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Post by Luna on 27th June 2012, 8:23 pm

Nice to meet everyone. My name is Luna! I am a moderator here on GTR. So first let’s give you a little heads up about who I am as a person!

I am a twenty-seven year old female who works as a security guard in North Carolina. I love my job even if I don’t really like my coworkers =-P Beggars can’t be choosers. I live with my grandmother taking care of her at home so if you hear me referring to “The old woman” this is who I am referring to! Also If I am “Stabbing her” I am giving her an insulin shot, and if I am “Drowning her” I am giving her a bath. I don’t really torture the old woman so please don’t think I am being mean when I say these things!! I have six sisters. Three older half siblings, two younger real siblings and one youngest sibling who is 10 and yes I am old enough to be her mother. Sarah who I talk a lot about as well is my sister who is right under me. She is 23 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. I am her guardian so if you hear me talk about the monkeybutt, I am referring to her as well.

Also just a heads up. I am a bisexual female. I have no sexual preferences and talk and make jokes accordingly to both forms. If I offend you in ANY way please let me know so that I KNOW that I have offended you in any way. I do not mean to harm, offend, or instigate any fights towards anyone as a person. I do pick on some, but I have told them before the same. If I ever offend then please tell me.

Let’s see, I love to listen to music, preferably country, but I do listen to a little bit of everything. I love to draw some in my spare time, I write poetry, usually in the free verse kind or the lyrical kind. I like to play video games RPG’s for the win!!!!! I love to watch Anime if I can and I love to read.

I have been roleplaying now for about twelve years now. I am a veteran of the world. I began roleplaying on a game called Furcadia. I would one on one role-play and I did this for a few years. I sight roleplayed at one other site that is now no longer a site. I was introduced to Godsibb where I became friends with a few of the members there. I was in one rp there and it was the first rp I had finished with a group of friends or people. I was ecstatic!! Then I was invited here to GTR.

GTR has been a blessing in disguise to me. I came here about a month or so after my paw paw had passed and soon was friends with a group of people. We started roleplaying and just having a lot of fun. It bought me out of a hard time. From then on I was apart of the boards and I never left. I became the Chatbox mod in August of last year and then I was recently promoted to Moderator with a change in staff. I hope I served GTR well when I was just the Chatbox mod, and I hope that I do everyone well as just a moderator as well.

If you have any questions or need anything, please message me or contact me in any way that you can. I will be glad to help you or answer your questions.

SO without further a do…..

::Looks around. Lights a match and sets own couch on fire::


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