Chaos over Discipline

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Chaos over Discipline

Post by Guest on 6th April 2012, 10:22 pm

Here is a 1 on 1 that me and Jack are doing.

Name: Miyako Shiori

Age: 17

School: Takeshi’s high school

Fighting Style:
Miyako fights with a knife that she always has with her. She’s using it with a blazing speed and has won numerous fights with it. She is a dirty fighter, not hesitating to use all the move possible to win


Personality: Miyako is very rude, and is not afraid to attack anyone who is in her path. She is only loyal to the 3 girls in her group

Background: Background: Miyako had a rough youth. Her father died when she was 2. 5 years later her mother died, leaving her with nearly nothing to live. She took care of herself, stealing to eat and to get money. That didn't make her the nicest girl out there, most of the time she was the one bullying the others for food. During all her elementary school years, she had a lot of problem respecting the rules. Every year, she was at least once piercing their tires. In the first high school years of Miyako, she changed 6 times schools, beating up students wasn't accepted. Finally realizing that she was not a normal student, the authorities placed Miyako in a special school, a school for delinquent student. That didn't scared Miyalo. She grouped up with 3 other girls and they were the terror of the school. No one wanted to make them angry, at the risk of visiting the hospital

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Re: Chaos over Discipline

Post by Guest on 7th April 2012, 9:21 am

Name: Ren Daisuke

Age: 19

School: Ishyama's

Fighting style: Ren is a street fighter, he has talent in this domain and has always been naturally good at fighting, great reflexes, fluidity and he uses tonto's .

Appearance: 6 foot tall

Personality: Ren is somewhat of a laid back person, he is a lone wolf, he will attempt to finish any fight fast and with brutality. He is always listening to music.

Background: Ren was put into an adoption center at a young age because his parents did not want him. He stayed in that home for years, sometimes being adopted, but than brought back for attitude problems. Until at 16 he decides to leave and starts brawling in the streets seeing that he had a natural talent for it. At 19 he gets put into Ishyama High school, one for delinquents, where fights are accepted so that he would stop causing trouble in the streets.

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