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A world of steampunk technology, magical advancement and great warriors!


1490: First war with the Dark Ones and the God of chaos - Lasts 5 Years
1495: First war ends - 16 Years of peace and reconstruction
1511: Second war begins - Lasts 7 years
1518: Second war ends - 14 Years of peace
1532: Third war begins - 12 Years of destructive warfare
1544: Third war ends - 24 Years of peace and technological advancement
1566: Present time

An endless world of might and magic, forever torn and scarred by successions of horrifying wars. What the peaceful people of the land did to deserve such terrible calamity, not even the gods can tell. But as any of their warlords will snidely say, the time to wonder and question quickly vanishes when the God of Chaos is slaughtering your kin, burning your cities and sowing one-time fertile soil with gore. Twice this hellish incarnation of destruction burst forth from its cursed dimension to wade in valiant blood against the blackened sky, and twice Cyrusia’s protectors would not back down despite apocalyptic losses. Still, victory brought no relief: for they knew that some day the Dark Lord would be back.

And back he would be, sooner than anyone could have anticipated, because, as is so often the case, evil festered from within: humans, loyal to the Forces of Darkness, sought not only to ensure the return of their dark master, but to give his Demonic form human resemblance – so that rather than destroy Cyrusia, he would come to rule her. This group, known as the Dark Ones, were close to achieving their goal and would doubtless have accomplished their corrupt destiny had it not been for the undying vigilance of the great mage Agrias and the astonishing fate of an unknown fortune-hunter named Gorion. This vagrant, guided as he was by the forces of light, uncovered the Dark Ones dire schemes and, when the time came, readily underwent a daring ritual that sacrificed his very soul and infused him with the powers of the gods. And thus the Seraph was born.

Leaving but thousands of grim corpses in his wake, the avatar of the gods followed the enemy to its impenetrable citadel, Helios, nestled deep beneath the frozen wasteland of Mount Inferno, where he hunted and slew every Dark One leader until finally he and their unholy champion, the Corruptor, Thanatos, stood face to face. The fiend smiled and informed the Seraph that he was too late: the Phase Shift was complete and the God of Chaos would walk again. Indeed, behind him, on a large altar of ebony, lay a newborn child: a shell of purity swathed around a soul of utter darkness.

The ensuing battle between good and evil lasted many days and many nights, with neither side proving to be more powerful than the other. Yet, at long last, the Seraphs sword saw Thanatos dead, but despite being able to put and end to the vast evil that had almost brought Cyrusia to her knees, he could not bring himself to kill the infant.

He named him Jilvane and for years the Cursed One, with a soul of absolute evil, unaware of the terrible forces that brimmed beneath his boyish exterior, grew up under the tutelage of his step-father, the Holy Seraph, the one who had vanquished all evil. Every day, for many years, the Divine being chanted a blessing that sealed the corrupted evil within his son. For the terrible darkness that Jilvane bore could not be eliminated, but only slowed and hidden until it barely existed. It was the best that the Seraph could hope for.

The years passed, and Jilvane grew into a fine young man, mastering magic and swordsmanship with ease, as well as diplomacy and mind-reading. While the Seraph was proud of the growing power of his foster son, he also feared that one day, the seals that he had placed upon Jilvanes soul would rupture, and the God of Chaos would be reborn, more terrible and unstoppable than ever before.

Thus, he decided that his son would have to embark upon a quest of self-discovery, where only his actions and decisions would influence the outcome of his future. Would Jilvane succeed, and would the darkness that plagued his soul be forever banished into Nemesis, the Consuming Void? Or would he fail, and would his soul transform him evermore into the incarnation of pure evil, the being destined to destroy Cyrusia?

If twas the latter, the Seraph would have no choice but to commit the inevitable: he would slay his beloved son, to safeguard the future of the world…

Consequently began the legacy of the Cursed One, known only as Jilvane, and the deeds that would eternally change Cyrusia, for better or for worse…




Descriptions of the locations on the map

Blue Locations:

-Ceunode: A large, foreign and mysterious city, housing many different types of people, that is known for its great splendor and beauty. It has no definite army, because it relies on the vast number of war-mages inside its walls to protect the town. There is very little crime in this area, and large festivals are often held in Ceunode’s colorful streets. It is truly a joyful, tropical city.

-Antronae: A small, yet powerful city, filled with inventors, mercenaries and great warriors. It is the most technologically advanced city in Cyrusia, due to the fact that it is governed by a famous engineer. Also, because great a number of warriors have chosen to make this place their home-city, it has the reputation of being a town where one can master and learn many different types of combat. Antronae is a city of technology and fierce combat.

Teal Locations:

-Patrusia: Slightly corrupt and highly efficient, Patrusia is a famous merchant town, and is remarkable for the fact that it houses the largest market-place in all of Cyrusia, where one can obtain anything they desire. Many merchants, vendors and sell-swords call Patrusia their home, making Patusia a very rich and influential city, even though the warlord of the town is disinclined to make foreign relations with the other towns on the continent. This will be the starting point for the main quest.

-Honoculus: A morally backwater, yet excessively cultured town, it is nevertheless famous for its many exports, such as wine, fine meats, weapons, armour, and much more. This is due to the fact that it is located on the most fertile land in all of Cyrusia. Many people affectionately call this town the ‘Workshop’ because of the ridiculous amount of artisans, blacksmiths and farmers that live here. It is the main supplier for mostly everything in Cyrusia, and the warlord of the town is known for his immense greed.

-Dexisto: The most bizarre town in the entire continent, it is also the most artistic. Hundreds of artists, painters and eccentrics live in this place, and as of such, the whole town is colorful, strangely built and very confusing to navigate. Due to its rather isolated nature, on the Meiko Peninsula, it rarely maintains contact with other societies, which merely adds to its mystique. The governor of the town is an ancient war-hero who once fought against the Dark Ones, and pending his rule, the crime rate of this town is inexistent.

Maroon Locations:

-Seiken Numerox: This is the official capital of Cyrusia, and is the largest city in the world. It houses the royal Seiken family, and is known for its massive military might, and great magical innovations. It is a serene, orderly and well-constructed town, where the many citizens obey every order thrust upon them. The city is extremely well-disciplined, and is also very rich, in culture, wealth and power. To live in this town is to be undyingly loyal to the royal family. Strangers visiting the city are immediately overwhelmed by the massive amount of buildings, stores and workshops, and also the fact that the citiy guards are steam-powered automatons, instead of actual humans.

-Anmerkand: An isolated, solitary, desert town, it is relatively small compared to the other cities in Cyrusia. Unfortunately, it has a rather high crime rate, and many different kinds of people, such as veterans, pickpockets, murderers, and fugitives choose to live in this city, due to the reason that there aren’t enough guards to survey the whole town. To live in this city, you would have to be rugged, powerful and ready to get into a fight, because Anmerkand is an unforgiving border-town. It does have a large selection of exotic foods, though.

-Destina: A mysterious town inhabited by a large number of mages, it is famous because it houses the Oracle, an intriguing woman who doesn’t age, and who can see into the future. Many thousands of pilgrims from around Cyrusia often come to visit the town, to pray in front of the temple of the Oracle, in hopes that she will bless their future with great fortune. Also, due to the fact that the governor of the town is an accomplished mage of amazing power, the city is almost completely controlled by magic. The guards are spirit warriors, the streetlights are sentient beings, and numerous skyships are used to fly around the town. Many other mystical inventions make the town an incredible place to visit.

Red locations:

-Seals of Power: The four legendary seals of power that the Seraph used to prevent the God of Darkness from possessing Jilvane, and reincarnating himself. He now recognizes his mistake, and has ordered his son to go release these seals. Each seal is protected by a powerful guardian, and the seals can only be opened and destroyed by Jilvanes sword, the Durandal. Other than that, their origins remain a mystery.

-The Master Seal: The final seal of power. It houses nearly the entire dark power that constitutes the entity that is the God of Darkness. It can only be destroyed after the first four ones have been shattered. No one, not even the Seraph or the Dark Ones, know what will happen to Jilvane and Cyrusia when the last seal is released.

-Helios: The dark citadel of the Dark Ones. Even years after the fall of the Corruptor, Thanatos, it is still inhabited by thousands of Dark One fanatics. Day after day, they train and train, while their mages summon hundreds of grotesque demonic creatures from the realm of Nemesis. This cursed city is nigh invulnerable. The mountainous terrain around the area makes it impossible for an army to attack. Helios’s immense ebony walls are unbreakable, made to withstand the harshest of sieges. The Dark Ones need not eat, seeing as they feed off of darkness absorbed from Nemesis. It is an entirely self-sufficient dark cancer upon Cyrusia’s stark beauty. The other cities of the world know very little of Helios, which is unfortunate for them. The Dark Ones have heard their master's call, from within the confines of Jilvane’s body, and they are preparing an enormous army to invade Cyrusia to capture Jilvane. The time has come for war, and this time, they won’t lose.

Purple Locations:

-Yeldraska: An ancient and majestic forest rumoured to be inhabited by a legendary dragon. Those who enter this forest rarely come out, because of its numerous inhuman dangers, but those who do manage to emerge… are forever changed. It is best to avoid Yeldraska, unless absolutely necessary.

-Jilvane’s house: Pretty self-explanatory. It is a large, isolated mansion, where he has lived all his life.

-Tamoe Kanz: The most dangerous and mysterious location in all of Cyrusia. Hundreds of courageous adventurers have braved its depths, never to be seen again. Rumors have it, that the souls of every dead person in Cyrusia are locked within. Though the truth is very vague, Tamoe Kanz is in fact a gateway leading to the top of Deathpeak, where time, space and reality mean nothing. Tamoe Kanz is a mystery best left alone.

Gold Locations:

-Altar of Life: An old, abandoned temple, devoted to life. Legend has it, that the Chosen One will have to make a terrible decision at the altar inside the temple.

-Altar of Death: An old, derelict cathedral, devoted to death. Legend has it, that the Chosen One will have to choose between two difficult choices at the altar within the cathedral.



In Cyrusia, the technology level is at a symbiosis between medieval and steampunk. (For those of you who don't know what the term 'Steampunk' means, I highly recommend you Google it!) Magic is relatively common, and many warriors use spiritual powers to augment their fighting skills. Firearms are a relatively new advancement, invented with steam power, yet at the moment, only rifles and pistols exist, so forget about assault rifles and general automatic weapons. In Cyrusia, many, many things are powered by energy crystals and steam power. It isn’t uncommon to see soldiers patrolling in bulky steam suits, wielding powerful crystal energy sabers or mages casting spells, assisted by magically enhanced power gloves. As you can see, combat skills and abilities are extremely varied.

-Melee: Just your classic melee. Swords, halberds, spears, daggers, axes, etc. Many weapons can be imbued with elemental magic, further increasing their power. Some weapons are even constructed using steam technology to make them much more powerful and original. Unique weapons are very rare, and always contain extremely strong abilities, such as the ability to leech life, become invisible, paralyze, pierce armor, turn into fire, etc. I am not very stringent about weapons, so just go and try to invent the most unique weapon possible. For example, a steam powered great sword that can get longer or shorter depending on the situation, or a talking spear that can age the opponents it attacks. Also, if you choose to make a unique weapon, try to give it a name!

Finally, for people who wish to give their characters special combat abilities, such as super speed or increased pain resistance, keep in mind that warriors use Spirit, and if they overuse their abilities in a fight, and waste all their Spirit, they will fall unconscious for several hours. Spirit is and important thing to know about, if your character is a melee fighter. You need Spirit to make special moves, like jumping really high, running at super speeds, etc. There is no fixed amount: just use your logic, fairness and general knowledge to determine how powerful your character is, and how long and how much they can use their abilities.

-Ranged: All that includes shooting or throwing. Crossbows, bows, rifles, pistols, javelins, throwing spears, knives, etc. The same ideals used for melee weapons apply to ranged weapons. They can be imbued with magic, constructed or reinforced with steam technology, and can become unique weapons. For example, a fire-element rifle, that can charge up a powerful blast of magma, or a steam punk Gatling rapid-fire crossbow. Ranged characters do not use Spirit.

-Magic: Magic is the most versatile ability in Cyrusia, but it is also the most dangerous, seeing as it feeds off the very life-force that sustains the caster. To be clear, magical spells are created from the many different types of elements. Many different elemental combinations can be made using magic, from the list of elements:

Fire - Water - Earth - Wind - Light - Dark - Ice - Arcane - Null

I will briefly explain the basics of each element, and the magic that evolves from it, but be logical: Healing magic originates from the Light element, and so on and so forth. Keep in mind, these are merely examples, to give you an idea of what element does what, and the characteristics of these elements. You could very well make a defensive Fire spell, although it wouldn't be very effective. Finally, even though some spells, like Earth, are very focused on a certain parameter, like defense, you can easily make offensive Earth spells, that are even more devastating than Fire spells. Just be original, but don't be overpowered! And well, choose your characters element wisely, as it will affect them greatly.


Fire: A destructive element, focusing on spells to burn, incinerate, melt, etc. Most spells of the fire element are offensive spells, and defensive Fire spells are hard to control. Encompasses magma, energy, and similar types.
-Pro: Powerful offensive magic
-Con: Very little defensive abilities/Fire magic is dangerous to control

Water: A defensive element, that is very versatile. Water magic can be used to heal, protect, and can also be used to attack, albeit with less capacity than Fire.
-Pro: Strong defensive power/Easy to use/Uses little Mana
-Con: Little offensive power

Earth: A mainly defensive element, that is very focused on protection. Earth magic can be used to power things up, to create strong barriers and to generally protect the caster. Encompasses nature, rock, and similar types.
-Pro: Incredible defensive power/Powerful offensive abilities
-Con: Very difficult to master/Stronger abilities cost lots of Mana

Wind: A powerful support element, it can be used to increase speed, reflexes, and other stats. It also has several powerful offensive and defensive characteristics. Encompasses lightning, air and similar types.
-Pro: Quick and easy too use/Easy to master/Great for supportive magic
-Con: Cannot create very powerful spells

Light: An excessively supportive element, it is nevertheless an extremely potent defensive one. The strongest healing magic is available from the Light element, as well as several insanely powerful offensive magics. Encompasses holy, white and similar types.
-Pro: Powerful healing magic/Extremely powerful for defense/Several very strong spells
-Con: Lacks versatility in offense/Healing magic can be very Mana-consuming

Dark: The evilest of the Elements, it is nevertheless a very potent one. The most powerful curses and disabling magics come from this element, and, like Light, several very powerful spells can be crafted from the Dark element. Encompasses gravity, death, and similar types.
-Pro: Powerful for disabling, maiming or cursing enemies/Offensive dark magic is very powerful
-Con: Lacks the ability to make defensive magic/Dark magic is difficult to control

Ice: An element strongly balanced between offense and defense. Powerful shields and weapons can be created from Ice, as well as amazing golems and offensive spells. It encompasses frost, cold and similar types.
-Pro: Very versatile too use/Simple to master
-Con: It is difficult to create very powerful magic, in both defense and offense

Arcane: A bizarre and pure element, strongly focused on support, but can also be used to debilitate the enemy. It can enhance the casters abilities with strong support magic, but is also used to warp reality. It encompasses psychic, mind and similar types.
-Pro: Very powerful to use/Barely uses any Mana
-Con: Extremely difficult to understand/Lacks the ability to create offensive magic

Null: A very, very rare element, due to the fact that it is the opposite of magic. Only high-level mages are able to use Null, and people born under the Null element are extremely uncommon. As of such, it is considered to be the strongest of the elements, due to the fact that it absorbs and compresses magic that can be re-casted in spectacular rainbow colored offensive spells. It is very mysterious.
-Pro: The strongest attack magic is created from Null/Uses no Mana
-Con: Nearly impossible to master or control/Unforeseen consequences happen when Null is used

Ok, if you have any questions about the above list, do not hesitate to contact me in the chatbox, or in a PM.

KEEP IN MIND/VERY IMPORTANT: When a person is born, they are born with ONE SINGLE element in their souls. This element, be it fire, ice or anything else, will greatly change how people act. For example, people born under the Light element will naturally be kind, caring and generous, whilst people born under the fire element will be fierce, hot-blooded, and easily excited. Personalities can vary depending on the situation at hand, but the fact remains that the element within each person slightly or greatly influences their life. People with two elements in their bodies are VERY rare. In fact, only several exist in all of Cyrusia, and Jilvane is one of them.

FOR WARRIORS WHO DO NOT USE MAGIC: Warriors who ignore magic, can still utilize the element within their soul, in a somewhat different way. They can imbue their weapon, and only their weapon, with specific magic and a depending amount of Spirit, depending on the element within them. For example, a Fire element warrior uses his Spirit and his element, Fire, to transform his sword into a blazing weapon that can melt metal. Of course, using your element when you are not a magic-user is very Spirit consuming. Lastly, everyone is more receptive to their element in the outside world. Say, a Water element archer will feel very peaceful and happy when swimming in a lake. Again, if you have ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT ME. I love answering PMs!

BACK TO MAGIC: Although mages can only have one elemental affinity, they can utilize magic to replicate the other elements, and can combine the replicated elements with their BASE element, to create a powerful spell. For example, a water mage summons the earth element, and creates and earth spike that will explode in a torrent of water when it strikes a foe. In the example, the mage had to use his BASE element in the spell. If a mage decides to replicate elements to create a spell, without using his BASE element, it will drain much of his power, unless the mage is exceptionally strong. Also, magic is dangerous because it utilizes Mana, which is the vital life force inside every living thing. If a weak mage uses too much Mana in a battle, they could easily die.

That is pretty much it for combat. I am leaving many of the details to the discretion of the Role-players, so go crazy and invent some awesome weapons and spells! Make combinations, like warrior-mages, or mages who fight on the front lines with magical weapons! Of course, keep in mind, that if I decide that your character, your weapon or your ability is too strong, I will ask you to keep it at a balanced level.


Innate Abilities

This is a simple section. When I talk about innate abilities, I want too know what makes your character unique. Perhaps they have incredible intelligence, absolute brute force, a mechanical arm, or an overwhelming luck? Or mayhap they have an incredible resistance to magic, a state in which they can be possessed, a powerful transformation, or a body that can withstand great punishment? If this section remains confusing, or unclear, I will present several examples, to show you what I mean. A innate ability can be anything, from a talent, a power, or a strange skill:

-Great at dancing
-Very strong
-Never gives up
-Great at singing
-Great at cooking
-Amazing at casting spells
-Can talk to animals
-Incredibly lucky
-Impossibly clever
-Highly resistant to any kind of magic
-Cannot be burned by fire
-Never gets sick
-Can see into the past
-Can understand dreams
-Always makes good jokes

Be creative! But, once again, keep in mind that I don’t want any Godlike characters: don’t go writing that your character has ‘Has the strength of a god’ or ‘Able destroy the world with a single sneeze’! Keep it fair, keep it cool and keep it balanced! And if you are still confused, well, just PM me!


Mastery and Rank
There are several classes to differentiate power levels between characters. It is a mash-up between experience, combat skill, elemental power, luck, strength, willpower and general characteristics of the implicated character. Though a character may be incredibly strong, they are limited by their class level. So, if you are a B class, don’t go around acting as strong as an A class. Also, every lower class can power up over the course of the RP. Keep in mind that the amount of Mana and Spirit that your character has goes in harmony with your Rank. The higher the Rank, the more you have.

E Rank: ROFL. This is just a joke class. An E rank's power is equivalent to that of a dead snail. And trust me, the snail will easily manage to defeat you. If, by some large amount of disregard, you choose to be an E rank, you character will die the moment I start the RP. That is how awesome this rank is. Please do not choose this rank!

D Rank: Very low powered rank. I will often use this rank for NPCs and many, many types of enemies. If you want to be a D rank, go ahead, but you will probably regret it.

C Rank: Low powered characters that have yet to master their abilities. Do not underestimate them, however, as they are literal buckets of raw potential power. Many of these C classes are apprentices or slightly capable combatants. Many of them are still experimenting their numerous powers, yet they have little control over them. Sometimes, C classes can become unstable, and can temporarily become much more powerful. They have a low amount of control over their element.

B Rank: More powerful than C rank, B rank is the type of level where many of Cyrusia’s warriors are situated. It is considered to be slightly more than average. These characters have much more control over their abilities, and have already fought several battles. They are more confident in their skills, and can pose a serious threat in large numbers. However, they are not at master level yet, and they nearly have full control over their element.

A Rank: A very strong rank level, it has a serious power difference compared to B rank. The characters in this section have near perfect control of their abilities, and can be easily called masters of their art. Many of the A classes have a large amount of power, and have already conquered their elemental affinity, as well as several other weapons, magic and abilities. Also, these great warriors have vast amounts of either Mana or Spirit. Many famous warriors in Cyrusia are at this prestigious Rank.

S Rank: A level of power that is considered practically inhuman. These powerful humans have absolute control over TWO whole elemental affinities. With weapon, bow or magic, they are destructive forces of elegant power, capable of defeating several A classes with relative ease. Few people in Cyrusia have obtained this level of mastery, and those that have are either living legends, or recluse vagrants. Once a person has attained this large level of magnanimous power, they are practically immortal, due to the amount of power in their veins. And, if you manage to get an S rank angry… you will most likely die.

Z Class: Nearly unheard of in Cyrusia, Z rank is level that can be compared to that of a God. Only several beings have ever attained this echelon of mastery: The Seraph, The God of Chaos, Thanatos and the acrhmage, Agrias. To be at this level of power is to have obtained immortality and pure enlightenment. The very fabric of reality is warped when they implicate themselves in a battle. As of such, The Seraph, rumoured to be the last living Z class, has not fought in years. To be final, when a Z class dies, the entire world feels the reverberations of escaping power.

If you want to be an S rank or even a Z rank, please PM me. You will have to give a good reason, a way your character will contribute to the story, and the promise that you won’t abuse your privilege. Also, keep in mind that luck is a part of classes. Sometimes, VERY rarely a B rank will manage to defeat an A class: just use your logic and Role-play fairly. AND ONCE AGAIN: Keep it balanced.


Extra Info

Humans: If you are wondering why I didn’t mention anything about different races that is because the only race I’m allowing is the HUMAN race. Why? Because, in many RPs I always disliked the fact that there are always stronger races than others. That goes against my very idea of balance, so in this RP I have decided to allow only Humans. That way, everyone has the same start: no one is born a powerful Dragon, or a God, or a Demon. Everyone is a human! With this, you can spend more time on developing your characters abilities, weapons, and traits, rather than grabbing the strongest race first.

Transport: Cyrusia is a massive world. Though the map may make it seem smaller than it is, the average distance between cities is very far. This is where the RPs main transport vehicle comes into use. Most times, when the group will have to traverse small distances, they will be able to go on foot, on horseback or by using steam-powered skyships.

MK II Draconis: This large vehicle, nicknamed the Drake, is a massive steam-powered hovercraft, commissioned by the Seraph, and created in Antronae by hundreds of engineers. Utilizing top-notch steam technology and high-quality sky crystals, the MK II Draconis can leisurely fly over the landscape at a somewhat slow speed, albeit a better speed than on horseback. The Drake will be used to travel very long distances, or to other continents, and is nearly self-sufficient, having to recharge and resupply only once per four months at specified locations. The Drake’s interior is rather lavish, almost like a hotel. There are multiple sleeping chambers, a training field, several supply storages, and a few areas for relaxing. The drake is made of solid steel, and magically controlled ballista’s can be found on its exterior to defend against other skyships. Half of the Drake’s interior is filled with machinery and engines, so it can get rather noisy living inside it sometimes. Most of the moments in the RP, between the quest lines, will happen in the Drake.

Cities – Towns – Villages: On the map, I only designated the towns that would be very important to the RP. Of course, there are many small villages all throughout the continent that I will sometimes mention in the RP. And when the group will enter the main cities, I will often post a map of the town, to give further guidance about the location.

Other: A character may only have one elemental affinity, unless they are unique, like Jilvane, or unless they are excessively powerful. If you wish to have more than one, please PM me.



Activity/Inactivity: Yes, I copied HK’s inactivity rule from Dragaultia. She did an excellent job!

I will ask for a minimum of one post every 4 days to keep the Roleplay active. If you can post once every 2-3 days, then that is even better! I would like to be informed of an absence and I will do my best to back you up. I won’t ask RPU for the simple reason that it’s not something that worked well before, however, you are free to ask someone else than me to replace you during your absence. As for the people who will stop posting without notice, you will be left behind and if you don’t post within 7-10 days: your character will be send back inside the Drake. However if I know in advance that you just need a bit of help from time to time, that will be different and I will do my best to assist you. I hope you understand that I wish to be strict on this matter due to the many Roleplays that stopped working due to inactivity from the players. If one character is removed from the story and there’s a need to fill the spot, I’ll either recruit or ask members if they wish to bring another character in. Thank you.

Flexibility I would like to announce that I am a very flexible RPM. If you would like to add a special arc to the main story, just PM me your idea. If you would like your character to be even more involved in the main quest line, just PM me, and I will consider. If you ever have any questions about the RP, or if you are confused about something happening in the RP, or if you just feel that I made a bad RPM decision, PM ME! I’ll gladly read your messages. Plus, I love it when the PM button on the home screen is all white and glowing!

God-Mode Unless specified by me, or if I give you permission in a PM, I will not tolerate God-Mode.

My Absences Due to the fact that I do not have internet at my house, I will try to post as much as I can while I am at school. Thus MY posting hours during the week will most often be around 12:00, and very rarely at 6:00. YOU MAY ALL POST WHENEVER YOU WANT TO! During the weekends, however, I will either be on ALL day, or I won’t be on at all. And if I ever take a leave of absence, I will either ask JackSkillet (If he wants to) to take care of the RP, or I will ask someone to lock the RP. Don’t worry, I will specify the dates if I ever have to lock it.

HAVE FUN Yes! Have fun! Interact with other people, propose story or character ideas to me, make you own little legends, and do not hesitate to PM me if you have a question.


Roleplay Style Paragraph/4-5 lines minimum/literate
ALSO! I LOVE LONG POSTS! Be original! Make long, detailed posts and add some drama and action! Even if nobody wants to read your wall-o-texts, you can BE CERTAIN that I will read them! I don’t dislike short posts, but try to avoid bland posts, please.



The Seraph has decided that his foster son, Jilvane, has become a powerful warrior, and must now undertake his journey to free his soul of the God of Chaos. He explains to Jilvane about his past and origins, and tells him that he must destroy each Seal of Power, to decimate the God of Chaos. Jilvane, now uncertain of his future, warily accepts this heavy burden, seeing as he has no choice in this matter.

But the journey will not be easy. The Seraph tells Jilvane that he has sent many spiritual messengers across Cyrusia. Each messenger will choose a specific person to assist Jilvane in his quest, based on their abilities, their emotions and their personality. For the Dark Ones have heard the God of Chaos, and they wish to corrupt Jilvane into becoming the Incarnation of Destruction, and they will stop at nothing to reincarnate their leader. The only way to avoid being caught and defeated by superior numbers, is to have a small fellowship of people to accompany him to his destinations, the Seals of Power. Once a messenger finds a chosen person, it will brand itself into the mind of the elected human, and they will have no choice but to devote themselves to a confused and uneasy Jilvane.

Of course, Cyrusia is a massive continent, and the messengers will choose people from all around the world. To make it simpler, everyone, including Jilvane, will have to congregate towards the merchant-city of Patrusia, in the Golden Touch Inn. The Seraph also informs Jilvane that, using his influence over the world, he has commissioned a magnificent sky ship to be the main base for his quest. He and his fellowship will also need it to locate and travel to their many locations.

Jilvanes greatest journey was about to begin.

And, this, my dear Roleplayers, is where you come in.

You can be anyone you want to be, for the messenger does not choose you depending on your background, but depending on your abilities, be them hidden or apparent.

You could be an eccentric mage, testing new spells everyday. You could be an ordinary soldier, wishing for an adventure to happen to him. You could even be a Dark One assassin, sent to capture Jilvane.

This quest is as much about Jilvane as it is about your characters. During the RP Jilvane will develop ties with each and every single one of them, and these ties will influence how the RP progresses.

Without further ado, I present to you:


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Re: Cyrusia

Post by Guest on 15th January 2012, 7:32 pm

Here is the character page:






Innate Trait:


Combat Type (Melee/Ranged/Magic):



Signature Move (Optional):


Starting City:


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Re: Cyrusia

Post by xenolion on 16th January 2012, 4:38 pm

Name: Kaimele Manistique

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kaimele is what one would classify as gorgeous. She is 5’9” with a dancer’s body. She has long black straight hair and her eyes are sky blue.

Personality: Kaimele is a peacemaker. She is not very open about her past. She does not like to fight at all. As far as people know her fans are props she uses while dancing sometimes. Although they are true weapons. She is also an accomplished dancer and musician. Just the sound of her voice can calm even the fiercest of tempers, or rally them depending on the situation.

Innate Ability: Her 'song' can change people moods. Look above =P

Rank: B

Combat Type (Melee/Ranged/Magic): Combat skills unknown.

Weapon: Two steel fans made by her brother. One drains life, the other drains fatigue. If one would look close enough they will see Karma engraved one one and Irelia on the other. She doesn't use their names though.

Abilities: She is a healer, able to heal most wounds. She can do status effects also, but prefers not to.

Element: Light

Starting City: Dexisto

Backstory: Kaimele arrived in Dexisto about 5 years ago. She has not revealed anything of her past. Her musical and dancing abilities along with her looks captured the hearts of the citizens of the fair city. Now she is highly sought after and admired. But what brought her here…no one knows.

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Re: Cyrusia

Post by Guest on 17th January 2012, 5:58 pm

Name: Daemon Loterra

Age: He doesn't care (his body has stopped ageing due to the immense magic power running through his veins)

Gender: Male

Appearance: 5''9

Personality: Quite Lazy and unwilling to put much effort into things. He is a prodigy, gained so much power without really working at it that hard. He is cocky but often looses interest in things and he does not talk about himself or his past. He is very observant and will only act if it is really required that he does. and he loves Sleeping.

Innate Trait: Master of Lazy, tricky, Sleep fighting, Great at juggling,

Rank: Rank S

Combat Type (Melee/Ranged/Magic): All three

Weapon: Dual Katanas, Hand gun. One of the katanas, name Kamiki can change the weight of anything it comes in contact with, either lowering or augmenting the weight, the amounts can be quite big. The second katana, named Ventus, can create portals, one entry and one exit. Example, the portals open up and Daemon slashes through the portal, the slash will occur at the exit portal. (TR if you dont completely understand ill be glad to explain it with more detail lol). His handgun gathers particles in the air to form its ammunition, the recharge rate is longer than a normal gun but, the bullets are more powerful.

Abilities: Perfect control over Null (The element he was born with) and Dark: Gravity. His Aiming, melee fighting and inhuman capabilities (speed, power, stamina, etc) he fights with only one weapon at a time and the unused hand is put into his pants pocket, throwing the two other in the air close to him and switches whenever he wants to, its almost as if he were juggling with his weapons. he can create portals without having the katana unsheathed.

Signature Move (Optional): He opens a portal and passes his arm through it and breaks his foe's neck.

Element: Null

Starting City: Anmerkand

Backstory: Daemon has a very bored nature because of his Null Element. He was born god knows when. He ended up having a certain liking for the God of Chaos, so he became a Dark one. He was already a B rank at very young age, the kid was a prodigy as no other. A few masters took him as their apprentice and this is how he learned the three styles of combat, magic, Melee and ranged. He than created a unique combination of all three to make his own impressive style. It turned out, after a few years, he was the one teaching the masters, so, he got bored and left, with a weapon stolen down from every master. Soon after the Dark ones got eliminated by the Seraph, luckly he had left and was now doing what ever he wanted to do, sometimes good, sometimes evil, just going with the flow and doing what it took to obtain what he wanted.

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Re: Cyrusia

Post by Holsety on 17th January 2012, 7:36 pm

Name: Joshua

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: He is 5'8" with a thin but athletic build. He has long red hair that reaches to his shoulder blades and red-brown eyes. Picture

Personality: Joshua is a very roguish, casual, and carefree person. He's also very cunning and believes in luck more than ability. Despite his jovial and carefree attitude, Joshua is very loyal, genuinely kind, caring, calm, and composed.

Innate Trait: An uncanny ability to tell when people are lying. (doesn't always work) Great navigational skills.

Rank: B

Combat Type (Melee/Ranged/Magic): Melee/Magic

Weapon: A sword which he refers to as Akina. It appears to be crystalline and was imbued with the power of ice before Joshua inherited it. It is deadly sharp, able to cut through most anything, and can freeze things on contact.

Abilities: Uses wind to increase speed, reflexes, and precision. Can also control the wind and make tornadoes, wind blasts, etc. He can sometimes make lightning as well.

Signature Move: Shooting Star Sword: He casts a wind spell on himself making him able to attack 5 times in quick succession without the enemy interrupting him. Has a high chance of the sword freezing the enemy if they aren't killed.

Element: Wind

Starting City: Currently sailing through the Bay of Souls, somewhere past Patrusia

Backstory: Joshua's parents were killed when he was young and he was taken in by a pirate. As a member of the Noble Pirates, as they called themselves, he learned to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Because of his useful magic, various abilities, and likeable personality he became popular among the crew and is now the captain's right-hand man. They sail the ocean in an old-fashioned ship called the Esuro. His sword, Akina, is the only thing he has from his pre-pirate life.

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Re: Cyrusia

Post by Red on 17th January 2012, 10:19 pm

Name: Lieselotte “Liesel” Brigham

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is short, only 5'3", and has medium length, dark hair and incredibly dark eyes, almost black. She tends to wear surprisingly feminine clothing, considering her work, though all of it is black so as to hide grease stains.

Personality: Lieselotte is a rather eccentric woman, with a passion for guns, dresses, and puzzles. She enjoys tinkering with anything mechanical, and can always find ways to entertain herself and others. Despite her skill with a gun, she hates the idea of turning one of her toys on a person, at least fatally.

Innate Trait: Great at telling stories, very clever.


Combat Type (Melee/Ranged/Magic): Ranged

Weapon: Dual pistols Hansel and Gretel, and a rifle she calls Jutte that has been modified to act as a prototype sniper rifle

Abilities: She is an amazing sharpshooter, and can hit pretty much any target that she cares to. She is also a skilled mechanic and inventor.

Element: Arcane

Starting City: Dexisto

Backstory: Liesel’s father was a Cyrusian engineer, and was one of the men who started figuring out how to construct firearms. When he saw his daughter shared his passion for mechanics, he started sharing his knowledge with her, on the condition that she swore she would never take the life of a man with her knowledge. Liesel agreed, and since then she has become a renowned mechanic and inventor, opening a shop where she tinkers with and fixes weapons and other such items.

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Re: Cyrusia

Post by Guest on 18th January 2012, 6:59 am

The one who represents absolute balance…

Name: Jilvane Brightshadow

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Tall at 6.1 feet – Lean, yet muscular – Gray eyes – Quite handsome – Dark mahogany colored hair – Pale skinned due to his Light element – Has a deep voice

Due to his body being inhabited by two completely opposite elements he manifests THREE different personalities depending on which element has more influence:

Dark and Light: Calm – Balanced – Vigilant – Shy – Stable – Curious – Oblivious
When Jilvane is neither Dark nor Light, but in between, he is quite emotionally balanced

Dark: Taciturn – Cynical – Bored – Careless – Rude – Excited – Impatient
He is quite the bundle of battle-rage and impatience when Dark is in the lead

Light: Tolerant – Joyous – Understanding – Patient – Easygoing – Kind – Lovable
Jilvane is pure and full of benevolence and love when he is Light-based

Innate Traits:
Perfect elemental mastery/Split-soul/Is a living encyclopedia due to his education

Rank: A Rank – Nothing less, nothing more!

Combat Type (Melee/Ranged/Magic):
Melee (Main) – Magic (Secondary)

Utilizing both of his master-level elements simultaneously, Jilvane summons a powerful sword and an invulnerable shield, both which are physical representations of his elements:

Dark: A supreme long-sword forged from pure Dark, called the Sin. Whenever Jilvane swings it, it leaves dozens of physical sword trails behind where it was swiped. This means that even if you manage to block a blow from the Sin, you will have to defend against the remaining sword shadows emanating from it numerous other times in the space of several seconds. During this time, Jilvane will have swung it several other times, and the resulting amount of attacks to defend against will most often leave weaker enemies in smaller pieces. Healing magic is the only thing that can defeat the Sin, as it instantly melts the blade. Although the blade can dish out lots of damage, using warrior skills with the Sin consumes large chunks of Spirit, leaving Jilvane defenseless. It is the opposite of the Virtue.

Light: An unbreakable tower-shield summoned from absolute Light, called the Virtue. When it is used, it has a chance to reflect offensive magic back towards the caster and it can absorb support magic, such as healing to replenish Jilvane. When it has absorbed a certain amount of physical, magical or ranged damage, it can deploy an indestructible barrier around Jilvane and a small area around him. This barrier can only be passed by whatever Jilvane allows to pass, although maintaining this powerful shield quickly consumes both his Mana and his Spirit. The Virtue enhances Jilvanes reflexes, allowing him to block and counter a large amount of attacks from lower enemy classes, although higher ranked people can give him a hard time. It is the opposite of Sin.

Durandal: A mysterious fusion of both the Sin and the Virtue, it can only be used in the most dire of situations. This large claymore does not damage the physical state of its target: instead, it rends the person’s very soul, which can lead to massive, crippling pain. It is the only blade capable of fully defeating a Demon and is made of a substance that can destroy a Seal of Power.


Jilvane has fully mastered both the Light and Dark element. He can cast every spell known to mankind from these two elements, be it healing, damaging, cursing, or supporting and can also make incredible magical fusions from his two elements. However, his soul is unreceptive to any other element. This means, that he can ONLY use the Light and Dark element, and is fully unable to replicate or even control any other element.

Considering his warrior status, Jilvane is an accomplished A Rank combatant, fully capable in both offense in defense, with a large amount of Spirit to maintain his physical abilities. He uses many extravagant acrobatic techniques to defeat his enemies, and enjoys speeding around his enemies to confuse them.

Signature Move (Optional):

Genocidal Slash: Combining his Durandal with all of his elemental power, he creates an 8-foot-long nameless blade, and lacerates his enemy’s soul, obliterating it, and sealing their elemental powers for a fixed amount of time. This move cannot directly kill, but it can inflict tremendous amounts of unpredictable pain.

Element: Light/Dark

Starting City: Jilvane’s House (DUH!)


A child created from pure Light, he was captured by the Corruptor, Thanatos and infused with the soul of the deceased God of Chaos 24 years ago, to be the catalyst for his glorious and bloody resurrection upon Cyrusia. The child was innocent, yet a cruel fate was thrust on him: his soul was erased and replaced with the original soul of Darkness. It was as if destiny herself had abandoned a newborn who had done nothing wrong.

The Seraph fought the Dark Ones for many long months, finally arriving at the dark citadel of evil, Helios. Within its confines, he slew every Dark One he could find, until he had finally arrived at the Altar of Pandemonium, Jilvane’s literal birthplace. Before him stood the Corruptor, who mocked the Seraph and told him that he was too late: the God of Chaos would be reborn within the child of Light before him, and nothing could stop his return.

The Seraph, seeing this terrible injustice, was overcome with a terrible and uncommon rage. Raising his sword against Thanatos, he fought for many hours against the Corruptor, until his blood was spilled and the Seraph stood victorious.

Yet, the Seraph could not bring himself to kill the guiltless child. But, he could not remain idle while the God of Chaos himself was reborn, so he did what he could.

In an act of pure selflessness and absolute kindness, he called upon the mysterious and dark energy of the Seals of Power, and reforged his own soul of Light within the body of the infant. The corrupting power of Dark within the babe was not entirely extinguished, yet its growing force had been slowed to imperceptibility. This sacrificed drained much of the Seraph’s large Mana pool: even today, he still feels the after-effects of such an action.

The Seraph picked up the boy who now contained the original souls of Light and Darkness. At the altar of his creation, he named the boy Jilvane. The Seraph had chosen to adopt this child as his foster-son. Forevermore, he would train and educate Jilvane in the ways of the Light, but also in the arts of Darkness. Somehow, the Seraph knew that Jilvane would be the Precursor of Balance, the one to change Cyrusia. His fate would be his own, and the archangel was wise enough to know that he would have to equip his son with both the knowledge of good and evil, if he was to decide for himself.

Good – Light?


Evil – Dark?



---24 Years Later---

Indeed, Jilvane grew up to be a handsome, intelligent and powerful man. Under his father’s strict, yet fair training, he mastered his unique soul-bound weapons, the Sin and the Virtue, and he also learned everything about his dual elements. He could cast the most complex of Light and Dark fusion spells without breaking a sweat, yet he still wondered why he could not summon the smallest gout of fire. His Spirit level was as massive as his Mana, and he was quite the stout A Rank, hoping to one day attain the level of S Rank.

In fact, Jilvane, for the first 24 years of his life, had only trained, learned, memorized, and been educated in nearly EVERYTHING by his father, old man Seraph. In reality, this was because he lived extremely isolated from civilization. He had never talked to anyone else except for his father, and he had never even glimpsed at a Seiken Numerox, or even Destina. Of course, he had seen everything Cyrusia had to offer, like firearms, steamboats, warsuits, skyships and more, but only through thousands upon thousands of magical textbooks obtained by the Seraph. As of such, he knows a lot, but he has little life experience. His father often calls Jilvane his personal encyclopedia, due to Jilvane’s photographic memory.

When he questions his father about why he has never left their large and secluded estate, the Seraph cryptically answers that it is for his training. Training for what, Jilvane just does not know. But it must be something pretty important! He just wishes for some sort of epic adventure, something to take him out of the burden of constant preparation.

Jilvane’s 25th birthday will be the start of the RP.

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Re: Cyrusia

Post by Kiseki on 19th January 2012, 7:38 pm

Name: Hazael (HAZ-ay-əl) Sylvine

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: 6’0” with a slim build, dark blue wavy hair that nearly reaches his shoulders, deep brown eyes, well dressed.

Personality: Often cold and bitter, but not too difficult to get along with. He doesn’t lose his temper very often, but when he does, it is fierce.

Innate Trait: The clairvoyant ability to locate a possibly distant object with his mind, as long as he is able to imagine said object. He can see in his mind what someone is looking for if he touches them.

Rank: B

Combat Type (Melee/Ranged/Magic): Magic, but capable of low-level melee.

Weapon: A wide variety, made from ice.

Abilities: Skilled at making specific shapes using his ice element, including weapons such as any type of sword, dagger, spear, axe, or blunt weapon. However, he isn’t physically powerful or well trained with weapons, so he can’t handle particularly heavy ones. Also, the ice weapons are obviously not as sturdy as real weapons. In addition to this ability, Hazael can use a variety of offensive and defensive ice spells.

Element: Ice

Starting City: Seiken Numerox

Backstory: Hazael was originally born in a small village just outside of Honoculus as the sixth of eight children in a very poor farming family. When he was 10, Hazael’s clairvoyant power had developed enough to be recognized by his family, and after taking him to Patrusia, his parents sold him to a particularly corrupt merchant.

After some trading between merchants, the very high class and well respected Sylvine family of Seiken Numerox acquired Hazael. They considered him a part of the family similar to a family pet, and although they treated him well, he was expected to serve and obey them. He was relied on often for his power, and when he became older, he began to be called upon as a family babysitter among other roles as well.

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Re: Cyrusia

Post by Phirron on 19th January 2012, 10:33 pm

Name: André the Vanquisher

Age: 57

Gender: Male

Appearance: André the Giant as a barbarian pretty much some it up.
Personality: Simply put André is one bloodthirsty, pain loving, battle ready, sociopath that is only let lose in society because of his esteemed career during the Apocalypse as one of the few undefeated Generals, also because no one has the nerves to tell him to leave.

Innate Trait: His grotesque “Skin off Stone” that acts as his only armor however much he dislikes it. Super barbarian strength and speed, and he has a nack for tactics which lead to his esteemed career in the army. Has high amounts of Spirit because he never has had nor ever will have any mana whats so ever.

Rank: High A Class
Combat Type (Melee/Ranged/Magic): Melee
Weapon: His enchanted claymore aptly named Pain. The origins of his claymore are unknown to anyone other than himself. Little is known about it other than he has had it through all his battles and that it is enchanted to have an edge so sharp that it can cut through almost anything as easily as a knife through softened butter. The only things it can’t cut through are thing enchanted to resist enchanted sharpened blades one such item is the simple leather sheath that lies across his back. It’s also infused with ice element with every cut the blade freezes the wound leaving the victim howling in the pain from the extreme cold and prevents them from bleeding out causing extremely slow and painful deaths unless he lets the blade cleave through them killing them instantly which rarely happens. Its 6 feet long with a three inch blade width and 7.5lb.
Abilities: Expert with the claymore, barbarian strength, speed, and hearing.

He is also a master of hand to hand combat and is cpaple of both quickly killing (death blows) or slowly killing (blows that only break bones) an opponent unless they are well versed in hand to hand and/or high defensive fighting skills.

Signature Move (Optional): maybe by applying Spirit to the attack he causes his opponent's blood to slowy freeze solid

Element: Ice

Starting City: Antronae

Back story:André has always been strong which served him well as the son of a long line of great warriors. So as soon as he turned 16 he joined the army and by the time he was 20 he was the youngest General the army had seen which is a good thing because a year later the third Apocalypse started. During the entire 13 years of the third Apocalypse he never once saw a battle lost. This is due to the fact that he is as clever (or rather was as clever) as he is strong. After the war he met and fell in love with a woman named Phoebe who he married when he was 38. They had twins a boy and a girl two years later, and has they got older he taught them combat skills. When they were 10 years old Phoebe died from an illness. Instead of turning to alcohol or another woman like most guys would he turned to pain. He purposely cut/beat himself up. While he originally did this because so he could block out the pain of losing Phoebe his attitude towards pain quickly changed to where he loved the feel of the pain. He then loved to see pain in the faces of others including his twin children. He raised the intensity of his training making it where if they weren’t covered with gashes the training wasn't done. Thus his current insanity of being a religious sadomasochist descended upon him.

He started searching for battles in which he sees to it that all his opponents know pain unimaginable but doesn’t kill them. When he cannot find someone to battle he can often be seen causing pain to himself laughing jovially at the pleasant sensation of it gives him that lets him know he is alive. Unfortunately for him after cutting and beating himself up so much he has rightly earned the nick name Ole’ Stoneskin, but for anyone who doesn’t want a albeit quick but excruciating death it is something you would never call him while with in eyeshot/up wind from him due to his keen sense of hearing, and the only known blade able to cut through his thick hide is his Claymore simply named Pain.

But for all his might as a warrior he harbors a weakness, a weakness he keeps under wraps, a secret weakness that he combats with his signature move, he is extremely venerable to all magic of B rank or higher (weakness is known by no one in Cyrusia). The one exception is healing magic which never harms him but which aggravates him to know end because it causes him to stop feeling pain.

After living with her once strict but loving father who had become harsh, abusive, and insane his daughter up and left in the middle of the night before she turned 18. She left leaving no clues as to where she went and he knew deep down that she would never come back.

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Re: Cyrusia

Post by Goetia on 19th January 2012, 11:16 pm

Name: Ukram Rhodes

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: 5'8" tall. Thin but muscular build. Grayish-Bluish eyes. Black, messy hair that is cut just below the ears. Wears a green vest with gold, floral designs, sandy white pants, black shoes, and bandages wrapped around his hands.

Personality: Mischievous and cunning, Ukram sometimes takes the less virtuous way to get what he wants. He holds a deep sense of perseverance even though his soul can be spiteful

Innate Trait: Can easily tell a good lie

Rank: B

Combat Type (Melee/Ranged/Magic): Melee

Weapon: Short sword that has been embedded with dark power. It can corrode most substances it comes in contact with when in the hands of a dark-element user

Abilities: Almost superhuman strength and speed as a result of years' worth of intense training. Also able to paralyze others on contact

Signature Move (Optional): N/A

Element: Dark

Starting City: Honculus

Backstory: Ukram was born into an average family that ran a successful wine shop. Ever since Ukram fist saw a martial artist take down a runaway bandit, he wanted to learn the ways of martial arts as well. His lessons began with basic fighting techniques and simple forms of martial arts. As Ukram grew, he became more profound in the ways of fighting. So much so, that he even fought for money. Ukram wasn't aware of his powers until he accidentally paralyzed a sparring partner that ticked him off. Seeing this as a massive advantage, Ukram dedicated himself to learning more about his dark affinity and his abilities. He soon ran into a mage who had mastered the dark arts. He saw potential in Ukram's power and decided to take the boy under his wing to further his physical and elemental powers.

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Re: Cyrusia

Post by Tokahia on 20th January 2012, 3:03 am

Name: Claudia DeLeon

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: Claudia is 5'10 and has long black hair. Forest green Eyes, golden tan skin with a mole at the base of her chin. She wears a long brown trench coat to hide her weapon that has it's own holder in her coat. She wears black fingerless gloves. She has brown boots that lace up on the side and go over her black pants. She wears a black short sleeve shirt. Around her neck is a simple necklace with a ring on it.

Personality: Interesting (I don't normally like this question cause my characters are so unique that it is hard to explain. You will see.)

Innate Trait: Incredibly Lucky, Rather Clever

Rank: B

Combat Type (Melee/Ranged/Magic): Melee/Range (Special weapon type)

Weapon: A custom Spear that Claudia made. It breaks apart in the middle, with a chain holding it, for several reasons. One so that it is easy to carry and two so that it can be used as large Nun-chucks. At the base of the spear is a large sphere that houses a coiled up chain. The chain runs through the spear. The tip is like a bird talon (two facing one way while the other goes the other way so it can grip stuff). She uses this end to grab enemies to pull them closer or as a grappling hook so that she can get across large gaps. The sphere can also dettach and be used as a wrecking ball though she doesn't use it to often.

Abilities: Great at fixing things while being rushed. (I don't know if that is really an ability more than a trait.) She is also really good at strategy and figuring out what world elements (physical objects) to use to knock out opponents. (also don't really know if that is an ability.)

Signature Move (Optional):

Element: Fire

Starting City: Antronae

Backstory: Claudia is a rather smart girl who invented her own weapon. She has traveled a bit but tends to be mostly in her house working on new and crazy inventions. Not much is known about her sometimes her neighbors think she has died when they hear a large explosion coming from her place. She often carries a small pouch that has all of the tools she needs to make any kind of fix to her weapon or to make anything new. Claudia keeps all of her notes in a small brown leather book that she keeps in her inside coat pocket.

(let me know what you think. If there is anything I need to change don't hesitate to let me know!)

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Re: Cyrusia

Post by Guest on 20th January 2012, 10:38 am

Just to announce that the RP will begin very soon! Anyone else who wants to join, and who plans on taking longer on their character page, just send me a PM, asking me to postpone the start of the RP.

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Re: Cyrusia

Post by xenolion on 20th January 2012, 12:15 pm

FYI TR you can just leave it open and bring other in...I am not the only one awaiting it to start =P

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Thank you leah
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Re: Cyrusia

Post by Guest on 20th January 2012, 8:40 pm

Name: Zargamoth Urthadar, close friends calls him Zar

Age: 65 years

Gender: males


Personality: Zar is a very humble man, never underestimating others power and never using his own magic to hurt innocents

Innate Trait: Since he is in possession of the Staff of Cyrusia, he is blessed with the power to talk with the primary essence of the world, Cyrusia herself

Rank: S class

Combat Type (Melee/Ranged/Magic): Magic

Weapon: The staff of Cyrusia, a very powerful and ancient staff, for more info go to backstory

Abilities: Being a very powerful mage, Zar can create earth spike to shot any opponents. He is also able to conjure a fearless earth golem to crush is opponent

Signature Move (Optional): Zar can concentrate his power to create a incredibly hard yet flexible earth armor, as well as healing
Element: Earth

Starting City: Destina

Backstory: Since he was young, Zar was interested in magic, earth magic to be specific. Is parents were artisans and had a little magic shop in Honoculus. His parents knew that he would want to become a mage when he would be older but they wanted him to take over the shop and to be an artisan like them.

One day, a female mage entered the shop and started to look at the goods. When he sees that a mage was in the shop, Zar quickly starts talking to her, asking to talk about the spells she could cast. While explaining an easy spell, she was astonished by the boy’s soul, seeing great potential hidden inside him. She noticed the parents that their son had a lot of powers in him and that he would be a great mage but they didn’t want to hear anything, refusing to hear the truth. The mage was feeling that this boy would have a big role in the history of Cyrusia. She couldn’t let two adults decide the fate of the world. After talking with Zar for a while, she asked him if he would like accompany her in a journey to the Great forest of Yeldraska. Overexcited, he instantly accepts, but then is sight turned somber; his parent would never let him go. Asking the mage to meet him later in front of the store, he went to his room and packed all is important belongings. During the night, he sneaked away from his house and rejoined the mage that was waiting. ’’Thank you for waiting and for letting me participates in your expedition’’.
When he reached the forest, the lady made him meet the ancient dragon that was residing in Yeldraska. Meeting a dragon at such young age was exceptional. He learned a lot about the world problems and about the world interconflicts. Zar stayed with the dragon for about 10 years. During those years, he had obtained the mighty staff of Cyrusia, a staff that was granting the user absolute control over the earth element but while preventing the usage of any other element. Zar then to Destina, always wondering what the mage city would look like. After a couple of month passed in the city, Cyrusia fell in a dark time; the god of chaos was back. The world entered in a war between light and dark. Zar valiantly fought for the light side, using all his powers to stop the dark ones. 5 years later, the dark ones were defeated and the god of chaos disappeared. The war over, Zar took a long time to recover from the war, the world itself was hurt. All those atrocities that were committed. All those innocents that were killed. Traveling a lot, he discovered more about the world, he knew, thanks to the dragon, all the interior of the world, but its outside was still unknown. Zar’s goal was to visit every city, but he didn’t want to rush. He would take the time needed and would travel as much as he wanted. He was on his way to Ceunode when he felt that something was wrong. Great evils had awoken again to march over this world. The Chaos lord was back! Again he fought with doubled bravery, defending Cyrusia more than his own life. The fight was ferocious. Even more Cyrusian were killed. After ten years of monstrosity, the chaos lord got defeated once again, leaving Cyrusia alone, but for how long…

Now Zargamoth was living in a mansion in Destina, having visited all the cities, he was reading and studying about life.

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