but I couldn't help but notice you were looking for someone that can't be alive." Yue said to her sister.

"We never found his body Yue! He could still be alive." Kyra said rather defensively.

"Even if he was alive he would be branded as a traitor. He wouldn't even be allowed in the school again. Let alone the city." Yue replied.

Kyra sighed heavily, she knew that Yue was right. Even if she could see him again it wouldn't change anything. Kyra stood up and walked over to the door.

"I am gonna go get something to eat." Kyra said to Yue who had fallen asleep. She quietly closed the door behind her and made her way down the hallways. Students were still chatting as if it was another day at Crescendo. She stopped and stared down one hall remembering back to when she had first seen him in the infirmary. She had a long distance stare down the hallway.

"Well fancy seeing you here again. Where ever is your sister?" Two male voice rang out from behind her. One of them walked over and touched her on the shoulder. She went defensive and grabbed his wrist and was about to fling him over her until the other person ran in front of her.

"Wait!" The man said stopping her from flinging his brother to the ground.

"Oh Mori, and Kuni." She said looking over her shoulder at Kuni. Kyra let go of his wrist. "Sorry about that. If you are looking for Yue she fell asleep." Kyra added.

"So why you just staring off into the distance?" They asked in unison. Kyra let out a sigh and was about to reply to them, when her stomach growled.

"Oh it is simple you forgot where the food court is," they joked and chuckled.

"Yeah that is it." She replied covering the real reason she was staring down an empty hall.

"Well don't wait around we are going to leave you at this rate." They said leading her into the food court. She had always liked following them. She couldn't help but remember back to the first fight with them. Her and Yue lost due to a lack of paying attention.

Once in the food court, that was practically empty by now, they all sat down and a person brought food over to them. She had started eating while Mori and Kuni chatted about their summer. Kyra liked listening to their voices how similar they were to each other.

"So what about your summer? It had to of been fun right?" They asked catching her off guard.

"Huh? What? Oh yeah my summer it was fun. Yue spent time with the ship boat captain and well I stayed home reading most of the summer." She said to them.

"What? Reading that sounds boring." Kuni said in a flat tone.

Mori on the other hand didn't care how his brother felt about reading. "Sounds like you had a relaxing summer." Mori said finishing up his food.

"So I heard through the grape vine that you and Yue were late for assembly." Kuni said poking fun at Kyra.

"Yeah well she took a rather long shower that made us late." Kyra said. Kyra finished up her food. As she looked up she saw someone wearing dragoon armor. "I will see you guys later." She said in a rush as she got up from the table. They turned to see where she was going but by the time they looked she was gone from the food court. Mori looked over at Kuni and they both shrugged.

"HEY! Stop!" Kyra yelled at the dragoon person who seemed to always be one step ahead of her. She chased the dragoon person to the main door of the school. Kyra was about to catch up to him when the main door opened she was blinded by the sunlight. By the time her eyes had adjusted the dragoon was gone. She let out a sigh and turned to walk away.

When she turned around she was staring right at a woman who wore a long purple dress. She had short black hair and talon like fingers. Around her waist was a rapier. Kyra let out a loud gasp and went to take a step back.

"No my dear you won't be running." The woman said as she walked closer to Kyra.

"You died. I saw. Every one saw you die that day!" Kyra said wishing she hadn't left her weapon in the room with Yue.

"Looks can be deceiving. Now my dear you will deliver a message to the others. You are but a mere pawn in my game." The woman said drawing the rapier.

"You won't win." Kyra said threatening the woman.

"To bad you have already lost." The woman said gripping Kyra's shoulder. With one quick thrust she had impaled Kyra with the rapier. Kyra let out a gasp of air. The woman gave an evil grin as she shattered apart into tiny fragments. Kyra fell to her knees still in shock over being stabbed.

Must... tell some...one.... she thought as she reached out to start crawling to anyone. She then fell face first to the ground. Her vision started to blur til she saw complete darkness. Kyra laid on the cold floor bleeding to death.

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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 20th December 2011, 5:53 pm

Chapter Two

"Clear the way! Healers stand by for instructions." A voice yelled to the healers in the infirmary. Kyrie wondered why there was such a big fuss on the first day of the year. She stood out of the way as people rushed around getting ready for something.

Without warning the doors flew open as a person was rushed into the infirmary. Emory walked in moments after the person was rushed in. Next to her was a person with a clipboard. Kyrie moved to get a better look at who was brought in. Every time she though she had a clear line of sight someone would step in the way.

"I want a full report on how something like this happened." Emory told the person with the clipboard.

"Yes ma'am. Should we inform her sister?" The person replied.

"She has already been told and should be here soon." Emory replied. "Now get started on that investigation." She said. The person with the clipboard left to go investigate. Kyrie walked over to Emory greeted her.
"Hello instructor Admen." Kyrie said politely.

"Sorry Kyrie now is not a time for idol chit chat. I need you to help with the healing process." Emory instructed Kyrie.

"Yes ma'am." Kyrie said walking over to the person in the bed. She didn't understand why there was so much fuss of what was probably just a training accident. As she approached the person she realized who was laying in the bed.

"WHERE IS KYRA!!!" Yue's voice shouted from the hall. Emory turned to Yue running into the infirmary crying. "What has happened?" She asked through sobbing tears.

"Calm down Yue. Your sis is in the best medical hands around." Emory said trying to calm Yue down. Yue was still sobbing over her sister being injured. Emory sat Yue down in a chair not far away from her sister. She sat next to Yue.

"I must ask you some questions Yue." Emory said patting Yue on the shoulder. "Do you have any idea how this happened?" She asked.

"No I was asleep, until someone knocked on my door to tell me Kyra was rushed here." Yue replied wiping tears away from her eyes.

"I see. Kyrie how is Kyra doing?" Emory asked Kyrie.

"It might take a while to stabilize her. She has lost a lot of blood." Kyrie replied still trying to heal Kyra.

Yue grabbed a hold of Emory's arm and held it like a little child. Emory let out a sigh and moved closer to Yue. "There there Yue. She will be fine." Emory said to calm Yue down.

After several hours, Kyrie had finally stabilized Kyra. She let out a sigh of relief. Yue had fallen asleep in her chair. Emory slowly moved her arm out from Yue's grip. Emory stood up and looked at Kyrie. "Let me know when Kyra wakes up." Emory said to her before leaving.

"Yes ma'am," Kyrie said as Emory left. She couldn't believe that Kyra had been injured that badly. She had once treated Yue for an injury but nothing life threatening. She looked over at Yue and shook her head.

"You could fall asleep anywhere couldn't you Yue?" Kyrie said to herself. She then went and got a blanket to cover Yue with. Yue curled up even more, a faint sound of sobbing was heard from her.

Kyrie walked around making sure everything was alright. When she looked at the clock it was ten at night. "Where does the day go?" She asked knowing she would get no response. Most of the others had left, she much preferred being there with less people crowding the infirmary.

"How is she?" A male voice said to Kyrie. She almost jumped out of her skin. She turned around to see a man in Dragoon armor standing there.

"But..." She couldn't finish her sentence.

"Kyrie how is she?" The man asked walking over to Kyra. He placed a hand on hers.

"She is stable, but she almost didn't make it. The last time I saw her she was going pretty insane without you around." Kyrie said walking over to the man.

"I know. I hate myself for not being there, but there is nothing I can do. Not yet anyway. Please do me a favor Kyrie." He said to her getting ready to leave.

"What can I do? You are the one she needs the most." Kyrie replied.

The man stayed silent for a moment. He then pulled out flower and laid it in her hand. He then let out a sigh and saw Yue asleep in the chair next to the bed. "Please don't tell her I was here." The man said turning to the doorway.

"Why should I lie to her? Just so you can be heroic later and save her? Did you not hear a word I said? Kyra is mentally breaking down. Just come out of the shadows and stop hiding from everyone that cares about you!" Kyrie said trying not to wake up Yue.

The dragoon man looked over his shoulder at Kyrie. Then lowered his head and sighed. He knew Kyrie was right, he had been hiding for five long years.

"Not just yet. Please Kyrie just this once cover for me and I will come out of the shadows.... One day." He said to her.

Kyrie huffed at him. "Fine but you had better make that promise soon. I don't want to pick up the broken pieces of her mind if you don't tell her you are alive." Kyrie said as the man left.

As he walked the dark empty hallways a robed figure walked along side him. The robed person guided him out of the school and to the edge of town. Once he was outside the city limits he turned to the robed figure.

"Thank you for telling me. I don't know how I an repay you for getting me into see Kyra." He said to the robed figure. "Well I guess this is goodbye for now." He added and walked away. The robed figure turned and made their way back to the school. The dragoon man walked out into the forest and vanished from sight.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 22nd December 2011, 3:31 pm

Chapter Three

Yue slowly opened her eyes the next morning. She had forgotten she fell asleep in the Infirmary. She could hear idol chit chat from some nurses that were standing around. She slowly sat up and the two nurses looked at her.

Yue looked over at them not realizing her hair was a complete mess. She soon figured it out from the looks on the nurses faces. She ran her fingers through her hair creating small pockets of water making her hair wet.

She finally fixed her hair and looked up at the clock that said it was nearly noon. She made a loud gasping sound and rushed out of the infirmary to go back to her room.

"I AM GONNA BE LATE!!!" She exclaimed as she ran down the hall.

She got to her room and quickly changed out of her school uniform into her combat outfit. She grabbed he weapon out of its case and put it on her back. The handle stuck out on the left side while the blade tip was just over her right shoulder.

She then ran to the training arena. As she got there she could see people already training. She couldn't tell where the instructor was. She slowly walked over and looked for a partner to train with so that she wouldn't get in trouble.

"Well late to your first class? I should flunk you for that, but you have a good reason Yue." A loud booming voice said from behind her.

Yue froze she didn't recognize the voice at first. She then turned around to see the instructor. She saw a large buff man standing in front of her. He had long black hair and an evil looking grin on his face.

He didn't wear a shirt so it was easy to see his scarred body. He held a very heavy looking weapon that rested on his shoulders.

"Long time no see Yue." The instructor said to her.

Her face lit up with a grin, "KAIN! How did you become an instructor here?" She asked him trying to give him a hug but could barely do it.

"Emory asked me if I wanted a teaching job and I took the offer. I figured I could teach these brats a few things about fighting." He said with a laugh.

"It looks like I am the odd person out." Yue said looking at all the filled training circles.

"You don't need to train! You and your sis will be helping me teach this year." He said with a grin.

"What? I mean I have told Kyra that we should do it but is it official?" Yue asked him.

"Yeah got it cleared with the Academy just a few hours ago." He said.

"Excuse me is this battle training with Instructor Kain?" A woman's voice said from behind Kain.

Kain turned and looked at the woman before him. She had short dark green hair. Her two toned eyes looked him in the eyes. She was wearing a military uniform. Kain observed her for a second.

"Yeah this is battle Training. Can I help you?" Kain asked her.

"Yes I was told to come here for my first class." The woman said. "Oh how rude of me I am Sargent Xue Fang Ying. Most people call me Sargent Ying." She said giving a military salute.

"Well You get to sit on the side lines for today. No training partners for you to train with." Kain said to the Sargent.

"I will train with her. I need practice anyway." Yue said stepping forward.

"You? I wouldn't even give you the time of day rookie." Sargent Ying said to Yue.

"Yeah? Well the Name is Yue Valendorf. I am not one of your military rookies." She said.

"Yue Valendorf? What is a rich snob with no combat skills doing here in an academy for gifted people?" The Sargent said.

"You wanna put them fighting words to the test?" Yue said in a rather pissed off tone.

"Bring it girl scout." Ying said stepping into an empty arena.

"You sure about this Yue? I mean she is military." Kain said to Yue.

"Yeah I am sure." Yue said stepping into the ring drawing her weapon.

Ying drew her weapon, she then stood in a pose that looked like she was gonna go dancing instead of a fight. Yue held her weapon so the tip was touching the ground behind her. With out waring they rushed at each other.

All the other students had stopped training to gather around the fight. Kain stuck his weapon in the ground and leaned on it. He had a grin on his face knowing that Yue was a great fighter.

Yue swung her blade up at Ying who jumped out of the way. She then returned the attack at Yue, who moved out of the way. Ying jumped up and brought the blade down at Yue who lifted up hers in a defensive move. Their blades sparked as they hit.

Ying was thrown back from the attack. Her sword at a small cut in it. Yue's sword didn't look damaged at all. Yue rushed in again. She brought the blade down and Ying dodged the attack. Yue's sword hit the ground with such force that it left a large gash.

Ying rushed in again to attack Yue. Yue jumped forward her blade colliding with Ying's weapon. As they moved past each other Ying's weapon shattered. The tip of Yue's sword slid across Ying's face.

They both landed on their feet. Yue turned to attack again. Ying tossed her blade to the ground and pulled out her dagger. She got into a defensive pose. Yue jumped up again bringing the sword down for a final attack.

"ENOUGH!!" Kain's voice boomed as Yue's sword made contact with Kain's sword. He was now standing in front of Ying protecting her.

"I can take her!" Ying said to Kain.

"Look at your feet." Kain said calmly as Yue landed on the ground. From where Yue stood was a small cut in the ground that widen out til it hit the barrier. Where Kain and Ying stood the attack seemed to go around them.

"That attack would have been a finishing blow." He said putting his sword away on his back. Yue put her sword away and the bell rang. She told Kain goodbye and left the training room.

Sargent Ying grabbed her weapon and left the training arena. The training arena filled back up as if no damage was done. She wiped the blood off of her face and made sure the cut was nothing life threatening. She then chased after Yue.

"Yue! Wait!" Ying said chasing her down. Yue stopped and turned around to look at her.

"What do you want? To insult me some more? Cause If Kain hadn't stopped me I would have injured you without hesitation." She said looking mad at Ying.

"Look I am sorry for that. I didn't realize you were such a tough opponent. I though you were like every other rich person." Ying said to her.

"Yeah well you were wrong, Sargent Ying. The next time you go picking on someone try to put up a better fight." Yue said turning to walk away.

"Yue wait! Call me Fang. Even if we can't be friends right now. Maybe someday we can be." She said walking over to Yue.

"Maybe but for today stay way from me unless you want me to attack you again." Yue said walking down the empty hallway.

Fang let out a loud sigh. "Way to mess up on the first day." She said to herself.

"Tough break Sargent Ying." A female voice said from behind her.

Fang Turned around to see a woman in a purple dress standing there. The woman gave a friendly smile to her.
"Please don't be alarmed Sargent. I saw your fight with Yue. You need to be molded into a stronger fighter. I can help." The woman said holding out a hand to her.

"Why should I trust you?" Fang asked.

"Sharp girl. You see the academy can only help you so much. I can give you what ever you desire. You just have to pledge to follow me no matter what." The woman said walking around behind Fang. She put a reassuring hand on Fang's shoulder.

"You can give me what ever I want? I don't think you can." Fang said.

"No? You don't desire power? You don't desire to have your loved ones back? You don't desire to become a champion of Northlynn instead of the military failure? I can make all of this come true." The woman said to Fang.

Fang looked at her broken weapon. She had barely even put a scratch in Yue's blade. "You can really give me anything I want?" Fang asked staring at the woman.

"Yes I can." She said making a replica of Fang's weapon out of thin air. "Here just for you. A replacement for that broken one." She said handing over the replica.

Fang grabbed it by the handle. She held it for a second before putting it away. "Very well I will join you." Fang said.

"Glad to hear it Sargent Ying." The woman said.

"My name is Fang." She told the woman. A portal opened up next to the Woman and a robed figure walked out of it. There was a symbol on the robe but Fang didn't much pay attention to it.

"Follow me Fang." The woman said walking through the portal. Fang followed her through the portal. The robed person looked around then went through closing the portal behind him.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 22nd December 2011, 9:49 pm

Chapter Four

"Ma'am we just lost contact with one of our students." A woman said to Emory.

"Which one?" She replied as they walked down the empty hallway.

"I believe it was Sargent Ying." The woman said marking something on a clipboard.

"I see. And do we know what happened to Kyra?" Emory replied.

"No we found no evidence that it was anyone in the school." The person replied.

"I see." Emory replied as they got to a door. She opened it up and walked into her office. Emory then sat behind her desk. She let out a sigh and leaned forward onto the desk.

"Make me a list of people we can trust. I want that list as soon as possible." Emory said.

"Ma'am that could take forever. There are over 500 people in this school alone!" The person replied.

"Do it. Just get me the list." Emory said.

"Yes ma'am." The person said before leaving. As soon as the person with the clipboard left Emory let out another sigh.

Yue walked past Emory's office making her way back to the infirmary. As soon as she got there she bumped into the person with the clipboard.

"Oh sorry I didn't see you." Yue said apologizing.

"No it is quite alright. Tell me do you know Sargent Ying?" The woman asked.

"Yeah I just saw her after my fight with her." Yue said.

"I see thank you. Have a nice day Yue." The person said with a slight bow before leaving.

Yue shrugged not really knowing what to do with the person. She then made her way to the infirmary. She was about to open the door when she heard two voices coming down the hall. As they got closer she recognized them.

"Yeah I know what you mean. Let's go get something to eat." One voice said.

"Sure I just have to... Oh Hello Yue." The other voice said upon seeing Yue.

"Hey Kyrie. Hi Luna." Yue said letting go of the door handle.

"You just get up? Or did you actually go to class today?" Kyrie asked not knowing the answer.

"No I went to class today." Yue said before her stomach growled. "I haven't eaten yet." She added.

"Well come on we were just about to go eat." Luna said with a warm smile to Yue.

"I will be out in a second." Kyrie said going into the infirmary for a little while then came right back out. "Alright lets go!" She added with a smile. They all started walking to the cafeteria. Once they were there they all sat down and chatted like normal people. Yue laughed when Kyrie told them about her summer vacation.

"Hey what are you guys laughing about?" A pair of voices said sitting next to them.

"Oh Hey Mori and Kuni." Yue said with a smile.

"Hey where is Kyra? Asleep?" Kuni asked not knowing that she was in the infirmary.

"She is in the infirmary as of yesterday." Yue told them.

"What?" Mori and Kuni asked in unison. "What happened?" They added now looking concerned.

"We don't know. She has been resting all day. All I know is that she had lost a lot of blood." Kyrie said.

"I just remembered I have some school work to go do." Kuni said standing up. Mori was about to say something, but Kuni had left. Mori went back to his food.

"So I heard you had a fun time on the open sea." Mori said to Yue.

"Oh yeah I went traveling with the boat captain. Though I don't think I will be doing that again." Yue said eating some soup.

"Why not? I thought you two were... well you know..." He said trailing off.

"Yeah well we hardly see each other except during the summer. Besides she didn't really want a relationship." Yue said eating some more soup.

"Oh sorry to hear that." Mori said taking a bite out of his food.

"So what did you and Kuni do for summer?" Luna asked.

"Oh we did the usual stuff. Travel the world. I read books we had plenty of fun that sort of stuff." He said with a smile.

Kyrie got up after finishing her food. "I will see you all later. I have to go back to the Infirmary." She said waving goodbye to them.

"Yeah I have class to get to." Luna said.

"Is that with Emory?" Yue asked.

"Yeah. You in that class?" She asked Yue.

"Yeah give me a sec and we can go." Yue said finishing her food. She waved goodbye to Mori and left for class with Luna.

Kyrie got back into the infirmary and she saw Kuni sitting in the chair next to Kyra. She walked over to him and touched him on the shoulder. Kuni slightly jumped, he hadn't expected it.

"Important school work?" Kyrie said jokingly.

"Yeah well you caught me." Kuni said in a flat tone. "So you gonna go running around saying I have a crush on Kyra?" He asked.

"Why would I do that? I don't care if you like her." Kyrie said pulling up a seat next to Kuni.

"I don't know. Hey Kyrie, I ... uh..." He couldn't really form a complete sentence.

"You want me to pretend you were never here?" Kyrie asked him.

"Well yes and no. I was gonna ask if well maybe when she wakes up... can you come get me so I can talk to her." Kuni said looking depressed.

"Sure, I can do that." She said.

Kuni stood up and started to walk to the door. He then turned and looked at Kyrie and said, "Oh by the way don't tell anyone I was here."

Kyrie rolled her eyes at him as he left. "Really? No wonder they were always at each others throats. They are so similar." She said to herself.

Kyrie straightened up the infirmary. She let out a sigh once she looked around. It was fairly empty, except her and Kyra. She looked at the clock and only an hour had gone by. She was glad that she could work on school work on such slow work shifts.

Kuni made his way down the hallways. He then bumped into Mori. Kuni made an audible gulping sound.

"Went to do school work huh? You left your books in our room." Mori said.

"Yeah well I ... uh...." Kuni was struggling to come up with an excuse.

"We have a party to plan. Come on Kuni." Mori said not venturing more to find out what Kuni had been up to.

"Wait Party? What party?" Kuni asked as he followed Mori.

"The school party we always have. Emory told me to move it forward to Thursday." He said as they walked.

"That is so soon. Why this Thursday? Why not the middle of the year like it always is?" Kuni asked.

"I don't know." Mori said as they walked down the hallways.

A robed figure stepped out of the shadows after Mori and Kuni walked past. The robed figure pulled out a clipboard and wrote something down before stepping through a portal. Once on the other side of the portal, the robed figure walked to a large towering castle. Other robed figures walked around. The person opened two large wooden doors and made their way through the castle.

Further in where all kinds of people chatting. The person made their way to the throne room. There was a long red carpet that led to a the woman in purple sitting on a large throne. There were other robed people that stood like statues. The person knelled in front of the woman on the throne.

"I come bearing news my leader." The person said.

"Rise my messenger." The woman said to the person.

The person stood up, then said, "They are moving their festival to this Thursday."

"You have done well." The woman said getting out of the throne and walking down to the person.

"Is there anything else you need me to do?" The person asked.

"No Fang for now you must train. When Thursday comes I promise you that a victory will come swiftly." The woman said pulling down the persons hood.Fang stood there staring forward. The woman walked around Fang.

"Ma'am how will I become strong enough in just two days?" Fang asked not moving.

"With help from this." She said snapping her fingers. One of the robed people standing still walked over with a box. The woman took it and opened it. She then pulled out a small black bead. She handed it to Fang.

"In your hand is the power of the gods. You now command Diablos." She said.

Fang looked at the bead, "Diablos huh? How do I summon him?"

"Don't worry Fang you will train to summon in over the next two days." She said snapping her fingers and the person who had brought the box walked back to their standing spot.

"Now go train." The woman said snapping her fingers as she walked back up to her throne. Fang turned and walked out of the throne room.

"Soon all will be in place. I will have my revenge." The woman said before laughing. Her laugh echoed through out the castle.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 23rd December 2011, 3:46 am

Chapter Five

Kyra slowly opened her eyes the next morning. She tried to look around to see where she was. Kyra then let out a sigh. Kyrie heard Kyra sigh and walked over.

"Finally awake are you?" Kyrie asked looking Kyra in the eyes.

"Yeah.... Where am I?" She asked turning her head seeing a single flower in a vase next to her.

"You are in the infirmary. Do you remember what happened to you?" Kyrie asked.

"I...uh... No it is a blur. I am sorry Kyrie." Kyra said slowly sitting up. "Ugh my head hurts." She added.

"Yeah well hitting the tile floor will do that to you." Kyrie said jokingly.

"Have I had any visitors?" Kyra asked.

"Yeah. Yue has stopped by. Instructor Emory has come to check on you and that is it." Kyrie said lieing to cover for the only other two visitors. "I am sorry to have to do this Kyra but I have to leave. I have class soon. Just rest up for the day." Kyrie said to Kyra just before leaving.

Kyrie made her way down the crowded halls to her class. She bumped into Kuni on the way to class. "Oh! Kuni I wanted to let you know Kyra woke up." She said to him.

"Thanks Kyrie." He said as they parted ways. He made his way to the infirmary. He walked in and saw Kyra sitting up in her bed.

"Hey how are you feeling?" Kuni asked sitting in a chair next to Kyra.

"Kuni! So glad to see you. I am... I don't know my head is still spinning from whatever happened to me." She said grabbing her forehead.

"Well not to worry. You are in no condition to go to class today." He said resting a hand on hers.

"Don't you have class to go to?" Kyra asked him.

"Nah Mori and I got out of classes to get ready for a school party." He said moving his hand off of hers.

"You mean the one that is normally during winter holidays?" She asked him.

"Yeah, Emory wanted it sooner so she moved it to Thursday." He said.

"Oh... I hope I will be fit enough to get to go to it." She said.

"If not I will come hang out with you here. No need for you to be all alone in here." Kuni said flirting with Kyra.

"What? Nonsense you have a party to host. No need for you to hang out here." She said to him.

"Kyra I uh..." He struggled to form the words he wanted to say.

"Kuni! I have been looking all over for you!" Mori's voice said as the door opened. Mori walked in to the infirmary and grabbed Kuni. "Oh. Hi Kyra. I am glad you are feeling better." Mori said realizing that Kyra was awake.

"Thanks Mori. Go ahead and take your brother. You seemed to really need his help at the moment." Kyra said in a sweet tone.

"Thanks Kyra." Mori said dragging Kuni out of the infirmary.

"ALRIGHT LISTEN UP CLASS!!!" Kain's voice sounded like an earthquake going off in the training grounds. "Today we will be learning how to combine powers for stronger attacks." He said as Yue stepped into the training ring.

"Alone she can do some pretty strong attacks, but water does have limitations." Kain said stepping into the ring. He stood across from Yue. Yue threw a pretty strong water ball at him. Kain made an earth wall that absorbed the attack.

"Now then can anyone tell me what would make for a stronger attack?" Kain asked the class. They all stood there with confused looks on their faces.

"Come on kids this isn't exactly science you know." Kain said to the class.

"Actually..." Yue started. Kain glared at her and she stopped speaking.

"What about lighting?" One student suggested.

"Ha! Very good point could you please step into the ring?" Kain said as the student stepped into the ring.

The student stood next to Yue. She then made a water ball and tossed it at Kain. The other student hit it with a lighting bolt and it shattered the earth barrier. The bell soon rang and all the students left.

"So they are a bit slow at times, you shouldn't be so mean about it." Yue said to Kain.

"What? Not be mean to them? Come on that is like seeing Iridian with a smile." Kain replied to her.

"He smiles!" She said defending him. Kain let out a booming laugh.

"I haven't seen it lately." Kain said to Yue.

Mori and Kuni walked into the training arena. They said hello to Yue and Kain before moving on to decorations. Yue and Kain decided to help out seeing as how they didn't have another class to teach for a while.

"Oh Yue... I almost forgot Kyra is awake." Mori said to her.

"I will have to go see her once I am done here." She said handing a decoration to Kuni.

Kyrie had gotten out of class and went back to check on Kyra. She walked in and Kyra was reading a book.

"Hey Kyra." She said sitting down in the chair.

Kyra looked up to see Kyrie, "Do you live in the infirmary?" She asked lowering her book.

"It is a nice quite place to work on school work. I have so many classes I am going to that this is really the only free time I have." She said opening a school book.

Kyra started reading her book again. Kyrie looked over at Kyra.

"Where did you get that book?" Kyrie asked her.

"Oh I had one of the nurses get it for me. You told me to rest so I am." She said lowering her book to look at Kyrie.

"So Kuni came and saw me." Kyra said making idol chit chat.

"Oh? What did he want?" She asked knowing full well what Kuni wanted to talk about.

"I am not quite sure Mori dragged him out of here to go get a party set up for Thursday." She said.

"Oh I see." Kyrie replied. Kyra went back to reading her book. Kyrie worked on school work. After several hours went by Kyra had yawned and fallen asleep. Kyrie looked at the clock. She sighed seeing that it was one in the morning. She wasn't gonna have to get up early for class. She rested her head on her books and fell asleep.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 23rd December 2011, 2:23 pm

Chapter Six

Kyra woke up in the infirmary again the following day. She noticed Kyrie had left for classes. Kyra tried to get out of bed only to fall right back into it. She let out a sigh and her stomach growled at her. She hadn't eaten in two days.

"Excuse me nurse." Kyra said trying to get one of the nurses attention.

"Yes?" One of them asked walking over to her.

"I am kind of hungry. Would you mind going to get me something to eat." She asked the nurse.

"Do I look like your personal maid service?" The nurse retorted.

"Well if I had the energy I would go get something myself but I was a little busy almost dieing." Kyra fired back at the nurse.

"Kyra!" Yue's voice said walking into the Infirmary. "Be nice to the nurses." She added walking over with some food.

"Oh Yue... I uh... She started it!" Kyra said pointing at the nurse who rolled her eyes.

"Please forgive Kyra she is a little hot headed sometimes." Yue said to the nurse.

"You brought me food?" Kyra asked Yue.

"Yes sis I brought you food. Instru.... I mean Kain gave me the day off from classes." Yue said to Kyra.

"Wait Kain is an instructor here?" She asked before starting to eat.

"Yeah, we are his student assistants." Yue said eating. "Oh I almost forgot I brought you something." She added pulling out a book.

"Awe you didn't have to bring it here. In fact I am feeling better." Kyra said trying to get up almost falling.

"Better? I think you are getting worse." Yue said to Kyra.

"No yesterday I could barely move my legs. Today I am just hungry." Kyra said taking another bite of her food.

Kuni started to walk into the infirmary. He saw Yue sitting with Kyra laughing. Kuni sighed and walked back out of the room. He got into the hallway and sighed.

"What is wrong?" Kyrie said as she walked over to him. Kuni practically jumped out of his skin.

"I...uh... Don't sneak up on me." He said to her. Kyrie rolled her eyes at him.

"So have you told her yet?" Kyrie asked him.

"No... I was gonna but there are to many people in there." He said.

"My I didn't realize Kyra was so popular." Emory said in a kind voice to Kuni and Kyrie. They both turned and looked at her.

"Good day Instructor Admen." They said in unison.

"Where is Mori? Does he not wish to visit Kyra?" She asked Kuni.

"No he is working on decorations. Which is where I should be. Have a nice time in there." Kuni said walking away from Kyrie and Emory.

"How is she?" Emory asked Kyrie.

"She was complaining about her head hurting yesterday but she seemed better in the day. If anything I think she should be up and about by tomorrow." Kyrie said. Emory stayed silent for a bit.

"Um... Instructor. What is going on? Kyra was attacked just three days ago and now you have moved up the party from the middle of the year to tomorrow." Kyrie said.

"And I am pretty sure that..." She was cut off by Emory holding up a hand.

"Look Kyrie you are a sharp girl. For now just enjoy the party tomorrow." Emory said before turning and walking away. She stopped after just a few feet and turned back to Kyrie.

"And another thing Kyrie. About what you saw, it was just a figment of your imagination. He is gone and that is that." She finished then walked away.

"Yeah but..." Kyrie tried to stop her but she had left.

Kyrie let out a sigh. She knew that it wasn't her imagination. The door to the infirmary opened. Kyrie turned and saw Kyra standing there. She let out a gasp of surprise.

"What are you doing up and about? Get back in that bed!" Kyrie told her pointing back to the bed.

"I wanna sleep in my own bed besides I walked here. I think I can make it to my room." Kyra said. Yue was further in the infirmary. Yue shrugged at Kyrie, who let out a sigh.

"Fine you can go back to your bed, but you are to take it easy for the day." Kyrie told her.

"I will. It's not like I will be walking on my own." Kyra said as Yue walked closer.

Kyra started to walk back to her room. Yue wasn't that far behind her. As they walked past a hallway Fang stepped out in front of them. She was in her regular military uniform.

"Oh hey there Fang." Yue said slightly surprised to run into her.

"Hey Yue. Is this your sister?" Fang asked.

"Yeah this is Kyra. Kyra this is Fang one of our class mates." Yue said to her sister.

"Well I have got to go to class. I am sure Kain is very cross that I missed two days of class." Fang said getting ready to leave.

"No we cancelled class for today. So enjoy the day off." Yue said as they walked past Fang. They continued down the hall to their room.

"Cancelled class? Good. That gives me time to scout the place out." Fang said to herself. She turned and walked in the opposite direction that Kyra and Yue went. As she walked her tassel on her weapon swung back and forth the black bead was attached to it.

Fang ran into Emory. "Oh Sorry Instructor Admen." She said acting as if it was a normal day. Emory turned and looked at Fang.

"Hello Sargent Ying. What a surprise. I have to ask where have you been the past two days." Emory said very calmly.

"Oh yeah about that sorry to have just walked out of here. I had to go do something for the military. I had to teach some rookies basic training." Fang lied to Emory.

"I see well as long as you are alright then there is no harm in it." Emory said. "Have a nice day." Emory said walking into her office.

That was close at least they are all idiots here at this school. Fang thought to herself as she walked away from Emory's office door.

Emory walked over to her desk and sat down. She sighed knowing that something was wrong. There came a knock on her door. "Come in." Emory said.

Emory's office door opened and Kain walked in. Iridian followed after him. Iridian closed the door behind them. Emory stood up from her chair. They all stood there silent for a moment.

"I don't mean to be rude but what is this about Emory?" Kain asked breaking the silence.

"I am curious what this is about as well." Iridian added.

"We have a problem." Emory said.

"Yeah that is clear. I mean Kyra was nearly killed on day one of the new year. Now you got the party moved forward. What is this about Emory?" Kain asked.

"No need to be rude Kain. I am sure she will tell us." Iridian said calmly.

"Yes well as you both know about what happened five years ago. I don't think I need to tell you who my source is." Emory said.

"What does he have to say?" Kain asked knowing who she was talking about.

"I went and visited him just last night. He says that there is great trouble brewing. So we must make sure that everything is ready in case of an attack." Emory said.

"Is that why you moved the party up sooner? You are testing to see if the threat is real." Iridian said knowing that she didn't give them much time to plan.

"No. That was his idea. I told him we needed more time. He insisted that we move it forward." Emory said.

"Since when do we take orders from an ex-stu..." Kain started but Emory cut him off.

"So what is our plan?" Iridian asked.

"Be on high alert tomorrow." Emory said.

"That is the plan? That is the worst plan ever. We could get killed if we don't tell the students." Kain said crossing his arms.

"I don't fully trust all the students. If we told them to be on high alert then they would know our plan. We still have a secret weapon for tomorrow so don't worry Kain." Emory said trying to make him feel better.

"Yeah right. If our lives depend on him. then we are screwed." Kain said turning to leave.

"Well maybe if you two didn't hate each other then maybe things would be smoother." Iridian said.

Kain was about to yell back at Iridian. Emory slammed her fist on her desk. "Gentlemen please. We need to be working together not fighting. Tonight we make sure there are exits that students can get to in case the worst were to happen. It is not like most these students can't defend themselves." Emory said.

"Yeah well you clearly haven't been in my class. No one seems to want to talk up. Let alone know how to use their powers." Kain said turning and looking at Emory.

There was a knock at Emory's office door. She nodded to Kain who opened it. Three people in purple Dragoon Armor walked in.

"Were you followed?" Emory asked them.

"No. We made sure of it." One of them said.

"Ok what is with these people," Kain said closing the door.

"We are here to help secure exits in case of an attack." The one in the middle said.

Emory looked at the five people looking back at her. She then sat back down in her chair.

"Ma'am forgive me for being rude but time is a factor here. It is already getting late." The middle Dragoon said.

"Emory? What will you have us do?" Iridian asked.

"Escort one of the dragoon members. I am sure they will be of use." Emory said. "The silent Dragoon will stay here for now. The rest are dismissed." She added waving the others out. Kain opened the door and led the way. The two dragoon's followed him and Iridian closed the door leaving Emory with a Dragoon.

"Clever disguise. Though maybe next time wear some thing different from what you normally wear." She said to the last Dragoon. He stayed silent for a little while. She leaned forward on her desk to look at the Dragoon. He let out a sigh and took off his helmet. His black spiky hair looked just as it always had.

"You got me Emory." He said with a friendly smile.

"Tell me Zack. How do you know this plan will work?" Emory said staring at Zack.

"If we are lucky. Nothing happens and everyone has a great time. Though I just want to make sure." He said walking over putting his helmet down on Emory's desk.

"I am sorry about what I did five years ago. I asked to much of you." Emory said resting a hand on his.

"Don't worry about it. I just hope one day I can come back to this school and not be hiding from people I care about." Zack said putting back on his helmet.

"Shall we go make sure everything is ready?" He asked her.

"Sure." She said getting up and walking to the door. Zack opened it and followed her closing the door behind them.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 24th December 2011, 3:38 am

Chapter Seven

Krya walked to the party she was all dressed up in a fancy red dress. Her pink hair was done up special. She walked in looking nervous.

"Kyra are you alright?" Yue asked looking just as stunning in a blue dress.

"Yeah I just. You know..." She trailed off her sentence.

"Come on you will have fun trust me." Yue said making sure that Kyra didn't feel rushed.

Once they got further into the crowd they bumped into Kyrie. Kyrie smiled at them. She put a hand on Kyra's shoulder.

"How are you feeling?" Kyrie asked her.

"A little weak still. I will survive." Kyra replied.

"Just don't over do it." Kyrie said looking worried.

Kyrie saw Kuni walking over to them. She grabbed Yue by the arm and dragged her away from Kyra. Kyra looked confused at Kyrie's action.

"You could have just asked me to dance with you. No need to be forceful." Yue said as they stopped.

"Sorry I am just trying to give someone some privacy." Kyrie said to Yue practically spying on Kuni and Kyra.

"If you are giving them privacy then why are you spying on them?" Yue asked Kyrie.

Yue gave Kyrie a stern look. Kyrie let out a sigh and turned her back to Kyra and Kuni. "There you feel better?" She asked.

"Much better." Yue said.

Kuni took in a deep breath. He walked over and touched her on the shoulder. Kyra froze in place for a few seconds. She then relaxed a bit.

"Sorry. I bet you are still a little nervous." Kuni said walking around to stand in front of her.

"Oh Kuni. Sorry I thought... Well it doesn't matter. Who are you here with?" She asked him.

"Well No one. I thought that maybe..." He was cut off by Kyra.

"Awe... You poor thing. I though you would have 4 women to dance with for the night." Kyra said.

"I.. well the thing is.... wait You expected me to have four women for the night?" He asked being caught off guard.

"Well yeah you are popular." She said to him.

He let out a sigh and shook his head at her. He then took her right hand in his hand.

"Kyra, I wanna be at this dance with you. Not four women. Not even one hundred women. Just you. Kyra... this is not something that is easy for me to say but.." Kuni struggled to say what he wanted.

"Well Kyra! How are you?" Kain's voice said as he walked over to them. Kuni looked a little aggravated that he couldn't get the words out of his mouth without some interruption.

"Quite some party you threw Kuni!" Kain said with a firm pat to his back which almost threw him to the ground.

"Oh hey there Kain. I am doing slightly better." Kyra said with a warm but weak smile.

"Only slightly better? Well that is great to hear." He said with a warm smile. "Enjoy the party!" Kain added before walking away.

"So um... Like I was saying... Kyra I..." Kuni was about to say what he wanted when a large explosion happened. Several portals started to open. As they did People in robes started to step out. They started to attack the students.

"What the? What is going on?" Kyrie asked as another explosion went off. Yue grabbed Kyrie and pulled her out of the way of flying debris.

Fang walked in to the party area followed by more robed people. "Kill them all." She gave orders to the robed people. Five of them surrounded Kain who cracked a smile.

"Idiots. Only five? Please this is to easy." He said before slamming his foot to the ground. Earth spikes shot out smacking the people to the ground.

"Damn where is he? He better not be late!" Kain shouted as one person rushed up behind him. Kain turned around a smacked him down without any effort.

"Yes slay them all!" Fang shouted orders. She slowly walked in further slaying any who attacked her. Yue tried to stand up after having pulled Kyrie out of the way.

"Ouch.." She said falling back to the ground.

"Are you ok?" Kyrie asked her.

"No I think I injured my ankle." Yue replied. Kyrie started to heal Yue's ankle. A robed man stood over them and was about to attack when his blade was blocked by a spear.

"What? Grr. Take out these intruders!" Fang shouted as Several dragoon warriors showed up to protect the injured. Others helped guide people to safety.

Kyrie healed Yue as best as she could. Yue needed help to stand. She leaned on Kyrie as a Dragoon helped them out of the training arena.

Kuni protected Kyra. He helped her up and tried to lead her to safety. They kept getting attacked by robed people. A large earth wall smacked the people out of the way. Kuni looked over expecting Kain to be offering them a safe passage. To his surprise it was Shin'sai. She waved her hand offering to show them a way out of the area.

Mori ran around helping those he could. He soon ran into Luna and Kitaka. He was glad he could find familiar faces.

"Have you guys seen Kuni? I seemed to have lost him." Mori asked them fighting off some attackers.

"Sorry haven't seen him in a while." Kitaka replied dodging an attack. She beat up the person real quick before looking at the others.

"Come this way!" Iridian called out to Mori and the others. Mori looked over at how much ground they had to cover.

"Alright lets get going." He said as they rushed towards Iridian another explosion went off. The roof collapsed right in front of them. They were trapped between enemies and ruble.

They turned to face their enemy head on who had all been taken out. Kain stood there with a grin on his face. "Come on this way!" He led them out to safety.

"Grr... You are letting them get away!" Fang shouted out across the field.

"I knew I was right for not trusting you." Emory said standing with her scythe at the ready.

"Heh an old hag like you is to defeat me?" Fang said with a smirk. "Then let me show you my power!" She said drawing her weapon. The bead started to glow.

"From death and despair. Bring forth the lord of the underworld. Diablos!" She said. The earth started to shatter apart as a fire ball rose up out of the ground. It broke open with a swift move and floating just barely off the ground was Diablos.

"Where did you get that?" Emory asked with anger in her voice. Emory got ready to summon her own power. Zack jumped in the way now wearing his normal blue Dragoon armor.

"Mind if I cut in?" Zack said holding his own dragoon spear.

"I do mind." Emory said getting ready to push past Zack.

"Sorry but we have a plan to stick to." Zack said as two more dragoons showed up. They grabbed Emory and started to rush her out of the building.

"You plan on fighting me? Don't make me laugh!" Fang said getting ready to attack.

"Sorry no I won't be attacking you today." He said putting away his weapon. "Merely inconveniencing you." He added making what looked like a regular fire ball. He threw it up past Fang.

"You missed!" She laughed.

"Smell you later!" Zack said jumping back into the hallway. An explosion went off caving in the roof. The roof debris closed off the entrance to the hallway. Fang sent Diablos back to where he came from. She then jumped through a portal as more of the roof landed where she was standing.

Zack ran down the hallways dodging his attackers. Once he was outside he could see that it had gotten much worse. Half the town was on fire, he let out a sigh. He ran away from the school that was still being attacked.

More dragoons were fighting the robed people. There were deaths on both sides. He rushed past a group of robed figures.

"Damn it. Where is it!" He cursed to himself. He soon heard the roaring engines of motorcycles coming his way. He stopped running as they were coming right for him.

As they got closer, Zack jumped one kicking its rider off the bike. He soon turned it around driving through the burning city. He was being chased by even more bikes.

Zack was leading them right where he wanted them. He made sure not to get hit when they attacked him. He started speeding right towards the edge of a dock. There was a makeshift ramp that pointed out towards the water.

He sped faster making sure there was no way they wouldn't follow him. His motorcycle hit the ramp at top speed. It launched him in the air just like he thought it would. He jumped onto the seat before jumping off the bike. He turned around so he was looking at the other bikers behind him. They were all in the air as well.

Zack fired an explosive fire ball at them before grabbing a wooden escape ladder that had been thrown down to him. He looked up at the air ship that was flying above him. He soon climbed up to the deck and looked at everyone standing there.

"And that is how it is done people. Any questions?" He asked the confused looks of his former classmates. "What? Have I got something in my teeth?" He asked.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 26th December 2011, 12:38 pm

Chapter Eight

Zack took off his helmet the wind blew through his hair. Kyra punched him in the face making his helmet fall off the ship and into the water below. A good bit of the dragoons got ready to attack. Zack held up a hand stopping them.

"YOU ASS!!! You are alive!?!? Why didn't you say anything?" Kyra yelled getting ready to kick him while he was down.

"Kyra!" Yue tried to stop her sister but Kyra got a kick in anyway.

Zack started to stand back up. Kyra kicked him again dropping him to one knee. He let out a sigh he was just glad she wasn't armed with her weapon yet.

"Traitor! You deserve to die alone." Kuni said coldly before walking away.

"Enough!" Emory's voice said in a rather calming authority kind of way. "He just saved us so you show him some respect or I am sure he will be glad to toss you over board himself." She added rather harshly to everyone that had an angered look on their face.

Kyrie helped Zack to his feet. He looked at Kyrie for a second with kind eyes before walking past her. "Land the ship in the water for the night!" Zack commanded to the dragoons.

The airship started to descend down to the water. Once it got to the water it slowed down to a stop. Zack turned back to the new people on his ship.

"Alright everyone better rest up. In your rooms you will find a change of clothes and your weapons." He said to them.

Kyra and Kuni stormed off to their rooms. Yue let out a sigh and touched Zack on the shoulder.

"Sorry about Kyra. She was out of line." Yue said.

"No, she had every right to do that." Zack replied his left cheek started to bruise.

One female Dragoon walked over to Zack carrying ice in a back. She tried to put it on his face and he pushed it away. Yue walked off to her shared room with Kyra. Kyrie walked over to Zack who turned his back to her.

"You had better rest up, Kyrie." He said before walking over to check on something. She was dragged off by Luna.

Zack leaned on the railing of the boat watching the sun set. Everyone had made their way to their rooms. He was left with a small group of Dragoons that where patroling around the boat. He let out a sigh as the night grew darker. In the distance he could still see the burning city of Northlynn. He looked up at the starry night sky.

"Looking for a shooting star to fix the past Zack?" Kyrie asked walking up next to him.

Zack looked over at her then looked back out over the water. The night sea breeze blew lightly across the deck of the ship. Kyrie raised up a hand to Zack's bruise.

"Don't I actually think it is kind of nice at the moment." He said lightly pushing her hand away from his face.

"Zack... I am..." She was about to say she felt sorry for him.

"Don't Kyrie... I don't deserve it." He said.

She let out a sigh. Zack looked down at the water. His image reflected back at him. Kyrie touched him on the shoulder.

"So how is Luna?" Zack asked breaking the silence that had fallen over them.

"Well She is ok. She had a lot of choice words about you that I don't care to repeat." Kyrie said to him.

"Do you think Kyra is ok? I hope that seeing me put her mind to ease." He said in a slightly depressed tone.

"Who knows. Then again Kuni..." She started to say something then stopped. "I have said to much." She added.

Zack looked over at her. Kyrie was looking away from Zack. He then looked back at the water.

"Kyrie you don't have anyone you talk to about your problems do you?" He asked her.

"What? No I talk to Luna all the time!" Kyrie said in a defensive voice.

"Talking about your feelings about someone to someone and talking to someone are two different things Kyrie. When is the last time you actually talked about how you felt about someone?" He asked her.

"Well... I... I guess never." She said leaning on the railing.

"So? It's not like most people would talk to me anyway." He said to her.

"Like I would tell you about who I like! You must be crazy!" She said being defensive.

"Either tell me or I start guessing names til I get a reaction." He said to her.

"You wouldn't dare." She said narrowing her eyes at him.

"Hmmmm.... Mori?" He asked her.

"Fine I will tell you!" She said. "But you owe me for telling you this!" She added.

"Wow only one name and I got you to tell me." he said jokingly.

She glared at him. "I like Kuni.... but he will never know. He is in love with Kyra." She said in a slightly depressed tone.

"You should stop waiting and tell him. That is if he hasn't told Kyra yet." Zack said staring out over the water. Zack stayed silent Kyrie was about to say something but Zack stopped her.

"Go get some rest. Today has been a very long day for you I am sure." He said still looking out over the water.

"Goodnight Zack." Kyrie said looking up seeing a shooting star. She walked back down to her room.

Zack let out a sigh as a female dragoon walked over to him. Zack looked over at the person than back to the water.

"Zaaaaack! This suit is hurting can I take it off?" The person complained to him.

"What? What is wrong with the Dragoon Suit?" Zack asked.

"Well for one I can't walk right without my tail getting pinched and two this helmet messes up my ears." She replied.

Zack let out a sigh. "Fine... If it will make you feel better." He said to her.

"YAY! You are the best Zack!" She said hugging him.

"Will you get off of me?" Zack said trying to push the woman away from him.

"Fine." She said turning her back to him and crossing her arms.

"I thought you wanted to take that armor off." Zack said to her.

"Yeah well not while you are watching! You pervert!" She said smacking him into the water.

Zack floated next to the boat waiting for a rope to drop down. The woman changed out of her dragoon armor and tossed a rope down to Zack. He climbed back up to the deck.

"So what do you think?" She said spinning around.

Zack looked at the strange cat person. He had trouble making out the color of her long hair. Zack could only make out that she wore pants that went to her knees. Her shirt tucked into her pants. He could see that she wasn't wearing any shoes.

She tilted her head to one side. The woman's tail moved back and forth acting on it's own. She reached out and touched Zack's face with her claw like nails.

"I... Uh... " Zack stumbled on his words trying to form a sentence.

"Oh for the love of Althena say something!" The woman said.

"Tabby, I just never realized what you really looked like." Zack said.

"Wait! I complained about my tail and my ears hurting all the time. You never guessed that I was a Ka'jher?" Tabby asked him.

"Well no. I just..." He was cut off by Tabby turning her back to him. Her tail smacked him on his bruise.

"Ow! What was that for?" He asked her.

"For being rude!" She said crossing her arms.

"Sorry. I didn't know that I would up set you so much by being surprised by your look. It's not like I had really seen a Ka'jher up close before now. Or even in person." He said rubbing his cheek. He was kind of regretting not taking Kyrie's offer to heal it.

Zack looked away for a second then looked back to where Tabby had been standing. He looked around before spotting her chasing a lightning bug. She chased after it like a cat.

Zack let out a sigh then sat with his back to the railing. He got as comfortable as he could. He closed his eyes and fell asleep. Tabby crept over to him and stared at his face for a second. She then ran off climbing up to the crows nest.

She looked out at the empty waters. She let out a sigh before looking back down to where Zack was sleeping. Tabby started to sing to herself, "Wishing on a dream that seems far off. Hoping it will come to day!"

As she sang she moved around the ship on the different ropes and rigging. At one point she reached down into the water and tapped her reflection. She then moved back past the other Dragoons. She started to climbing up to the crow's nest again.

Once she was up there she sang the last line. A shooting star went flying across the night sky. She let out a sigh and curled up in the crows nest to sleep. Her tail curled around her and onto her body.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 26th December 2011, 6:59 pm

Chapter Nine

Tabby awoke the next day to Zack shouting orders. He paced up and down the ship. There were dragoons running all over the place checking stuff.

"Come on! I want us air born in five minutes!" He shouted.

"Aye Sir!" Three dragoons said in unison getting ready to take off.

Kyrie was the first to get to the deck. She saw Zack had an Ice pack on his face. She walked over and moved it healing up his bruise. He looked over at her and thanked her before walking away.

"Are you trying to get us killed?" Zack yelled at one person when a rope broke. "Don't do it again!" He yelled.

The ship lifted out of the water. Kyrie was joined by the rest of her classmates who had all changed and held their weapons. The Airship leveled out and stayed on a pretty good course north. Tabby made her way down to the deck. She was glad to be away from the water. She snuck over to the group and stood with them as they all watched Zack running around giving orders.

Kyrie hadn't noticed Tabby standing next to her. Zack stopped shouting orders for a moment and looked at all the people staring at him.

"What?" He asked them.

"You owe us an explanation." Kyra said coldly.

"Fine then just ask Emory about it. I am trying to make

sure we don't crash. If you hadn't notice this is only

the second flight of this thing." Zack said before walking off.

"What is he talking about?" Yue asked Emory.

She stared at them before letting out a sigh. "Well I must admit, that he is right. I do know the truth and so does Kain and Iridian." She said.

"Whoa don't put this on me! I didn't find out til I started the school year." Kain said to Emory.

"Just get on with it!" Kyra said.

"That day Zack betrayed us.... I ordered him to do it." Emory said calmly.

Everyone but Tabby gasped. "Why would you have him do that Instructor Admen?" Kyrie asked.

"We needed someone to get close to Merrik. So Iridian and I planed to have Zack be the one to do it. Looking back on it now. It was the worst plan ever." Emory said.

"We asked him to help you all become stronger. Most of you did. Others didn't want to fight him. In the end our goal of beating Merrik worked." Iridian said.

"Only at a price far to large. We had asked him to give up his life, his friends, his family.... Only to have him live in exile." Emory said looking down at the ground.

Zack had walked over near them checking on something with a dragoon. Kyra let out a depressed sigh. Kuni scratched the back of his head. They all walked to different parts of the deck after Emory had finished talking. Zack walked past Kyra who hugged him.

"I am so sorry for punching you." She said.

"Get off of me." He said coldly.

Kyra let go of him and looked slighly hurt. "Zack why are you so mean?" She asked him.

Zack stayed silent. "You think I would be nice after what happened yesterday? You though that I ignored you for five years and you blamed me for something I had no choice in. It is gonna take some time before I forgive you Kyra." Zack said getting ready to walk away.

Just as he stepped away an explosion went off shaking the whole ship. Zack fell face first onto the deck of the ship. Yue fell off the boat and down towards the water.

"YUE!!!!" Mori yelled before jumping off after her.

Zack stood to his feet looking around at everyone running around. He noticed Yue and Mori where gone.

"Damn it! Does anyone have eyes on what hit us!" He yelled.

"Sir we are going down!" One dragoon said just before another explosion went off.

"Tabby! You are now my second in command! Make sure this

ship lands as safely as it can!" He yelled over to her.

"Wait! Why me? WHERE ARE YOU GOING!!!" She yelled as Zack ran and jumped off the ship.

Zack grabbed his dragoon lance and spun it in his hand. "Grant me your power of fire and flight. I summon you Bahamut!" Zack said as a large Dragon formed under him catching him.

They flew off after the ship trying to figure out what had hit them. Another dragon flew past them. It was red and black. Fang stood on its back as it flew near Zack.

"Damn it!" He cursed and flew after Fang.

"You will never win!" Fang shouted over to Zack.

"Where did you get Neo Bahamut!" Zack asked.

"The same place I got Diablos! To bad you will fail still you Traitor!" She said as Neo Bahamut attacked Zack and his Bahamut.

The blast was to strong for his summon. Zack was thrown away from his lance that had his bead on it. Zack could only watch as he fell to the water. He hit the water knocking the wind out of him.

His lance hit the water than sank like a stone to the bottom of the sea. Zack could only watch as Fang chased after the Airship. He soon started to black out and sink to the bottom of the sea.

The ship was crashing at a high rate of speed. The Airship had made it over land. There was another blast that hit the ship sending Kain off the side of the boat.

"I hate ships!!!" He yelled as he fell.

Kitaka flew off after him trying to save him. She grabbed his hand but he was to heavy for her. Kain hit the ground with a loud thud. It was one of the many times he was glad he could manipulate the earth.

The airship hit a mountain ripping away a large chunk of the ship. It then crashed into the ground sliding for a long while before coming to rest at the edge of a forest.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 27th December 2011, 1:15 am

Chapter Ten

Zack slowly opened his eyes. He found himself on a beach. The waves rolled in splashing him in the face. He slowly rose to his feet. He was breathing heavily as if he had just been fighting for days. Off in the distance he could see a tower of smoke. He doubled over getting ready to puke. I failed them. I only got them killed. I am no hero... he thought to himself.

"Hey! Mori over here!" Yue's voice called out.

She came running over to him. Yue touched him on the back. He didn't look up at her. Mori made his way over to them.

"You ok? Please don't tell me your gonna puke." Mori asked staying away from Zack. Zack coughed for a minute before puking out only water.

"Ugh... sea water.. so nasty!" He said wiping his mouth clean.

"Well at least you are alright." Mori said walking over.

Zack stood up and looked at both of them. Yue grabbed her hair and rang it dry. Mori stood there being silent. Zack went to grab his daggers. He noticed they were missing.

"No! Where are they!" he exclaimed.

"You mean these?" Mori asked holding up Zack's daggers.

"We found them before we found you. We had decided that we should bring them with us just in case." He added handing them to Zack.

"Thanks." Zack said putting his weapons away.

"So what is our next move?" Yue asked them.

"I say we go to the wreckage to see if anyone is still alive." Mori said.

"I...." Zack was about to object but he thought better.

"Your right we should go check to see if anyone is alive still." He added.

"So you think you can give us a ride on Bahamut?" Mori asked Zack.

"Sorry Mori. We are walking there. I lost my spear to the ocean." Zack replied.

"Well I hate to say this guys but it is getting rather dark. We are all pretty tired from the attack. The others can take care of themselves for one night." Yue said pointing out that it was getting dark.

Mori and Zack looked down at their feet then back at Yue. She looked exhausted from the days event. She walked a bit away from the water and sat down on the ground. Yue pulled off her combat boots to rub her feet and dump out the extra water that had gotten into them. Zack and Mori walked over. They both sat down next to her.

"So how did you two get to land? You had fallen pretty far out at sea." Zack asked putting drift wood together to build a fire.

"I summoned Leviathan to make a tidal wave to get us here. I am sure that you got caught in it as well." Yue said huddling next to the newly made fire.

Zack took off his chest plate and set it on the ground next to him. He was shirtless under his armor. Zack's dragon wing tattoo was easy to see in the setting sun's light. There were scars that covered his body.

"Please don't say you are commando under that armor." Mori said moving away from Zack.

"No I have pants on. I just needed the chest plate off. I have to be able to breath. Unlike you I didn't get to dive in. I had slammed into the water." He said to Mori.

"I hope the others are safe. Should we split the watch for tonight?" Yue asked them.

"I will take First Shift." Zack said.

"Are you sure? I mean you should probably rest." Yue said.

"No I have got it." Zack said. Yue looked worried that Zack was willing to stay up.

"Then wake me for second shift and Mori can have the third shift." Yue said getting ready to sleep.

Mori made sure he had a good spot to sleep as well. Zack watched as they both fell asleep. He let out a sigh hoping nothing would go wrong for the night.

Kain sat up from the new formed crater in the ground from where he hit. He popped the joints in his neck and spine and stood up.

"I am getting to old for this shit." He said.

Kitaka sat waiting for him. He climbed out of the crater and sat next to her. He looked at the sky as it started to turn colors.

"Well Almost sun down. We had better make camp." Kain said making a pretty nice earth hut. "I call first half of sleep." He added getting ready to sleep.

Kitaka sighed, she didn't want to be up by herself at night. Though she didn't really have a choice. She gathered supplies to make a fire.

Tabby slowly opened her eyes after the crash. She saw that Dragoons had already helped most of the people out

of the wreckage. Tabby made her way to the other people.

"Ma'am what should we do?" One of the dragoons asked Tabby.

"Well Is everyone alright?" She asked.

"We have had heavy loss of people. In fact we have got a team moving the dead bodies." He replied.

"We don't have enough time to bury them." She said looking at the setting sun. "For now we should retreat into the forest just in case our attack comes looking for living people." She said looking worried.

"Ma'am... The guests are all waiting over there." The dragoon said pointing over to where everyone was standing. Tabby scratched behind her cat ear.

Tabby made her way over to the group. "Ok so here is the plan. We are retreating into the forest for the night. Tomorrow we will find out..." She said. Tabby wasn't used to having to give orders.

Her tail flicked back and forth. Kyra looked around for Yue. Emory looked around then stepped closer to Tabby putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Sounds like a good plan." Emory said to her. Tabby still looked worried.

"Where is Yue and Mori?" Kyra asked.

"They can fend for themselves Kyra. Don't worry about it." Kuni said putting a reassuring hand on Kyra's shoulder.

Emory led the way into the forest. Everyone followed her including a small group of Dragoons that had survived the crash. Once they had found a good camping site everyone was deciding who would get the watch shifts.

Tabby sat out of the way, she didn't know much about these people she was with but none of them seemed to mind her. She sat and watched the people argue. Kyrie walked over and sat next to her. Kyrie watched everyone as well.

"Why are you all by yourself over here?" Kyrie asked.

"I... well... not many people like the Ka'jher. Though none of you have really noticed me til now." Tabby said resting her head on her knees.

"I am Kyrie. You are?" Kyrie asked holding out her hand to Tabby.

"Oh... I am Tabby." She said grabbing Kyrie's hand. "I saw you talking to Zack last night. You two must be close." Tabby said making small talk.

"What? No we are just friends. Zack is a really nice person. I just hate how he is to prideful sometimes. Like he wants to be beaten up. He wants to be the hero." Kyrie said as the arguing stopped.

"I think he wants to protect people." Tabby said looking up at the night sky through the trees.

"Why do you say that?" Kyrie asked.

"Well that story that tall boobie lady was telling. Well it seemed like he chose what he thought was best." Tabby said.

"Tall Boobie lady?" Kyrie asked Tabby.

"yeah the one giving commands over there." Tabby said pointing out Emory.

"Oh! You mean Instructor Admen." Kyrie said finally understanding who Tabby was talking about.

"Oh what I should call you." Tabby said getting all excited and getting in front of Kyrie. Her tail flicked back and forth.

"I am afraid to ask." She said slightly worried that Tabby would come up with something insane.

"I will call you Kyky!" Tabby said with a smile.

"Kiki? Why that?" Kyrie asked.

"Well I could just call you nice lady!" Tabby said.

"Why not just call me Kyrie?" She asked Tabby.

"Cause that is so boring and hard to remember." Tabby said.

"But you call Zack by his name. Why not shorten his name?" Kyrie asked.

"Cause he gets all mad at nicknames." Tabby said.

"Did someone say Zack? I haven't seen him in ages! Where is he? I wanna duel him! Come on I know he is hiding around here some where." A familiar voice rang out through the woods.

"Please don't tell me I hear who I think I hear." Kyra said Kuni.

"Yeah I hear him too." Kuni replied.

Kyra let out a sigh. "I don't see him with everyone else." A female voice said to the male voice.

"Awe I was really looking forward to it!" The Male voice said.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 31st December 2011, 2:58 am

Chapter Eleven

Yue woke up to the ground moving. It was still night time when she awoke. Zack had his daggers out looking ready for a fight. Mori looked around hoping to spot anything.

The ground stopped shaking. They all looked around hoping that whatever it was had left. Soon a large Iron Golum had landed next to them. The shock wave knocked them all off their feet.

"What the hell is that?" Yue asked drawing her weapon.

"I have read about these. They are said to be hard to kill." Mori replied.

"Well hard to kill doesn't mean it is unstoppable." Zack said rushing in dodging the swing from the golum's sword.

"I really wish he had let me finish explaining that no one knows how to kill one, before he goes rushing in." Mori added.

Yue had charged in after Zack. She dodged another attack from the Golum. Zack landed staring at the monster. It brought the blade down at him and he back flipped out of the way.

Mori tried to sneak up on it. The monster turned around smacking him away like he was nothing. Mori hit the ground with such force that he skipped a few times before coming to rest. He tried to stand up but was in to much pain.

"MORI!!" Yue shouted running over to him. "Are you Ok?" She asked kneeling down next to him.

"Go help Zack." He said finding it hard to breath.

Zack was keeping the monster entertained while Yue helped Mori to safety. Zack tried to block an attack that only sent him flying down the beach.

He slammed into a rock knocking the air out of him. He fell to the ground dropping his weapons. He tried to reach out for them but couldn't. He felt paralyzed, even breathing felt like he was being stabbed in the chest. Yue was all on her own. She didn't know how to stop the creature. She let out a sigh running over to the water edge.

"I only get one shot at this." She said to herself holding her weapon up in a defensive mode.

"Calm rivers and powerful tsunami's Lend me your great Might Leviathan!" She said summoning Leviathan. A large sea serpent arose out of the water. It stared down the Iron Golum and wrapped around Yue. She took in a deep breath.

"Use tidal wave Leviathan!" She commanded.

A large wave started to rush in from the water. It crashed on the golum with a heavy hitting force. Once the water went back to the ocean the golum had only moved an inch without any damage.

"We are so screwed." She said to her self.

Damn it. We are gonna die! How could this have happened? Zack thought to himself. He lowered his head into the sand not wanting to see what Yue's fate was. The golum rose up its blade getting ready to strike her down. Zack soon took in a deep breath. He no longer felt as if he was gonna die. What the? He thought standing up as if he was never injured.

"YUE MOVE!!!" Zack yelled rushing into battle.

Yue jumped out of the way. The large blade cleaved the ground in two. She rushed over to Mori who was also standing up. A robed figure stood next to him.

Zack hit the golum making it turn around to look at him. It swung its weapon at him and he dodged it. Zack lit his daggers on fire and jumped up in the air.

The golum watched as he flew up in the air. Zack swung his blades making large fire lines fly off his blades. They made an X pattern. With each hit it knocked the golum back. Its chest plate was damaged pretty badly. Mori couldn't believe that Zack had damaged it so badly.

Zack did one final attack knocking it over. There was a loud thud sound as it hit the ground. The chest armor had broken apart. Zack stabbed it in its exposed heart killing it.

Zack walked away putting his weapons away. He walked over to the hooded figure. Mori and Yue let out a sigh in unison. Zack stared at the figure who turned and started to walk away.

"Wait you are just gonna leave?" Zack asked.

"Why not follow me. It would be a lot safer than staying out in the open." The hooded figure said. The voice sounded female but Zack couldn't quite tell.

"What is the worse that happens Zack?" Yue said following the figure. Zack let out a sigh and Mori patted him on the shoulder.

The figure led them to a cave. Zack created a small fire ball in his hand so they could see. The hooded figure led them in just a little further to where there looked to be a camp already set up. Zack lit the fire as they got closer. The hooded figure gestured them to sit down. The figure stood there not facing them.

"Who are you?" Zack asked.

"A friend." The figure replied.

"Well thanks for the help, but why bring us here?" Mori asked.

"You need somewhere to sleep and be safe. This place is a good spot." The figure replied.

Zack looked around the cave for a second. Then back at the mysterious host. Yue warmed herself up next to the fire.

"I am sure you are all thinking the same thing. How can you trust someone who doesn't even show their face? I just don't like being judged for what I am." The figure said looking at their hands.

"You are talking to the man that is friends with a Ka'jher. I don't care what people look like." Zack said.

"You are to kind. Though if you really wish to see..." The hooded figure said taking off the hood. Long black hair fell down out of the hood. It rested on the figure's back.

The figure turned around and looked at them. Zack could fully tell that it was a female. Her skin was yellow but looked like it was made out of a crystal like material. She looked timid that they were all looking at her.

"I know I am a monster." She said pulling her hood back up.

"Do you have a name? or do we just call you a friend?" Zack said standing up. He walked over to her and pulled her hood back down slowly.

"I am Xantho Phyll." She said. "Though I can take many forms." She added.

"I have heard your voice some where before." Yue said.

"Then you must be talking about my most known form." Xantho replied. Her entire body changed to be a student carrying a clipboard.

"You work for Instructor Admen!" Yue said. "I thought I recognized your voice.

"Wait come to think of it you sound like the person that let me in to see Kyra." Zack said.

"Yes well. That was indeed me." Xanto replied changing back to her yellow self. She felt better knowing that they didn't care what she looked like.

"So wait how did you get here?" Mori asked. "I didn't see you on the Airship." He added.

"No one ever notices a fly on the wall." She said taking a seat.

"Wait I thought you could only change into people." Zack said.

"I never said that I could Only be people. I just use a lot of human personas." She said making some food that she had gotten out of the tent.

"I assume you are all hungry." She said cooking for them.

"Yeah we haven't eaten in a while." Mori said.

"Just one question." Zack said.

"What?" She asked cooking food.

"What exactly are you? I haven't seen anything like you. I mean I am not trying to be rude." He said to her.

"Yes well. You haven't seen one of my race in their true forms. We are a shy type of people. Most of us can shape shift. Those who can't hide for the rest of their lives. My race is Crystalireans." She said fixing up the food.

Zack was about to say something when his stomach growled. Xantho laughed at him fixing him a plate of food.

"Here eat up." She said making plates for everyone else. They all thanked her and started eating. "After you finish eating you three need to sleep. I will keep watch." She added.

"Wait don't you need to sleep?" Zack asked.

"Hardly. My race can go years without sleep. We are basically walking rocks silly." She said eating.

"Oh... I didn't know that." Zack said eating.

Once they where all finished eating they went to sleep. Xantho sat there keeping watching just in case anything attacked them.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 1st January 2012, 2:58 pm

Chapter Twelve

"Who is there?" Tabby asked the two voices.

"What have we here? A Ka'jher?" The male voice said speeding around Tabby. She felt a cold chill go down her back.

"Ugh will you stop bothering the nice person Conlaodh." The woman voice said stepping out into the clearing.

"You never let me have any fun any more Geneveve." Conlaodh said stopping looking right at Tabby. He was upside down.

Tabby jumped back in surprise when he just sort of appeared in front of her. Kyrie patted Tabby on the back. Tabby tried to walk over to someone else but Conlaodh was moving all around her inspecting her. He pulled on her tail and ears.

"WILL YOU STOP IT!!" She yelled.

Conlaodh stopped right in front of her. He had a finger pointed at her nose. She narrowed her eyes at him and opened her mouth. She bit down on his finger and he pulled his hand away.

"Ow. She bit me!" Conlaodh said.

"Well you did pull her tail." Geneveve said walking over. A white wolf followed her to where she stood next to Conlaodh.

Tabby ran off to hide behind Kyrie. Kyrie sighed knowing that she was now a human shield. Tabby peered from behind Kyrie. Her ears folded back as she stared at Conlaodh.

"So Conlaodh what are you doing here?" Kyra asked.

"Oh passing through. We saw something crash and we wanted to see what it was." He replied zooming around to everyone saying hello.

"Oh that thing? That was Zack's Airship." Kyra replied.

"Airship? The poor crazy man doesn't he know ships can't fly? Where is he? I still wanna fight him! He owes me!" Conlaodh said.

"Not here. In fact we are missing several people." Kuni said.

"SHIN'SAI!!" Conlaodh yelled rushing over to her. She sort of took a step back as he approached.

"Can you do that rock roller coaster thing still?" He asked.

"I would if I wasn't so tired." She replied.

"Awe you are all no fun tonight. What happened to the fun loving people I knew?" He asked.

"We were nearly killed within the last two days." Kyra said leaning up against a tree.

A light fog started to pour into the camp ground. Everyone started to get sleepy. Tabby let out a yawn before falling over asleep.Conlaodh and Geneve seemed to be the only ones not affected.

Once everyone was asleep the fog dissipated. Conlaodh, Geneveve and Stryker all shattered apart leaving the Mysterious woman standing there. She dusted off her purple dress.

Several robed figures made their way over to each of the passed out people. She looked around at the people there.

"Damn it! We are missing people! I thought you said they were all in the crash!" She said slapping one of the robed people.

"I thought they were!" The robed figure said.

"That is a shame. Alright here are your orders. Leave the Ka'jher. Everyone else needs to go the dungeon. And make sure you leave them tied up and unable to use their skills. Those with weapons need to be taken and those with beads need to be brought to me." She ordered the figures.

"What about me?" The one who was slapped asked.

"Yes about you..." She said drawing her weapon. "I hate to say this but, you just are not what I am looking for." She said stabbing the figure in the heart. She pulled her weapon out of the persons chest. They fell to the ground bleeding.

Several portals opened up and the figures dragged people through them. The woman looked over at Tabby who was asleep.

"Sleep well little Kitten. For you will bring the others to me." She said before shattering apart.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 6th January 2012, 11:12 pm

Chapter Thirteen

Zack woke up the next morning. An odd yellow light lit the cave. Xantho was leaning on a cave wall, the sun passed right through her crystal body. Zack had to lift his hand to cover his eyes from the light.

"Xantho?" Zack asked.

"Oh Zack! I didn't realize you were awake." She said turning around quickly. She had changed into her human form. The light vanished when she changed.

"No it is alright." Zack said getting up. He looked over at Yue and Mori who were still asleep.

"You three had better get going. You don't want to waste any time." She said.

"Yeah well why not join us Xantho? We could use a healer on our small team." He asked her leaning looking out the cave.

"I couldn't I would only get in your way." Xantho said looking shy.

"No you wouldn't. Besides with that cool morphing ability you can help us look for the others." He said with a smile.

Yue sat up and saw Zack talking to Xantho. She rubbed her eyes from just waking up. Mori woke up not long after Yue did.

"Nice to see you two are finally up. It is like three days later." Zack said with a smile on his face.

"WHAT?!?!??! WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN!" Yue said freaking out.

"Can't you calm down. This cave is echoing and giving me a headache. Besides he is joking. Right?" Mori asked rubbing his eyes.

"Yeah of course I am joking." Zack added.

"So when do we leave?" Xantho asked.

"I thought you didn't wanna join us." Zack said looking at her.

"Clearly you three need someone to watch over you and cook for you. And... well I guess I would like to make sure Instructor Admen is alright." She said looking away from Zack.

"You sure that is all?" Zack asked getting closer to Xantho. She glared at him.

"Will you get out of my face?" She asked him.

"Fine. We had better get going." Zack said walking out of the cave.

The others soon followed him. He let out a sigh looking around the area. He could see the beach from where they were but he couldn't see the wreckage from the air ship.

"So where are we going?" Yue asked.

"Yeah the fire from the ship had to of been put out over night. We can't follow the smoke trail any more." Mori said.

"I know... that is the problem." Zack said.

"Well what if we head that way." Xantho said pointing back to the cave.

"What are you crazy? That cave is the one we slept in. Remember?" Yue said.

"Yeah and? Just cause we slept in a cave doesn't mean it ends at the camp site. I could lead you through there in no time. Besides would you wanna be exposed for an open attack or at least know that the cave is harder to find us?" She asked walking back towards the cave.

"Well lead on Xantho." Zack said walking after her.

"They are both crazy right? It isn't just me is it?" Yue asked Mori.

"Hey at least she had a plan." He said shrugging following Xantho and Zack. Yue let out a sigh and followed after them.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 6th January 2012, 11:48 pm

Chapter Fourteen

Kain watched the sun rise the next morning. He let out a sigh and walked around while Kitaka slept in earth tent he made last night.

"So if we where headed this way.. That means... Ugh stupid mountain in the way. We have to go around some how." Kain said to himself.

Kitaka slowly woke up. She had forgotten where she was. She saw Kain and moved over to him. He looked over his shoulder at her.

"Morning Sunshine! Sleep well?" He asked her. He turned to face her.

"Ugh... no My back is hurting. How do you sleep on solid earth?" She asked rubbing her back.

"Duh. I use earth so I just make it into sand. Guess I forgot to change it for you." He said scratching the back of his head.

"Can we just meet up with the others?" She asked.

"Sorry seems this mountain just doesn't wanna move. We will have to walk around. Lets head this way. I think there is a town that way." He said leading the way.

Kitaka started to hover after him. After several hours they had made it to a town. Their stomachs growled in hunger as they could smell all kinds of food being baked.

"I say we head into town. What do you say Kitaka?" Kain asked.

"Oh yes food. So hungry." She said as they got closer people stared at them.

They walked into town and people where whispering. They didn't care as they sat down at a restaurant and started to eat. They had spent hours eating instead of figuring away around the mountains. Kain paid for the food they ate then he looked up at the sky. "Darn. It is getting late. We should probably get a room." Kain said.

When he didn't get a response he turned around and Kitaka was gone. He let out a sigh then took a deep breath.

"KITAKA!!!!!!" He bellowed out into the city. His voice could be heard all over town.

"Sir please pipe down. The woman is over there." The waiter said pointing at Kitaka who was in a shop looking around.

"Kitaka don't wonder off." He said touching her on the shoulder.

"Sorry. I thought it would be nice to actually get some supplies before we left town. Besides look at all this cool stuff." She said pointing stuff out.

"Yeah this stuff is pretty neat." He said looking around getting distracted.

They ran around town looking at all the neat shops. They goofed off til it was real late. Kain led Kitaka to a hotel where he got them separate rooms for the night. They both passed out from being tired.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 7th January 2012, 8:48 pm

Chapter Fifteen

Tabby opened her eyes. The sun was forcing its way through the leaves. She slowly sat up rubbing her eyes trying to focus on the world around her. She heard birds chirping and wind blowing the leaves.

"Ugh... Kyrie what happened?" Tabby asked not noticing everyone had vanished.

When she was more awake she could see everyone had vanished. She started to run around the clearing hoping that maybe they had just moved a little.

"Where is everyone?" She asked in a depressed tone. Her ears had drooped down.Tabby had over looked the one dead person in the middle of the clearing. She walked around looking ready to cry. A groan came from behind a tree. Tabby got all defensive and crept over to where she heard the noise. When she got there she couldn't see anyone.

"Can you please get out of my face." A voice said scarring Tabby.

She jumped away from the tree, her tail had puffed up in terror. Iridian soon appeared sitting at the base of the tree. Tabby let out a sigh of relief and rushed over and hugged him.

"It is just you mr silent man!" She said.

"The name is Iridian. Could you please let go of me?" He asked.

"Oh right. By the way I am Tabby. I never got to introduce myself to you." She said backing away from him. She grabbed her tail and tried to make the fur sit back down.

"So tell me what happened after we got here? Cause I fell asleep. To much excitement for me." Iridian said standing up dusting himself off.

"Well... I don't know. I just woke up myself. My memory is a little fuzzy from last night." Tabby said.

"Say where is everyone?" He asked walking around the open area.

"I don't know." She replied.

"Hmmm... another one of those guys." Iridian said looking at the dead body.

"Hmmm? Did you say something?" She asked.

"No not at all. So which way do we go? It is clear something happened last night. We will have to regroup." He said.

"Ok then... But first I need to get my things from the Airship!" She said as Iridian was walking further into the forest.

"What? Why didn't you get them before?" He asked.

"Cause there wasn't time and it was dark!" She said crossing her arms and turning her head to one side.Iridian let out a sigh and lowered his head. "Fine we can go get your stuff." He said.

"YAY!!!" She was super cheerful running around Iridian.

She led the way back to the crashed airship. The fire had stopped it was barely giving off smoke. She looked around for any signs that the others had been this way.

"Alright where is your stuff? That way we can get this over with." Iridian said walking up next to her.

"Are you always this rude in the morning? Or just to females?" She asked.

"What? No... I just don't think we should be out in the open for to long." He said trying to defend himself.

"Right. Look just stay here and I will get my stuff. I will be back," She said finding a hole in the hull of the ship.

Iridian watched Tabby enter the Airship. He let out a sigh and looked around. He could see a rather large town off in the distance. After a few minutes Tabby showed back up with a messenger bag hanging off her shoulder.

"Alright. Let's get going!" She said with a smile.

"That is it? A messenger bag? Well whatever. Come on there is a town this way." He said pointing at the town.

"Hey wait a minute. I know that town!" She said with a gleam in her eye. She rushed off towards the town. Iridan chased after her.

"Tabby! Wait up!" Iridian yelled as they got into town.

Tabby dashed down all kinds of side alleyways. Iridian stopped a couple of times to catch his breath. He placed his hand on a wall feeling some kind of paper hanging on it. Iridian looked over and saw a picture of Tabby.

Under the Picture it read Wanted. There was a rather large bounty under the word. He looked around then yanked the poster off the wall. Iridian folded it up and hid it away.

"What are you doing standing there? Are you gonna follow or not mr slow poke?" She asked having just popped out of an alleyway not far from where Iridian was standing.

"Where do you get this kind of energy?" He asked walking over to her.

"This is my home town silly. Besides someone is making a rather yummy fish lunch." She said. "Come on I know where it is." She added grabbing Iridan's wrist pulling him towards a rather large building.

"Do you have to pull my wrist? Where are you taking me anyway?" He asked.

"Huh? We have guests? How odd. Oh! Tabby! Welcome home!" An older woman's voice said greeting Tabby and Iridian.

"CARETAKER!!!" She said letting go of Iridian and ran over to the older woman.

"Oh my who is this rather handsome fellow you dragged here?" She asked.

"Oh this is Iridian. He is a friend. Can he stay for lunch? I could smell the fish lunch for miles!" She said looking ready to eat.

"Of course he can." The woman said.

"YAY! Come on Iridian I must show you around this orphanage." She said dragging him some more.

"Wait Orphanage? Tabby will you stop dragging me around?" He asked trying to get free of her grip.

"Yes I was raised here by Caretaker. So don't be rude!" She said scolding Iridian as if he was a child.

"What? I wasn't trying to be rude." Iridian said.

"Food is ready. That is if you care to join us." The older woman said poking her head out of the kitchen.

Iridan and Tabby sat down at the table. After a few minutes several children showed up sitting around the table. The caretaker put a grilled fish in front of Tabby and gave Iridian a meal that had something other than fish.

"Tabby? Do you wish to bless us with the song of Althena like you used to?" The older woman asked Tabby. Tabby nodded her head then took in a deep breath.

"La la la la la la la la," Tabby sang. All the children where quiet til Tabby finished. Iridian waited til everyone was ready to start digging into his food.

"So will you be staying in town for long Tabby?" One of the children asked.

"No I won't I have to go find my friends. I have to leave by tomorrow." She said.

"Is this your boyfriend Ms. Tabby?" One of kids asked teasing her.

"WHAT?!?! No! This old man never!" She said getting defensive.

"Oooo you do like him!" The kid replied.

"Do not!" She replied being childish.

"Will you two stop it?" Iridian asked.

"Oh let them have their fun. I am sure you have dealt with children before. Right Mr. Iridian?" The caretaker asked him.

"Yes just not kids of this age. I am an Instructor of a school in Northlynn. I am use to teenagers and adults. Not little kids." He said with a smile.

"Hey! I am not a little kid." She said pouting.

"Yeah cause nothing says Adult like pouting." He replied.

"Oh my it is getting late. Shouldn't you two head to the hotel and rest for the night?" The caretaker asked looking out the window noticing it was getting dark.

"Oh my you are right. Come along Tabby. Thank you for the food my dear." Iridian said with a bow.

"No no thank you for joining us for lunch. Tabby I do wish you would find the time to visit more often." The caretaker said.

"I know but right now is not a good time." She said.

"Alright lets get going to the hotel Mr Iridian." She added leading him out of the Orphanage.

She led him to the hotel. He paid for a room with two beds. Once they got in their room she jumped onto her bed and curled up getting ready to sleep.

"Tabby. I must ask you something. What is this about?" He asked pulling out the wanted poster.

Tabby let out a sigh when she saw the poster. Her ears drooped over in a depressed look. Iridian stared at her waiting for an answer.

"I am waiting Tabby. You have to have a reason for this." He said.

"Let's just rest for the night and find the others." She said trying to change the subject.

"No not til you answer my question." He said walking closer to her. He sat on his bed and looked at her.

"Why are you pushing this issue so much? Just cause I have a wanted poster doesn't mean I am bad! Just look at Zack! He is banned from Northlynn but he isn't a bad guy!" She said trying to defend herself.

"Zack is different. You on the other hand I have only met just the other day. I need to know that I can trust you." Iridian said putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Well you are treating me like I might murder you out of fun. You are really upsetting me." She said getting ready to cry.

Iridian let out a sigh. "Tabby... I don't mean to upset you. It is just that is a lot of money they are offering for your capture. I have to know why. You seem to nice to have a reward that high." He said.

"Yeah well Leave it alone. I don't feel like telling you." She said drying tears from her eyes. She got out of his grip and curled up on her bed far away from him.

"I will see you in the morning." She said coldly, pulling her messenger back around to in front of her hugging it. Iridian sighed and laid in bed looking at the ceiling. He soon drifted off to sleep.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 12th January 2012, 8:48 pm

Chapter Intermission!
Review time!!! That is right all this chapter is nothing but FILLER!!! MUWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Anyway This takes a look at all fifteen chapters and to help catch those who where to lazy to read the chapters a chance to know what is happening. It will also explain something going on in this crazy mixed up world!!! Then again it could just be a big belly flop of doom.

Now then, in chapter one it starts five years after the original RP that included most of these characters. We join Kyra and Yue running late for the first day of school. The two girls ran into Emory. An instructor at their school. They also ran into Kitaka. A rather silly person who is easily distracted when she gets hungry! Kyra also ran into Mori and Kuni. Two wealthy students just like Kyra and Yue. Sadly the chapter ended with Kyra bleeding to death by a mysterious woman in purple!!!

Chapter two started off with a big rush of medics getting ready to heal Kyra. Enter the one and only Kyrie! The greatest healer this team has! Well that is until a different healer joins the group but that is later! Yue is freaked out cause she almost lost her sister on the first day of school! After several hours of trying to heal Kyra, Kyrie is shocked by a mysterious man in dragoon armor! Then again she seems to know him and is calm about the whole thing. At the end of this chapter the man in armor is lead to the woods by a robed figure! Who are these two why do they seem to sneak around in the dead of night?

Chapter Three we join Yue running late for her fist day of class. Only to find that a man named Kain is the teacher! Who is this large man and why do they know each other? Well that is easy! They helped stop the evil threat of Merrik five years ago!!! Yue has a fateful encounter with a military woman named Fang. The two fight showing off their skills only to Fang's surprise she is beaten. This chapter ended with the woman in purple taking Fang to train her. Who is this woman in purple?

The fourth chapter of this story was mostly filler. It only really introduced Luna. Then again we find out that Kuni has a love interest in Kyra. We also find that Emory has made Kuni and Mori move the winter party to Thursday! Why the sudden move? Who ordered this change? Fang does a little bit of spying to find out only to go to a castle. Where is this castle located? Who owns it? None other than the woman in purple. Who are all the robed figures that live on the castle grounds and why does this woman want Revenge?

The fifth chapter of this crazy story starts with Kyra waking up. Kuni visits to try and tell her how he feels only to be dragged away by Mori to set up the party. Yue got to help teach her first class! Then again this was a filler story trying to bridge the high action pack story of the first few chapters to the soon to be explosive story of chapter seven!

Chapter six is all about Iridian, Kain and Emory having a secret. This secret? Well That can't be told til chapter nine! This then tells us who had the party moved forward. The man in the dragoon armor! What are his plans? Why are the three Instructors so calm about him making this choice?

Chapter seven is the day of the party! An impressive one at that. Not only is Kyra there but Kuni has decided to tell Kyra his feelings. Unfortunately for Kuni an explosion stops him from confessing! Who is the head of this attack? Fang! She has allowed the robed people from the castle attack the school and all of Northlynn! A dragoon army steps in to fight off the attack. Our heroes are lead away as Fang summons Diablos! Who leads this army of Dragoons? None other than the mysterious dragoon man! He has a rather eventful escape to his airship that everyone is now on. Our mysterious man is none other than Zack McCloud! Ex hero from five years ago.

Background info! Zack McCloud helped the heroes in a way to defeating Merrik! He 'Betrayed' his team to make them stronger. He faked his death only to show up when they needed him the most.

Chapter eight we find out that Kyrie has feelings for Kuni, who we all know is in love with Kyra. We are also introduced to a new race. The Ka'jher. They are a hated race of cat people. Though some like our heroes don't care about race as long as they are friendly. At the end of this rather boring chapter we find out that the lone Ka'jher of our group has a crush on someone but who is this person that the cat person loves?

Chapter nine it is reviled that Emory and Iridian had given Zack the job of betraying the team five years ago! Why would they make him do this? Only to help the team become stronger. In this explosive chapter the team is split apart when the ship is attacked! Yue and Mori fall into the water. Zack summons Bahamut to attack Fang on Neo Bahamut. Zack loses and falls int the water losing his summon. Kain is thrown off and hits the ground while Kitaka goes to keep him company! The rest of the crew crash lands on the edge of a forest.

Chapter ten is all about the three groups having to set up camp for the night where they are. At the end we hear the voices of two people that know the group! Who are they? What is it they want? and why does one want to fight Zack so badly?

Chapter eleven Zack's group is nearly killed by an Iron Golum! When all was at a loss They were healed by a person in a robe. Who is this person? Why did they save this team? What do they want? With the death of the Iron Golum the team is lead to a cave where it turns out that the robed person if friend not foe! This person is named Xantho Phyll she is a Crystalireans. A race of rock people who have random colors but all seem to be able to blend with their environment anyway they can! The team soon falls asleep while Xantho watches over them to make sure they are safe.

Chapter twelve we rejoin the team in the forest only to find out that the two voices are none other than Conlaodh and Geneveve with Conlaodh's white wolf Stryker! A heavy mist rolls in taking over the camp area. It turns out that this mist can make people sleep! The team falls victim to this evil gas except for the two new people. They break apart leaving only the woman in purple! Her goons take the team away leaving the lone Tabby, (the Ka'jher) in the woods by herself! Where has the woman taken them? Why only attack the people in the woods? Why leave Tabby by herself?

Chapter Thirteen joins Zack and his team trying to figure out where they should go? Having lost sight of the airship's smoke trail they decide to head into the caves to find away out to the other side.

Chapter fourteen however joins Kain and Kitaka going to a town only to be distracted by all the neat stuff they have to sell and to freak out the locals. Though that was more of a side effect of them running around.

Chapter fifteen Joins Tabby alone in the woods. Or is she? It turns out that Iridian had fallen asleep and turned invisible. He avoided capture by pure luck! He and Tabby set out to the airship to gather Tabby's bag. Why is this bag so important to her? They head off to a town that Tabby knows all to well! It is her home town. While there Iridian finds a Wanted poster with Tabby's face on it. Before he can confront her about it he is dragged to an Orphanage where Tabby grew up. The two eat there then find a hotel for the night only for Iridan to ask Tabby why she had a wanted poster out on her. She didn't say anything only getting mad and falling asleep. What secret does Tabby hold? What is it that the guards think she has done?

That is all that you need to know about the past fifteen chapters! I hope you enjoyed this chapter Intermission! I hope it fills in very little information about what will possibly happen in the next set of chapters! That will be posted at some other time!
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 14th January 2012, 5:51 pm

Chapter Sixteen

"Bring in Luna." The mysterious woman said sitting on her throne. She sat there looking rather bored while two guards dragged Luna into the room. Luna had bruise marks on her face. There was a cut across her nose. Her arms were tied behind her back.

"Tell me where is Zack!" The woman demanded.

"I told you I don't know. He wasn't with us in the crash." Luna replied.

"I think you know. You have to know. He was the leader of this insane suicide party." She said sitting up in her throne.

"He saved us from your attack. That is all." Luna said.

"I see. Well then Guards bring in Kyrie. I feel these two should have a nice final goodbye." The woman said.

"What are you..." Luna was cut off by a guard slapping her across the face.

"Don't talk unless spoken to!" The guard yelled at her.

"Enough. If she wants to speak let her." The woman said with a grin on her face. Two more guards dragged Kyrie into the throne room. Unlike Luna her face looked normal. She wanted to say something to Luna but couldn't find the voice to speak.

"Any last... What the hell is that? I thought I told you to take everyone's weapons away!" The woman said yelled.

"But ma'am we did take away their weapons. She only has a bracelet." One guard said nervously.

"Oh is that so? Then I guess you people didn't learn anything from the Merrik story!" She yelled even more walking down from her throne.

"But... but Madam Raydia she doesn't have a weapon." One guard said taking a step back from Kyrie.

"No? Then what do you call this?" Raydia said practically ripping it off of Kyrie's wrist.

"I would call it a bracelet ma'am?" He asked in a questioning kind of tone.

"Well you would be wrong! If you had learned anything from Merrik's death you would know who these people are!" She yelled at him throwing the item across the room.

"I am sorry Madam Raydia it won't happen again." The guard said in a sad kind of tone.

"You are right. It won't happen again." She said as she formed a dagger in her hand. With one quick movement she stabbed the guard in the chest then sliced his throat. The guards body fell to the ground with a rather loud thud. Raydia walked away from the body and the dagger broke apart.

"Sorry you two had to see that. Now then where was I? Oh yes your final goodbyes to each other. Better do it quickly." Raydia said with an evil smile on her face.

Kyrie looked over at Luna who stared back at her. Kyrie tried to say something but again she couldn't find her voice to talk.

"Kyrie I.. I..." Luna could hardly form a sentence.

"Awe time is up. Now who to kill? Hmmm I think the choice is easy." Raydia said walking over you Kyrie.

"LEAVE KYRIE ALONE!!" Luna yelled at Raydia.

"I see. Is that how you really feel? Very well. Then You are the perfect choice." Raydia said commanding the two guards to pick Luna up. They got Luna to her feet so that she was face to face with Raydia. Raydia smiled forming a weapon out of thin air.

"You won't win Raydia." Luna said.

"Oh and why is that? I am only doing what that fool of a puppet Merrik couldn't do. So why won't I win dear Luna? Tell me what is it that will ensure I will lose?" Raydia asked.

"Cause as long as one of us is still alive we will fight you to our dieing breath." Luna said weakly.

"I doubt that. You see if I add a little shock into someone's life then that desire to fight is lost to dispair. Isn't that right Kyrie?" Raydia said thrusting a short sword into Luna's chest.

Luna let out a loud gasp of air. Kyrie looked away as tears started to flow down her face. Raydia let go of the weapon and walked over to Kyrie. She grabbed Kyrie by the face and forced her to look into her eyes.

"You see a little bit of shock value just makes you want to quit doesn't it? Just give up on this fight and run. Well I won't let you." She said to Kyrie who was still crying.

"Clean this mess up. And find Fang for me. I have a job for her." Raydia said letting go of Kyrie's face. She walked back up to her seat and sat down watching as the guards dragged Kyrie back to her cell.

"You called Madam?" Fang said walking in past the dead guard.

"Yes. I think it is time you visited a town near the forest. I think it needs a little bit of change." Raydia said with a smile.

"Should I use Neo Bahamut?" Fang asked.

"No I think this requires a bit of hell fire. Here use Kyra's very own Ifrit for this job." Raydia said tossing a red bead to Fang.

"As you wish Madam Raydia." Fang said with a slight bow before turning and leaving.

"Ma'am do you wish for us to bring anyone else in here?" One guard asked.

"No just show them that Luna is dead and that if they don't speak up that they will have the same fate as her." Raydia said leaning back in her throne.

"As you wish Madam Raydia." The guard said to her. "Also Ma'am I hear that Kain and Kitaka where just spotted in a town near the mountains. Should we send Fang to go get them?" The guard added.

"No just inform Mayor Grimore Di Nada that those two are to trouble makers." She said with a Grin on her face.

"No problem Madam Raydia." The guard said leaving.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 15th January 2012, 5:43 pm

Chapter Seventeen

"The exit is just up ahead." Xantho said to the others.

"Are you sure that this is the way out?" Yue asked.

"Yes I am do you have a problem with the way I lead?" Xantho asked stopping and turning around to look at Yue.

"Will you two be nice. I can see the exit just up ahead." Zack said walking past them.

Zack walked out the cave entrance out into a forest. He was soon joined by the other three. The sun was setting making the forest dark. Zack let out a sigh as the others walked over to him.

"Well looks like we are gonna have to make camp. The sun is setting and we won't be able to go any further in the dark without standing out." Zack said.

Zack looked around trying to find a good spot to make camp. Yue leaned on a tree waiting for someone to say something. Mori rubbed his eyes as if he was getting tired.

"Here we go a nice place to set up camp." Zack said to the others.

They all walked over to the clearing. They set up camp. Once that was done Zack sat next to a tree and looked up at the stars. Xantho pulled out a harmonica and started to play it.

"Zack... Do you think the others are alright?" Yue asked.

"Sure. I bet they found somewhere safe to be." Zack said staring up at the sky.

"If I might ask. Who is it that we are up against?" Mori asked.

"Oh that is right. I never got a chance to warn you all about who we were trying to stop." Zack said looking at Yue and Mori.

"So who is it? Not Merrik again is it? Cause we could take him again." Yue said.

"No not him. Though I wouldn't mind fighting him again." Zack said.

"Well just tell us already. I mean come on you should just get to the point." Yue said sitting down taking off her boots. She started to rub her sore feet.

"Yeah I guess you are right." Zack said letting out a sigh. "We are up against Raydia." He added.

"Wait Raydia? I thought she was killed when be beat up Merrik." Mori said having now taken a seat near the camp fire.

"You guys also thought I was dead." Zack said.

"So we are facing Raydia. That bitch tried to kill Kyra. Are you sure the others are alright?" Yue asked.

"They will be fine." Zack said.

Xantho stopped playing her Harmonica and looked at the others. "Sorry but who is Raydia and Merrik?" She asked looking confused.

"Oh right I forgot you weren't there Xantho. Merrik was this really bad guy who was stealing people and making them into slaves." Yue said.

"Yeah except we got there and stopped him." Mori added.

"You guys forgot about Raydia. Who is one hard opponent. Then again I fought along side her." Zack said looking at the fire.

"Wait you fought against the very people you are trying to save? But why Zack?" Xantho asked.

"Because the team was gonna get no where if I helped them. By betraying them I could at least guide them to where they had to go. I even went so far as to fake my own death. Though it is clear she faked her own death." Zack said.

"So where do we go in the morning? I mean we don't know where the Airship crashed so we have to have some plan right?" Mori asked.

"In all honesty. I don't know. I mean we got split up pretty badly. We don't even have some sort of transport. All in all I would say that we are at a complete loss." Zack said leaning back looking up at the stars.

"So what we give up and let Raydia win?" Yue asked. "Cause I didn't know you to be a quitter Zack." She added.

Zack smiled at her. "I never said I was giving up. I said we are at a loss. I do have one plan I can try, but only in the morning." He said.

"Wait you have a plan?" Mori asked.

"Yeah but only in the morning." Zack said.

"Why then? Why not now?" Yue asked.

"Cause it is a risky plan. If I mess up we could get caught by Raydia's people." Zack said.

"And if it works? Do we just get to walk away with no problem? Why don't you just tell us your plan Zack?" Mori asked.

"Yeah why do you always have to hide stuff from us? We are your friends. Can't you trust us?" Yue asked.

Zack didn't respond to Yue. He had fallen asleep leaning against the tree. Mori looked over at Yue who shrugged at him. Xantho looked up at the sky and sighed.

"Why is it that he happens to do stuff like that?" Mori asked.

"I don't know. I really hope the others are alright. I don't know if Kyra had fully recovered from being nearly killed." Yue said.

"Your sis is a pretty strong woman. I am sure she is just fine Yue. Besides she has Kuni there to protect her along with Kyrie to heal any injury she might have." Mori said reassuring Yue who had just pulled a rock out of her boot.

"You two should sleep. We have been walking all day." Xantho said.

"Yeah I guess we will just have to wait and see what Zack's big plan is." Yue said. "Well night you two." She added before getting into the tent that they had set up.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 17th January 2012, 1:59 pm

Chapter Eighteen

Kyra woke up chained to the left wall in a cell. She barely remembered being questioned the previous day. She looked at the cell across from her and saw Kuni chained up. She let out a sigh and looked around hoping to see someone else.

"Kuni! Wake up." She whispered across to him.

Kuni slowly opened his eyes. He let out a low groan of pain. He could barely make out Kyra across from him. His arms were chained above his head.

"Hey there." He said in pain.

"Good you are awake." Kyra said tugging on her chain.

"Yeah and in pain. Ugh I think they broke a couple of ribs." He replied trying to reach his ribs.

"Kuni now is no time for a joke." She said struggling.

"Who said I was joking. This shit hurts." He said.

"Look I am sorry Kuni it is just... we need to find the others." She said as she stopped pulling on her chains.

"Kyra I have something I need to tell you. I have been trying to tell you since I met you. It is just... Well a lot of stuff has been getting in the way." Kuni said as foot steps could be heard coming down the hall way.

"Not now Kuni. Tell me when this is all over." She whispered over to him.

The footsteps got closer and closer to their cells. Raydia walked right past them and then stopped. She turned around and walked back to talk to Kyra.

"Well someone is awake finally." Raydia said.

"Yeah well someone is still the bitch I remember." Kyra replied.

"Hmph. Well then let me just tell you something Kyra. I will kill you just not yet. You see I want Zack and Yue here before I kill you. Make a lasting impression on them." Raydia said.

"Then why did you try to kill me before?" Kyra asked.

"Oh that? That was just a message to all of you. Saying that I am back that was all it was. Almost killing you was a side effect." Raydia said rather calmly.

"How about I just burn you to a crisp now!" Kyra said trying to make a fireball that barely even sparked up. She looked shocked when it didn't work.

"How do you plan on making me burn when you can't even make a fire ball? You see little Kyra I had all the chain's made special. They block your powers, and with out a weapon or your summon you have nothing. You can't do anything but sit and wait for me to kill you." Raydia said with a laugh before walking away.

Kyra let out a sigh and looked at the ground. Kuni sat up a little more. He looked over at Kyra and let out a sigh.

"She is right. There is nothing we can do." Kyra said.

"What happened to that fiery attitude Kyra? You seemed so sure that we where gonna get out of here. So come on let's get out of here. Save the others regroup and comeback with full force on this place." Kuni said trying to cheer her up.

"Kuni without using my ability I have nothing." She said.

"That isn't true Kyra. Just think. Zack and Yue are working hard to try and find us. We owe it to them to try and figure away out of here." Kuni said.

A guard walked by. He looked in the two cells and then kept walking. Once his foot steps got away Kyra leaned her head down pulling her hair clip out of her hair. Her hair fell down around her shoulders.

"Wow I don't think I have seen you with your hair down." Kuni said.

"Pipe down will you? Want another guard to here us?" She whispered over to him.

"Well no but.... wait... why do you sound so determined all of a sudden?" Kuni whispered back.

"It is called playing the moment idiot. Now shut up." She whispered.

In a matter of seconds she had her chains undone. She then went to her cell door. Kuni was a little shocked that she had her door open in no time.

"Now then to free you Kuni." She said walking over to his cell door. She soon heard footsteps again. She went back into her cell and faked being held captive. There was a small sound of crying coming down the hall as well.

"All she has done is cry! I can't take it any more!" One guard said.

"Who would have thought Killing her friend would have made her so annoying?" The other one said.

"There are plenty of empty cells. We could always have

some fun with her." The first guard said.

"Yeah no kidding." The other one agreed as they walked past Kyra and Kuni's cell they could see Kyrie crying.

Kyra waited til they walked past and walked out of her cell. She snuck up behind them and tapped them on the shoulder.

"Huh?" They both said turning around. Kyra grabbed them by the head and smacked them together knocking them out. She soon freed Kyrie. Who wiped the tears out of her eyes.

"please tell me you two arn't gonna leave me here." Kuni whispered to them.

"No we are gonna walk you right out the front door."

Kyra said. She stripped the two guards and chained one in her cell. She then opened Kuni's cell with the keys one of the guards had. Kyrie was rather quite as she walked over to Kuni.

"You alright Kyrie?" he asked her.

"No they... they killed..." She couldn't even repeat what had happened.

"Look Kyrie Right now you need to focus on healing Kuni." Kyra said clipping her hair back up. She then started to put the guards armor over her clothing. Kyrie healed Kuni who felt a hundred times better.

"Thanks Kyrie. So what is the plan Kyra?" Kuni asked.

"Kyrie I need you to be strong and put on this extra armor." Kyra said chaining up the other guard.

"So wait how do you plan on getting me out the front door?" Kuni asked.

"Sorry to do this Kuni." She said smacking him in the back of the head.

Kuni passed out and hit the ground. Kyra tied his arms behind his back. Kyrie had put on the armor. Kyra helped Kuni up to his feet then looked at Kyrie.

"Alright we have to be quick about this." She said.

"What about the others? We can't leave them." Kyrie said.

"I know but We have to. It would look to odd if we walked everyone out of here." She replied.

Kyrie sighed, she knew Kyra was right. They soon started to walk off. They pasted several other people who didn't question where they were taking Kuni.

Hours later Kuni woke up in the middle of a forest on his back. He let out a groan and sat up. He rubbed the back of his head and saw Kyra and Kyrie sitting around a fire. They were no longer in the guards armor.

"Ugh what happened? Did I just dream that we where captured by Raydia?" He asked.

Kyra and Kyrie looked over at him. They both sighed then looked at each other.

"No that was real. Shame I had to knock you out. You missed the feeling of going through one of those portals." Kyra said.

"Wait you knocked me out? No wonder my head hurts." He said.

"Kuni... Do you need my help?" Kyrie asked.

"No I am sure it will pass with time." He said.

Kyrie let out a sigh and looked up through the trees at the night sky. Kuni moved closer to the fire to warm up. Kyra stared at the fire.

"So Kyra... I wanted to tell you something..." Kuni said.

"Save it til after this is all over Kuni. We have to focus and if whatever you have to say breaks that focus then we will be sitting ducks." Kyra said cutting him off from telling him.

"Just let him finish already." Kyrie said sounding a little angry.

"Kyrie you alright?" Kuni asked.

"No she is upset that Luna got killed." Kyra whispered to him.

"Do you need a hug Kyrie? I can give you one." He said moving closer to her.

"Do and I snap your arm and let you stay that way for an hour." She snapped at him. Kuni backed away from her slightly scared. He looked over at Kyra who had one of the guards swords next to her.

"She doesn't mean it. It is just anger she should be tossing at Raydia." Kyra said.

"So Kyra can I finally tell you what I want to? Or are you just gonna shoot it back down again?" Kuni asked Kyra.

"Uh.. sure I guess. I would rather you wait til we beat Raydia, but..." She said.

"There might not be time. If Raydia is willing to kill Luna then she is willing to kill any of us at any time. So this is important Kyra." He said cutting her off and taking one of her hands in his.

Kyra wasn't sure what he was about to say. Kyrie looked over at them then turned her back on them. Kuni looked right at Kyra.

"Kyra since the first day I saw you I fell in love with you. I thought I had plenty of time to tell you but... When you were almost killed that day I knew I had to tell you that I was in love with you." He said.

Kyra slightly blushed then looked away. "I uh.. Hey Kuni what is that over there?" She said poiting behind him.He turned around to look at what she was pointing and she knocked him out again. Kyrie turned around to see what was going on. Kyra looked over at her and shrugged.

"Is that your plan every time he brings that up? You gonna knock him out?" Kyrie asked.

"No I just need a little bit of time to think it over." Kyra replied.

"Is that so? And what if we have to run? You plan on dragging him with us?" Kyrie asked.

"Well yeah. I am pretty good at that sort of stuff." She said.

"Any more and you will give him brain damage." Kyrie said.

"Would we even notice?" Kyra replied.

They both sat there quiet for a moment then started to laugh. Kyra smiled at Kyrie, she was glad she could get Kyrie to smile.

"Oh I almost forgot. I found this on one of the guards I knocked out." She said handing over Kyrie's weapon.

Kyrie took her weapon and attached it back on her arm. She then hugged Kyra who was shocked by her sudden happiness.

"Are you alright Kyrie? You looked like you were gonna murder us at any moment and now you are hugging me." Kyra said a little scared.

"I am feeling better thanks Kyra." She said letting go of Kyra.

"I just wish I had found my weapon. These short swords are complete crap. Besides my weapon has well sentimental values. I am sure you understand." Kyra said holding the short sword in front of her.

"Kyra You should get some sleep. We have to start moving again in a few hours." Kyrie said.

"Yeah no doubt Raydia will know that we are missing. I just wish I knew where we are. Or where to go." Kyra said.

"We will worry about that in the morning for now get some sleep." Kyrie said to Kyra.

Kyra said goodnight to Kyrie before laying down and falling asleep. Kyrie looked back up at the night sky. She knew they had to move quickly tomorrow if they didn't want to be caught again. She let out a sigh then stayed on alert in case anyone or anything attacked them.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

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Chapter Nineteen

Tabby slowly opened her eyes, the sun light was creeping through the window. She looked around the hotel room and saw Iridian reading a book. Tabby sat up on her bed and rubbed her eyes. Iridian looked up from his book. Tabby yawned and stretched her arms in the air. At the end of her yawn was a small cat like meow.

"I see you are finally awake." Iridian said looking back down at his book.

"Huh? Oh yeah I am." Tabby replied.

"Ready to get going? Or are there other stops in this town you wanna make?" He asked flipping the page of his book.

"No we can start leaving." She said getting up off the bed.

Iridian closed his book and stood up. Tabby stretched out again popping her spine. Iridian looked over at her with a puzzled look.

"What?" She asked.

"Are you alright?" He asked her.

"Yeah. Let's just get out of this town alright." She said walking over to the door.

"Tabby I still want to know why you have a wanted poster." He said as she grabbed the door knob.

"I told you I didn't want to talk about that. Ever. So just drop it alright." She said in an annoyed tone.

Iridian stayed quiet for a little while. "I can't just drop it Tabby." He said as she opened the door.

She walked down the hallways as Iridian followed her. She didn't talk much to him as they got out of the hotel and into the streets.

"Tabby I..." Iridian started but was cut off by Tabby.

"I don't want to hear it! Can't you understand what leave it be means? Ugh I hate people who push an issue!" Tabby said acting like a child.

People around them where staring at them. Iridian looked around and saw some guards heading their way. He grabbed Tabby by the wrist and pulled her down an alley way as the guards walked past.

"Will you get off of me!" She said pushing him away.

"Do you want to get caught?" he asked.

"I can handle myself." She said looking away from him.

"Tabby listen. Us fighting is gonna get us no where. We need to work together." He said.

"I have done just fine on my own." She said still not looking at him.

"Tabby we have to get back to Zack and the others. They are gonna need our help." He said.

Tabby was quite for a little while. "Yeah you're right. They do need our help." She said.

They started to walk out of the alleyway when they heard an explosion on the other side of town. They looked at each other then ran off in the direction of the sound. They heard another loud explosion.

As they got closer they saw people running away from a wave of fire that was burning the town. Tabby gasped and covered her mouth in shock. Iridian ran towards a kid who was crying. A piece of burning building fell and Iridian pulled the kid out of the way.

"Tabby Run! I will help people." Iridian shouted to her as another explosion hit the town.

"No! This is my town I am staying and defending it!" She yelled back at him running further into the destroyed part of town.

Iridian chased after her. They both got to the town square. Ifrit was standing in the middle of the square throwing fireballs out at the town. Fang was standing next to Ifrit.

"That is right burn this city to the ground! Show them that Raydia is the new ruler!" Fang said with a smile.

"Ifrit? But that is Kyra's summon. Tabby you have to leave now!" Iridian said.

"No you wanted us to work as a team and now you want to go solo? That doesn't work for me old man." Tabby said.

"You can't fight Ifrit. I can slow it down but that is about it." Iridian said.

Tabby opened her messenger bag and pulled out a rather large long bow. She then pulled out an arrow and shot at Ifrit. Iridian was surprised by the weapon she had just drawn. The arrow bounced off Ifrit's horn.

"So the lone cat shows up to be burned? Wait you have help! I thought Raydia took everyone from the forest clearing!" Fang said being surprised by Iridian.

"Raydia?" Iridian said under his breath.

Tabby shot another arrow that bounced off the ground and almost hit Fang. She had jumped out of the way of the arrow.

"No matter! I will take you both down and this city will burn to the ground!" Fang said with a laugh.

Tabby shot another arrow that grazed Fang's shoulder. Fang stumbled backwards and fell to the ground. She then stood up and looked over at Ifrit.

"I command you to use hell fire on the two weaklings!" Fang ordered.

Ifrit looked right at Tabby and Iridian. He jumped up in the air and created a large fireball. Ifrit grabbed the fireball and threw it right at them. Iridian grabbed Tabby and was about to pull her out of the way.

Out of nowhere a large fire X stopped the attack. The fireball exploded in the air. Zack ran towards the square with Yue and Mori behind him. He stopped right in front of Tabby and Iridian. Xantho wasn't far behind Zack and the others.

"See you two started a party without us. No matter we got it from here!" Zack said with a smile on his face.

"Zack, she is using Kyra's summon!" Yue said.

"Yes it seems that this person has gotten her hands on several summons." Mori said.

"Zack are you sure you have this?" Iridian asked helping Tabby to her feet.

"I got this old man. You two need to get to safety. Xantho, lead them back to Sid." He said to her.

"Right! Come this way you two." Xantho said leading Tabby and Iridian away from the square.

"So you survived our last encounter. That won't be the same this time! You will burn!" Fang shouted at them.

"You two think you can handle Ifrit? Cause I am going after Fang." Zack said.

"Yue and I can handle that over sized flame. Right Yue?" Mori said.

"Right." She said.

They all rushed into battle. Tabby looked over her shoulder to see Zack fight but a building collapsed obscuring her view. She put her bow away and zipped up her messenger bag. Iridian put his arm around Tabby to protect her if anything fell. Xantho led them out of town and toward a group of Dragoons that were making sure people got out of the town in one piece.

"Where is Sid?" Xantho asked them.

"She took a group in to help people out. We are just to make sure that none of these people rush back in." One of the Dragoon's said.

"Protect these two with your life is that understood?" Xantho said.

"Yes ma'am!" The dragoon said.

Xantho turned and looked at the burning buildings. Tabby was short on breath she couldn't really breath through all the smoke they had run through. Iridian sat on the ground looking up at the sky.

"Iridian..." Tabby started.

He looked over at her. "Hmm? What is it Tabby?" He asked.

"Thanks...For well you know protecting me and stuff. But don't expect I will talk about what you want to talk about." She said looking away from him.

"I didn't think you would." He said with a slight laugh.

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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

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Chapter Twenty

Kain woke up and looked around his rather empty hotel room. He yawned and popped his neck. He grabbed his weapon and walked to the door. Once he opened it there where three guards staring at him.

"The Mayor would like to see you and your friend." One guard said.

"Yes so come quietly." Another said.

A few seconds later Kitaka was walking with three guards around her. She looked over at Kain and shrugged at him. He didn't say a word and walked behind Kitaka.

They were lead through the town to a rather large building. Kain didn't like that they were summoned on such sort notice. As they entered to building their weapons were taken.

"Hey! You can't do that!" Kitaka said.

Kain touched Kitaka on the shoulder and shook his head at her. She let out a sigh and was soon quiet again. They were lead to a room with a desk and a rather large man writing on some papers.

"Mayor Di Nada. Here are the two you wanted to see." One guard said.

The man looked up. Kain stared right back at the Mayor. Kitaka looked a little scared that they where summoned.

"Yes you men can leave now. I wish to talk to them alone." The Mayor said as the Guards left.

"Alright What do you want?" Kain asked.

"A man who gets to the point. Very nice. I see the people where right to fear you two." The Mayor said standing up.

"Fear us? We are trying to save the world. We were gonna leave until you dragged us in here." Kitaka said.

"Kitaka that is enough." Kain said.

"Yes well, I can't let you go. You are enemies of my town." He said.

"Enemies? You must be out of your mind!" Kain said.

"No see it is very simple you come from Northlynn a town that lets you get away with being loud. There for you are enemies of my town." He said walking in front of his desk.

The mayor raised an eyebrow at them. "So do you plan on letting my people kill you or do you wish to struggle against Raydia's control.... Damn. Now I have to kill you." He said with a frown.

Kain rushed the Mayor punching him in the gut. Kain looked over his shoulder at Kitaka. "Run! I will hold him off!" He said before being punched in the face.

Kitaka tried to run but Kain was thrown into the wall right next to the door. Kain groaned in pain, Kitaka stopped to help him.

"Are you alright?" She asked him.

"I thought I told you to run for it." He said sitting up.

"You have no hope of running. Is that all you have Human?" Di Nada said walking closer to them.

"Why didn't you drop when I hit you? No one can stand against my punch." Kain said trying to stand up.

"Nothing hurts a Crystalirean you fool. I know Raydia

plans on killing you herself but you fools need to die." He said changing into his crystal form. The sun light passed through him casting a red light on Kitaka and Kain.

Kain struggled to stand up. As soon as he got to his feet Di Nada punched him through the wall and crashing through several guards. Kitaka chased after Kain.

"Kain we have to go now!" She said trying to help him up as Grimore started to run at them. She looked over and saw Kain's weapon leaning on a wall. Kitaka ran over to it and tried to pick it up only to be dragged to the ground by its weight.

Kain stood up and crossed his arms in front of him to protect himself. Grimore's fist hit Kain making him slide. Kain tripped over Kitaka, he grabbed his weapon from under Kitaka.

"Move Kitaka! I got this." He said standing up holding his broad sword.

Kitaka moved out of the way as Grimore started to charge in again. Kain got ready with his weapon. Kain smiled as Grimore threw a punch at him Kain moved slicing off Grimore's right arm.

"Take that you Crystal Bastard." Kain said with a smile.

Grimore's arm hit the ground with a loud thud. Several guards from the next room rushed in. Grimore had changed to look like a human that was bleeding.

"Get them! They attacked me!" He said before falling over fainting.

"Kitaka we have to go now!" He said grabbing her as she grabbed her fans.

They ran out of the building with guards chasing them. Kain watched as more guards started to run right at them.

"Time for plan b." he said.

"What is that?" She asked.

"This!" He said slamming his foot on the ground breaking out the ground under them. Kitaka almost fell over, Kain stood on the rock as it slid towards the guards.

"We are gonna ride this rock right out of town!" he said maneuvering it so that the guards had to move out of the way.

Once they had gotten far enough away from the town. Kain took in a deep breath. He then started to cough. He fell to one knee. Kitaka rushed over to him.

"Are you alright?" She asked.

"Yeah just a broken rib or two. I will be fine if we can find Kyrie." He said standing up.

"Are you sure you are alright?" She asked.

He stumbled towards a forest. Kitaka walked next to him worrying if he would be alright. They walked further into the forest. Kitaka stepped on a twig snapping it.

"Take this you monster!" Kuni yelled throwing a punch at Kitaka by accident.

She moved out of the way bumping into Kain's broken ribs. He fell to the ground in pain. She gasped as he groaned out in pain.

"Oh I am so sorry Kain. Kuni! What the hell!" Kitaka said.

"I didn't know it was you. Hey Kyra! Kyrie! We need you over here." Kuni yelled over his shoulder.

Kyra and Kyrie ran over to them. Kyrie looked over at Kain who was groaning. She walked over to him and started to heal him up.

"What happened to him?" Kyra asked.

"A crystalirean named Di Nada hit him pretty hard. We were almost killed in their town." Kitaka said.

"Well he will be alright." Kyrie said standing up.

"Good thing we ran into you! I know who attacked the school!" Kitaka said.

"Yeah Raydia. We know. We escaped from her fortress." Kyra said coldly. "We need to regroup with the others. Then we attack." She added.

"Way to take the wind out of my sails Kyra." Kitaka said.

"Ladies please. Can we not stand here? If they were chased then we have to move so that they don't find us." Kuni said touching Kyra and Kitaka on their shoulders.

Kyra looked over at him. She let out a sigh and looked around. Kyrie helped Kain up to his feet. They joined the others.

"Here this way. There is a cave we can stay in for the night." Kyra said spotting a cave.

She lead them over to it. Kyrie and Kitaka helped Kain who was still in a little bit of pain. Kuni walked behind everyone making sure no one snuck up on them.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

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Chapter Twenty one

Zack opened his eyes to sun light. He raised his hand to block the sun light. Yue looked over at Zack.

"Hey there Zack." She said.

"Huh? Oh hey there Yue." He said standing up.

Mori was leaning on a tree. Xantho was sitting on a log that she had made for a chair. Zack scratched his head. Yue had a book in her hands.

"So what is this risky plan of yours Zack?" Mori asked.

"Well it isn't really a Plan. I was kind of just bluffing last night." He said with a weak smile.

"Of course you were cause heaven forbid you actually think things through." Yue said sounding upset and closing her book.

"Whoa Yue Normally I would expect that from Kyra. Look I may not have an actual plan not one that would save us at the moment." Zack said.

The sound of a twig snapping came from behind Zack. He drew his weapons and turned around. Yue also drew her weapon. Xantho got spooked and changed into a human.

"Dragoon Captain? Is that you?" A voice called from behind a tree.

Zack didn't answer. Yue stood there silent. Mori slowly walked over to Yue and Zack. A Dragoon stepped into the clearing.

"It is you Dragoon Captain Zack!" The dragoon said. "Hey everyone over here!" He shouted into the woods.

More Dragoons showed up. A female Dragoon was mixed in with all of the male Dragoons. She rested her dragoon lance on her shoulders. Zack and Yue put away their weapons.

"Well if it isn't Zack. Long time no see." She said.

"Wait I know that voice. Sid? What are you doing out here?" He asked her.

"Saving your sorry ass from the looks of it." She said taking off her helmet.

Her long black hair fell down her shoulders. The sun light glistened off her golden colored skin. She had a small mole on the near the base of her jaw on her left side. She had forest green eyes that looked at the four people in front of her.

She grinned at them. "Well shall we get going? Or do you wanna stand around waiting for the enemy to die of boredom?" She asked.

"You know this person Zack?" Yue asked with a confused look on her face.

"Yeah I do Yue. This is Sid DeLeon. She helped invent the Airship." Zack said.

"Yeah the one you crashed! Don't worry your little heads off cause have I got a surprise for you. Just follow me." She said leading them through the forest.

Zack waved his hands to get the others to follow him. They all walked out of the forest. They looked around then right at Sid who was looking at them with a smile.

"Alright what is it Sid? Cause I see nothing." Zack said.

"I know just give me a second." She said before whistling.

A rope ladder fell from the sky and stopped right next to her. Zack and the others took a step back in shock. The dragoons started to climb up the later.

"Hey boys tell them to unhide the ship. Just for a little while. Don't want anyone seeing us." She called up to the dragoons.

Zack looked up to where the ladder stopped. Out of no where a ship materialized. Yue was in shock that there was another Airship. Mori raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Come on lets get a move on. Don't wanna be sitting ducks do ya?" Sid said grabbing the ladder and climbing up.

The others soon followed her up the ladder. Once on deck of the ship she had them hide the ship again. Sid handed her helmet to one of the other dragoons. She then turned and looked at Zack with a smug look.

"So where to? Cause we have been to the crash site. No one was there. By the way, nice job destroying my hard work. Can we not do it a second time?" She said.

"Look It isn't like I wanted to crash the first one. Wait how did you even build a second one? I thought we used everything in the first one?" Zack said.

"Yeah well while you were off traveling by sea I had more supplies ordered and got a second ship air born. So Where are the others? Or is this it?" She asked leaning against a wall.

"There are others but I have no clue where they are." Zack said.

"Well do you wanna head to the crash site? Maybe get some supplies? Or head to the nearest town?" She asked.

"Captain! Er... Madam Sid! Off in the distance there is a tower of smoke!" One dragoon called out.

"Alright you heard the man! Head towards the smoke. Unless you have a better plan Zack." She said looking over at him.

"Your ship you lead." Zack said.

"Good. GET THE LEAD OUT! I want us there in no time!" Sid yelled orders walking around the deck.

"Remind you of anyone?" Yue said jokingly to Mori.

"Yeah." Mori replied with a slight laugh.

Zack looked over at them and they looked away. He rolled his eyes and walked over to the railing and leaned on it. He watched the ground pass by under them.

"Yo Zack you never introduced these people to me." Sid said leaning on the rail next to him.

Zack almost fell off the ship when she showed up next to him.

"The shy one is Xantho. The guy is Mori and blue Hair is Yue." He said.

"Who are you calling blue hair you creep." Yue said in a rather flat tone.

"Yue huh? Hmmmm..." Sid said grabbing Yue by the chin. She slightly blushed and looked away.

Mori leaned on the railing next to Zack. "Haven't seen that face on her since we took that boat ride five years ago." He said to Zack.

"Huh? Oh yeah that." Zack said in a rather flat tone.

"Ok what is wrong Zack? You are quiet, just a little to quiet." Mori said.

"It is nothing Mori. Trust me." Zack said.

"Madam Sid! We are here!" One of the Dragoons said as the ship passed over the burning town.

As they passed over Zack could see Iridian and Tabby. He turned around stood up and looked around.

"Alright We need to lower this ship now! Mori, Yue come with me. We have to save Tabby and Iridian." Zack said.

"Whoa this is my ship Zack. Who said you where in charge?" Sid asked.

"I started the Dragoons remember?" Zack said.

"Yeah? Well You arn't charging into a burning city." Sid said. "I will take my team and go in. You will stay on the ship." Sid added.

"Actually I got a look at where they are heading. I could get my team of three there quicker than you could." Zack said.

"Fine, but take Xantho instead of Yue." Sid said, Yue slightly blushed.

"Look I don't have time for this Sid. We can settle this after we are done!" Zack said jumping off the ship as it got close to the ground.

Yue, Mori and Xantho jumped off after Zack. Sid watched as they ran off. She turned around to a group of Dragoons.

"Alright we are heading in after them. Our task is to get people out to safety. A small group will stay at the base of the ship the rest spread out through the town. Is that understood?" Sid asked them.

"Yes Ma'am!" A large group of Dragoons said.

"Then lets head out!" She said jumping off the ship.

As Zack ran towards the square he saw Ifrit getting ready to throw a fire ball at Tabby and Iridian. He drew his weapons and lit them on fire. He did a large X attack that flew and hit the Fireball.

The fireball exploded in the air. Zack ran towards the square with Yue and Mori behind him. He stopped right in front of Tabby and Iridian. Xantho wasn't far behind Zack and the others.

"See you two started a party without us. No matter we got it from here!" Zack said with a smile on his face.

"Zack, she is using Kyra's summon!" Yue said.

"Yes it seems that this person has gotten her hands on several summons." Mori said.

"Zack are you sure you have this?" Iridian asked helping Tabby to her feet.

"I got this old man. You two need to get to safety. Xantho, lead them back to Sid." He said to her.

"Right! Come this way you two." Xantho said leading Tabby and Iridian away from the square.

"So you survived our last encounter. That won't be the same this time! You will burn!" Fang shouted at them.

"You two think you can handle Ifrit? Cause I am going after Fang." Zack said.

"Yue and I can handle that over sized flame. Right Yue?"

Mori said.

"Right." She said.

They all rushed into battle. Zack's blades came clashing with Fang's blade. She smiled as the tassel on her weapon had the red bead on it.

"That is Kyra's give it back." He said.

"Make me." She replied attacking him.

Mori and Yue got ready to fight. They looked at each other then nodded. Yue charged into battle while Mori made a water shield around her. She was knocked back by a single hit from Ifirt. She landed right next to Mori.

"That didn't work." He said.

"You think smart ass?" She said standing up.

Zack threw a fire ball at Fang who dodged out of the way. She swung her weapon at him and he blocked it with his weapons.

"You have no hope of winning Zack! This town will burn and you will be given to Raydia who will kill you!" Fang said attacking him.

"I doubt that!" He said.

Mori created a water shield around himself and Zack. Yue held up her weapon. "Leviathan! I summon you to use your tidal wave!" She said.

A large tidal wave started to wash over the town taking out most of the fire near the square. The water washed over Ifrit who fell to one knee. The water vanished in a matter of seconds.

Fang was soaked with water. She attacked Zack again. He moved out of the way and cut the tassel off her weapon and kicked her. She flew away from where the bead landed. Ifrit started to vanish, Fang looked in horror as he vanished.

"NO! You were suppose to die! Grr... You will see me again!" Fang said vanishing in a portal.

Zack picked up the bead and walked over to Yue. He handed it to her and smiled at her. "There you go. Give it to Kyra when we find her." He said.

She smiled at him. Sid walked into the square with a few other Dragoons. They were all dripping wet.

"Alright. Who do I have to cuss out about being soaked to the bone?" She asked.

Zack looked at her then over to Yue. "She is the one you have to cuss out. Have fun. I am going back to the airship." Zack said walking away.

"Hey! Wait up!" Mori said chasing after Zack.

"YOU TWO SUCK!" Yue yelled after Zack and Mori.

"Oh cheer up dearie. Could always be worse." Sid said with a smile walking over to Yue.

"How is that?" Yue asked.

"You could be dripping wet and not have a dry change of clothes near by." Sid replied with a smile.

Yue smiled and laughed then turned to walk back to the ship. "Then again I could always look at you walking away sweet thing." Sid said walking past Yue smacking her on the ass.

Yue blushed a bit. "He..HEY!!! Why did you do that?" Yue asked.

"Seemed like fun. Come on I need to get out of this armor before I get a cold. If you are lucky I might have you help me change." Sid said in a sort of flirty voice.

Zack got back to the Airship and looked at Tabby and Iridian. Iridian stood up and walked over to him.

"Zack I have to talk to you about something." He said grabbing Zack by the shoulder and walking him away from Tabby.

"What is it Iridian?" Zack asked.

"This, I thought you should know about Tabby." Iridian said handing him the wanted poster.

Zack looked at it for a second. Then he tore it to pieces. Once he was done he looked at Iridian.

"I don't care about that. She is a friend. If she hasn't wanted to talk about her past then I am not gonna go digging for answers." He said making a fireball and burning the shreds of paper.

"I see. Another thing Zack. I have decided to head back to Northlynn. You don't need an old man like me crowding up the fights. Just make sure you bring everyone back in one piece alright?" Iridian said.

"What do you plan on doing when you get there? It got just as destroyed as this place." Zack said.

"I am gonna help rebuild. I might even get them rethink about you being exiled to the forest. You might be able to get back into Northlynn when this is all over. Tell the others I said goodbye." He said looking over his shoulder at Tabby who had hugged Mori and Yue. Sid was ringing out her hair.

"Not one to say goodbye yourself huh?" Zack said.

Zack rejoined the others as Iridian left. Zack laughed at Sid who was still dripping wet. She swung her hair so it hit him in the face. The others laughed at him. Tabby hugged Zack once they had stopped laughing.

"OH I missed you Zack!" She said.

"I missed you too Tabby. Oh Everyone Iridian wanted me to tell you he is heading back to Northlynn. He isn't much for goodbyes." Zack said hugging Tabby.

"I am going to change. Yue you mind helping me." Sid asked with a wink.

Yue blushed again. "Yeah go help the nice lady change. You know you wanna see her change." Mori said jokingly.

"YOUR NOT HELPING MORI!" Yue yelled at him.

Zack laughed at them. Tabby was glad to be near people she knew. Yue climbed up the ladder after Sid.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 25th January 2012, 1:03 pm

Chapter Hiatus!

Ok So I know you are all waiting for a new chapter. I figured I would have an actual chapter posted here instead of this one but at the moment I don't know how I want to continue the story. It is kind of a writers block. Not to say I won't be able to think of something later. Just right now I need to step back from this, maybe write something else for a while then come back to this. Who knows maybe while RP'ing I will think of something and write the new chapter. For now I leave you with Chapter Hiatus.... I just hope this isn't one of those things that I forget about and never finish. What Am I saying? It is close to the end! So yeah It will be finished once I get past this stupid writers block. Thanks for understanding.
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Re: FURP: The Journey Continued

Post by Tokahia on 15th February 2012, 12:54 am

Chapter Twenty Two

Kyra stood watching out the cave. It had started to rain, Kain was sitting with his back against the cave wall. Kyrie was tending to his wounds. Kuni walked over to Kyra.

"So why so silent?" He asked.

Krya looked over at him then stared back out the cave.

"Fine don't speak. Just listen to me then. If you are worried about Yue she was with Zack. I don't think anything in the world could stop him from protecting us." Kuni said, he hardly believed the words he had just said.

"Yeah well he failed at least once." Kyrie said finishing up on Kain's broken ribs.

"Hey now, he can't be every where at once. Ouch, careful those ribs still hurt." Kain said as Kyrie had poked his ribs to make him stop talking.

"Kain is right Kyrie. He can't be everywhere like Conloadh could." Kitaka said.

"Yeah that was just plain annoying." Kuni replied.

Kyra stayed silent while the others talked. She let out a sigh, she really wished she had her weapon instead of the short sword. Though she didn't have time to get the weapon on their escape. The rain started to pour harder, the others fell silent knowing they couldn't hear each other over the echo of the rain.

Kyra focused a bit harder trying to see past the rain, though it was no help. Suddenly the water started to split horizontally, the tip of a sword sliced its way through. Kyra barely moved out of the way the tip grazed her stomach.

She drew her weapon to defend herself. The others were shocked, Kyra held up her hand to stop them from moving. A man wearing a solid black outfit stepped through the water. The weapon in his hand looked like a large wing, his black hair was tied back in a pony tail. A grin was across his face.

The rain had started to fade. Kyra held her weapon at the ready the others looked like they where ready to rise to arms.

"You are faster than you look Kyra Valendorf." The man's soothing voice said.

"Who the hell are you? And why the hell do you know my name?" Kyra asked him with a serious face.

"In due time my dear. In due time." He replied.

"I see so this is where half of you are. Hmmm Could be quite easy to erase you all right here and now." He said.

"You work for Raydia don't you?" Kyra asked.

"Raydia? Hmmm I see so she is still alive." He spoke to himself. "No matter, For I don't work for her." He added.

Kyra was tired of listening to him and she charged in. He blocked with his sword. It was almost effortlessly they way he blocked with a sword that looked like it two sizes to wide for him.

"What pathetic skills for a champion." He said flinging Kyra away. She slid on her feet her arms were up in defensive mode.

Kain stood up grabbing his weapon. "Kain you are not ready for fights yet!" Kyrie said.

"I don't care he attacked my student!" Kain said bringing his weapon down. The mysterious man blocked with his weapon.

"So you are Kain. Your ribs must still be broken." The man said kicking Kain in the ribs. He fell to one knee his sword fell to the ground.

"That's it you are going down!" Kyra said rushing forward.

She jumped up in the air and started to come down towards the man. "Does no one ever use skills any more?" He asked holding up his free hand.

She was about to make contact with him but she froze in the air. Kuni looked on with shock he wanted to help but he didn't want to risk Kyra getting injured.

"I see so none of you have met a darkness manipulator like me. Very well then, I will leave you with a parting gift." The man said as he vanished into solid darkness. In a matter of seconds he was behind Kitaka.

She tried to turn around but it was to late. The man had stabbed her through the back. He lowered Kyra to the ground but she couldn't move. "Such a shame that the champions of the past are this weak." He said to himself.

"You bastard! How could you kill her? She had done nothing to you!" Kyra said.

"You are all guilty to me. Her crimes happened Five years ago. As did all of yours. Let it be known that your coming crimes will only be the last nail in your coffin." The man said pulling his weapon out of Kitaka's back.

She fell to the ground and the man vanished. Kyra stumbled forward when the man's power let go of her. Kyrie rushed over to Kitaka but it was to late, she was already dead. Kain slowly lowered himself to the ground so that he was laying down.

"Damn it!" Kyra cursed. She turned and punched the wall in anger.

"Kyra... It wasn't your fault." Kuni said standing up. He started to walk to her.

"No it is my fault. I can't protect anyone. I couldn't protect Kitaka. Hell I could barely defend myself!" She said tossing the sword to the ground. Kyra turned and rushed out of the cave. "Kyra... Wait!" Kuni said chasing after her.

He followed her til she got to a clearing. She fell onto her knees crying. "I couldn't protect her..." She said.

Kuni keeled next to her and wrapped an arm around her. He didn't say anything, he couldn't think of anything that would help calm her down. "Kyra... Lets get back to the cave. I don't want you catching a cold." He said making a fire shield around them. The water droplets hit the shield turning into steam.

He helped her to her feet. They made their way back to the cave once inside he dropped the shield. Kyra was still crying. Kyrie had started working on Kain's ribs again. Everyone stayed silent the whole night.

The next morning Kain had used his power to dig a grave for Kitaka. They buried their fallen friend. Kain then used his power to make a tombstone that Had her name on it.

"Let's get going... We have to find the others..." Kyra said turning her back and started to walk away.

"Kyra..." Kuni said reaching out for her.

"It is best if you just give her some space kid." Kain said touching Kuni on the shoulder.

"Yeah..." He said softly, he watched as Kyrie walked off just as silent as Kyra did.

Kuni and Kain soon followed them. They had no idea where they where headed. Kyra didn't care where they where headed as long as it was away from the forest.
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