Dealing With Writer's Block

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Dealing With Writer's Block

Post by JerriLeah7 on 2nd June 2012, 2:51 pm

"If you are really stuck talk to the RPM or other members. They will be able to help you."

"Don't try too hard or it'll only get worse. XD You can ask other people for ideas, maybe sleep on it or something."

"Don't do filler posts. ;P Otherwise, just ask people for help."

"There are a lot of things you can do when you have writer's block. You could watch a film or anime or even play a video game. All of these consist of adventure, inspiration, and fun! This could help you get into the mood and writing flow that you need.

Also, you could listen to music while getting ready to post. Music often inspires the perfect mood that we need for posting anything at all--you just have the place the song to the mood you wish to post.

If that doesn't help, you have your fellow members, your RPM, and friends and family to nag for ideas! The people around are always a great source--because we are all filled with an impressive amount of unique creativity."

"Writer's block is a common issue when you are in a situation that you can in no way relate too. Try to take it in stride and stop focusing on just your character and what he or she is doing. What are the people around you doing. What's up with the sky? is there wind blowing? What in the environment draws your attention. Sure, this may not solve the problem ALL the time, but it gets one thinking about more than just their character and even if you make no progress, your character takes IN those surroundings and MAY find something they can do to move forward.

Pro Tip: Never feel like you always have to do this. You can focus on ANYTHING you want too, even if it isn't your character, it could just be something your character hears in the distance. Does it change the situation any? Think openly, if you hear a waterfall and your character is dirty and is about to face some unknown force and you have no clue what to do, you can always just be like, "Meh, I'm going to go over here and clean myself off quickly and then come back." It may give you fresh insight, never be afraid to ask others about things either. Your posts aren't just your posts, they are part of a story that is being told. Remember, what you see and hear affects EVERYONE, not just you, unless you are the only one in the situation. And never feel like you can't move forward, you can always go forward, even if that means your character throws his/her arms up in the air and says "I'm out" and walks off back toward town. It's STILL something. xD"
--Leah's Slave

"The main problem people get into is not doing anything, I mean you can always do something, even if its not always a good thing. After all your character might not always do the best thing, and something might happen because of a poor choice. The main thing is just to try and have fun building the story with everyone. Make your character believable even if its fantasy or scifi kinda stuff, its about them after all. 'How do they think, act, speak. What do they hear, smell, see? What are they eatting, what do they touch or use? There is always interaction going on and so take advantage of that."

"Don't let it keep you from writing - getting out of writer's block is kind of like getting out of a recession, in that the more words you throw out the faster you recover. If you just sit around trying to think of what to write, nothing will happen."

"A tip that I can give to someone is to listen to music, or maybe do something that will take stress off of you because it is often stress that starts a writers block and usually takes relieving that stress to get over a writers block."

"I'd suggest listening to music. I almost always listen to music as I write, and it really helps get the mood and diction of my writing where it needs to be. There's a type of music to go with just about every kind of situation, and listening to it as you write can really get some inspiration and ideas flowing."

"A writer's block can be a real pain, but don't let yourself be intimidated and discouraged by it. Take you time, relax, enjoy the story at hand. Thread your character into the plot and he/she will find herself part of the very fabric of the story. You just have to find the place to put the needle. That first push through the block seems tough, but it is easy if you do not hesitate."

"As a tip, and also how I get around it, is simply just imagine the character behaving in that situation, or if it's your first post into the forum, what would your character be doing there and why?"
--y dau cymraeg

"It happens to the best of us be calm and keep working with whatever ideas come and talk to others in the rp about your writers block sometimes it takes some ideas from other people to get past writers block."

"Take it cool, try to see what you can use or wait a bit to see if any ideas come to you. Also maybe the rpm could help you depending on the rp."

"Don't let it get you down :)it will pass and don't let anyone rush you, you will get over it when you get over it. It can not be rushed."

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