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Silver: RP Stories

Post by Ink on 5th September 2012, 9:41 pm

Stories that are based on RP's and stories that I have made RP's from.

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Re: Silver: RP Stories

Post by Ink on 11th September 2012, 11:29 pm

Monster Business
Chapter 1: A Knight in the Falls Part 1

The Imperial Academy; one of the most prestigious military schools on the planet. Students received only the best education possible, conditioning them to successful careers. As much as it was an honor to graduate from this school, the greater honor was to be accepted. Acceptance is no small feat. The school prides itself on its ability to pick out the top of the crop, so to speak. The get in, a student has to have a special something. Something that makes them stand out. Something exemplary about their character one looks up to. Something that people notice from the second they lay eyes on you. It was this exact something that Sven Vargas didn't have. So why would this most picky of schools allow him admission? It was anyone's mystery. Perhaps there was simply a system hiccup. Or perhaps someone just happens to admire Sven that much.

Sven wasn't tall. He was actually rather short. He wasn't a genius by any stretch of the imagination. His I.Q was slightly above average at best. His combative prowess, looks, physique, even his people skills were all just average. But it was on this day that the most plain student in the school would be graduating beside hoards of the most intelligent, most well equipped students alive. Indeed this was a proud day for him as he stood there atop the outdoor platform and accepted his diploma. He could see his mother sitting there, clapping with a cheek-to-cheek smile spread across her face.

That evening at dinner, the table was quiet as they sat opposite one another. When the silence finally broke, courtesy of Sven's mother, Sven looks up rather awkwardly.

Harriett: Sweetie, you haven't said a word since we got home.

Sven: O-oh? Sorry. I must have been thinking over everything.

Harriett: You're nervous about being officially assigned next week as 'Lieutenant Sven Vargas' of the Imperial Assault Force.

Sven says nothing in response. Admittedly, he did like the sound of Lieutenant Sven Vargas but the Imperial Assault Force was a different story. Only the most elite students from the Academy, the Academy that is entirely composed of elitists, were assigned to the Force. What had he done that was special enough to have him assigned to it? Was he really worth it?

Sven: Just...thinking all I've done to get me this far. Really looking forward to the Force.

That next week, Sven stands at the door to his father's office. Commander Nikolai Vargas of the Imperial Assault Force. There was no way a simply blood connection to the Commander would be enough to ensure Sven's spot on this most elite of teams. Something else was going on. Nonetheless, Sven knocks lightly on the door and he is called in.

Commander: Ah, Lieutenant. No doubt you're here for your official assignment.

This was Sven's chance. Now, more than ever, he would have to show is dedication to what he was doing. Whether or not he felt he was sufficient for the job, it was his presence that mattered.

Sven: (stands at attention and salutes) Yes Sir! Lieutenant Sven Vargas, reporting for duty!

Commander: Good. Good! Now straighten that back and display the confidence I know you have. Anyway, Lieutenant, there's something that you ought to know.

Sven: Oh? What's that, sir?

Commander: You aren't assigned to the Imperial Assault Force.

Sven: Oh, is that right? Wait, WHAT?!

Commander: Lietenant Vargas, as of now you are assigned to the Chroma Falls Assault Force.

Sven stares at his father in disbelief as he continues. He...he was serious about this! Sven had been told up front on the day of his graduation that his assignment was to the Imperial Assault Force. He'd never even heard of the Chroma Falls Assault Force.

Sven: Chroma Falls?! Now, wait just a minute!

Commander: It's one of our lesser branches. One of their members recently left and they needed another. They requested we send our best warrior. So I recommended you personally.

Sven: B-but, isn't Chroma Falls-

Commander: Yes, it's a larger city. To be honest, I think you'll fit in fine there. You'll make us proud!

Sven: not believe this...

Sure enough, Sven finds himself at the harbor that next morning, standing with his mother and father as the ferry sounds its whistle. He was about to embark on quite the adventure. He'd never been away from Undella Bay. He was a man now and was ready to face whatever challenge he was presented. As his mother hands him a small music box, his father nods in approval.

Commander: Make us proud, Lieutenant. Show them the Spirit of a Knight.

Sven: (Nods) Yes sir. I will. (Then turns and walks off, climbing the stairs onto the ferry shortly before its departure)

The trip had lasted for four or so days. It was quite the bustle aboard the steam driven boat. Chroma Falls was a major spot for tourism. It was seen as a sort of melting pot of the world. Everyone was so different and came from all over to start lives here. It wasn't like the many smaller cities and towns in most of the western regions. Everything was bigger and more vibrant. It was livelier and, at times, chaotic. But that wasn't the only thing to be said about Chroma Falls. There were darker secrets and tensions all hidden away deep down in the roots of this city whose buildings reach for the heavens.

The ferry was just arriving and many of its passengers were out on the deck, taking pictures as they neared the harbor. There was a building there under construction. It was setting up to be the tallest man-made structure in the world, Haven Tower. Everyone could sees its gaze cast over the city from the boat. Many sat there on the deck and stared in awe as some took snapshots using these basic image capture devices. The new technologies were turning up by the bundle these days. Sven was one of the man to stand on the deck, admiring this amazing sight as the ferry drew nearer to the docks.

Sven: (Nods to himself) I'll show them all the Spirit of a Knight.

As Sven later runs his information by a woman at a counter, he could officially say he was legally in and a part of Chroma Falls. Before long he found himself wandering the streets of the city. The clothing was so different to what he was used to. The people were so varied. Height, skin tone, build, they were all so diverse. Suddenly he hears a voice. But it was strangely familiar to him. He then turns around to see a blonde young woman standing behind him in a long, blue coat with her hands in her pockets.

Sven: Y-yes?

Woman: I can tell you aren't from around here. Is your name Sven Vargas, by any chance?

Sven: Yes ma'am. Is...something wrong?

Woman: Oh, quite the contrary. I'm Allison Chance, Captain of the Chroma City Assault Force, Monster Defense Unit. Division Alpha.

Sven: C-Captain?

Allison: Hmhm. Why so surprised? Is it because I am a woman?

Sven: N-No, ma'am! (salutes) Lieutenant Sven Vargas reporting!

Allison laughs inwardly as she curls her hair on her finger. This boy reminded her of someone. No, that wasn't it. But there was something peculiar about him. Could she simply be analyzing this too closely? She then turns, facing an automobile before her. A light blue vehicle with a sleek steel frame. It was certainly an expensive looking piece of machinery.

Allison: I admire your enthusiasm, Lieutenant. Now, get into the car please.

Near the end of the drive, the car pulls off of the road and into an alley. Parking in a shady garage, Allison circles around the entire space. How curious that there were no other vehicles. However, it wasn't common to see many automobiles in one place, even in a city where most of the population was wealthy enough to afford them. Finally the car stops in a specific spot and Allison removes her hands from the wheel.

As mystified as Sven was, he was more concerned, at the moment, with her behavior. She was sitting there in a stuppor, staring off into space before a loud thud suddenly snaps her out of it. The source of the sound is soon revealed as the car begins to lower, the spot beneath it having been an elevator of some nature.

Sven: W-w-what's going on?!

Allison: Oh, it's only a quick elevator trip down from the garage to the Assault Force Headquarters. We're going to meet with the Commander. You'll be given your place of residence and briefed on your cover and assignment.

Sven: Cover? I thought this branch was dedicated to fending off threats created by monsters.

Allison: It is. However, we are still technically a branch of law enforcement. If we are in the general area, we are still obligated to act and apprehend when it comes to human issues as well.

The elevator comes to a stop and Allison drives off of the platform, allowing it to get back to its position up top as she gets out of the vehicle. She then leads Sven down a short tunnel until they arrive in a large, dome shaped room. A man then enters from the opposite side with his hands behind his back and his shades covering his eyes.

Allison: Commander. This is Sven Vargas. He's our new recruit from Undella Bay.

Sven: Lieutenant Sven Vargas, reporting!

Commander Doc: Ah, so you're the guy we've been waiting on? Good. Brock's been waiting for his new punching bag.

Sven: W-what?

Doc: Hahaha! Don't you worry, kid, I'm only kiddin' with ya!

Sven: O-oh?

Doc: Tracey's the one needs a new punching bag.

Sven: Eh?!

Allison: Commander, go easy on him. You don't want to scare him away on the first day of the job, do you?

Doc: You're right, you're right. So then, kid, welcome aboard. As Ms. Chance has said, I am Commander Doc. But I don't exactly like to be too formal around here so try to lighten up, huh?

Sven: Uh...yes sir?

Doc: Good. Here's the address to your new apartment and the address of where you'll be working. (Hands Sven an envelope) Now then. I have some business to take care of. You're dismissed.

After having the envelope dropped into his hands and being shoved through the door back into the elevator station, Sven looks over his shoulder. What had just happened? He thought he'd just been assigned but it was hard to make sense of anything at this point. Practically everything was completely up in the air.

It wasn't too long before Sven was wandering the ever twisting streets of this city. Every path was just crammed with people. Carriages and automobiles passed by everyone now and again. Sven had been staring at the address, keeping his head down when the sudden clash of gunfire roars over the city streets and two crooks race by, nearly knocking him over and waving their guns around to scare people out of their way. In hot pursuit was an officer in a police automobile with the siren blaring.

Sven: Uh? Hmph. (Rushes off after the crooks) Hold it right there, villains! I can cut them off if I go around this building and into the alley from the other side. The cops can take the other end and they'll be cornered.

Sven manages to make his way around the building just in time to cut off both criminals who stop dead in their tracks, preparing to turn and run in the opposite direction when they see the police vehicle pull up.

Crook1: Crap...

Crook2: We don't have a choice...Shoot the little runt so we can get outta here! (Points directly at Sven who steps back in confusions)

Crook1: (holds up his gun toward Sven who finds himself closed in on both sides by the alley and there was no way he'd be able to duck in time. Pulls the trigger)

Just as the twin bullets leave the chamber, Sven attempts to remove himself from their path. It all happens in a flash but it still seemed as though time had slowed when he saw what happened next. A woman in red appears through the wall with a crimson red shield that she uses to expertly deflect the bullets. She was like a ghost with long, white hair. In one fluent motion, she turns herself and throws the shield, hitting both crooks in the head hard enough to take away their consciousness.

Sven: W-what? Did that girl through a wall?

Woman: Hmph...Troublesome.

Sven: Uh...T-thanks.

Woman: Do not thank me. This is very much your own fault, is it not, Lieutenant?

Sven: What? Wait, how do you-

Woman: I saw you enter the Headquarters with Allison and I heard we were getting a new member. I am Willow.

Sven: I...see...wait, how is this MY fault?

Willow: (turns and faces Sven) Did you not recklessly decide to become involved in a dangerous situation without any idea what you would do should you catch these felons? Clearly you developed no strategy beyond standing at the end of this small alleyway unarmed and without ample room to avoid enemy fire.

Sven: W-well, when you put it like that...

Willow: You would do well to exercise caution, Lieutenant. This city is very dangerous and unpredictable at times. I must be going now. Goodbye. (Turns and leaves)

Sven stands at the end of the alleyway as Willow disappears around the corner. Turning his head, he sees the police in the process of apprehending the two crooks then walks away, still puzzled as to what'd just happened. He'd heard that there were people with peculiar abilities but he never imagined it was something that bizarre.

He later arrives in a smaller area of town with cozy looking housing and a nice community feel as less people walked the streets. There was a library nearby, a small market, a fountain, even a small park. He felt at home here. Inside, Sven walked through the halls of the building. It was a group complex. Small but comfy. His room was on the second floor.

Sven: All right, according to this, my quarters are on the second floor. I just need to find the-

Suddenly a door flies open and a young woman rushes out, knocking Sven over by accident and falling herself as well. She manages to collect herself and quickly shut the door before Sven comes back around, rubbing his head.

Sven: Ow...I feel like I was just rammed by an elephant.

Girl: S-sorry about that! I just, um...I was in a real big rush is all. Here! Le'me just...(stands and dusts herself off then helps Sven to his feet) Real sorry about that. I'm Juniper. Do you live here or-

Sven: Actually, I do. My name is Sven Vargas.

Juniper: Oh, for real? Well, it's nice to meet ya!

Sven: Likewise. But, if you don't mind my asking, where were you in such a rush to get to? The exit is in the opposite direction.

Juniper: Oh, well I was headed out to meet someone. See, I work at the market and I was told someone new was coming in soon but I was a bit late getting back and I had to feed my pet. I'm on my way up there to meet him now.

Sven: Oh, is that it? Well, actually, I'm moving in today.

Juniper: What?! YOU'RE the New Guy?!

Sven: Eh? Juniper, you know about 'the new guy'?

Juniper: Well yeah but...this isn't what I expected at all. Well, anyway, a real treat to meet'cha! I'm sure we'll be best buds!

Sven: I hopes so. I look forward to working with you.

Juniper: Well, aren't you a gentleman! But you can call me Juni. Everyone does. Anyway, I don't actually work at the market. I'm the Commander's and Allison's personal secretary. Oh, that reminds me. Allison wanted me to have her gun sent to be polished. Ah, 'scuse me Venny. Oh, you don't mind if I call you that do you? I dunno, Sven just sounds so...plain. Ah, not to say it's a bad name! I like your name! But doesn't Venny just sound flashy? Oh, I'm ramblin' again. All right, we'll, I better get to gettin'. See ya later, Venny! (Turns and runs off)

Sven: (Blinks in confusion) My, what an energetic girl. But she seems nice. But what was it she said about me not being what she expected?

The very next morning, Sven reads over his assignment. Theta Division. It sounded important to be certain. His cover would be to work as the cleaning boy around the police station. It only made him wonder what everyone else's covers were. Having finally arrived at his place of work, he rings the bell up front and the same energetic girl from before speeds around from the back and takes her place behind the counter.

Juni: Terribly sorry, si- Oh, hey Venny. Here bright'n early, huh?

Sven: Of course. You shall come to expect no less from a knight.

Juni: Eh?

Sven: Well, I am a Knight-in-Training.

Juni: Wait, for real?! I love knights! (Starts to daydream and stare off into space) Taking up their swords in the name of honor. Always ready to forfeit their lives in the face of evil. Some day I'm gonna sport my own sword and shield.

Sven: J-Juni?

Juni: OH! S-sorry, I wander off like that every now and then. My bad.

Suddenly the front door opens and there in the doorway is a rather tall young man in a red jacket with a massive sword in a harness on his back. As he approaches the front desk, he sees Sven standing there and glances over him.

???: Hey there, intern. This your new squeeze?

Sven: Squeeze?

Juni: Tracey, it wouldn't hurt you to learn my name you know...and NO!

Tracey: Oh yeah, sorry. Forgot. Julie, right?

Juni: That's...closer than Natasha.

Tracey: Take it that was my last guess? Anyway, who's the kid? What's he doing in here? Kid, you lost or something?

Sven: Who, me? Actually, I'm not-

Tracey: You're not supposed to be in here, ya know. If you want, she can help you find wherever you're lookin' for.

Juni: He isn't some kid, Tracey. He works around the station. Just started today.

Tracey: WHAT?! This small-fry?! Oh no, Doc ain't gettin' away with this one! What the heck would putting twelve year-olds on the payroll make us look like?! Let's go, kid, you're coming with me. (Grabs a hold of Sven by the wrist and drags him off to the back)

Sven: Wayah! Juni, help!

Juni: Sorry, Venny, I can't help! Once he's riled up- (winces when the door is slammed, cutting her off) -Nothin' can stop him. (sighs) Well, at least it'll get more interestin' around here.

Sven stands to the side of a raging Tracey as this dynamo of a young man looms over Doc at his desk in HQ. Doc simply sits there in amusement at the situation. Ah the young and ill-tempered were so much fun. Tracey had a new problem with Doc what seemed like every day. There Doc sat, turned casually to the side, adjusting his glasses without a care.

Doc: You know, Trace, if you spent as much time applying all that raw talent of yours as you do exercising your vocal cords on me, you'd probably have as good a record as Gordon or Allison or even me.

Tracey: Don't go changing the subject on me, Doc! You better ship this kid back wherever he came from ASAP! There are laws against letting minors in on this project anyway!

Doc: Since when do YOU care about authority? I seem to recall you tearing down a store wall just to take care of a baby monster problem. You know how much we had to pay for in damages, right? Kid, you wanna educate my hotheaded friend, here?

Sven: Is he really that bad of a boss?

Tracey: Legally, I'm not at liberty to discuss that.

Doc: The devil are you humoring him for?! You KNOW he's wrong!

Sven: S-sorry. Listen, Tracey, I'm actually 19.

Tracey: (Backs off and suddenly explodes in laughter) Ahahahahahahahaha! 19? YOU? Yeah, and I'm 80!

Doc: Believe it, Pocket. The kid's legit.

Tracey: Wha- can't be serious! This kid's a stick figure! We asked for their best! THIS is what they send us?! He better come with a money-back guarantee, Doc. Hurry up and exchange this runt for a REAL champ, already. I'm gone. (Turns and leaves)

Sven: Uh...Commander?

Doc: Hm? What is it?

Sven: my coming here really that much of a disappointment?

Doc: Oh, is that all? Well, if you want the honest answer then, yeah. Yeah, that about sums it up.

Sven: How depressing...

Late that night, Sven sits up in his new quarters, staring up at the ceiling. He had no idea that his coming here would be such a tremendous let-down. He couldn't help but think that he should have seen it. Everyone had the same distraught or unimpressed reaction when they learned of his membership. Even Juni, who was by far the nicest of them, didn't exactly welcome the idea with open arms. This was a terrible idea. Then comes a sudden knock on the door that snaps Sven out of his self-pit long enough to respond. There, in the doorway, stands Juni with a small bag.

Juni: Hey. Listen, I just want to apologize for all the dirt you've been put through today what with Tracey and Uncle Doc and all.

Sven: Uncle Doc?

Juni: Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that, huh? The Commander is my dad's little brothers...was my dad's little brother.

Sven: Was? You look troubled, Juni. You need any help at all?

Juni: Oh, no it's nothing. It can wait for another time. Anyway, I wanted to give you this. Sort of a house warming gift. (Hands Sven the object from within the bag) It's this little gear that someone in the market made into a necklace. Anyway, I'll talk to you later, Venny. G'night!

Sven: Good night, Juni. (Turns and shuts the door as Juni leaves) least someone's nice in this town.

As Sven approaches work the next morning, an alarm suddenly goes off, blaring across the city. People begin to panic and run all through the streets, ducking into the closest builds and abandoning vehicles. The scene was utter madness. Watching this scene unfold around him, Sven is amazed at this. He rushes inside and gets into the elevator around back, taking him down to HQ. The conference room was nearby. As he steps up to the door he finds Juni standing there, opposed by Tracey.

Tracey: Whoa, kid, back it up.

Sven: Huh? What are you talking about?! Juni, what's going on?

Juni: He's not letting me in!

Tracey: No kids allowed. Now get back to your jobs.

Sven: Tracey, I'm not some stupid kid!

Tracey: Shut Up! You see how easily you get riled up over something as petty as that? You're not ready for a real mission. Besides, you're Theta Wing. The jobs in your department are on the bulletin board in the room down the hall. Now get going. (Walks back into the conference room and shuts the door behind him)

Sven and Juni both look to one another and find themselves in the room down the hall where there was a counter but no one at it and a large bulletin board filled with newspaper articles. They were all small-time jobs. Monsters no bigger than a squirrel or no more powerful than a human infant.

Sven: Well, at least it's something.

Juni: (Sees the defeated look on Sven's face) Um...hey, we should still do it, right?

Sven: What?

Juni: Our job. We should still do our job. Just keep our heads high and stay positive! If we do that and we do a good job, I'm sure they'll all recognize our true potential!

Sven: (Looks to the Bulletin board and nods) All right. We'll give it our all!

The next morning, Sven stands before the bulletin board, looking over the latest case when Juni arrives at his side. But they weren't the only ones to show up there. As they looked over the cases, they suddenly heard footsteps. There stood Allison there with her older brother, a tall man standing at least two heads taller than her.

Allison: Good morning Juniper, Lieutenant. Working hard, I see?

Sven: (Salutes) Aye, aye Captain!

Allison: Hmhm. My, my Lieutenant. Such enthusiasm. Well, you two are our only Theta Division members at the moment. We're expecting more but for now you're it so we're expecting a lot from you. Please work to the best of your ability.

Juni: No problem, Ms. Allison! You guys can count on us!

???: Are you not going to introduce me, sister?

Allison: Of course. Where are my manners? This is Gordon. Co-Captain of the Chroma City Assault Force.

Gordon: I expect that you will live up to our expectations of you. It shouldn't be too difficult.

Allison: Gordon, be nice.

Sven: Gh...won't let that get to me... I will surpass all expectations, sir! (salutes)

Juni: I'm right with him!

Gordon: Hm...very well. Carry on. (leaves)

Allison: Quite the interesting response, you two. I'm impressed. And I'll be holding you to your words. All right, I'd best be on my way. Work hard, you two. (Turns and leaves)

Juni: Oh, hey Venny, we shoud work together on our cases! Two heads are better'n one right? I bet if we do that, we'll knock 'em dead! Here's a case right here. Someone's kitchen was made a mess of. They think a small monster must've done it because there was no sign of forced entry. Could've entered through the dog door or somethin'.

Sven stares off down the hall in deep thought for a moment. Allison and Gordon. Two of the best this branch had to offer. Captain and Co-Captain of the entire Assault Force. He was going to prove himself to them. And soon enough he'd be working alongside them. It was a promise he'd made to himself. A promise to show exactly what a true knight is made of.

Juni: Hey. Venny?

Sven: Huh? Oh, yeah, let's do that then.

Juni: say so.

The pair soon arrives at the scene of this aforementioned monster ransacking. The kitchen was a mess yet the rest of the house had been untouched. There were claw marks in places and the cabinets had been emptied. There were muddy paw prints all around and the area was a general mess. Food and trash all over the room as if there'd been some sort of struggle.

Juni: Well, this shouldn't be too hard to figure out. A monster came in, it was hungry, it tore the place up looking for something it wanted to eat.

Sven: That WOULD make sense but...these claw marks look like a carnivor made them. There isn't even a trace of there every being meat here.

Juni: Our victim did say that she didn't have a chance to hit the market yet.

Sven: Right. She must not have even had anything for whatever little monster did...this? (moves a tarp from a section of the kitchen, revealing a large scorch mark) What in the world?

(To Be Continued...maybe)

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