World: Ǝ-Verse

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World: Ǝ-Verse

Post by Ink on 13th January 2012, 11:21 pm

World Name: ƎARTH

Original Character's Name(s): The Casts of Genie Jinx, Robotik, My Maid the Goddess, Close Encounters of the Girl Kind, Mitsu Academy, 13th Street

Solar View: This world is broken apart into a number of "islands" floating around one central core in space. Each isle represents a different part of ƎARTH. There are 6 islands total in space among several minuscule ones. There is only one Sun but each island has its own moon.

Similarities/Differences to Earth: All in all, on these islands, the same basic laws of physics generally apply (though are often defied by the characters on them in cartoon-esque fashions). These islands look like massive chunks of floating land and not like a round planet.

Background/Species Overview: ƎARTH is a unique world. It grows and expands as the imaginations of people on Earth creates, those creations being sent into this universe to become a part of this world. Their imaginations help to add islands to the world itself. As such, ƎARTH is always changing and growing in some form or way. The first islands became the primary ones.

Island 1 - A place where people co-exist with mythical creatures and simply don't know it. These creatures have created entire secret civilizations. Genies, Werewolves, Elves, Pixies, Fairies, etc.

Island 2 - An island where time has sped up somewhat, ushering the world into one of the semi-distant future.

Island 3 - An island watched over by powerful gods and goddesses who secretly police the mortal world. If one dies, they will become either an angel after going to the Overworld or a demon after going to the Underworld. The gods and goddesses are the kings and queens of angels. The demons are ruled by their own lord. (No, there are no Angel v. Demon wars)

Island 4 - This island is dominantly plain to humans but unknown to them, aliens seem very attracted to the place. It's become a practical home away from home for them.

Island 5 - This island is one in which modern society is somewhat blended with ancient culture, in which a number of older practices are much more common. Time had apparently come to a slow around certain regions of the island.

Island 6 - On this island, the holidays come alive as deep within, there is another world in which the holidays make everything. Inhabiting these worlds are holiday sprites. Very few individuals know about this place. But apparently most that do know the true power of these sprites. A number of individuals have tried to selfishly use their power.

Additional Information: As the ENTƎRTAINMENT Universe expands, so will this world. Thus, there will soon be new islands. I will tell you more about them in a short time but they will be directly linked to the upcoming series Wishful Thinking, Steampunk Princess, Level Grind, and Poseidon Crown.

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