OC: Pandora

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OC: Pandora

Post by Guest on 23rd November 2010, 1:41 pm

Name: Pandora

Sex: Female

Age: 21

Appearance: 5'10", clear ocean-blue eyes, stark white hair cut short to just an inch above her shoulders, downturned lips, small nose, sharp angled but soft jaw, and very pale skin. She's very thin, always stands up straight, and has a determined air about her.
She wears stylish clothes, her own style, usually reserved colors and professional looks. Her favorite colors to wear are white, maroon, orchid, or gray. It is rare for her to wear much jewelry and she only wears just enough make-up to accent her clothing.

Personality: Pandora is a contemplative individual so she is usually wrapped up in her own thoughts. She is not particularly outgoing or shy either. She just tends to talk to people if they talk to her. A good word to describe Pandora is structured. She does not care much if her friends are disorderly so long as it does not interfere with her order of things. She is kind and sympathetic to others, but she gets wound up at times so she puts forth a lot of effort to unwind now and again. She appreciates artistic expression and she is musically inclined.

Abilities: She experiments with watercolor, plays the violin, cello, and clarinette, and has training in digital design. She is good at puzzles, figuring out tricks, and dispelling mind games.

Backtory: Pandora has a small family: her mother, father, and little sister. She has always been disturbed by her dreams as far back as she can remember. Her experiences in life have been... muted by her constant internal struggle. But this also made her look into art and music. Her favorite artist is M.C. Escher and her favorite composer is Vivaldi. Right now she is in college with a Major in Graphic Design and a Minor in Illustration. She currently has a job as a waitress at a nice restaurant where she also plays the violin or cello when given the opportunity.

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