Lithium Flower

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Lithium Flower

Post by Tokahia on 4th March 2012, 2:01 am

So this is my new story called Lithium Flower. It is not gonna be like FURP at all. Though it will have adult themes later in the story, thus it is here in Darklands. I hope you enjoy this story just as much as FURP. I plan on eventually filling in the last few chapter for that First story arc at some point. Well Enjoy the first chapter!

Also! Very important. PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT IN THIS STORY THREAD! It messes up the flow of the story. If the story gets enough readers I will open up a discussion page for you all to go talk about it. Also if you have questions for me do not hesitate to PM me. I am willing to answer your questions! Thank you and please enjoy!

Chapter One

"Tell me about yourself Miranda." A woman said.

The woman who spoke was dressed up in a suit. Her hair was red and pulled back in a pony tail. She held a clipboard. The room looked rather relaxed, there was a desk with knickknacks on it. The ceiling fan spun very slowly. The woman's blue eyes looked at a teen aged girl sitting on the sofa across from her.

The girl was staring at the ground. Her backpack was sitting next to her feet. Her blond hair was short and wrapped around her face. She was wearing a school uniform. Her green eyes looked up at the woman sitting in the chair across from her.

"I.. I have a sister, as you know. I wish I could say we were the best of friends, that we looked out for each other... Sadly we live in two separate worlds. I want to reach out to Claudia, but every time she shot me down and told me I was trying to make up for the mother we didn't have." Miranda said.

"Oh? Do you think you could get her in here for a session?" The woman asked.

"No. Claudia hates therapist. She says that all you do is talk about problems so that the therapist just tell you that you have problems. No offense." She said looking sheepish.

The therapist laughed a bit, "No problem Miranda. Listen our time is up for the day. You should get home." The woman said getting up from the chair. Miranda stood up from her spot picking up her bag. She looked at the therapist who gestured to the door.

"So same time tomorrow, Ms. Willams?" Miranda asked putting her bag on her back.

"I told you my name is Jessica. No need to sound so old fashioned. Yes, Miranda I will see you tomorrow after school." Jessica said, opening the door for Miranda.

Miranda thanked her then left. She made her way out of the building and towards an apartment complex not far from the therapist's office. She made her way up two flights of stairs til she got to apartment number 208. She unlocked the door and walked in. It was small but it was built for two people.

She could hear music being played from the far room. Miranda closed the door behind her, the smell of cigarette's hit her nose. She started to coughed from the smell.

"Claudia! Will you put that out? Ugh I thought we agreed that you would smoke outside." Miranda called into the apartment.

The music suddenly stopped, Miranda put her bag on the ground and walked over to the far room. The door was slightly cracked. She opened it to see Claudia sitting on her bed. Claudia looked just like Miranda, only a few differences were even noticeable.

Clauduia's black hair fell down around her shoulders. Her green eyes stared back at Miranda. Claudia's school uniform was a mess. Most of her clothing reeked of smoke, her room was in dismay, stuff was every where.

"Sorry mother. Did you have fun with your little mind reader ms prom queen?" She said being snarky. She put out the cigarette in the ash tray next to her.

Miranda glared at Claudia. She didn't care what her sister was about to say, Claudia laid back on her bed. She intertwined her fingers behind the back of her head. Her rings clanged against each other when she did.

"She is a therapist not a mind read Claudia. Why do you have to be so mean?" Miranda asked.

"Why do you suddenly care? It's not like you will ever defend me when we are at school." Claudia said.

"Claudia you know that isn't true." She replied.

"No? Then I guess 'Oh Claudia isn't my sister we just look similar. It is so tragic to look like that train wreck' doesn't ring a bell." Claudia said sitting up.

"Claudia you know I don't mean that!" Miranda said stepping into Claudia's room.

Claudia got up off the bed and changed out of her school uniform. She dressed into a more punk looking outfit. She grabbed her cigarettes, her lighter, phone and her keys. She walked over to Miranda.

"Get out of my room priss." She said practically staring her sister down.

Miranda stepped out of Claudia's room. She shut the door behind her then made her way to the front door. Claudia opened the door and was about to leave.

"Claudia... Where are you going?" Miranda asked.

"Out ok. Don't expect me home anytime soon." Claudia said slamming the door on her way out.

Miranda sighed, she walked over picking up her backpack. She walked into her room turning on the light. Her room was very clean the desk was neat as well. She sad down at her desk and opened her backpack pulling out some books. She turned on the radio, "A Horse with no name" was playing on it.

Miranda worked for hours. Her little desk clock told her that it was close to seven o'clock at night. She closed her books and sighed. She hadn't heard Claudia come home. She thought about calling her but knew that it was worthless to even try and call her. Her stomach growled for food.

She got up from her desk and made her way to the kitchen. She fixed herself something quick to eat. Once she was done she got into the shower. Miranda sighed as the water poured over her.

After a while she turned it off. She dried off then wrapped the towel around herself. She picked up her school uniform and took it to her room. She placed the clothes in her chair. Miranda put on some pajamas then cralwed into her bed. She could see the clock and it read nine o'clock.

Claudia still wasn't home. Though she doubted that Claudia would come home tonight. Miranda worried about her sister, even if they didn't see eye to eye. Miranda drifted off to sleep worrying about Claudia.
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Re: Lithium Flower

Post by Tokahia on 4th March 2012, 2:07 pm

Chapter Two

Claudia walked down the streets of the city. She wanted to get as far away from her sister as possible. She lit up a cigarette and smoked while she walked. She could soon hear a band playing, she recognized the horrible out of tune band.

She sighed and walked over to the house. The garage was open, there where four people playing. She sighed and watched them. They didn't even notice she was there. Claudia blew out some smoke and waited for them to stop.

"Your guitar is out of tune again Trent." She said to the guitarist.

Trent was older than Claudia, his hair was short, black and a mess. His blue jeans had holes in the knees. His short sleeve shirt showed off his arm tats. He smiled at Claudia, who stared back at him.

"See I told you it was out of tune. But you insisted that it wasn't." The female singer said, her voice had a slight British accent to it.

"Oh come on Megan. I thought it was in tune." He said.

"Sure you did. How are you Claudia dear?" Megan asked turning to Claudia with a friendly smile.

Claudia didn't much like Megan's clothing choice but she did like Megan. She force a smile for Megan then looked around.

"I am alright." She said exhaling smoke.

"Your sister bothering you again?" The drummer asked standing up.

He was the tallest of the four members. Claudia hated standing next to him, she felt to short. His outfit was a suit and a tie. Megan walked over to Claudia and gave her a hug.

"Oh I am so glad you stopped by. I hate listening to Trent's out of tune guitar." Megan said pulling away from the hug.

"Oh come on Megan. It could be worse. You could have to hear my bass out of tune as well." The bassist said as he tuned his own instrument.

"Yeah but at least yours is hard to hear." Megan said.

"Trent do you mind if I stay the night. I don't want to go back to the apartment." Claudia said dropping her cigarette. She stepped on it to put it out.

"What? Of course you can stay with us dear." Megan said turning to Claudia.

"I do believe she was asking me Megan." Trent said putting his guitar down against the wall.

"Yeah so? Don't I get to have a say if a friend stays with us or not?" Megan snapped at Trent.

"Will you two please just stop. Forget I even asked. Hey Demitri can I stay with you?" Claudia asked the drummer.

"Sorry dear no can do. I have to get up early for work. I have to get going, see you guys later." Demitri said walking past them all, he made his way to his car and drove off.

"Damn it we weren't done with practice." Megan said.

"We should call it a night. Otherwise the neighbors will be angry again." Trent said.

The bassist finished tuning his instrument. "I got to get going. I have classes in the morning. Later you three." He said leaving them.

"So come on Claudia lets get you set up in the guest bed." Megan said.

"I would rather sleep in Trent's bed. I think it is softer." She replied looking away.

"Come on Megan we can let Claudia take my bed for the night. We will take the guest room." Trent said wrapping his arm around Megan.

"Fine, but you are cooking dinner Trent." Megan said pulling his arm off of her.

Megan held out her hand for Claudia. She hesitated for a moment then took Megan's hand. They all walked into the house. The garage door closed behind them. Trent walked into the Kitchen while Megan and Claudia sat in the living room. They where silent for a while.

"So Claudia how have you been?" Megan asked pulling out a cigarette. "you want one?" Megan offered one to Claudia.

"Alright I guess, and no, I can't stand that brand." Claudia said pulling out her own.

Claudia lit her cigarette, Megan moved over and touched the tip of her cigarette with Claudia's to light it. Megan moved away with a wink. Claudia knew she was trying to be friendly.

"You guess? That means your not doing so well huh? Look Claudia I won't pry into what is bothering you. Just know you can stay with us when ever you want." Megan said.

"You offered her that last time Dear and she said..." Trent called from the other room.

"I don't want to be a bother on you two." Claudia said finishing Trent's sentence.

Megan chuckled at Claudia. She glared at Megan who was smiling. It was like she had changed from the cross woman to a nicer person.

"Oh don't look so angry Claudia dear. I just found it funny that you finished his sentence." Megan said.

"Dinner is ready you two." Trent said.

They both put out their cigarettes in the ashtray. Then they made their way to the dinner table. Trent stopped Megan in the door way and kissed her on the lips. Claudia rolled her eyes at them.

Megan pulled away from the kiss. She smiled at Trent, they all grabbed food and ate in quietness. Claudia preferred a quite meal than the kind she had with Miranda.

Once she was done she put the plate in the sink. She needed to get some sleep. She said goodnight to Trent and Megan before going into Trent's room. It was a complete mess, she felt a little at home in his room.

Claudia stripped before climbing into Trent's bed. She tried to fall asleep but she couldn't. She laid there looking up at the ceiling. After staring at the ceiling for an hour she could hear screams of pleasure coming from the guest room.

She sat up and looked around the dark room. She had trouble seeing in the dark but she found Trent's CD player. She grabbed it and put the headphones on. She turned it on and the sound of music drove over the sound of Megan screaming at the top of her lungs.

Claudia laid back down. She never liked staying for more then one night in Trent's place cause they were almost always practicing their music or fucking the night away. She closed her eyes and listened to Ozzy's voice singing Crazy Train, it calmed her down enough to help her fall asleep.

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Re: Lithium Flower

Post by Tokahia on 4th March 2012, 4:12 pm

Chapter Three

Claudia woke up the next morning. The CD player and headphones had fallen onto the ground. She slowly sat up and lifted up the blanket to cover herself. She reached down into her pants and pulled out a cigarette and a lighter. She didn't light her cigarette cause she couldn't find Trent's ashtray. She sighed then put them back into her pants that where still on the ground.

She rubbed her eyes before getting out of bed. She knew that Trent wouldn't be up for a while. Her eyes caught sight of the clock on the wall. It read eight o'clock. She knew she was gonna be late for school, Claudia didn't give a damn, she didn't even have her school uniform with her.

She walked to the bathroom past the guest room. She peered in seeing Trent face down on the bed. Megan was no where to be seen. She then went to the bathroom. Once she was done she went in search of a towel. She had spent enough nights over at Trent's to know where most stuff was.

Claudia found the towels then made her way to the shower. The warm water rushed over her body, She spent a good thirty minutes showering. Once she was done she dried off before wrapping the towel around her. She got dressed then left without even waking Trent up.

"Yo... Is Trent awake?" Demitri asked leaning on his car.

Claudia jumped when she heard him speak. She didn't really see him there. She calmed down then pulled out her cigarette and lit it.

"When is he ever awake before one in the afternoon?" Claudia replied puffing out smoke. "What are you doing here? Don't you have to go to work?" She asked.

"Megan called me she asked me to drop you off at school. It is kind of a ways from here isn't it?" He asked.

"Yeah... I don't have any of my things. Besides I don't want to make you late for work." Claudia said.

"Heh it will be no problem. Come on get in I will give you a lift home and to school. I don't mind at all." He said walking around opening the passenger door.

"You sure Demitri? How do you know I won't just skip school today." She said walking over before putting out her cigarette.

"I don't. Look if you feel like skipping just give me a call from your apartment ok." Demitri said with a smile.

Claudia climbed into his car. He closed the door behind her then got into the drivers seat. He drove off towards the apartment complex. Claudia stared out the window. She watched as the world past by.

Demitri pulled to a stop in front of the apartment complex. Claudia didn't seem to notice that they were already there. Demitri reached out and touched Claudia on the leg. She jerked away from him. He pulled his had away from her.

"Sorry... I forgot you don't like being touched." He said. "We are here..." He added.

"I think I am gonna skip school today. You can head to work." Claudia said getting out of the car.

She slammed the door close and walked up to her apartment. Demitri waited til he couldn't see her anymore before driving away. Claudia walked into the apartment. She walked past Miranda's room, the door was open but she wasn't there.

Claudia was glad she wasn't there she didn't want to hear a lecture about being gone all night. She pulled her cellphone out and put it on the coffee table in the living room. She sat down on the sofa and leaned back. Her phone buzzed, she sat forward and saw it was a text message. Claudia opened her phone to read the message from Megan.

"Demitri called. Get your ass to school girl! Don't make me drag you by the ear. ~love Megan."

She closed the phone and rolled her eyes. She then went into her room and changed into her school uniform. She didn't really like it but it was school rules. She grabbed her bag and her cell. Claudia Replied to Megan's text. "Fine I am going. Don't expect me to like it. ~Claudia."

She made her way to school. She was already an hour late. She got in and signed into being late. The bell rang for class to change. She faded into the crowd to make her way to class. On her way her eyes locked with Miranda's eyes.

Miranda started to make her way over to Claudia but her friends took her away before she could speak to Claudia. Claudia forced her way through the crowd. She didn't really like school having to be packed in with all the people trying to get to class.

She finally got to class. She was the last one there, the teacher stopped her in the hallway. She stared at him.

"What is it Mr. Harris?" Claudia asked.

"Claudia, I think you have a bright future, but only if you do your school work. You do know that you are failing my class right?" He asked putting his hand on Claudia's shoulder.

She backed away from him. "Don't ever fucking touch me again," She said.

"Watch your mouth young lady. Next time I will send you to the principal for it. Now get in class." He said holding the door open for her.

She took the only empty seat in the back of the class. Claudia hated lessons, they were so boring. Once the class work had been passed out she wasn't really working on it. She was sketching on it instead.

The bell rang again. She got up and left class leaving her paper behind. She wanted the day to be over. She just wanted to stay at home for the day.

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Re: Lithium Flower

Post by Tokahia on 4th March 2012, 6:33 pm

Chapter Four

Miranda woke up to Paint it black, playing on the radio. She thought that it was Claudia's music playing til she realized it was her own radio. She sighed and got up. She put a bagel into the toaster then went to the bathroom. When she was done she walked back into the kitchen and pulled out the bagel.

She put a thin layer of cream cheese on the bagel. She looked at the clock. It was six in the morning. She sighed, she was really not a morning person, though she had no choice in the matter.

After finishing her breakfast she got up and took a shower. She got out and got ready for school. Miranda took one last look at the apartment before leaving.The sun had barely rose over the horizon. She made her way to school. Her friends where all waiting for her.

"There you are Miranda! We were getting worried." One girl said.

"Why do you say that? I always show up around this time." Miranda replied.

"No it is close to eight in the morning!" The girl replied.

"You have your watch set wrong." Miranda said pointing out that it was an hour fast.

"Oh my gosh you are right! Silly me." The girl replied.

"Hey I wounder if Claudia is gonna show up to school today." Another girl said.

"Please. That girl doesn't show up most of the time. Why would today be any different." A different girl replied.

Miranda stayed silent while they bad mouthed Claudia. The bell soon rang for home room. They all rushed off in different directions. She got into home room and noticed a substitute teacher calling roll.

"Claudia DeLeon?" The teacher called out.

Miranda took a seat and stayed quiet.

"No? Alright then Miranda DeLeon?" The teacher called out.

"Right here!" Miranda said holding up her hand.

"Do you know where Claudia is?" The teacher asked.

"No I am not related to her. We just have the same last name." Miranda lied.

"Oh excuse me for assuming." The teacher replied.

The bell rang for first class. Miranda got up and left the home room. She made her way down the halls. She saw Claudia, their eyes locked for a moment. She was caught off guard as one of her friends wrapped her arm around Miranda.

"Hey there Miranda! What are you looking at?" The girl asked.

"Nothing." Miranda lied.

"Oh did you see Claudia coming in late. I wonder what that naughty girl was up to." The girl said.

She spoke random theories to what Claudia was up to. Miranda ignored most of them. She made her way into class. She had a seat at the very front of the class. She didn't much like it but she could at least pay attention.

She wrote down every note that the teacher was talking about. The bell rang while she was in the middle of writing. She finished real quickly then made her way to the next class. On her way there she was stopped by a teacher.

"The principal would like to so you Miranda." The teacher said.

"I haven't done anything wrong sir." Miranda replied.

"It has nothing to do with you trust me. Come on let's go." He said leading her to the principal's office.

She walked inside and saw Claudia sitting in one of the chairs. The Female Principal saw Miranda and gestured her to sit next to Claudia.

"Great you got the prom queen here. What are you gonna have her do. Give me a make over?" Claudia asked in a snarky tone.

"Claudia please be quiet." The Principal said.

Miranda walked over to the empty chair. She stood there not wanting to sit. "What did Claudia do this time ma'am?" Miranda asked.

"Nothing... Yet. I called you both in here today to talk about Claudia's future. No doubt Miranda you know about Claudia failing almost every class. She will have to repeat if she fails." The principal said.

"Who said I will be staying? I have thought about dropping out for a while." Claudia said.

"Claudia! Why would you say something like that? What if dad where here listening to you?" Miranda asked.

"Yeah well he isn't here now is he Miranda. He doesn't care about us. He never will you got that prissy?" Claudia said getting angry at the mention of her dad.

"That isn't true Claudia!" Miranda said retaliating.

"Girls can we please stay focused." The principal said getting them to focus.

"When I turn 18 I am leaving this school for good!" Claudia said standing up.

Miranda was quiet, Claudia looked over at her. "You won't be stopping me either got that Miranda? Now can I get back to class?" Claudia asked the Principal.

"Yes you two are dismissed." The principal said.

Claudia practically bolted out of the office towards her class. Miranda sighed then started to leave.

"Would you please stay a moment Miranda?" The principal asked.

"Hmm? What is it?" She asked turning around.

"Have you thought about getting Claudia into therapy?" She asked.

"Yeah once but she shot it down. I haven't talked to her about it since. I doubt she will ever go to a therapist." Miranda said.

"I see. Very well you may be on your way." The principal said.

"Thank you ma'am." Miranda said with a bow before leaving.
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Re: Lithium Flower

Post by Tokahia on 4th March 2012, 11:09 pm

Chapter Five

Claudia leaned on the school. She had snuck out for a smoke. She stood there smoking. She was rather calm when she was smoking.

"I thought I told you that was bad for you." Miranda said leaning on the wall next to Claudia.

"What are you doing here? Arn't you gonna mess up your perfect attendance? Besides when have I ever listened to you prom queen?" Claudia said puffing out some smoke.

"Besides arn't you worried some popular person will see you with me?" Claudia asked.

"I am not missing class. I am only skipping lunch. Unlike you who is skipping math if I am not mistaken." Miranda said.

"Yeah and? Look stop trying to be mom. You will never be her." Claudia said blowing out more smoke.

Miranda looked down at her feet. "Claudia when did we grow so distant from each other?" She asked.

"Two years ago. Don't go crying on me or anything. I would rather sit through a math class then hear you cry." Claudia replied.

"Claudia... Would you ever go to a therapist?" Miranda asked.

"I thought I told you last time. I am not going to a therapist so that they can tell me I have problems. Talking my problems out isn't gonna help me ok." Claudia said looking away from Miranda.

"I bet if Mom would want you to go to a therapist you would." Miranda said.

Claudia grabbed Miranda's shirt collar. "Don't talk about her damn it!" Claudia said.

Miranda was silent she knew she had just expanded the gap between her and Claudia. She let go of Miranda's shirt and put out her cigarette.

"You better get going to lunch. The bell is about to ring." Claudia said. "For the record. I am not looking out for you prom queen." Claudia said walking away from Miranda.

Once Claudia had vanished from sight, Miranda's bottom lip trembled. A tear rolled down her face. A door opened near by, One of her friends poked their head out the door.

"Hey Miranda, We got to go. the bell is about to... Miranda? Are you ok?" The girl asked propping the door open.

She walked over to Miranda who was crying. The girl grabbed Miranda and held her for a moment trying to calm her down.

"There there Miranda. I am sure he didn't mean it. You are one of the prettiest girls here." The girl said thinking that She had just broken up with a guy.

Miranda didn't bother to correct the girl. They made their way to class after Miranda had stopped crying. They got there a little late.

"Where have you two been?" The teacher asked.

"Sorry sir. Miranda and I were helping clean up the lunch room." The girl lied.

"Very well take your seats." He said pointing out their seats.

Miranda found it hard to think for the rest of the day. Once school was over she said goodbye to her friends and made her way to the therapists office. She sat down in the waiting room.

"Please do come back. Oh Miranda I had forgotten about you coming by today. Please come on in." Jessica said as a person left the office.

Miranda walked in and took a seat on the sofa. Jessica closed the door behind her and sat down. She stared at Miranda for a little while.

"So Miranda is everything alright? You make an progress with your sister?" Jessica asked.

"No. If anything I made things worse." Miranda said.

"Oh dear. Well talk me through what happened." She said sitting back in her chair.

"I was trying to talk her into coming to therapy. She told me that it would never happen. And then... and then I..." She couldn't finish what happened. She started to cry again.

"Oh Miranda. I am so sorry." Jessica said getting up. She moved over to Miranda and sat down. She patted Miranda on the back. She didn't say anything, she knew that it was something that Miranda just had to let out. Miranda stopped crying after a while.

"Here." Jessica said handing her a box of tissues.

"Thanks." Miranda said with a raspy voice.

"There now that you have spent half this session crying. Do you want to continue telling me why you are so upset? I will understand if you don't." Jessica said.

"No. I think I can continue." Miranda said sitting up.

"After She told me she would never go to a therapist.... I said, 'I bet you would go if mom asked you to.' Then she grabbed me by the collar." Miranda finished.

"Oh my. Seems like she took offense to what you had to say." Jessica said.

"Yeah.... She told me not to ever talk about mom." Miranda said getting teary again.

"Oh there there Miranda. You can always talk to me. Listen, I want you to go home and relax." Jessica said.

"What about my school work?" She asked.

"Look I will write a note. Don't worry. It is basically a doctors note. your teachers will understand. Now then let me write that up for you." Jessica said getting up and walking over to her desk.

She leaned over and wrote a note then signed it. After that she walked back over to Miranda handing her the note.

"Please take the night off. I know you like to work on school work. Also I won't be here tomorrow, so your next session won't be til Thursday. Ok?" She said handing her the note. "But if you do need me don't hesitate to call." She added.

"Um Jessica... I know a therapist is suppose to help people feel better but why are you so nice to me?" Miranda asked taking the note.

"From what you have told me Miranda, you and Claudia didn't have much of a family growing up. With you mother gone you had no motherly figure, you father is also missing from the picture so you and Claudia had to help each other. From what I can tell, Claudia is lashing out at the world. She feels betrayed that she didn't have a proper family. You on the other hand withdrew into yourself. You act calm in front of others but you also yearn for a family. You are hurt that Claudia no longer looks out for you so you do the same. You distance yourself from her to feel less hurt." Jessica said.

"That doesn't answer my question..." Miranda said standing up.

"Oh yes I did kind of go the long way to give you an answer. I got a little side tracked. Sorry. I am being nice to you cause you didn't have a mother to support you growing up. In fact I am sure the reason why Claudia doesn't want to go to a therapist like me is cause she isn't ready to replace the mother she never had." Jessica said touching Miranda's shoulder.

"I see. Thank you Jessica. That means a lot to me." Miranda said with a smile.

"Now get home dear before it gets to late." She replied.

Miranda nodded and walked home to her apartment. She opened the door and didn't hear anything. She closed the door behind her.

"Claudia? You home?" Miranda asked walking in.

She saw Claudia's door closed. She sighed and turned around. She noticed a note on the coffee table.

"Went to Trent's house. Don't expect me home. ~Claudia."

Miranda sighed, she was spending another night alone. She didn't really know what to do. She had never taken a night off from school work. Even during the weekend she was working on something.

She fixed herself something to eat. Then turned on the tv. She watched random stuff on the tv before falling asleep on the sofa. The tv kept playing while she slept.
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Re: Lithium Flower

Post by Tokahia on 5th March 2012, 2:02 am

Chapter Six

Claudia skipped the rest of her classes. When the bell rang to change classes she vanished without anyone noticing. She made her way home, she wanted to grab a few things.

She got in to her room, she packed a small over night bag. Before leaving she wrote a note for Miranda. She didn't really care if Miranda knew where she was or not. Claudia left the apartment making her way to Trent's place.

When she got there the band was practicing. She stood there listening to them. She lit a cigarette and put her bags on the ground. After a while of standing she sat on Trent's car. They hadn't seem to notice her sitting there. After a few hours of them practicing they where getting tired.

"Oh come on you guys haven't even played Freebird yet." Claudia said mockingly.

"I actually don't know how to play the bass to that song." The bassist said.

"Claudia how long you been there?" Megan asked.

"Long enough. I have been listening to Trent's out of tune guitar for two hours." She replied puffing out smoke.

"You still haven't gotten it tuned? I thought you were gonna take care of the tuning for his guitar man." Megan said to the bassist.

"Yeah haven't gotten around to it. Trent insisted we play once we all got here." He replied.

"Yeah... I guess I didn't give him much of a chance to tune my guitar." Trent said. "Oh hey Claudia." He said just realizing she was sitting on his car.

"Claudia didn't you have school today?" Megan asked.

"Yeah I skipped the rest of my classes. What don't look at me that way. I was there for the first half of school." Claudia said as Megan glared at her.

"Come on Megan, at least she went to school this time." Trent said.

"I guess you are right dear. Claudia, why are you here again?" Megan asked hugging Trent.

"My guess is her sister pissed her off again." Demitri said opening his phone.

"Seems like she always pisses you off. Why stay with her?" The bassist asked taking Trent's guitar.

"Fuck, man can't I show up without you all becoming therapists?" Claudia asked. "At this rate I would rather Listen to Miranda yelling at me for leaving school then hear you guys." She added.

Megan walked over to Claudia and gave her a hug. "Come on dear we arn't that bad." She said.

"Please get off of me Megan." Claudia whispered to her.

"Oh sorry dear." Megan said letting go of her. "An over night bag? You staying again tonight?" Megan asked upon seeing Claudia's overnight bag.

"If you and Trent don't mind. I will take the guest bed if you want to take his bed." She said looking at the ground.

"Nonsense you will sleep in Trent's bed. Trent and I will sleep in the guest bed." Megan said.

"Hey what do you guys want? I am ordering food." Demitri said scrolling through his phone.

"Really? Are you sure Demitri? The last time you tried to order food we couldn't reach a decision." The bassist said.

"Yes Natsu I am sure. Now votes I need them to make a decision." Demitri replied.

"I say pizza." Trent said.

"Don't you always say pizza Trent?" Natsu asked.

"Hey he is paying I want it cheap." Trent replied.

"Ugh no thanks I hate greasy pizza. I would throw money at Chinese food." Megan said.

"I see, Natsu your vote?" Demitri asked still scrolling through the phone.

"Good old fashion burgers is what I say." Natsu said putting Trent's Guitar against the wall.

"Still a tie... We can never decide on anything." Demitri said.

"What about me? Don't I get a vote?" Claudia asked.

"Huh? Oh right I forgot you where here." He replied.

"How mean of you Demitri! How could you forget such a sweet child as Claudia." Megan said being dramatic.

"Yeah lets see how sweet I am if you keep up that cheerfulness." Claudia said sounding annoyed.

"You know I kid dear. So your vote is?" Megan asked.

"Chinese food. I will just share with whatever you guys get. You mind if I change? I really want to get out of this dumb outfit." She said pointing at her school uniform.

"Yeah go on in. We will be in, in a bit." Trent said.

"I will go with her." Megan said grabbing Claudia's things.

"I can get those." She said.

"No need dear Your our guest." Megan replied.

She lead Claudia into the house. They made their way to Trent's room. She put the bags down. Claudia thanked Megan for letting her stay.

"No problem Claudia. Hey... Are you alright? I know that Miranda bugs you but you seem really upset." Megan said sitting on Trent's bed.

"Yeah I am sure." She said stripping out of her school clothes. She reached into the night bag and pulled out punk clothes and put them on. "There that is better." She said.

"Well I should go see if the boys are done ordering food or if they are bickering." Megan said. "Do help yourself to anything Claudia. I will try to bring them in the house." She added.

Claudia watched Megan vanish into the hallway. She laid down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. She could hear the band members talking as they walked into the house. Claudia inhaled deeply before letting out a loud sigh.

"Hey Claudia, what do you want to drink?" Natsu's voice called up to her.

She sat up quick, she had almost fallen asleep. "Water please!" She quickly replied.

What am I doing almost falling asleep? I'm not sleepy, she thought. Natsu was soon standing in the door way holding a bottle of water.

"Here catch." He said tossing it to her.

She caught the water bottle. "Thanks Natsu," she said looking away.

"Oh come on what is wrong? You can't be thinking about your sis." He said sitting on the bed next to her.

"Please don't sit next to me. I... I just don't like it." She said.

Natsu stood up and was reaching out to touch her on the shoulder.

"Hey food is here." Demitri said from the door way.

"Really? Awesome, come on Claudia food!" Natsu said rushing off for food.

"You coming Claudia?" Demitri asked not stepping into the room.

"Yeah I will be there in a minute." She said her back to the door.

"I will try to stop Natsu from eating it all." Demitri said leaving.

Claudia looked over her shoulder to see if Demitri was still there. She could hardly see anything through her blurry vision. She rubbed her eyes and could see that no one was there.

After a while she had finally made it down to everyone. They where all chatting and having a grand time. Natsu had four empty beer containers around him. His face was slightly red.

"Hey Claudia I saved you some. Natsu was pretty hungry." Megan said holding a plate with food on it.

Claudia sat down next to Megan. She was silent while she ate. The others were laughing and having a good time Natsu had moved on to his seventh beer by the time she finished her food.

"Hey... I wa...wanna tell you guys that, you are awesome.... I mean seriously. I am not bullshitting you guy's totally rock." Natsu said slurring his words.

"I think someone has had one to many." Megan said.

"Heh yeah. I will take him home." Demitri said standing up. "Come on Natsu time to go." He said picking up Natsu.

He carried Natsu on his back as if he were a kid. " I will see you guys later." He said. "Oh enjoy what is left of the food." He added before leaving.

Trent started to clean up the left overs. Megan helped him. Claudia felt a little useless. She had barely spoken the entire time. She sat on the sofa while they cleaned up.

"So Claudia dear, how did you like dinner?" Megan asked.

"Oh it was really good. I meant to thank Demitri for it." She said.

"You saying thank you? I would love to hear that." Trent said before Megan elbowed him in the ribs. "Ow that hurt." He said rubbing his ribs.

"Be nice to Claudia." Megan said sternly.

"I am nice. You are the one who hit me in the ribs." Trent replied.

"Claudia you really should get some sleep. You look tired." Megan said walking over to her.

Claudia nodded and stood up. She made her way to Trent's room and laid down. After a while she could hear them fucking again. She sat up and grabbed Trent's CD player She turned it on hoping to hear some metal that would drown out the noise.

Instead she got "I'd Do Anything For Love" by Meatloaf. She sat there and started to cry. She buried her face in her hands. A few seconds later Megan knocked on the door. Claudia looked up at her. She was wearing her panties, and an open button up shirt. Megan walked over to the bed.

"You alright dear?" Megan asked.

"No I'm not." Claudia said through her tears.

"Do you want me to sleep in here with you?" Megan asked sitting on the bed.

She didn't say anything she just clung to Megan. She sighed and wrapped her arm around Claudia. Megan stroked her hair.

"Let it all out dear." Megan said quietly.

After a while Claudia had fallen asleep. Megan slowly lowered Claudia down so that she was laying down. Megan slept right next to her the whole night. She could hear Claudia softly sobbing.

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Re: Lithium Flower

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Chapter Seven

Claudia slowly opened her eyes the next morning. She could barely see. She felt someone's arm around her waist. Her body was numb, she couldn't move. She could feel breathing on her neck.

I have to get out. Why won't my body move. Damn it move! she thought in a panic.

"Ugh my head..." Megan said rolling over releasing her wrap around Claudia.

"Megan? Oh please don't tell me..." Claudia said sitting up and slightly blushing.

"Huh? What are you talking about? Ugh..." Megan said sitting up. "Hey Claudia are you alright?" She asked as she rubbed her head.

"Please say that nothing happened between us." Claudia said.

"Don't worry kiddo. Nothing happened. You were having a bad night so I decided to stay here with you." Megan said getting up from the bed.

"I guess you are about to leave for work right?" Claudia asked as Megan made her way to the door.

"Hmmm? No I have the day off. Come on you need to get dressed." Megan said.

"Oh right... I should have known you were gonna force me to go to school." Claudia said laying back down.

"Nope. Not this time. I am taking you out for the day. I will meet you down stairs when you are ready." Megan said leaving the room.

Out? Where is she taking me? Claudia thought sitting up. After a little while she walked down stairs to where Megan was. She was smoking, Claudia lit her own cigarette as she walked down the stairs.

"So what is this about you taking me out for the day?" She asked Megan.

"I am just being friendly, besides Trent won't be up for a while. So practice will be this afternoon." Megan said.

"That totally answered me." She said sarcastically.

"It is a surprise. So there." Megan said standing up.

Claudia finished her cigarette before leaving the house with Megan. She opened the passenger door and got in. Megan got in the drivers seat and smiled at Claudia. Megan turned on the radio and tapped her fingers to the beats of the songs.

Claudia had no Idea where they were going. She did enjoy the music that was playing. She looked over at Megan.

Why was she in bed with me? What happened? She thought.

"You are awfully quiet. What is on your mind?" Megan asked turning the music down a bit.

"Sorry I was just trying to remember what happened last night." Claudia said.

"You really don't remember? I feel hurt that we had such great sex and you don't remember it." Megan said jokingly.

"WHAT!?!?!" Claudia screamed.

"Oh calm down dear. Only poking at your funny bone." Megan said.

"Well I don't find it funny." She said turning her back to Megan.

"Whoa sorry. I really was only joking." Megan said.

"Good." She replied slightly pouting.

They fell silent, Megan was afraid of saying anything more. Claudia stared out the window. Megan nervously tapped on the wheel.

"Claudia I..." Megan started.

"Just drop it Megan. I don't want to talk about it." She replied.

Megan slammed on the breaks and stared at Claudia. "No I won't drop it. Look I am sorry for whatever the fuck I did. Ok? You really want to know what happened last night? You cried yourself to sleep. I stayed with you to make sure you were alright." Megan said in aggravation. Claudia stayed silent, she looked like a young kid getting scolded.

"Look I thought I could cheer you up with a day of fun and so far it has gotten off to a rocky start. So how about we just over alright?" Megan asked.

Claudia sighed then said, "Fine I am sorry Megan... It's just..." Claudia turned away from Megan.

"No need talk about it you don't want to." Megan said.

Someone blared their horn at them. Megan rolled down the window and flipped them off.

"Damn asshole. Can't let us girls just chat in the middle of the road." Megan said driving off.

Claudia snickered at Megan. "So where are we heading? Or is that still a surprise?" She asked.

"Going to breakfast with a friend." Megan said as they pulled up to Ihop.

"Wait a minute, please don't tell me that you are making me meet a therapist." Claudia said hesitating to get out of the car.

"Yes she is a therapist. It has nothing to do with you alright. Trust me, please." Megan said getting out of the car. "Come on Claudia out of the car." She said sticking her head back into the car.

"Fine! But I swear if she starts with that psychology shit I am coming right back into the car." Claudia said getting out of the car.

"Agreed. Now let's go." Megan said locking the car.

They walked into the Ihop, once they got in, a woman was waving at Megan. Megan tapped Claudia on the shoulder and walked over to her.

"Hey Jessica." Megan said sitting down.

"My you are the spitting image of her." Jessica said to Claudia.

"I am out." She said turning to leave.

"Oh come on Claudia. I am sure the good therapist won't talk any more about her job." Megan said grabbing Claudia's wrist.

"She better not." She said taking a seat next to Megan.

"So how are you Megan? Trent still sleeping?" Jessica asked.

"Yeah, So I brought Claudia instead. I am so glad you got the day off from work. I haven't seen you since business picked up." Megan said.

"Why does she get the day off?" Claudia asked.

"It is my birthday that is why." Jessica said with a happy tone in her voice.

"Is she always THIS cheerful?" Claudia asked Megan.

"Yeah she really is." Megan replied.

They spent the next few hours chatting. Claudia had forgotten about her argument with Megan. The check finally showed up and Megan paid for it.

"Well thank you for a great birthday breakfast. It was nice meeting you Claudia. I hope you two have a nice day." Jessica said getting up.

"Later. Have a wonderful Birthday." Megan said as Jessica left. "So what did you think of her Claudia?" Megan asked.

"Don't tell me you want me to go to her for Therapy. I like her but please I am not going. So you and Miranda need to stop talking about it." Claudia said as they left Ihop.

"I never said you had to go. I was just asking what you thought about Jessica." She said. "Damn looks like I have to cut this fun short. Practice starts in a few." She added as they got in the car.

"Yeah sure." Claudia replied lighting a cigarette.

They got back to Trent's house. The other band members were all there. Trent was tuning his guitar. Natsu and Demitri where chatting. Claudia got out of the car once it came to a stop.

"Hey Claudia. Have fun with Megan?" Trent asked.

"Yeah I guess." Claudia replied.

"Are we ready? Or are you untuning your guitar again Trent?" Megan asked walking over to the microphone.

"Dude! I just tuned that for you!" Natsu said.

"Can we just play? I have to be at work in a few." Demitri said.

"Alright lets get started." Trent said.

They started to jam. Claudia sighed She didn't want to listen to them any more. She put out her cigarette and started to walk to the door.

"Trent's guitar is out of tune again." She said.

"Again? Damn it Trent!" Megan said getting upset.

"I forgot that Natsu tuned it." He replied.

Claudia walked back over to them. "Mind if I try?" She asked.

They all stared at her. "Are you sure you want to try one our parts?" Megan asked.

"Just let me tune up Trent's Guitar" Natsu said taking the guitar from Trent.

She stood in front of the microphone. Natsu handed Trent his guitar back. They all past glances at each other.

"You want us to do one of our songs? Or a cover or...?" Trent asked before Claudia held up her hand stopping him.

She started to tap her foot and bob her head as if music where playing in her head. Demitri started up with the beat that Claudia had started. Natsu followed up with some notes, Trent's notes joined in.

Megan stood there waiting for Claudia to start singing. After a few seconds of quietness, she started singing. Megan's jaw dropped in shock. The others started to miss notes in shock.

They all shot glances at each other. They tried to make up for the notes they missed. After a while the song had finished. Demitri looked at his watch.

"Damn. I have to go to work. Great singing Claudia. Later everyone." He said leaving.

"Man Who knew you could sing!" Natsu said.

He reached out to pat her on the shoulder. Megan beat Natsu to Claudia, She hugged Claudia.

"Oh you little surprise singer! Come on let get you a drink." Megan said dragging Claudia into the house.

"Will you get off of me." Claudia said struggling to get out of Megan's grip. "You do know I am underage right?" She asked.

"Drinks? I am all for a drink." Natsu said.

"Don't you have class soon?" Trent asked.

"Damn I forgot about that! Tell them I said later." Natsu said running off to his car.

Trent joined Megan and Claudia in the house. "Claudia, nice voice." He said.

Megan was drinking alcohol, there was beer in front of Claudia. Trent walked over and took the beer away from her. Claudia hadn't even opened it.

"I thought you didn't like giving alcohol to minors." Trent said opening it.

"Hey she smokes underage, so why not fully corrupt her?" Megan said with slurred words.

"She is already drunk. One sip and she is drunk." Claudia said.

"I am not!" Megan said with her words slurring.

"Heh she is so cute when she drinks." Trent said opening

the beer.

He took a sip then kissed Megan on the lips. Claudia rolled her eyes. Megan practically threw herself onto Trent.

"Come on dear we have company. Maybe you should lay down for a little while." Trent said helping Megan up.

"When has that ever stopped you?" She said holding on to him.

Claudia rolled her eyes again, she knew Megan spoke the truth. Trent helped Megan upstairs then came back down. He sat down in front of her.

"Sorry about that Claudia." Trent said.

"Oh no problem. She doesn't drink much I take it?" She asked.

"Yeah she doesn't do well with Alcohol. Your voice was fantastic. Have you ever taken classes to sing?" He asked taking a sip of beer.

"Nope never." She said lighting up a cigarette.

"I see. That is fantastic Claudia." He said.

"Hey Trent can I ask you something?" Claudia asked.

"Other then that?" Trent said with a chuckle.

"Yeah smart ass. Other then that, I wanted to ask you..." She trailed off blowing out smoke. "Why is it that every time I am over you guys are always practicing? When is your first gig?" She asked.

"The battle of the bands is just next week. So we hope to be good enough to play in that. Though with you singing recently we have to talk it over, who knows maybe Megan will let you sing. She really doesn't like playing in a band." He said.

"No? She always seemed happy until I point out your off tune guitar." Claudia replied.

"Yeah well she really wants to be an artist. She has a good singing voice, but I don't want to stand in the way of what she wants to do." Trent said sipping more beer.

"I have another question...." Claudia trailed off.

"Oh? What is it this time?" He asked with a friendly smile.

"I... uh how do I say this?" She asked herself. "Why can I hear you and Megan fucking in the next room almost every time I sleep over?" She asked.

Trent choked on his beer. He started coughing pretty badly. Claudia looked shocked when he started his coughing fit.

"Are you alright?" She asked moving over to him.

"I will be alright. I honestly didn't think you could hear us. No wonder Megan said what she said. Damn I am sorry Claudia. I am surprised you still come over at all." He said. "I will try and not sleep with Megan while you are over." He added.

"I guess I was just being a little blunt. Sorry for making you feel uncomfortable." She said sitting next to him.

"So did you and Megan go meet Jessica for breakfast?" He asked.

"Yeah... wait how did you know?" Claudia asked.

"Cause I was invited. I don't really wake up early as you may have noticed." He said.

"Yeah I noticed. So did you know she was a therapist?" She asked.

"Who Jessica? Yeah. We dated before she went to college to become a psychologist." Trent said calmly.

"Oh I see..." She said trailing off.

"That reminds me I need to call her. Can I borrow your phone?" He asked.

"Why not use the house phone?" She replied in aggravation.

"We don't have a house phone. So can I borrow your phone?" He asked.

"Yeah here." She said handing over her phone.

He took it from her. He punched in the numbers and waited for Jessica to answer. "Huh? What no it is Trent. I am borrowing her phone. Sorry I couldn't make it to breakfast. Yeah you know me... So yeah Happy Birthday. No that was all I was calling about. Yeah, Later." He said hanging up the phone. "She says hello." He added handing the phone back to Claudia.

"Oh... Thanks." She said taking the phone from him.

They sat there in silence, Claudia looked around. Trent sat there wanting to say something, but he couldn't think of what to say. Their eyes locked for a moment. Claudia started to move closer for a kiss, she couldn't control her body.

To her she felt like someone else was controlling her. Trent sat there in surprise, he knew he needed to stop her, but his voice just wouldn't project. Claudia's lips barely touched his, She finally got control of her body again.

She jerked away rather quickly. Without saying anything she got up and rushed into Trent's room, she closed the door and leaned against it.

"What the fuck was I doing?" She said to herself.

Her breathing was heavy, she could feel her heart trying to jump out of her chest. She slid down the door and sat there. Tears rolled down her face.

"Why? Why the fuck did I try to kiss Trent?" She asked herself through her sobbing.
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Re: Lithium Flower

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Chapter Eight

"Claudia!! Claudia are you alright?" Megan shouted through the door.

She slowly opened her eyes. The world was sideways, and slightly out of focus.

"Damn it Trent! Why didn't you wake me up? I can't fucking believe you! Claudia!" Megan called again. She knocked on the door.

After a while Claudia slowly sat up. she rubbed her eyes. Pain erupted when she touched her hands to her eyes. She quickly pulled her hands away.

"Damn it why won't this door budge?" Megan asked hitting the door.

"Could it just be that she locked the door?" Trent asked. "Must you over react to everything Megan?" He added.

"Well excuse me if you think that is is alright to let a girl who just cried in my arms last to be alone in your room. For all we know she could be dead!" Megan said.

Claudia got up and looked around. She couldn't tell what time it was. Trent's room lacked a window, or even a clock, at least she had figured out why Trent never got up before noon.

"Oh no! You are right! We have to bust that door down!" Trent said.

"What are you doing? Are you getting a running start? That won't help, the door is blocked." Megan said.

"I am going for it anyway dear!" Trent said rushing at the door.

Claudia opened the door and stepped out of the way. Trent went running into the room and tripped over his own clothing. He fell face first into Claudia's over night back.

"Damn it Trent you fucking pervert! Get your face out of my bag!" Claudia yelled at him.

"Claudia! You are alive!" Megan said hugging her.

"Get off of me damn it." Claudia said pushing Megan away. "My head is killing me." She added rubbing her head.

Trent walked over to Megan and Claudia, he had one of Claudia's panties on his head. Megan smacked him in the chest.

"Ow. What was that for?" He asked. "Hey Claudia, glad to see you arn't dead." He added.

"You have her panties on your head." Megan said grabbing them. "Damn it Trent why are you so laid back all the time?" She added.

Claudia pulled out a cigarette and waited for them to stop. Megan looked at Claudia and noticed her eyes were bloodshot. She also noticed where tears had run down her face at one point.

"Are you alright Claudia?" Megan asked.

"Other then my head killing me, sleeping on the floor, yelling and not knowing what time it is yeah I am fine." She said sarcastically.

"See you worry to much Megan." Trent said.

"Damn it Trent, I had plenty to worry about! I wake up and the first thing you say is 'Claudia is locked in my room'. Fuck man why wouldn't you try to see if she is ok?" Megan said in a fury.

"I thought she was sleeping. I was right wasn't I?" Trent replied.

"Not the point Damn it! For fucksake I can't believe you!" Megan yelled at him.

"SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!" Claudia shouted stopping them. They both looked over at her, she exhaled smoke.

"Look at you two! I am fine, so stop attacking each other over something that didn't matter! I came in here and fell asleep against the door. Alright? Clearly you two need time away from each other. Fucking A!" Claudia said.

They both looked away from each other. "Further more you two are always fighting when I am here. If me leaving will make you two happy again, then I will gladly go back to my crappy apartment with ms straight a know it all." She added looking angry at them both.

"Claudia is right. We need to take a break from each other..." Trent said.

"I will go pack." Megan said with a sigh.

"No that isn't what I meant Megan. I mean I will stay with Natsu or Demitri for a few days. I will call off practice as well." Trent said.

"What? But the battle of the bands is just around the corner. You still need improvement." Claudia said.

"Claudia he is right. We need time apart from each other. Having the band practice would just complicate things." Megan said.

Trent left the room without saying another word. Megan looked at Claudia, she bit her lower lip. After a few minutes they heard Trent leave in his car. Claudia put out her cigarette.

"Damn it why was I so mean to him?" Megan said threw sobbing Tears.

Claudia looked at her and walked over. "Uh... there there?" She said feeling uncomfortable.

"Claudia I hope you never have to be in this kind of relationship." Megan said drying her tears.

"So Megan how long was I asleep?" Claudia asked sitting on Trent's bed.

"Huh? Oh six hours. I got worried around three hours when I didn't hear anything from Trent's room." Megan said joining Claudia on the bed. "Look at us we are just a bloody mess arn't we dear?" She added moving some hair out of Claudia's face.

"Yeah... Hey Megan.... Can I ask you something, I ... Damn it..." Claudia said.

"What is it dear? You can tell me anything." Megan said forcing a smile.

"Even if it was about Trent?" She asked waiting for Megan to get angry.

"Yeah... Sure I get angry with him but... We kind of need each other you know. Regardless in a few days we will be back to normal." Megan said. "So what did you want to tell me?" She asked drying another tear.

"I... Damn it why can't I just tell you?" She asked herself looking away from Megan.

"Why don't you just tell me later?" Megan asked.

"Cause if I tell you later then it would seem like I betrayed you for doing what I did. Hell if I tell you know then You might just tell me to get the fuck out anyway." Claudia said looking like she was ready to cry again.

"Claudia, I have an Idea. What if I promise to hear you out when you feel like talking about it. I promise not to get mad at you for what ever you did. Seem fair dear?" Megan asked moving closer to Claudia.

"You sure? Cause I don't want you and Trent to fight more. Hell it is bad enough hearing you have sex every night I am over." She said.

"Yeah well.. That won't be happening while he is gone." Megan said.

"I take it I get no guarantee that I won't hear you pleasuring yourself?" Claudia asked.

"I won't promise that you won't hear me, but I will try to keep it down." Megan said nudging Claudia slightly.

"Your hair is kind of long isn't it?" Megan said running a hand through her hair.

"Yeah... I actually want to get it cut different. I hate this look. I look to similar to Miranda." She said.

"Want me to help? I cut Trent's hair sometimes when money is low." She said playing with Claudia's hair.

"Only if you promise not to cut my ear off." Claudia said.

"Damn and here I was thinking I could finally complete my human ear collection." Megan said joking. "Come on lets go to the bathroom so I can wrangle this crazy hair." She said standing up.

She lead Claudia into the the guest room. There was an art easel set up with a painting on it. Claudia stared at it, it was only half finished.

"Hey come on slow poke in here. You can admire my crappy work when I am done with your hair." She said pulling Claudia away from the painting.

Claudia sat down in a chair that Megan had put out for her. She stared at herself in the mirror for a bit. Megan leaned on the sink waiting for her to say something.

"I know what I want. Just trust me on this alright?" She said kind of nervously.

"Trust you? Just tell me what you want dear. I will see what I can do." Megan replied.

"Well what I think I want is... Most of this shaved down to a slight bit of fuzz." She said pointing to the left side of her face. "And this part to come down like this." She said pulling her hair on the right side. The way she pulled it, her hair curved down the right side of her face.

"I will see what I can do." Megan said cutting Claudia's hair.

After a while Megan spun Claudia around to see her new look. She stared into the mirror for a while. Claudia didn't say anything for a while.

"Hmm can you reverse it so I can see what the right side of my head looks like shaved?" Claudia said jokingly.

"How about I just shave it all off hmm?" Megan said turning on the shaver.

"I was kidding! Shees." Claudia said getting up. "I love it dear!" She said hugging Megan.

"Hey! Careful I still have the shaver and the scissors!" Megan said trying not to fall.

"Sorry. I just love this new look." She said letting go of Megan. "Now I just have to think of a fucking awesome tattoo to get." She said.

"Oh no! I am not letting you get a tattoo Claudia." Megan said putting the shaver and scissors down.

"What? No fair! Everyone I know has a tat why can't I?" She asked.

"Cause I am not letting you do the same mistake I did. Look tats are awesome and all but damn getting them removed is a pain in the ass. Sometimes literally." She said. "All I am saying is if you want a tat just wait til you can live with whatever you are getting." She added.

"No I thought about getting a row of stupid ugly tats on my neck." She said sarcastically.

Megan glared at her, Claudia shrugged it off. "Look I know tattoos are serious things. I am not just gonna go get one on a whim. It has to be something meaningful." She said. "Not that I think there will be anything meaningful in my life any time soon." She said walking back towards the unfinished painting.

"What? That isn't true Claudia. I am sure you will get someone special to you one day." Megan said walking into the room with Claudia.

"Yeah I am sure you are..." She got cut off by Megan's phone ringing.

"Hold onto that thought Claudia." Megan said picking up her phone. "Demitri why are you calling so late? Why are you telling me to sit down? Damn it Demitri just tell me what is on your mind. No...." She dropped her phone while talking.

Claudia looked over at her. "Everything alright Megan?" She asked.

She didn't respond. Claudia could hear Demitri speaking into the phone. She reached out for Megan who picked up the phone. Without saying anything she hung up the phone. Claudia stayed silent as Megan sat down on the bed.

"Megan? What is wrong?" She asked.

Megan broke out into tears. "Trent.... Trent's...." She was talking through her tears. She couldn't form the words to tell Claudia what had happened.

Claudia walked over to her and sat down on the bed next to her. Megan gripped Claudia's hand. "Megan... What about Trent?" She asked sounding worried.

"He... was killed by a drunk driver..." Megan said sobbing uncontrollably. Tears started to form up in Claudia's eyes. She laid her head on Megan's shoulder.

"Megan... I am so sorry. I am here for you..." She said.

"Thanks dear. I am glad to know that you are here to stand by me." Megan replied. "Though... I think I will start having to go back to therapy because of this." She added.

After a while of them crying over Trent's death, Claudia wrapped her arms around Megan. They soon drifted off to sleep holding each other for comfort.
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Re: Lithium Flower

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Chapter Nine

Miranda opened her eyes and saw the tv still on. She sat up and rubbed her eyes, she couldn't really remember anything that had gone on. A quick glace around the apartment and she remembered that she had to get ready for school.

She barely made it to the school when the first bell rang. Miranda sat in homeroom as the teacher called peoples names. She noticed Claudia wasn't there, Miranda bit her lower lip in worry.

"Hey Miranda did you do last night's homework? I could really use some help." A male student asked leaning over to her.

"Huh? Oh sorry no I didn't." She replied snapping her back to reality.

"What? But You always do the homework. Damn it I am gonna fail this class." The student said as the bell rang.

Miranda jumped out of her seat and tried to rush out of the room. Her friends caught up with her in the hall.

"Hey where is the rush Miranda? Just because you love classes doesn't mean you have to rush to them." One girl said.

"Oh hey did you hear about Samantha?" Another girl asked.

"No what about her?" The first girl asked.

"She was found in her bathroom last night with a note. She killed herself." The girl replied.

"I wish it had been that stupid druggie Claudia that killed herself." The other replied.

"I know right. Where is that bitch anyway?" The girl replied.

"You two are awful people! Someone dies and you make jokes about who you wish to die. I can't believe I hang out with you two." Miranda said walking into the class room without them.

They looked at each other and shrugged. They continued down the hallway chatting and laughing. Miranda took her seat and opened up her note book to take notes. She wanted the day to end.

The day went on forever, she had to listen to rumors, jokes and hate from people around her. She wished they would just grow up, though she knew she was no better then them. She sighed and wrote down the last note as the final bell rang.

Miranda packed everything up and got up from her seat. She was tired, though she knew she had to get a move on if she was to make it home to work on two nights worth of homework. As she made her way out of the school people where whispering.

The sunlight blinded her for a moment. Miranda lifted her hand to block the sunlight. Once her eyes adjusted she could see a large group of people standing around a limo.

"Hey who do you think that limo is picking up?" One student asked.

"I don't know but they must be rich as hell. I envy that person." Another student replied.

The limo driver got out of the car and walked around and opened the door. A man in a very expensive suit stepped out of the car. Everyone backed up to give him room. The wind blew through his short black hair.

Miranda walked closer to the group of people crowding the limo. Her friends walked over to her. Miranda was still a little angry at them.

"Hey who do you think this man is picking up?" One girl asked.

"I think we would notice anyone super rich at our school. Or even someone famous. Could it be a new student that is showing up?" The other girl asked.

Miranda was silent as they got through the large crowed. The man looked right at Miranda. He smiled at her and held out his hand.

"Come along Miranda." The man said.

Everyone backed away from Miranda who let out a sigh. "Yes Father." She said walking over to him.

"You didn't tell us you were loaded!" One of her friends said.

"Yeah well don't get any ideas. I will see you tomorrow." Miranda said getting in the Limo.

Her father got in right after her. The driver closed the door behind them then got in the drivers seat. He pulled away from the school. Everyone watched as they left.

"How are you Miranda?" Her dad asked.

"I am alright, I didn't know you were in town." Miranda said watching the world passing by the window.

"Yes well it was a bit last minute. Tell me where is Claudia? The principal said she wasn't at school today." He asked.

"No I have no Idea." Miranda said.

"Is that so? Well then how about we drop by the apartment and get you into something and I take you to dinner." He said with a smile.

"Dad... Why are you in town?" She asked.

"It is business. There is a huge contract that requires I spend three days here. Don't worry You won't have to worry about me being at the apartment." He said with a smile.

"I see." She said quietly.

"What is wrong dear? Why so quiet? Is it cause I showed up at the school unannounced?" He asked as they pulled up to the apartment complex.

"Um dad... Do you mind if I don't go to dinner with you? I have a lot of homework to do." She said.

"Hmmm very well. How about Breakfast tomorrow morning? I will drop you off at school." He said as the Limo driver opened the door.

"That sounds great dad. See you tomorrow." She said getting out of the limo.

Miranda made her way up to her apartment and watched out the window as the Limo pulled away. She let out a sigh and opened her backpack pulling out some books. Miranda worked for a good bit of the night finishing almost everything. She had finally gotten tired and fell asleep.

The next morning she heard movement in the apartment. She got up and walked slowly into the living room. She could see Claudia's room open.

"Claudia?? Is that you?" She asked getting closer.

"Yeah what is it Miranda? I don't fucking have time to talk to you." She said stuffing clothing into a duffel bag.

"What did you do to your hair?" Miranda asked noticing her new hair cut.

"I got it cut ok prom queen. You got a problem with it deal with it." Claudia said.

A knock came from the front door. Claudia stopped and turned around. Miranda had walked to the door and opened it. Their dad stood there looking a sharp as he ever.

"You ready to go Miranda? What is this? You are still in your Pajamas. Go get dressed. I will wait." He said walking into the apartment.

Claudia started packing even more. Miranda walked into her room to change. Their dad walked over to Claudia's room.

"Hello Claudia." He said.

"Go the fuck back from where you came from ass hole." She said packing.

"How unfortunate your hair is. You should be getting ready for classes." He said sternly.

"Yeah and you can fucking die. Now leave me the fuck alone." She said packing, she had just picked up a hair brush.

"My such vulgar language. Clearly you need to be under supervision." He said. "You know your mother would never have approved of this." He added.

"FUCK OFF!!!" She shouted throwing the hair brush at him. The hair brush had smacked into the wall. "I don't fucking care what you think, and don't you dare say what mother would have done damn it! You being here is an insult alone." She added picking up her duffel bag.

"Where do you think you are going Claudia. You are to be going to school with your sister." He said.

"No I am not. I am going to mourn the loss of a friend." She said walking to the door.

"Claudia! Please just do as he says." Miranda said stopping Claudia from opening the door.

"Get your hand off the door bitch." Claudia said sneering at Miranda.

"Please Claudia just this once? Please just do as he says." She said.

"You should listen to her Claudia. You might learn something." Their dad said.

"Yeah I have learned something. Never to count on you." She said to her father.

"Claudia! There is no need for that." Miranda said.

"Yeah there is. Now let me leave or I will hurt you." Claudia said.

Miranda let go of the door. Claudia opened it and was about to leave before turning and looking at Miranda.

"You know there is one other thing Miranda." Claudia said looking at her.

"What is that Claudia?" She asked.

"I know why you always side with dad. You turned out to be just like him. So you two can fucking die and get out of my life forever." She said before slamming the door as she left.
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Re: Lithium Flower

Post by Tokahia on 15th March 2012, 8:33 pm

Chapter Ten

Claudia left the apartment making her way back to Trent's house. Once she got there she saw Natsu's car in the driveway. She walked in seeing Megan crying. Natsu had his hand on her back.

"Hey Natsu." She said dropping her bag by the doorway.

"Claudia what is with your hair?" He asked.

"I got it cut ok." She said walking over to Megan.

"She has been like this for a while." He said removing his hand from her back.

"I know." Claudia said walking into the kitchen. She made herself a glass of water before rejoining them. "Megan please go rest for a little while." She said sitting across from them.

"I...I... can't" Megan said through her tears. "The beds remind me of him..." She added drying her tears.

"Then why not sleep here on the sofa?" Natsu and I won't talk to loudly." Claudia said.

"I... I can try. Do you mind if I use you as a pillow?" She asked walking over to Claudia.

"Not at all." Claudia said as Megan laid down.

Megan rested her head in Claudia's lap. Claudia lit a cigarette. Natsu looked around before sighing. She blew out a cloud of smoke.

"Claudia..." Natsu started scratching the back of his head.

"What Natsu?" She asked.

"Could you tell me a little bit about yourself? I mean I didn't know you like the others do." Natsu said.

"Demitri doesn't know much about me either. The only people who do are Megan and I. Though Trent knew as well..." She trailed off with a distant look in her eyes.

"Still Demitri knows more than I do." He said.

"Fine you get to know three things about me. Here is the first one for free. The other two you have to be careful about what you ask. I don't like people touching me unless I say it is ok." She said.

"Alright then.... that leaves two more. Hmmm I better be careful about this." Natsu said to himself. "Alright how old are you?" He asked.

"Seventeen, and don't start giving me a lecture about how I should quit smoking, and stay in school. Cause I will fucking hurt you. I am not in the mood for lectures. Now you get one more question." She said.

"Alright. I won't lecture you. Even though I think you should quit smoking." He said. "Hmmm what about your parents? Are they cool with what you are doing?" He asked.

"You asked two questions." She said blowing out smoke.

"So I guess I only get one answer right?" He asked.

"Nah I will answer them cause they go together, just know that I won't much go into detail about everything." She said.

"That is fine. So? What about them?" He asked.

"When Miranda and I where five, our mother killed herself. Dad was never around, he worked in New York. Then he got a better job offer in France. He left us alone, Miranda and I looked out for each other and now we are two different to be near each other." She said resting a hand on Megan's shoulder. "That satisfy your curiosity? Cause I really don't want to talk about it." She added.

"He just left you guys alone? Damn... I am sorry to hear that." He said.

"I don't want sympathy for his fucking mistake." She said.

"Claudia... are you always this bitchy? I mean I know your past is a touchy subject but how do you know he wanted to leave you two alone?" He said.

"Cause the fucker never shows up, never calls, never cared for us. Unless it benefits him then he never wants us around." She said putting out the cigarette in the ashtray.

Natsu was quite. The doorbell rang and he got up and answered the door.

"Demitri! I thought you had work." He said at Demitri walked in.

"Yeah... well I handed the case load to someone else. I told them I needed a vacation." He said.

"What? You mean to say you lied cause you are grieving?" Natsu said.

"I didn't lie. I have been working for about two months without any sick days. A vacation was what I needed even though this should be personal day use instead of vacation." He said sitting down in Natsu's seat. "Hello Claudia. How is Megan?" He asked.

"Hey! That was my seat you jerk!" Natsu said walking over after closing the door.

"She is alright, still crying. Though She hasn't been asleep long." Claudia said.

"I see. How are you holding up Claudia?" He asked ignoring Natsu.

"Hey! Don't ignore me! You are in my spot." Natsu said sounding defeated.

"I thought I told you never to ask me that." She said looking away from him.

"Claudia, I know you don't want to hear this, but you should see a therapist. I am actually going to see Jessica soon. Natsu you should do the same." He said looking over at Natsu who was now in a different seat.

"I am seeing one. They are a school appointed therapist. In fact I have to get going. Classes start soon. See you guys later." Natsu said leaving.

"Demitri I am never going to a therapist. I don't need them to feed me information I already know." Claudia said.

"Claudia, Jessica is different from the rest. She is willing to help you out. You just have to accept it." Demitri said.

"Yeah? So what? It isn't like you can make me get therapy." She said.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that Claudia. In a few minutes I will be going to Jessica. Megan has an appointment right after mine. If you go with us I am sure she could start your therapy right after Megans." He said.

"And if I don't go and choose to stay here?" She asked.

"Then I sign this piece of paper and drag you down to her offices myself." He said pulling out a piece of paper.

"A piece of paper? That is the best you can do? I am so scared." She said sarcastically.

"Claudia have I ever told you what I do for a living?" He asked pulling off his shades.

"No... I just thought you were some office worker that had to stare at a computer screen all day long." She said.

"No I am a lawyer. This piece of paper already has a judges signature. With mine it will be a court order to make you go to therapy. If you fail to go after that, then you will be held in the contempt of court." He said. "I am damn good at my job, you really don't want me to sign this." He added.

"Fucking a! You are a monster! Fine I will go. Just destroy that piece of paper!" She said.

"Oh no. I will keep it. In case you refuse to keep going." He said leaning back.

"You black mailing scumbag." She said narrowing her eyes.

"Nope, black mailing implies I have something you don't want getting out to people and that I am having you pay me to keep quiet. This is more like an ever looming threat." He said standing up. "Come on we better get a move on." He added.

"Fine... jerk." She muttered to herself. "Megan get up." She said shaking Megan a small bit.

Megan opened her eyes and saw Demitri standing sideways. She sat up then rubbed her eyes.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

"Come on we are going to therapy. I signed you back up. Yours will be right after mine." He said holding out a hand.

"What about Claudia? We can't just leave her here." Megan said.

"She is coming with. Come on I am driving." He said.

"Really? You are going to get therapy?" She asked.

"Yeah only cause Demitri is an ass who is threatening me." She muttered.

"What I can't really hear you Claudia." She said.

"I am looking forward to it." She said with a fake smile.

They all got into Demitri's car. Claudia sat in the back seat and stared out the window. Megan sat in the passenger seat. Demitri started the car and pulled away from the house.
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Re: Lithium Flower

Post by Tokahia on 16th March 2012, 4:59 pm

Chapter Eleven

"Come on Miranda. Get your bag, the limo is waiting." Her father said touching her on the shoulder.

"Yeah..." She said trailing off.

Miranda grabbed her bag and opened the door. Her father walked out, Miranda wasn't far behind him. She locked the door as they left. They made their way down to the Limo.

The diver opened the door and Miranda got in first. Her dad got in right behind her. After a little bit of waiting the Limo took off.

"I am dropping you off at school. That whole ordeal with Claudia took up to much time. I will make it up to you Miranda. How about dinner tonight?" He asked.

"Yeah... that sounds fantastic... Dad... I have to tell you something." She said.

"Well what is it dear? Are you failing a class?" He asked sternly.

"What? No nothing like that. I am seeing a Therapist." She said.

"I see. Well as long as you don't turn out like your dreadful sister Claudia." He said.

"Dad! How can you say that? Claudia is still family!" Miranda said getting a little upset.

"Now now dear. Claudia has brought this upon herself. You heard her. She doesn't want anything to do with us. Then she gets her wish. I can have her half of the apartment emptied out in no time." He said pulling out his phone.

"Father no! I want Claudia to still feel welcomed. I don't care if she hates me or not! I am not gonna let her be left on her own." Miranda said.

"I see. Very well. I won't have her tossed out just yet." He said putting away his phone.

The limo pulled to a stop in front of the school. Miranda hesitated for a second then got out. She didn't even say goodbye to her father. Students started to rush over to her. Her friends pushed people back.

"Hey! Give the girl some breathing room you creeps." One girl said.

"Yeah leave her alone." The other one said.

"Thanks you two." Miranda said as they got into the school.

"No problem. Hey isn't that Tori?" One girl asked pointing at another girl.

The girl had short brown hair. She was holding a clipboard trying to get people to sign. A few people even slapped the clipboard out of her hand.

"I wonder what she is doing?" The other girl asked.

Miranda walked over and picked up the clipboard handing it back to Tori. "Here you go." Miranda said.

"Huh.. Oh thanks. Do you wanna sign my petition?" Tori

asked holding it out with a pen.

"What is it for?" Miranda asked taking the pen and clipboard.

"I am trying to get a Gay Straight Alliance started here at school." Tori said with a smile. "Look Signing doesn't mean you have to come to the meetings." She added.

"Don't tell me you are gonna sign something like that Miranda." One of her friends said walking over.

"Look Tiffany. I have my own mind. I think it is a worthy cause." Miranda said.

She signed it then handed it back to Tori. "Thanks. Do either of you wish to sign it?" Tori asked holding it towards Miranda's friends.

"Sorry I can't sign something that I think is Immoral." Tiffany said. "What about you Susan? Are you gonna follow Miranda and sign this?" Tiffany asked the other girl.

"Sorry No. I am not gonna sign it. I have to agree with Tiffany on this one." Susan said.

"Well it was worth a shot." Tori said pulling the clipboard and pen back from them.

"What the hell is wrong with you two? Just sign it. You don't have to go to the meetings." Miranda said looking cross at her friends.

"Sorry Miranda but being gay is wrong. Supporting them is even worse." Tiffany said.

"Yeah. Sadly we have to stop being your friends just cause you signed that." Susan said.

"Yeah good luck finding a new lunch table." Tiffany said as she walked away with Susan.

"Man they were complete bitches. Why did you hang out with them?" Tori asked.

"I don't know. I also don't care. So when are the meetings gonna be if you get enough signatures?" Miranda asked.

"I was thinking Wednesday afternoons, when most of the people like them are gone. Why are you...?" Tori asked carefully.

"What? No no I am not. I just want to show support for something." Miranda said slightly blushing.

"Oh Sorry. I didn't mean to assume." Tori said.

"It is no problem really." Miranda said with a smile.

"Hey have you seen Claudia around lately? I know she would want to sign this. Oh no I am assuming again arn't I? Sorry." Tori said.

"No I haven't seen Claudia lately. Well I got to go before the bell rings. I will see you around Tori." Miranda said walking away.

Tori blushed as Miranda walked away. Miranda made it to her home room. She sat down and a male student leaned over to her.

"Hey did I hear correctly that you are rich? What are you doing here?" He asked.

"I am not rich. My dad just is very successful at his job." Miranda said.

"And that is different how?" he replied.

"Cause I don't have access to the money that is how." Miranda replied.

"Oh... I see. Sorry. I just thought..." He said before being cut off by the bell.

Miranda sat listening to role call. Once the bell rang she got up and left for class. She didn't have anyone to chat to in the hallway. Her only friends had ditched her.

"Hey there Miranda!" Tori said showing up next her.

"Tori! I didn't know you walked this way." Miranda said.

"Yeah. Well you were looking lonely so I figured you could use a friend, and seeing as you helped me with my petition it wouldn't hurt to be your friend." Tori said with a smile.

Miranda smiled at her. "Thanks. It sure has been a rough week. I am glad it only has one day left to it." Miranda said.

"I know right? Hey there is a new movie starting tomorrow. You wanna go? You know just as friends." Tori said with a smile.

"I will think about it alright. I got to get to class." Miranda said with a smile before walking into her class. Tori kept walking down the hallway.

Miranda took her seat and opened up her note pad waiting for the teacher to start talking. She wanted the day to be over. Though she knew that today it could take forever before it was the end of the day.
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Re: Lithium Flower

Post by Tokahia on 16th March 2012, 6:37 pm

Chapter Twelve

Demitri pulled up in front of the office building. They all got out of his car and made their way to the building. Once they got to her office Claudia sat down on the sofa in the waiting room. Megan sat next to her.

"My my you all came." Jessica said as she looked at them. "Come on Demitri you are first." She said touching him on the back pulling him into her office. She closed the door behind them.

"Hey Claudia." Megan said resting her head on Claudia's shoulder. "Thanks for being around. I know you hate these kind of places." She added.

"Yeah... you are welcome Megan." She said touching Megan's hand.

After an hour of sitting in silence the door opened up and Demitri took a seat across from Claudia. Megan got up and walked in to Jessica's office. Claudia crossed her legs as stared at Demitri.

"What?" He asked leaning back in the chair.

"You are an evil man." She said.

"Hmph you might think that now. Once you go to a few sessions then you might thank me later down the line." He said.

"Yeah well when pigs fly then maybe I will thank you." She said now glaring at him.

Another hour of silence went by before the door opened up again. Megan smiled at Claudia. Claudia sighed and stood up.

"Come on Claudia you know I don't bite." Jessica said.

"Yeah I know." She said walking into Jessica's office. Megan took a seat and watched as the door closed.

"Demitri how did you get her to see a Therapist?" Megan asked.

"Heh... with this." He said pulling out a piece of paper and turned it towards Megan, the paper was blank.

"You're awful! You tricked her here! If she finds out then she will freaking kill you. Are you mental?" Megan asked.

"Yes well, you and I both know she needs to see Jessica. Weather or not she thinks she needs her help or not." He said putting the piece of paper away.

Claudia looked around the office and walked around. Jessica took a seat in the chair, she watched Claudia walking around. Claudia stopped in front of the window and stared out it.

"So Claudia, I know you hate therapy, but try and give it a shot please?" She said.

"Yeah why should I? You are just gonna repeat what I already know. Therapy is a waste of time." Claudia said tapping her foot.

"Oh? Your sister doesn't seem to think so." Jessica said.

"Yeah well my sister is an air head." She replied crossing her arms.

"How can I convince you that this isn't a waste of your time?" Jessica asked sitting forward in her chair.

"Simple you let me leave and I never come back." Claudia replied.

"Sorry I can't do that Claudia. How about I let you ask me a question. Then I answer it and then I ask you a question. How does that sound?" Jessica asked.

"What does that prove? You will only be fishing for information out of me. Just cause you are an open book, it doesn't mean I am." Claudia replied tapping her foot faster.

"Claudia this is a safe place. You don't need to be so defensive. How about you relax and tell me how you feel about Trent's death." She said.

"Yeah? What good does that do?" Claudia asked.

"How about I make you a deal. You tell me how you feel about Trent's death, then we just talk as friends. I won't ask you anything that you arn't comfortable talking about. Deal?" Jessica asked.

Claudia stopped tapping her foot. She bit down on her lower lip lightly. She thought it over before walking over to the sofa. She sat down and looked right at Jessica.

"Fine you have a deal. First answer this, How do you know Demitri?" She asked.

"I met him in collage. When I found out he was in Trent's band we chatted more and became friends. Does that help?" She asked.

"Sort of... I guess." Claudia replied.

"Now tell me, how do you feel about Trent's death?" She asked.

Claudia started to tap her foot again. She gripped her arms and bit on her lip again. She broke eye contact with Jessica.

"Claudia? Are you alright?" Jessica asked.

"Yeah... right... Trent's death... On one hand I am sad about it...." She said slowing down her tapping, her hands loosened their grip on her arms.

"And on the other hand?" Jessica asked.

"On the other hand I am glad he is dead...And that scares the fuck out of me." She said gripping her arms as tight as she could, her foot started to tap faster. Claudia was taking deep heavy breaths. She bit her lip almost to the point of drawing blood. Jessica studied Claudia's reaction to her own words. Claudia had closed her eyes tight.

"Can I please leave. I don't want to be here any more." Claudia said.

"Claudia you still have another thirty minutes. Alright you answered my question so a deal is a deal. You can relax, I won't speak any more about how you feel alright?" Jessica said. "Just listen to my voice Claudia. I want you to take slow breaths. Think of something, anything that is calming. Can you do that for me?" Jessica asked.

Claudia started to breath normally again, her foot stopped tapping. She slowly opened her eyes, her hands were resting on her knees.

"There that is better isn't it?" Jessica asked with a smile.

"I still don't like this place." Claudia replied.

"Haha. I didn't expect you to after one session. How about I put some music on? That sound good?" She said getting up from the chair and walking over to a cd player. "Oh here we go. I think you will like this band." She said turning on the cd player. After a little while rock music started to play.

Claudia smiled and got up before looking out the window again. Jessica sat back down in her chair. "This band is called Halestorm." She said.

"Oh? I don't think I have ever heard of them." Claudia replied.

"Who cut your hair? I have to say it looks fantastic." Jessica said.

"Huh? Oh Megan did this. I have to say if it weren't spring time I would be constantly cold." Claudia replied.

They chatted about random stuff for the last thirty minutes of Claudia's session. "Well that is it. Time is up. Claudia... I would like you to come back for another session, but I am not gonna force you like Demitri did." Jessica said standing up.

"Wait how do you know he force me to show up?" Claudia asked.

"My little secret." Jessica said with a smile opening the door.

Demitri and Megan both looked over at the door. Claudia glared at Demitri. Megan smiled at Claudia.

"Come on lunch is on me." Demitri said standing up.

"Good you jerk." Claudia said walking over to them.

"I will see you all later." Jessica said with a smile.

They all walked back to Demitri's car. Claudia got in the back seat and stared out the window. Megan got in the back seat with Claudia. Once Demitri got in the car he pulled away from the office buildings.
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Re: Lithium Flower

Post by Tokahia on 17th March 2012, 12:30 am

Chapter thirteen

Miranda sighed as the classes took forever. She barely saw Tori the rest of the day. The final bell rang for the day. Miranda packed away her school supplies and left. She had some time before she had to get to therapy. Miranda wondered where she might find Tori, she was kind of glad to have someone who was an actual friend. A student walked by and Miranda grabbed him by the shoulder.

"Hey do you know where I could find Tori?" She asked him.

"Tori? Short brown hair? "he asked.

"Yeah that is her." Miranda replied.

"Yeah she is on the track field." The student replied.

"Thanks!" Miranda said letting him go.

She made her way out to the track field. She hardly ever went near the track field. As she walked closer she could see Tori sitting on a bench with Claudia sitting next to her.

Miranda walked closer but stopped knowing they hadn't seen her yet. Claudia had a smile on her face and was laughing. She hadn't seen Claudia laugh in ages. Miranda smiled to herself before turning around and leaving. She had to get moving before Claudia saw her. She made her way to Jessica's office.

Jessica had her door open, Miranda walked over and knocked on the door. "Jessica? Can I come in?" She asked.

Jessica looked up from her desk. "Yes come on in Miranda. You're a little early arn't you?" She asked.

Miranda walked in closing the door behind her. She then took a seat on the sofa. "No I don't think so." She said.

"Very well then. How are things between you and Claudia?" She asked walking over.

"Well I don't really know. I only got to see her this morning and ever thing was confusing. My dad was there so she was worse than normal." Miranda said.

"Your father is in town? Do you hold the same feelings of hate that Claudia does for him?" She asked.

"No well kind of... I mean he is my dad so no, but he was more than willing to say Claudia wasn't his daughter. So I don't know how I feel about him." She said looking at the ground.

"I see. Well then, how about school? That going well?" She asked.

"Yeah, sort of... ugh it is just a huge mess really. My friends... or who I thought where my friends said that they wouldn't hang out with me just because I signed to help a Gay Straight Alliance started at our school." Miranda said.

"Well it sounds like they weren't your friends to begin with. Miranda you need to find people that are a little more like you, and not just because you are the popular girl in school." Jessica said.

"Well I did make a new friend. Her name is Tori, though I don't know much about her. Just that she is trying to start the GSA and that she is on track team." Miranda said.

"Well that is good. Maybe you can learn more about her." Jessica said.

"Oh I did see Claudia just before I came here. I just didn't talk to her. She was with Tori... and the weird part was she was smiling and laughing." Miranda said with a smile.

"What is so weird about Tori laughing?" Jessica asked looking confused.

"What? No Claudia was the one laughing and smiling." Miranda said.

"Really? Ok that is weird." Jessica said.

After an hour of talking with Jessica she left and went back to her apartment. After a while her phone rang. She picked it up and looked at the caller ID. She then opened up the phone.

"Hey dad. Yeah Let me change and I will meet you down stairs. Alright see you in a bit." She said closing her phone.

Miranda got dressed then headed down from her apartment. She got down to the limo and climbed in. Her father smiled when he saw her face.

"Hello dear. How are things?" He asked.

"They are alright." She replied. "Um... do you mind me asking where we are eating?" She asked.

"Oh not at all. We are eating fancy tonight dear." He replied.

The Limo stopped in front of a restaurant. They went in and stayed for a few hours before leaving. They got back in the limo and went back to the apartment complex. Miranda started to get out of the limo.

"Miranda. I leave tomorrow. It was nice seeing you." He said to her.

"Oh yeah. You as well dad. Have a safe trip." Miranda replied before getting out of the Limo.

She made her way up to her apartment. She got in and sat down at her desk. She did her homework then went to bed.
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Re: Lithium Flower

Post by Tokahia on 28th October 2012, 3:36 pm

Chapter Fourteen

Claudia took a bite out of her hamburger. Demitri and Megan sat across from her in a booth. Claudia had one leg on the seat while her right hand dangled over the back of the seat. They sat there rather quite.

"So... I was thinking..." Claudia said breaking the silence.

"Lets continue band practice." She added.

Megan's jaw dropped, not that Claudia saw. Demitri pulled his shades off putting them on the table.

"Claudia... You know we don't have a guitarist. Right?" Megan said.

"Yeah well, we could get a new one." She replied.

"Isn't it a little soon?" Demitri asked.

"Yeah we haven't even buried Trent yet. It seems a little insulting to replace him so soon." Megan said putting her burger down.

"Claudia... Listen I know you want the band to continue but without Trent we are dead in the water. In all honesty I don't think I could continue to drum without him." Demirti said.

She set her hamburger down and wiped her mouth. Megan figured she was gonna start yelling. Claudia got up from the table.

"I will see you guys later. I am gonna go for a walk." She said walking away.

"Umm.... that was different." Megan said.

"Yeah do you think she is alright?" Demitri asked.

Claudia walked down the streets in no particular order. Every once and a while a guy would whistle at her. She would flip them off as they went by. After a while she ended up at the school. She let out a sigh.

Claudia could see the track team was already running around. She made her way up to the track. Several groups ran past her. Tori was a half a lap ahead of everyone else.

Tori hadn't seen Claudia. Claudia hiked up a pant leg to show a bit of her leg. Tori rounded the corner seeing Claudia. She tripped almost falling flat on her face. Claudia had grabbed her.

"Whoa there killer. Clam it down it was just a leg." Claudia said.

"Tease." Tori replied.

"You got time to talk?" She asked.

"Yeah I don't see why not. I was kicking everyone butt anyway." Tori replied.

They both sat down on a bench near the track.

"So what brings you around Claudia? You weren't at school earlier. I wanted you to sign my GSA petition." Tori said.

"Yeah been missing a lot of school lately." Claudia said looking down.

"What is wrong?" Tori asked.

"It's just... I..." Claudia said forcing back her tears.

"Hey... Claudia... Look at me." Tori said grabbing Claudia's chin making her look at Tori. "Tell me what is wrong." She added.

"I was being an Insensitive bitch to my friends earlier... I want their band to continue but the guitarist just died recently..." She said forcing back tears.

"Awe dear... I am so sorry." Tori said. "I suffered a loss recently as well." She added.

"What?" Claudia asked drying her face.

"Yeah... Sam... She.. killed herself... I haven't even read the note she left behind." Tori said forcing back tears.

"Fuck... That sucks Tori... I know you two were close. I mean.... after you and I. I knew she was the one for you." Claudia said.

"Thanks... that means a lot Claudia." Tori said smiling. "You always had better legs though." She added.

Claudia started to laugh. "You mind if I smoke?" Claudia asked.

"Well when you reek of cigarettes then no. Though you know I don't deal well with smoke." Tori said.

"I won't blow it in your direction. I swear." She said lighting one up.

"Can I ask you something?" Tori asked.

"Yeah why wouldn't you be able to ask me stuff." Claudia said blowing smoke away from Tori.

"Is Miranda your sister? You two look really similar." Tori asked.

"Yeah she is my sister. We don't speak much." Claudia said.

"Well if it isn't the lesbo and the drop out." A female voice said behind Claudia and Tori.

"Hmmm should we tell Tori the news Tiffany?" The other voice said.

"Oh not these two..." Tori said.

"Friends of yours?" Claudia asked.

"Not exactly." Tori said getting up looking at Tiffany and Susan. "What do you two want?" She asked.

"Just to tell you about Samantha's note. She mentions that it was your fault that she killed herself." Tiffany said.

"She is bluffing. You know Samantha loved you." Claudia said standing up.

"Oh really? Then why does her note also say that you bullied her Claudia." Susan said.

"Now I know this is bullshit." Claudia said.

"Here take a looks." Tiffany said handing over a note.

Tori took it reading it over. "This is fake." Tori said.

"Don't you two bitches have something better to do than harass us? Maybe puking up your lunch so you can fit in that size zero outfit. Looking a little meaty there Susan." Claudia said.

"Don't listen to that slut Susan." Tiffany said.

"Call me that one more time and I swear...." Claudia said.

"Or you'll what? Slit your own wrist?" Tiffany said.

Claudia got closer grabbing Tiffany's wrist. She rolled up her sleeve.

"Hey what are you doing? Let go of me bitch." Tiffany said.

"Not til you learn a lesson." Claudia said.

"Let go of her you bitch!" Susan said shoving Claudia.

Claudia barely moved. She took her cigarette out of her mouth. In one quick move Claudia had put it out on Tiffany's arm. She let out a loud scream. Tori could hear the searing of Tiffany's arm.

"Claudia! That is enough!" Tori said.

Tori grabbed Claudia's hand pulling it away from Tiffany's arm. Tiffany fell to her knees breaking out in tears. Susan helped Tiffany up.

"You crazy bitch!" Susan said.

Claudia stayed silent.

"You are going to hear from my father bitch!" Tiffany said.

"Claudia are you nuts? Tiffany's father is the chief of police.

This isn't who you are. What happen to the girl I once dated?" Tori asked.

"Her world shattered... I got to go." Claudia said leaving.

Tori stood there for a minute watching. She then turned and went back to running on the track. The other track members whispered behind her back but she ignored it.
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