FURP: A Journey Reborn

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FURP: A Journey Reborn

Post by Tokahia on 11th September 2012, 6:37 pm

This is a reboot. A start over. It has very little to do with the original. Also there is heavy cursing in this. If you are upset over that sort of thing. Then I am sorry. This had been in a section that allowed cursing. Why it is here I have no clue. As always please send all questions to my note box. So here is Chapter one! Enjoy!

Chapter 1
The sun was rising on a new day for Northlynn. Students made their way to Crecendo Academy. Among those students was three sisters. All the students were wearing their standard school uniform.

"Ugh day one. I always hate this day." One said, her short green hair blew in the breeze.

"I just hate mornings." Another one said yawning. Her short silver hair hung over the left side of her face.

"You two are such complainers. I mean really. Mornings are the best!" The third one said. Her short red hair hung opposite of the second girl's hair.

"Kyra you are the only person in the world that I know that is excited to be awake in the morning." The silver hair girl said.

"Oh please Yue. Some mornings can be annoying. Like tomorrow is going to suck." Kyra said.

"I have to agree with Yue. No matter what you will be excited for morning tomorrow." The green hair girl said.

"I don't know Hiyori. You know how Kyra is if there are classes in the morning." Yue said.

"Yeah and? She will be the only one actually taking notes." Hiyori replied.

Yue and Hiyori chuckled. Kyra rolled her eyes. They got closer and closer to the large building in the center of town. Among the large sea of students the sisters could make out a rather large fellow in a business suit. He was much taller than the students. They got closer and greeted the man.

"Good morning Instructor McCloud." They said in unison.

"How many times have I told you three. Call me Kain. Oh Come here for a second." He said pulling them out from the students making their way into the school.

"What can we do for you Kain?" Kyra asked.

"Why do you sound so happy?" Yue asked Kyra.

"I was wondering if you three would help me teach this year. You see I will be in the class room instead of the training arena." Kain said.

"What? Then who will be the new combat trainer?" Hiyori asked.

"Someone named Xantho. I haven't even met them yet. Though I could really use your help." He said.

"Now now Kain. No need to overwhelm them on their first day back." A female voice said getting closer.

"Headmaster Emory, I figured I would ask them. Seeing as how they are such bright students." Kain said to the new woman who was standing there.

"Where is your son Kain?" Emory asked.

"He already headed inside. Which is where you three should be." Kain said turning to the three girls he pulled aside to talk to.

"Yes sir." They all said before leaving.

They vanished into the crowd of people, but it was still easy to spot them cause of their hair. Emory walked closer to Kain.

"What?" He asked looking down at Emory.

"I didn't say anything." She said with a smile.

"Yeah but I am pretty sure you were thinking something." He said. "How long do I have to wear this stupid monkey suit?" He asked. Emory started to laugh. Kain sighed and shook his head.

"Oh come on you don't look that bad in a suit." She said trying to hold back her laughter.

"Yeah easy for you to say. Do you know how hard it is to find a suit in my size." He said.

"Don't worry. You just have to wear it today." Emory replied as the last student made it into the school. "Well we should go greet the students." she added.

"Indeed." Kain agreed stepping into the school. Emory soon followed him.

They made their way down the hallways. They got to a large arena where all the students waiting. There were a few other Teachers that where standing in the center of the arena. One of the teachers was covered in a robe. A hood covered their face. Emory stood in between the other teachers. All the students fell quiet.

"Good Morning everyone. Now to begin the school year, let me Introduce myself. I am Headmaster Emory. This rather large fellow is Instructor Kain McCloud." She said gesturing to Kain.

Kain slightly bowed. "Many of you know him as the Combat Instructor. He will be reassigned to Skill combanation. He will have three student instructors." She continued.

"The new combat trainer will be Xantho Phyll. Now some of you might be wondering why she is hidden by this robe." Emory added. "You see Xantho is of a different race. One that has been hidden for hundreds of years. So this might be a shock for most of you." Emory said.

"It is true children. The Crystalireans are a race that have only recently decided to return to the surface." Xantho said pulling the hood of the robe off. Her yellow crystal like skin was slightly see through. Alot of the students gasped at the sight of Xantho.

"Settle down everyone. Now for the last instructor to be introduced is Iridian." She said gesturing to the other male teacher. "Now then I hope you all have a wonderful year. You will all find your room with your names on them. Please be respectful of your fellow students and your roommates. You are all dismissed." Emory said
leading the other teachers out of the arena first. Yue and her sisters made their way to their room. They were one of the few that were allowed to have three people in their room. Hiyori opened the door, Yui and Kyra walked into the room.

Kyra looked around the room with her pink eyes. "Same old style room split in three." Kyra said walking over to her side that looked like the sun.

"Yeah well I am just fine with that." Yue said going over to her bed. Her half of the room was covered in stars.

"I am just glad to get out of this uniform." Hiyori said closing the door and walking to her third of the room.

Hiyori's side of the room looked like a forest. Her dresser looked like a tree. She opened it and changed out of her school uniform into a martial arts style outfit. It was forest green colored, it matched her eyes.

"I don't know about you two but I need food." Hiyori said leaving her shoes next to the dresser.

"Yeah give me a second to change." Kyra said. She switched out of her school uniform and put on some red shorts. Her shirt was a mixture of orange and red. She slipped on some red shoes.

"I don't see how you two can wear shoes." Hiyori said.

"We can't stand how you don't wear shoes." Kyra said.

"Hold on you two. I want some food as well." Yue said.

Yue's outfit was more dress like. The top cut off just short of her belly. The dress hung off on her left hip. the rest of it was shorts that were slightly hidden by the dress. The entire outfit was a deep ocean blue. It was easy to tell her body was covered in scars.

"Alright lets get going." Yue said.

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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

Post by Tokahia on 11th September 2012, 11:27 pm

Chapter 2

Hiyori opened the door, they all left making their way to the food court. When they got there they saw someone still in his school uniform. He ran a hand through his hair.

"What do you mean you are out of hamburgers?" He said.

"I said we are out of hamburgers. You got wax in your ears?" The lady behind the counter asked.

"No... How about hotdogs?" The man asked.

"Sorry we are out of those as well." The lady said.

"What? How can that be?" He said hanging his head.

"You just can't ever win can you?" Yue said walking over.

"Huh? Oh Yue nice to see you again." The man said.

"Yeah yeah Zack. Stop trying to hit on her." Kyra said.

"What? How is saying nice to see her again hitting on her?" Zack asked looking at Kyra with his two tone eyes. One was a light blue while the other was a deep red color.

"Kyra is just over protective you know that Zack." Hiyori said walking over.

"I don't see why she is trying to protect me. I can handle myself Kyra." Yue said. "I am going to get food." She added walking away.

"Look McCloud stay away from Yue." Kyra said.

"No seriously why are you so mad at me? All I did is say hello to her." Zack said scratching the back of his head.

"Yeah Kyra he knows better than to hit on Yue." Hiyori said.

"I still don't know why we are making such a big deal out of my simple hello to Yue." Zack said making his way down the food line.

"Don't you remember the start of last year? You hit on her non stop." Kyra said following Zack.

"Ok yeah that was last year. So what? When she turned me down for the winter dance I figured it was cause she liked someone else. Geez. So you can back off the super protective sister bit." He said grabbing some food.

"Look I still don't trust you." Kyra said.

"Hiyori can you help me out here?" Zack said as he paid for food.

"Come on Kyra do you really have to give him a hard time?" Hiyori asked paying for her food.

"I guess not." Kyra said paying and walking with Hiyori.

"Well I will see you guys later. Oh I hear you three are working with my dad. Good luck." Zack said walking away from Kyra and Hiyori.

"See he isn't even sitting near us. Now do you trust that he has changed?" Hiyori asked sitting down next to Yue.

"Maybe." Kyra said sitting down across from Hiyori and Yue.

"Or maybe you don't want him flirting with another woman cause you want him for yourself." Hiyori joked.

"What?!? No! You are crazy." Kyra said slightly blushing.

"Yet your cheeks don't lie. You are crushing hard on Zack." Yue said.

"I AM NOT!" Kyra said her cheeks turning an even darker shade of red.

"Who are you not crushing on?" Two male voices said in unison.

"No one! Leave me alone!" Kyra said getting up from the table.

"Hey there Hiyori, Yue." The two boys said.

"Oh Hey Mori and Kuni." Hiyori said.

"I will see you all later. Maybe when you get your crazy ideas out of your head." Kyra said walking away from the table.

"Man what is her deal?" Kuni asked sitting down across from Yue.

"Oh we were teasing her and she didn't like it. I am pretty sure she will go beat people up in the training arena." Hiyori said.

"Yep that sounds just like her." Mori said sitting next to Kuni.

"Well you three have fun. I am going to the library." Yue said getting up and leaving.

Hiyori stared at her food. She never really liked being alone around Mori and Kuni. The two joked back and forth, not that Hiyori was paying attention.

"Hello? Earth to Hiyori you still awake?" Mori asked waving a hand in front of her face.

"Huh? Oh yeah sorry. I was just thinking." She said.

"So I guess you didn't hear us." Kuni said.

"Hear you about what?" She asked getting a worried look on her face.

"We were talking about classes. Then we asked you if you knew what your classes were." They said.

"Oh no not really. I mean I know my sisters and I will be with Instructor Kain helping with his class." Hiyori said.

"Damn. I was hoping we had some classes together." Kuni said.

"Well it was nice chatting with you two." She said getting up and rushing away from the table.

Mori and Kuni looked at each other and shrugged. As Hiyori rushed out of the cafeteria she ran into two other girls.

"Oh I am so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going." She said.

"It is ok. Luna and I weren't hurt." One girl said.

"Yeah, though you might want to pay attention to where you are going." The other girl said.

"Sorry. I was just trying to get away from Mori and Kuni." She said.

"Wait Kuni is in there. Maybe we sould come back later Kyrie." The girl said turning to the girl Hiyori ran into.

"I will be fine Luna. Besides I am to hungry to care at the moment." Kyrie said.

"You sure?" Luna asked.

"Yes. I am sure." She replied.

"Um... well it was nice meeting you two." Hiyori Said.

"Hey wait arn't you one of the Valendorf triplets?" Luna asked.

"Yeah, I am Hiyori. The middle of the three sisters." She said scratching the back of her head.

"Oh yeah. I knew you looked familiar. I have treated Yue a few times." Kyrie said.

"Yeah she is accident prone." Hiyori said.

"Look I would like to stay and talk but I am hungry. So maybe we will see you around." Kyrie said.

"Yeah like wise." Hiyori said making her way past Kyrie and Luna.

As Hiyori made her way away from them she soon heard a loud slapping noise. She made a quick retreat away from the area. The sound of arguing got softer and softer. Hiyori found herself outside of the training arena.

She ducked in to find some peace and quite. Though she only found Kyra beating up rookies.She walked over to the area pretending to be blind.

"Hiyori! You made it!" Kyra said stepping out of the ring.

"Oh sis! I didn't know you were here. You know how I can't see you when you are not on the ground." Hiyori said.

"Oh yeah. Sorry about that sis." Kyra said playing along with Hiyori.

"I wanna try and fight someone." Hiyori said walking into the ring.

"Are you sure sis? What if one of them doesn't stay on the ground?" Kyra asked.

"I don't want any special treatment just cause of my disability! Now give me someone." Hiyori said standing in the ring.

One of the rookies smiled and started to step towards the ring. Kyra stopped him and sighed.

"Please be easy on her." Kyra whispered to the rookie.

"You heard her she doesn't want any special treatment." The rookie replied before stepping into the ring.

"Oh my such a big person. I sure hope I don't get injured." Hiyori said in a rather pathetic voice.

The man smiled and jumped up forming air under his feet so he didn't touch the ground. Hiyori turned around in circles.

"Oh no! I can't see my opponent whatever will I do?" She said getting in a defensive position.

"How about you leave the real fighting to those who can see!" The opponent said rushing her.

"Huh? What was that?" Hiyori asked stepping just out of the attack. The man came around for another attack and Hiyori moved

again. "Will you stand still so I can end this?!" The man asked coming around for another attack. The crowd of people started to laugh as the man kept missing Hiyori.

"Oh there you are." Hiyori said as the man rushed her. She got into a rather solid martial arts formation. As her opponent got closer she waited till the very last second to punch him in the face. He fell flat on his back. The man gasped for air.

"Oops I am sorry. I though I was going to punch you in the gut. Please forgive me. I don't do well with stuff in the air." Hiyori said trying to apologize to the man.

"Come on sis lets get you out of here." Kyra said walking over to Hiyori and guiding her out of the arena. They walked down the halls til they were clear from anyone in the arena hearing them. They stood staring at each other for a second before breaking out in laughter.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

Post by Tokahia on 12th September 2012, 6:44 pm

Chapter 3

Yue took in a deep breath of the Library air. It was one of the few places she felt safe from the crazy of everyday life. She walked over to a book she had read at least a hundred times. She took it off the shelf and sat down in a chair. There was a layer of dust that she blew off the cover.

Zack walked into the Library not seeing Yue. He walked around. He sighed and sat down near Yue without thinking about it. There was silence for a few moments as he rubbed his eyes. Yue peered over the book and saw him. She then went back to reading.

"You look stressed. It is only day one." She said without looking up from the book.

"Huh? Oh Yue... Fancy running into you here." He said.

"Are you stalking me? Cause I could go get Kyra to beat you up." She said jokingly.

"What? No I came looking for a book that is never here." He said.

"Well if it is never here then why do you keep coming back?" She asked.

"In the hopes that it is here at some point." He replied.

"Uh huh... Are you sure it wasn't to follow me." Yue said lowering the book.

Zack rolled his eyes at her. She smirked a little. After a few moments of silence he stood up and started to walk away.

"Oh come on I was joking." Yue said trying to stop him.

"I know. I just have somewhere else to be. I only really came to see if they had the book I wanted. I will see you around." He said walking out the door.

He passed Kyra and Hiyori who where laughing. He couldn't really make out what they were saying between laughter. All he really heard was "Blind" though he didn't know in what context that it would come up in conversation.

As he made his way through the halls he felt a sharp pain shoot through his leg. Zack stumbled and fell into the wall. His shoulder made a loud sound as it hit the wall.

"Damn leg. I had better have Kyrie look at it again." He said to himself.

He started to limp down the halls. He used the walls as supports. When ever someone showed up, Zack leaned against the wall so that no one would notice his limping.

After what seemed like hours Zack made it to the Infirmary. He limped in and saw Kyrie walking back and forth. Luna was sitting on one of the infirmary beds.

"You calmed down yet?" Luna asked.

"Do I look calm to you? I can't believe him!" Kyrie said walking back and forth.

"Am I interrupting?" Zack asked limping in.

"Huh? Oh Zack, I didn't even see you come in. Are you ok?" Luna asked.

"Your leg is hurting you again isn't it?" Kyrie asked.

"Yeah. It is." He said limping into the room.

"Fine come on sit down." She said.

Zack limped over to an Infirmary bed. He had a little bit of trouble getting into the bed. Kyrie sighed and walked over to him. Luna jumped off the bed she was on and walked over to Zack.

"Come on lean back." Luna said putting her hand on his shoulder.

"Ow..." He said when Luna put pressure on his shoulder.

"When were you going to tell me about that injury?" Kyrie asked.

"I was going to tell you but I didn't get a chance. My leg hurt and I stumbled into a wall." Zack said.

"Just relax. I will try to fix you up." Kyrie said.

Zack closed his eyes leaning back on the bed. Kyrie let out another sigh. She hovered her hand over his shoulder. In a matter of seconds he felt a soothing wave in his arm. She moved her hand over his leg.

"You know that I can only heal stuff that is physically there." She said staring at him.

Zack sat up and looked at her. "Yeah I know. I just figured that you would be able to do something." He said rubbing his leg.

"Look all I can do is a small bit of pain relief. Other than that. There is nothing I can do." Kyrie said.

"Well thanks anyway." Zack said swinging his legs off the bed.

"Look if it starts to hurt again the come see me." Kyrie said.

"Yeah. Hey out of curiosity what was with the arguing when I showed up?" He asked setting his right leg back up on the bed.

"You really don't want to know." Luna said pulling up a chair.

"If I had to guess it has to do with Kuni." Zack said rubbing his leg below the knee.

"Do you wish to hop back to your room?" Kyrie asked glaring at Zack.

"Not really, but Kyrie at least I can try and help you. I mean you help me all the time." Zack said.

"Yeah cause I am your healer. That is my job." Kyrie said.

"I am also the team captain. I have to make sure my team is fit. If there is something wrong then I need to know about it." Zack said.

"To be honest I am surprised you are still captain after that one mission." Luna said.

"Not helping Luna! Besides I had to earn my status back. Which I did the following ten missions." Zack said.

"Did you really expect me to be helping?" She said jokingly.

Kyrie started to pace back and forth again. Zack sighed, he knew he wasn't going to get any information out of her if she didn't want to talk about it. He stood up and started to walk away. He made it to the door and was about to walk out.

"Look Kyrie, thanks for healing me as best as you can. You know where my dorm room is. Though I should probably be getting some rookies started on simple training." Zack said.

The doors opened and a couple of rookies helped one person into the infirmary. The man looked like he had a pretty badly broken nose.

"That Blind bitch broke my nose! I also think some ribs broke. It is really hard to breath." The injured rookie said.

Zack let out a sigh. He knew who the guy was talking about. Kyrie helped the guy onto one of the beds. She looked up at the door that was closing. Zack had left the room.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

Post by Tokahia on 12th September 2012, 10:40 pm

Chapter 4

Kyra and Hiyori sat quite in an office. They normally had to be in this office for mission debriefings. Kyra got up and moved around the office. She had never gotten to look at all the stuff.

On one wall hung a pair of daggers. They were in an X formation. Under it hung a lance that was used by the Dragoons.

"I didn't know he had this." Kyra said as she reached for the lance.

"Sit down Kyra." A voice came from the door way.

"Oh why? So you can tell us about some special mission? Oh please let it be something fun!" Kyra said looking at Zack.

He was no longer in his school uniform. He was now wearing armor. It was rather standard military armor. A sword hung from his left hip. His face looked rather angry.

Kyra sighed and sat back down. He walked around to the other side of the desk and looked right at Kyra and Hiyori. There was a few minutes of silence.

"So a mission?" Kyra asked.

"No not a mission. A lecture." He said sounding rather cross.

"Awe crap." Kyra replied.

"What the HELL were you two thinking? You injured a student on the first day! Do you two even think what could have happened?" Zack asked.

"How do you know it was us? How do you know it wasn't actually a blind person?" Kyra asked.

"Are you freaking kidding me?" He asked staring at Kyra.

"Ok look I didn't mean to break his nose or his ribs. I was just having some day one fun before classes." Hiyori said.

Zack let out a loud sigh before sitting down. He stared at them.

"I should demote you both, but seeing as how you two are part of my fathers staff. Demoting you would mean you couldn't help him." Zack said.

"Wait are you saying you are gonna do something nice for your father? Which means we get out of this!" Kyra said with a smile.

"No this means I want you two to go to the infirmary, apologize to the rookie and then report to my father. He will be dealing with the punishment." Zack said.

"Damn it." Kyra muttered.

"Look it is only fair Kyra. I mean we did injure another student." Hiyori said turning to Kyra.

"No you injured him. I was only playing along with your silly game." Kyra replied.

"Come on lets get going Kyra." Hiyori said standing up.

"Wait a minute. Why are we getting lectured by Zack? I though he got demoted from his captain status." Kyra said. "You have no right to yell at us!" She added getting up.

"Actually I do. At the end of the year I had to do a solo retraining course. I have been re-certified as a Captain. So you better get going before your first official day tomorrow is a living hell." Zack said standing up and leaning on his desk.

He and Kyra glared at each other. Hiyori rolled her eyes before she grabbed Kyra by the shoulder.

"Come on sis we better go." Hiyori said tugging on her sisters' shoulder.

"Fine." Kyra said leaving with her sister.

Kyra gripped the door handle and slammed the door close behind her. The Dragoon lance fell off the wall. Zack let out a sigh. He walked over picking up the weapon. There came a knock on his door.

"Come on in." He said putting the weapon back on the wall. "What is it that I can do for you?" He said rather harshly.

"Well I was hoping you would do something for my Captain McCloud." Emory said walking into the room.

"Headmaster! I am so sorry. I though you were another student." Zack said turning to her.

"It is alright. I saw Kyra in a huff is everything alright?" She asked.

"Please have a seat. It is nothing I can't handle." Zack said walking behind his desk. "So what can I help you with?" He asked sitting down.

"I know it is a little soon in the school year, but I need you to do a mission." She said.

"A little early? It is day one. Not even that. Day one doesn't really start til tomorrow. Though I guess I can't really say no to the Headmaster." Zack said. "So what is it you need me to do?" he asked.

"I need you to go to Aelmoore. There is a Crystalirean who is pretty strong. I meant to go and get him myself, but before I knew it the school year was here." She said.

"Alright so let me ask this. Why do we need him?" Zack asked.

"There will be a new course this year. Crystalirean History. As far as I can tell. He is one of the oldest ones around. I would like him to teach the class." She said with a smile.

"Ok... So how many people do I get to take with me? Or is this a solo mission?" He asked.

"Two people. You will all head out tomorrow. You have quite the journey ahead of you." She said standing up.

She said her goodbyes before leaving. Zack let out a sigh. He leaned over letting his head hit his desk. A loud thud rang out into the empty office. He groaned then sat back up.

"Fine I will just have to make a choice. Two people. Hmmm.... Lets see... Kyrie and.... DAMN IT!!! Why is this so hard?" He asked himself.

"Having issues son?" Kain said leaning on the doorway.

"Huh? Wait how long have you been there?" Zack asked looking at his father.

"Long enough to hear you have problems. Though it seems like you only need one other person. You were pretty quick to pick Kyrie." He said walking in.

"I need a healer. Regardless of what kind of mission it is. In the event someone gets hurt." He said sitting up straight.

"Or in case your leg bothers you?" He asked.

"Or that... I still don't know who else I should take. I can't take Kuni. He and Kyrie arn't on speaking terms. Though I could take Mori. He would be useful with all his information." Zack said.

"You don't need him though. Your water skills are just below his. Plus you are going to a desert town. Wouldn't you rather have an earth user?" He asked.

"Yeah well the two I know and trust are all busy. You have classes to teach, and Hiyori is helping you." Zack said.

"Look kid, if you need Hiyori then just ask. I can excuse her for missions. Plus you did send her and Kyra to me for punishment. I think missing class would bug her." He said with a smile.

"Oh yeah I did do that didn't I. Hmmm... Kyrie and Hiyori. I should tell them to get ready. I didn't really get much time to plan this." Zack said getting up.

Kain smiled and left. Zack walked to his door. He knew where he could find Kyrie. Though he knew he wouldn't get her to talk about her problem. Especially with Hiyori around.

As he made his way down the hallways he noticed that students were getting ready for bed. He soon bumped into Hiyori. He didn't really say anything at first.

"Something on your mind? Oh and Kyra is sorry for earlier." Hiyori said.

"No she isn't. Though nice try Hiyori." He said.

"Yeah... She uh went on a rather explicit rant about you." She said.

"That sounds more like the Kyra I know. Hey, I uh have this mission I am going on tomorrow. My dad says he will excuse you from classes. I need you with me." Zack said.

"Oh? Isn't it a little soon for out of town missions?" She asked.

"Yeah well it is of high importance. We are going to Aelmoore. I need an earth user. Seeing as how you are one of three I trust. I could use your help." He said.

"Ok so who else is going?" She asked.

"Kyrie. I was on my way to talk to her now. You need to be packed and ready in the morning. We leave at dawn." He said. "Now if you will excuse me." He added taking a step away from her.

"Alright I will see you in the morning." She said making her way to her room.

Zack spent several minutes making his way to the Infirmary. He peered in the window and saw Kyrie and Luna still there. He groaned to himself. Zack knew Kyrie was going to complain that Luna wasn't going. He took in a deep breath and walked into the Infirmary.

"Don't tell me your leg is hurting again. Wait when did you change?" Kyrie asked.

"I changed after I left. I needed to. I had to scold some people." Zack said.

"So what can I do for you Zack?" She asked.

"Well Headmaster Emory has given me a mission. An out of town kind of mission. I could really use your help. I was only given two teammate slots so I chose you and Hiyori. So I have come to tell you that we leave at dawn tomorrow." Zack said.

"TOMORROW!?!? Are you insane? And why not have Luna come with us?" Kyrie asked.

"Great you got her angry again. Way to go. I had just calmed her down." Luna said.

"Look I was just told about this like an hour ago. I would have rather waited before Missions were given out. I don't get to choose when they start. You know this Kyrie. Plus the last time I looked Luna wasn't an earth user." Zack said.

"Fine...." She said through gritted teeth.

"Kyrie I didn't mean to up set you." Zack said.

"Yet you did." Luna chipped in.

"Still not helping Luna." Zack said.

"Yeah I know, but I am not the one that Kyrie is going to beat up if you say the wrong thing." Luna said with a smile.

"Kyrie you are the only one I trust on the battlefield. In all honesty I don't expect much to happen on this mission. We are just going to get someone and bring them back here. Plus it is a chance for you to get away from Kuni." Zack said.

"Yeah... you are right. If I am not near him I won't be able to kill him. You said dawn right?" She asked.

"Nope he said evening." Luna said leaning back in her chair.

Kyrie and Zack both glared at her. "Eh worth it." Luna said with a shrug.

"You had best get some rest Kyrie." Zack said.

"You as well Captain." She said.

"Heh you don't need to call me that." Zack said.

"Fine, Get some sleep Zack." She said.

"Night Kyrie and Luna." Zack said leaving.

"Awe don't you two make a cute couple." Luna said jokingly.

Kyrie glared at her again. "Oh come on you know you love me." She said getting up from her chair.

"What ever will I do without you?" Kyrie asked.

"I don't know. Lets find out tomorrow shall we?" Luna said as they walked out of the infirmary.

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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

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Chapter 5

Zack leaned against a wall in front of the Academy. He stared out at the city. The sun was barely starting to rise. The sky was turning orange. Hiyori soon joined Zack. There was a small bag sitting at Zack's feet.

She had a backpack on that matched her clothing. She had some simple shoes on. Hiyori let out a sigh before looking at Zack.

"Hey there." She said.

"Oh hey there Hiyori." Zack said looking over at her.

"Why do we have to leave in the morning?" She asked sitting down on the stairs.

"Cause we have a long way to go. The sooner we start the quicker we can get back." He said grabbing his bag before sitting down on the stairs.

"Yeah well the mornings suck." She said.

"I have to agree. So how are we traveling?" Kyrie said walking over to them.

"Boat for two hours then the rest of the time is walking." Zack said.

Hiyori and Kyrie both groaned. Zack stood up picking up his bag. Hiyori stood up stretching. She soon picked up her bag and threw it over her shoulder.

"So why arn't we taking the Airship? Doesn't Sid let you use her airship?" Hiyori asked as they started to walk away from the school.

"Yeah but the Dragoons are doing their own thing at the moment. So we don't have access to the Airship." Zack said.

"Just like you to have connections that don't work." She replied.

"Oh come on it isn't that bad." He said trying to be helpful.

"Oh yeah? Do you know how far it is from where the boat lands to Aelmoore?" Kyrie asked.

"Several days depending on the route we take." Zack said.

Kyrie huffed at him. They soon found themselves at the docks. There was a rather small boat sitting there waiting for them. There was a single man standing next to the boat.

"Captain McCloud I presume?" The man asked.

"Yes are you Clark?" Zack asked holding out a hand.

"Why yes I am. So you three need to get across to the main land huh? Very well hop on board." Clark said shaking Zack's hand.

"I hate boats." Hiyori said not moving closer to the boat.

"Come on scardy cat." Zack said holding out his hand.

"It could be worse. You could be getting on an Airship." He added.

"Why would you say that." She said.

"Come on being in a boat isn't that bad." Kyrie said putting her hand on Hiyori's shoulder.

"Yeah says you." She said looking over at Kyrie.

"Fear of water is quite common on my boat. Don't worry though. One of the safest boats out there." Clark said getting in the boat.

"Easy for you to say. You don't depend on land like I do." She said.

"Just get in the boat." Kyrie said pushing Hiyori.

Hiyori sighed and got in the boat. Kyrie then got in after her. Once Clark saw they were ready he made the boat start to move. Hiyori looked like she was gonna puke. Zack stared out over the front of the boat. A wave hit the boat making it rock. Hiyori grabbed her mouth and her gut. Another wave hit the boat making it jump into the air a bit. Clark laughed a bit.

"My the water this morning is pretty choppy. Hang on in there kids. It is going to be a bumpy ride." Clark said.

"Zack... Can you please tell him that he isn't helping." Hiyori said as the boat rocked again.

"Kyrie try and help sooth Hiyori. Clark is there anyway we can get to the other side quicker?" Zack asked.

"Nope another water user pushing the boat would tear it apart. So unless you want your friend there drowning. I suggest you sit back and enjoy the ride." He said.

Kyrie put a hand on Hiyori's back. She was still doubled over trying not to puke. Zack watched as more waves came towards the boat. He parted them so the boat wasn't rocking as much.

After an eternity of the boat rocking, they had finally made it to the other side. Once the boat had docked Hiyori rushed passed Zack pushing him into the shallow water. She ran onto the dry land kissing it.

"Oh sweet land. I will never leave you behind!" She said.

"Big baby." Clark said helping Zack out of the water.

Kyrie got out of the boat and stood next to Hiyori who was still kissing the ground. Zack grabbed Hiyori's bag as well as his own. He then paid Clark who waved them goodbye.

"Come on Hiyori. We had best get going. I want to at least get to the nearest town by sun fall." Zack said holding out her bag for her.

"Alright fine." She said standing up taking the bag. "But can we try to avoid taking a boat on the way back? Or maybe get a bigger more stable boat?" She asked.

"We'll see." He said walking forward leading them.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

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Chapter 6

Yue stood in the middle of the training arena. She had gotten there early with Kyra. Kyra stood outside of the ring with her sword on her back. Yue spun her Glaive around. On the bottom of her weapon was a small silver sphere that looked like the moon. She stood still for a moment. Before doing a rather series of complicated moves. Kyra watched her sister as she moved around. Her movements were very fluid looking.

"Does she ribbon dance as well?" Kuni's voice asked.

"You looking to get hurt again brother?" Mori asked as they stood next to Kyra.

Kyra turned her head to look at the two brothers who had shown up. She noticed that Kuni was holding a bag of ice on his face. Mori was reading a book.

"Why don't you get someone to heal that for you?" Kyra asked.

"Cause he pissed off the healer. She is teaching him a lesson." Mori said not looking up from his book.

"You pissed off Kyrie? What did you do?" She asked.

"You don't want to know." Mori replied.

"Hey will you two stop talking as if I am not right here." Kuni said.

"No seriously, what did you do to piss of Kyrie?" Kyra asked him.

"I would rather not talk to much." Kuni said.

"Kyrie hit him pretty hard yesterday. His jaw hurts if he talks." Kuni said finally looking up from the book.

"Alright fine. Mori what did your brother do to upset Kyrie?" Kyra asked turning to Mori.

"Well you see...." Mori started.

"My I have such eager students. You four must really love to learn." A female voice said interrupting Mori. "My she is quite talented with the Glaive." The voice added.

They turned to look at their instructor. Yue was the only one who didn't turn to look. She finished up her training by spinning the glaive around til she stopped it in her left hand. The blade was barely above the ground, the small moon was next to her head. She used her body as a brace to stop her weapon.

"That is your sister correct?" The instructor asked Kyra.

"Yes Instructor Xantho. That is one of my sisters." Kyra replied.

Xantho was still wearing the robe that they had seen her in yesterday. The hood was off of her head. She walked closer and stood next to Kyra.

"Yes You are triplets correct? Yet you all are different. Not only in skills or clothing, but your personalities." Xantho said.

"Yes we are." Kyra said.

"Might I ask, is Hiyori going to be joining today's class or is she skipping?" Xantho asked.

"Yeah I was wondering where she was." Mori said.

"Oh she is on a mission with Captain McCloud." Kyra said.

"It's true they even have Kyrie. So she won't be joining either." Luna said walking over to the group.

Yue walked out of the arena and walked over to Xantho and the others. She gave a bow before spinning her weapon around. The blade was now next to her head, the shaft rested against her arm.

"Good morning Instructor Xantho." Yue said.

"Ha, your face is still injured that is so awesome. Here let me see what she did." Luna said trying to pull the ice pack off of Kuni's face.

"Hey no stop! Ow my jaw!" Kuni said struggling.

"Oh come on just a peek? Please! I have to see." Luna said.

Yue let out a sigh and rolled her eyes. "Will you two grow up?" Yue asked.

They stopped for a second and looked at Yue. "Probably not," They replied in unison.

"Settle down you two. Class is about to begin." Xantho said as more students started to show up.

Luna let go of Kuni's arm and stood there. Mori opened his book and started to read again. Kyra and Yue had moved so that they were standing next to each other. The students were talking to each other not paying attention.

"Alright settle down everyone." Xantho said.

No one listened to her, they kept chatting. Xantho tried again but they still didn't listen. Luna went back to bothering Kuni.

"Come on just a peek. Please?" She asked in a whispered tone.

"Fine. If it will shut you up." He said pulling away the Ice pack. He had a rather bruised hand print on his face.

"Ha! Back hand bruise of justice." She replied.

"Yeah... thanks for cheering me up." Kuni replied.

"Eh I try." Luna said trying to hold back her laughter.

"Students! Shut up and fall in line! Class has begun!" A male voice shouted.

The students stopped talking and all stood straight. Kain walked over to Xantho. She turned and looked up at him.

"Thank you Instructor McCloud." She said.

"Please Just call me Kain. Everyone does." He said.

"I see. Well thank you Kain. Alright everyone listen up. Today we start training. I have invited Kain to help me. Seeing as how I have never taught fighting to anyone. I figured I might need some help. So today will be..." She trailed off. She didn't really have anything planned.

"Today will be an easy demonstration by Kyra and Yue.

Luna, Kuni, and Mori are not allowed to answer any questions. Seeing as how they know Kyra and Yue." Kain said.

Kyra and Yue both got in the arena. The both bowed to each other. Yue spun her weapon around she held it with both hands so that it was parallel to the ground. Kyra drew her weapon with her right hand. The hilt of the weapon had been over her right shoulder. She pointed her sword at Yue.

"Alright can anyone tell me who has advantage in this fight?" Xantho asked.

"Yes you." Kain said pointing to a girl.

"Yue does." The girl replied.

"Good who knows why?" Kain asked.

"She has the longer weapon." A male student said.

"Well yes and no. Can anyone else think of a reason why Yue has advantage in this fight?" Xantho asked.

"I am guessing that she has an elemental advantage." A female studet said.

"That is correct. Your name is?" Xantho asked the student.

"Shin'sai, Instructor Xantho." She said.

"Very good Shin'sai. Yue has an elemental advantage over her sister. Alright Yue, Kyra. Show off your elemental use." Kain said looking over at them.

They both stared at each other for a second before moving forward. Their weapons swung at each other before both smashing into an elemental shield. Fire wrapped around Kyra while a water sphere formed around Yue. Most the students were taken back by the sudden explosion.Yue and Kyra both backed off each other and their sheilds vanished. Yue got back into the fighting stance ready for the next order. Kain turned back to the students and rolled his eyes.

"Alright. Today's lesson will be forming shields. Now you might not get it on the first try. That is alright. This is practice after all. So that you can master your skills." Xantho said. "Thank you Kyra and Yue. You may stand down." She added.

Kyra and Yue bowed to each other again before putting their weapons away. They joined the crowd again. Before to long Xantho and Kain had split everyone into pairs except for Luna, Mori, Kuni and them. Kain walked over to them with a smile.

"Very nice demonstration. How do you two feel?" He asked them.

"Alright. Though I am a little hungry. Nothing I can't handle." Kyra said.

"Do you always get hungry after using your skills?" Yue asked.

"You know I do. It was just a simple shield for a few seconds. So while I am a little hungry I will be fine. It's not like I did one of the more serious skills." Kyra said.

"Hahahaha! Very good. Kyra go get something to eat. You will need your strength for my class." Kain said.

"Um isn't Xantho the only one to dismiss me during her class?" Kyra asked.

"Oh yeah.... Hmmm Let me go talk to her." Kain said walking away.

"So now then Kuni. Enlighten us. What did you do to piss off Kyrie?" Kyra asked him.

"You arn't going to give up are you?" Kuni asked let out a sigh.

"Nope so you better tell." Kyra said.

"Fine... Well you see Kyrie and I had been dating..." He said.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

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Chapter 7

"So why are we going to Aelmoore?" Hiyori asked.

"To recruit a teacher. A crystalirean." He replied.

"Why wasn't it done before the school year started?" Kyrie asked.

"I have no clue. Headmaster said she was gonna do it but ran out of time." Zack said.

"So she send three students to recruit a teacher? How does that seem fair? Or even legal?" Hiyori asked.

"I have no clue." Zack replied.

They walked for hours in silence. Hiyori wondered what her sisters were up to. As the sun reached its highest point they had made it to a large field. Kyrie stopped walking.

"Alright just hold on. We have been walking for hours! I say we take a break and eat." She said.

"Hmmmm that sounds like a good idea." Zack said.

"Yeah but we are making such great time! I mean look at us we are no where near that cursed water! I saw we keep walking just for a little while longer." Hiyori said.

"As captain of this team I say we sit down and eat. No need to get there to fast. Besides we can't make it there if we die of hunger." Zack said sitting down in the grass.

Hiyori let out a sigh before joining Zack and Kyrie. She opened up her bag pulling out a sandwich. Zack laid back in the grass. Kyrie looked at them then rolled her eyes.

"Ugh these shoes are bothering me." Hiyori said while holing her sandwich in her mouth.

"Maybe you shouldn't talk with your mouth full." Kyrie said pulling out food from her bag.

"Oh I am sorry I forgot we had a priss with us." Hiyori said taking another bite out of her food.

"Being civil and being a priss are two different things." Kyrie replied.

"Will you two stop it. I am not going to play babysitter with you two." Zack said sitting up.

"Well tell ms triplet to be civil." Kyrie said.

"Not til you tell her to lighten up." Hiyori replied.

"I told you we should have brought Luna. At least she is civil." Kyrie said.

"Please we should have left you at the school. At least then you could have taken all this anger out on Kuni." Hiyori replied.

"Why you little!" Kyrie was about to attack before she got a water ball in the face.

Hiyori started to laugh til she was hit with one. Zack had his eyes closed. They both stared at him for a moment.

"Enough both of you! I chose to bring both of you cause you two had skills I need. Though if you would like to continue arguing you can both make your way back to the water and swim across to Northlynn." Zack said looking angry.

They both sighed and hung their heads. After a while they both shook hands and went back to quietly eating. Zack let out a sigh and pulled out food of his own. Hiyori finished her food then took off her shoes.

"There all better. No longer confined to those stupid shoes." She said.

"Do you hate shoes that much?" Kyrie asked.

"Yes. As a serious earth user I let the earth's energy flow into me from my feet. It helps me feel rooted to the ground. Wearing shoes cuts me off from my element. Much like the way being on a boat or in the air does." She said.

"Understandable. Though what my father does just fine with shoes. He hates boats but that is only cause he has terrible luck of falling off of them." Zack said.

"Yeah well not all earth users trained the way I do. Most earth users do it just cause they feel they have to. They don't try and understand it like me." Hiyori said.

"Oh how is your training any different then that of Kain?" Kyrie asked.

"Well for one I don't just stick to an earth style of fighting. Kyra and Yue both trained me to do fire and water movements. That and I use so many blind folds so that I block the world out. I use the earth to see people, animals and objects." She said.

"So to me earth is more than a skill, more than some tool for self defense. It may sound a little cliche, but to me earth is an extension of myself." She continued.

"I see. I had no idea." Kyrie said.

"Yeah well most people don't. That is fine with me." She said.

"Alright I guess we should get going." Zack said standing up. "We still have a ways to go. I don't think that we are going to make it to the closest town before nightfall." He added.

"So what did Kuni do to you? I heard you and Luna talking yesterday when we ran into each other." Hiyori said.

"She doesn't want to talk about it Hiyori. Just leave it be." Zack said.

"Oh sorry didn't realize that it was that sensitive." Hiyori said.

"Wait you two. Just stop. You need to know. Other wise I am gonna keep projecting my anger of him onto you two." Kyrie said as she stopped walking.

Zack and Hiyori both looked at her. She let out a sigh before scratching the back of her head and looking away from them.

"Well he and I had been dating last year. As you two may have known. Well come the end of the school year. Kuni and I were going to travel the world. Just the two of us." She said.

"Hold on if this is gonna be a long story can we at least sit?" Hiyori asked making earth chairs for all three of them.

"Fine, we can sit." She said sitting down in a chair.

Zack and Hiyori sat down in their own chairs. They both watched Kyrie as she told her story.

"So come the end of the school year, I show up at his house. Mori had answered the door telling me that Kuni isn't home. So I kept checking back during the whole summer. Only a week before school started back up a woman answered the door." She said.

"Man that is harsh. I think I can see where this is going." Zack said.

"Yeah well it is worse. Not only had he spent the whole summer with her, but I am pretty sure she was sleeping with him." Kyrie said.

"Just out of curiosity. Could it have been his cousin?" Hiyori asked.

"Do you sleep with your cousin or even tell the person you are dating that the summer plans have changed? How about ignoring your loved one? Hmmm?" Kyrie asked.

"Well.... no, but..." She started.

"Don't even try and defend him. He is a jerk." Kyrie said. "He deserves her." She added.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

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Chapter 8

"That is how she tells it anyway." Kuni said.

"Oh and you mean that isn't the truth? Tell me do you plan on telling us your half." Yue said.

"I would if my jaw wasn't hurting." Kuni replied through his teeth.

Mori closed his book and looked at everyone. Kyra showed back up with a bag of chips. She opened it and took a bite of one. Yue looked over and took a chip from the bag.

"Hey get your own bag." Kyra said pulling the bag away from her.

"I only took the one." Yue replied.

"I guess I am going to have to speak on behalf of my brother." Mori said.

"Yeah you could tell us the lie. That Kuni was gonna say." Luna said.

"It is not a lie. It is the truth. The reason he ignored her all summer is because the girl he was with. Is his fiance." Mori said.

Luna slapped Kuni's other cheek with the back of her hand. "How dare you lead Kyrie on like that!" She said.

"Luna it is complicated. Kuni loves Kyrie, not his fiance, but our dad is the one who set him up with the other girl." Mori added.

"That still gives him no excuse to play with Kyrie's emotions like that!" Luna said.

Mori let out a sigh, then started to shake his head. Kyra tilted her head back to eat all the crumbs out of the bottom of the bag.

"Do you always eat that much?" Shin'sai asked walking over to them.

"Sometimes why? Jealous that I still have this rocking body even if I eat like ten times my body weight?" Kyra asked crumpling up the bag.

"Ok yeah maybe I am a little jealous of that. So what are you all talking about?" She asked.

"Oh we were just hearing why Kuni is a bad person. So why are you not training?" Yue asked.

"Odd girl out. It happens. So which one is Kuni?" She asked.

"Oh right I forgot you don't know us. I am Yue, this is my sister Kyra." Yue said pointing to Kyra.

"Sup?" Kyra asked.

"That is Luna, and those two are Mori and Kuni. Kuni is the one with the ice pack cause he forgot to mention to the love of his life that his hand was promised to someone else cause he is a bad man." Yue said.

"I never got the ..." He was cut off by Luna slapping him again.

"Liar! You could have told her when you first met her, but no you had to lie to her." Luna said.

"What is this national beat up Kuni day? Ow... my jaw." He said with a pained look on his face.

"Oh can we make that a thing?" Kyra asked.

"I don't know. Maybe I could ask dad if he could make it like a local holiday." Mori said.

"Mori! You are suppose to be on my side." Kuni said.

"Oh yeah and we could force him to carry a sign around that says beat me up cause I am a bad person." Luna said.

"Hmmm yeah I will work on the paper work for that later tonight." Mori added.

"Still not helping." Kuni said.

Yue let out a sigh. "They are joking Kuni. There seriously arn't forms to fill out to make a holiday." She said.

"You would be surprised by that. There is almost a form for anything." Mori said. "Though she is right Kuni, we are just messing with you." He added.

"I wasn't." Luna said.

"Is this all you do? Just stand around bickering with each other?" Shin'sai asked.

"Not all the time. Sometimes we are giving demonstrations or on missions with our Captain Zack." Kyra said.

"Captain? You mean you are all on the same team? So who is second in command if your captain couldn't do his job?" Shin'sai asked.

"Oh right you are a rookie. I hate dealing with rookies." Kyra said.

"What my sister means to say is, it depends. If we are all together than second in command is Mori. Though if we are separate like now. Then it would be who ever is in the field with him. Which in this case would be Hiyori." Yue said.

"I see. So how does one get assigned to a group? Or is it something that you are hand picked for?" She asked.

"Well it is up to the captain. If the captain likes the person's personality and skills then you are in. Though some times people can be added by the Headmasters choice." Luna said. "So what are your skills?" She asked Shin'sai.

"I am an Earth force user." She replied.

"Yeah we kind of have that filled with Hiyori." Kyra said.

"Yeah but Zack sure does love having multiple force users of the same skills. I mean really, two Fire Users and two Water Users. Though three of both if you count the Captain." Mori said.

"True. He might like having another Earth User around." Luna said.

"Yeah well it would be nice if he didn't have to barrow Hiyori all the time. Especially when he has to go places like Aelmoore." Kyra said.

"Aelmoore? Why did he go there?" Shin'sai asked.

"Who knows. We didn't get much of a warning." Mori said.

"Yeah no kidding. When I woke up Hiyori told me that she was running off to Aelmoore with him and Kyrie. I mean he gets to take the best healer at the school so why couldn't he take his father?" Kyra asked.

"Well it is obvious. His dad is a teacher. No need to cancel classes on the first day. And can you really blame Captain for taking Kyrie? I mean after that accident last year that claimed his leg could you really blame him?" Mori asked.

"He lost a leg?" Shin'sai asked.

"Ah hell. I forgot the rookie was standing there." Kyra said.

"Kyra! Yue! Time to get back into the ring. My class is starting." Kain shouted over to them.

"Right! Be right there!" They both said before leaving the group.

"Yeah he lost a leg. He doesn't like talking about it with people. So when he gets back I will introduce you alright? You seem like a pretty decent person." Mori said.

"I would like to be a part of this group. You all seem so nice." Shin'sai said.

"Well I think you really impressed Kyra. She is the hardest one of the group to impress. Though I think cause you remind her of her sister that you seem to fit in." Mori said.

Luna slapped Kuni across the face. He rubbed his cheek. Mori let out a sigh.

"What was that for?" Kuni asked.

"You looked at me funny." Luna replied.

"What? I did not." He said before she slapped him again.

"Yeah you did. So Mori can you really get National beat up Kuni day started?" Luna asked.

"I will see what I can do." Mori said.

"You are not seriously helping her are you?" Kuni asked.

"Yep cause he thinks you are a bad person as well." Luna said.

"Alright enough you two. As Second in Command I can give orders." Mori said.

"I thought that was while you are all together." Shin'sai said.

"I am still the official second in command so I can give orders. So Luna stop slapping Kuni. Kuni, when Kyrie gets back you have to tell her the truth. I will be there to make sure she doesn't slap you." Mori said just as Luna was about to slap him again.

They both stood there looking at Mori and Shin'sai. Luna's hand was hovering near Kuni's face. Mori turned his back to pay attention to Kain. Shin'sai had done the same. Luna slapped Kuni once their backs were to them.

"Brother she slapped me!" Kuni said.

"He is making it up." Luna said.

Mori sighed and shook his head. "I some times hate being second in command." He told Shin'sai.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

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Chapter 9

"Alright lets get going. I think we have wasted enough time out in the open." Zack said standing up.

"Agreed." Kyrie said joining him.

Hiyori made the earth seats sink back into the ground. They started back on their journey. After a while Zack stopped to kneel down. Kyrie walked over to him while Hiyori kept watch.

"Are you alright?" She asked.

"Yeah just Phantom Limb pains again. We need to get moving again." He said standing up and almost falling over.

"No you need to let me heal your pain. Then we need to set up a camp. It is nearly night time and we have made some pretty good distance already. Aelmoore isn't going anywhere." Kyrie said catching him.

Hiyori walked over to them. Kyrie sat Zack down and put her hand on his shoulder. Hiyori let out a sigh.

"We need to get moving." Zack said.

"No Zack... I mean Captain. You need to be well. With that sun setting we can't move." Kyrie said.

"Yeah... Look I am sorry Kyrie. I just want this mission over with. I mean why even send three kids! Hiyori can you start setting up camp?" Zack asked her.

"You want a camp? Or do you want one of my totally awesome underground houses?" She asked.

"Underground houses?" Kyrie asked.

"Is it safe?" Zack asked.

"Totally. I started making them over the summer while I was in camp. I am super awesome at it. Check this out." She said.

She took in a deep breath before doing some tai'chi moves. Hiyori then stopped rather quickly. She then moved her hand and part of the ground opened up next to them with stairs leading down.

"See for yourself." Hiyori said.

Zack got up and dusted himself off. He created a fireball in his hand and led the way down the stairs. Kyrie walked behind him with Hiyori following her. Hiyori closed the ground so that they were hidden. Zack spread the light around the room.

The place looked rather nice for being made out of dirt. There were chairs and tables. Even a fireplace that Zack lit up so that there was more light. Hiyori sat down on one of the chairs and looked at them.

"So? What do you two think? I mean it is pretty nice there are three bedrooms so no having to share. Only down side is no working shower or restroom. Pretty awesome arn't I?" Hiyori asked.

"This is incredible. Oh wait does this mean the beds are stiff?" Kyrie asked.

"Well yeah but I can fix that if you need me to. I mean I can make them fit our body shapes or even make them into sand if you want." She replied.

"I am going to sleep." Zack said walking into one of the bedrooms.

He laid down on the rock hard bed. He let out a sigh before closing his eyes falling asleep. Kyrie sat down across from Hiyori.

"So can I ask you something?" Hiyori asked.

"Sure I guess." Kyrie replied.

"Why did you call Captain by his first name? I mean you corrected yourself but still. He doesn't really let anyone but you call him that." Hiyori said.

"Oh... you heard that didn't you..." She replied trailing off.

"Yeah. So? Is there a story there or not? Oh don't tell me you two dated." Hiyori said speculating.

Kyrie stayed silent. Hiyori's face lit up as if it were Christmas.

"I was right?" She said.

"Yes, we dated. Briefly and Luna was the one who set it up. We broke up after two weeks. It meant nothing. Not the point. I have known him for a while." Kyrie replied.

"How long is a while?" Hiyori asked.

"A while. Are you always this nosy?" Kyrie asked.

"Not really. Just trying to make small talk. I mean you and I hardly hang out." Hiyori said.

"Fine. I have know him since he was about five. Luna and I were seven." Kyrie said. "Luna and I were being picked on by some older kids. Zack showed up and tried to save us." She continued.

"Always has to be the hero doesn't he." Hiyori said.

"Yeah well. He got his ass kicked. Pretty badly too. At least I could sort of help back then. I mean it was enough to slow the bleeding and cure some of the small cuts he got." Kyrie said. "His right eye was swollen shut for like a month." She added.

"I see. Well he is lucky to have a friend like you and Luna." Hiyori said.

"Yeah... More like I felt sorry for him. I mean he rushed in to save us and he got beat up. I felt bad, though I must say having him for a friend isn't so bad." Kyrie said.

She covered up a yawn then rubbed her eyes. "I am so tired. You think you could help me with my bed?" Kyrie asked Hiyori.

"Yeah. You want it softer right? Like sand soft or like slightly damp dirt soft? Don't worry I am not going to change the materials. I am just gonna weaken it a bit so that it is softer." Hiyori replied.

"Um... maybe slightly damp dirt. Let's try that." She said getting up and going into the second open bedroom. Hiyori followed and touched the bed. Kyrie climbed into it. Once she relaxed she smiled.

"Wow that is fantastic. Thanks Hiyori." Kyrie said.

"No problem. Goodnight." Hiyori said bore leaving.

"Night." Kyrie called to Hiyori.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

Post by Tokahia on 11th October 2012, 2:13 am

Chapter 10

"Alright listen up. Who hasn't finished basic fighting?" Kain asked the class.

A large portion of the class held up their hands. Kyra and Yue stood in the center ring waiting for instructions. Kain instructed the people who raised their hands to leave. Shin'sai said goodbye to Mori and the others.

"Good that means those who have stayed are ready to learn about skill combinations. Those who saw the demonstration before know that Kyra is a Fire User and Yue is a Water User." Kain said pointing to them.

The students talked amongst themselves for a bit before Kain got them quiet.

"Now apart these two skills would have problems. Together they can be a deadly combo. Kyra stand next to Yue please." He said.

Kyra walked over to Yue and stood next to her. Several Earth targets raised up from the ground around them.

"Alone Kyra and Yue would both have problems fighting targets. Together they can make new powers. Could you two demonstrate your explosive fireball please." Kain instructed them. Kyra lifted up her left hand while Yue lifted up her right hand. A water ball formed before a fire ball covered it.

"Please that will do nothing. They both can't control that." One student called out.

"Yes they both can't control it. However it is stronger than Kyra making a fire ball." Kain replied.

"I don't see how." The student said.

"Kyra do you wanna show him how it works?" Kain asked.

"Like this!" Kyra said before throwing it at a group of targets.

The fireball landed square onto one target before making a large explosion. The surrounding targets looked unharmed til they fell to pieces.

"The instructor faked that attack." The student said.

"Would you rather I tested the skill out on you. I should warn you that if you were injured during a training session there won't be a good nurse to heal you for a few days." Kyra said with a smile.

"Now now you two. Calm it down. However that was the real deal. You see Kyra and Yue have been using this skill in the field. When their sister Hiyori is around this skill can be even more devastating than a small group." Kain said. "That being said. Some skills can not combine. Mori get in the ring." Kain added pointing to Mori.

"Yes instructor." Mori said getting in the ring.

"Now then. Yue, Mori combine your skills." Kain said.

Mori made a water ball then let out a sigh as Yue added to the water ball. They threw it at an Earth Target that only got wet. Some of the students laughed at the failure.

"Thank you Mori. You may step out of the ring." Kain said. Mori got out of the ring to rejoin Kuni and Luna. Luna nudged Mori with a dorky smile on her face.

"Nice job." She whispered to him.

"You are so not helping at the moment." Mori replied in a whisper.

"I never do." She said with a snicker.

"Thank you Kyra, Yue. You may step out of the ring. Everyone will get a chance to combine skills. So for now pick a partner and practice combining skills. Tomorrow we learn about making a combined Shield." Kain said pairing people off.

"Nice hustle out there second in command." Kyra said poking Mori in the rib.

"Hey he totally blindsided me. How was I to know about being part of his demonstration?" Mori replied.

"Awe why don't you two just kiss already." Luna said giving Mori a shove.

"What? Ugh no way. Be with him? That is just gross. Besides I think he has eyes on another girl." Kyra said.

"Yeah someone with your exact face." Luna replied.

"Hey! I told you that in secret!" Mori said turning to Luna.

"Well Yue is off limits! I had no problem threatening Captain. You are no different." Kyra said drawing her weapon.

Luna started to laugh, Mori rolled his eyes. Kyra's eyes narrowed. Yue put her hand on her sisters shoulder.

"Calm down. You do remember we have another sister right? Besides haven't you seen the signs? I mean really it has been rather annoying." Yue said.

"Wait you and... Hiyori? Wait! Yue you knew about this? Am I the last to know?" Kyra asked while putting away her weapon.

"Do you not listen to Hiyori when she is speaking? I mean seriously. She described him down to the smallest details. You would have to be blind not to see the signs." Yue said.

"Wait she spoke about me? Really?" Mori asked.

"Ugh... Look Mori. My treat still stands. Break her heart like Kuni broke Kyrie's and I tear yours out. Understood?" Kyra asked.

"Kyra... be nice to him. Mori isn't as stupid as Kuni." Yue said.

"Hey still standing right here." Kuni said.

"Man who knew that Yue could be such a viper?" Luna asked.

"Yeah well she gets that way sometimes." Kyra replied.

Kain walked over to the group with a smile. "Thanks for the help Mori." Kain said patting Mori on the back.

Mori stumbled forward, Kyra grabbed him by the shoulder so he wouldn't fall over. Luna gave an extra shove so that he fell into her arms. Kyra then let go of him so that he fell down.

"Look Luna, it is not gonna happen between me and him. You are evil for even trying." Kyra said.

"Oh come on. I am just trying to have some fun. I got bored with beating up Kuni. Besides normally I have Kyrie around to keep me entertained. Though Zack can be entertaining sometimes as well." Luna said.

"No I am totally fine here on the floor." Mori said.

"Yeah we know." They both said to him.

"Anyway. Kyra, Yue I need you both to team up with those two over there. They have similar skills so they can't team up. Have fun." Kain said.

Kyra looked over her shoulder to two girls. Yue let out a sigh.

"Come on sis lets get going." Yue said.

"Yeah I guess." Kyra said stepping over Mori.

Mori got up and dusted himself off. "So why do you get to call Captain by his first name?" Mori asked. "He doesn't even let me do that and I am his second in command." He added.

"Oh I have known him for thirteen years. Isn't that right Instructor Kain?" Luna said.

"Yeah and shouldn't you be training?" Kain asked.

"My partner is injured." Luna said pointing at Kuni.

"What about you Mori?" Kain asked.

"Actually I don't have any classes all day. Great perks of being Second in command. Plus I have research that I should be working on. Though watching the students train is added to that research." Mori said opening a book writing stuff down.

"Fine then. Luna you are to train with Kyra, Yue and their partners. Kuni you need to go get healed. The only advantage is you don't have Kyrie there to injure you more. Mori.... Keep doing what you are doing." Kain said.

Luna let out a sigh and walked off towards Kyra and Yue. Kuni left the arena making his ways down the halls. Mori found a seat so that he could see all the fields. He sat there writing stuff down.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

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Chapter 11

After a few days the students of the Northlynn Academy had gotten use to the daily life. Most of the students were busy studying, there were others who wanted nothing to do with studies. Kyra made her way to the cafeteria. Yue was already sitting at a table with Mori, Kuni and Luna. She grabbed as much as she could fit on one plate before sitting next to Yue.

"I am being run ragged by Instructor Kain. I mean look at all this food. I shouldn't have to eat this much on the fourth day of school." She said before biting into an apple.

"Better in a controlled environment than out on the battle field." Mori said shuffling a deck of cards.

"He does have a point sis. Besides you shouldn't need to waste that much energy to use your powers." Yue said.

"Yeah well excuse me for having to do more that a simple fireball for each class. I could throw ten thousand fireballs in one class and not get as hungry as I am right now." Kyra said putting down the apple core.

"She really does eat that much. I am impressed." Shin'sai said walking over to them.

"Yeah well find your own table." Kyra said making her way through another apple.

"She gets crabby when she is hungry. Please sit with us Shin'sai." Yue said.

"Yeah well you would to if you had to use this much energy by noon." Kyra said eatting a hamburger.

Shin'sai sat down between Luna and Yue. Mori shuffled the cards before dealing five out to each of them. Kuni picked up his cards and looked at them.

"Why did you deal me in? I am not part of your team." Shin'sai said.

"You are at our table so you get dealed in." Mori said.

"Your brothers face looks better." Shin'sai said picking up her cards.

"Yeah well the healers suck without Kyrie. Though she probably would have made it worse." Kuni said.

"At least the swelling went down from when the one rookie messed up." Luna said.

"I couldn't stop laughing when Kuni showed back up to class with a swollen face." Mori said.

"Yeah laugh now but when you get injured and have to go to them it won't be so funny." Kuni said putting two cards back down on the table.

"I wonder if the Captain, Kyrie and Hiyori will be back soon." Yue said putting three cards down.

"They are probably just getting to Aelmoore." Mori said dealing two cards to Kuni and three to Yue.

"Those three got lucky. No classes, and they get to travel. Ugh I fold. I need more food." Kyra said putting her cards on the table before leaving with her plate.

"Isn't it dangerous to travel though? I mean they would probably encounter bandits at some point right?" Shin'sai asked.

"Probably but who knows. Captain is pretty lucky when it comes to traveling. I just don't get why he didn't teleport out there and back." Mori said.

"Cause I don't know if you have noticed but this team doesn't have a teleporter. I think Captain likes walking from place to place. Though I guess he could have used his Dragoon connections to fly them there." Luna said.

"Probably not. Hiyori hates airships more than she hates boats. Even going by a cart is out. They would have to walk." Yue said.

"Wait the Dragoons? Arn't they like the global police force? They stop bandits and what not right? So how does your captain know them?" Shin'sai asked putting two cards on the table.

"Well for starters Captain McCloud is the one who founded them. Secondly they only capture bandits to hand over to the local police force. They are peace keepers trained only to disarm and capture. Lethal force is only needed for serious offender. Even then they try not to." Mori said dealing two cards to Shin'sai.

"Yeah well more than captain knows the Dragoons. Isn't that right Yue?" Luna asked before putting all her cards down on the table.

"I fold." Yue said in a cold tone before leaving.

Yue nearly bumped into Kyra on her way out. Kyra made it back to the table setting her plate down.

"Alright who upset Yue?" Kyra asked.

"I didn't realize that was such a touchy subject." Luna said. "I fold. Kyra where did your sister go? I need to apologize." She added getting up.

"Either to our room or probably somewhere quiet. To be honest that could be anywhere. Though if I were you I would try and stay away from her." Kyra said.

"No I need to talk to her." Luna said.

"Let me finish this and I will help you look for her alright?" Kyra said being halfway through with her food already.

"Are you sure you don't want to go for a third plate Kyra?" Kuni asked.

Kyra picked up an apple and pegged Kuni in the head with it.

"Shut up. This is serious." She said.

"Ow! She hit me with an apple." Kuni said.

"You did deserve it." Mori said. "So Shin'sai you playing your cards or you folding?" He asked her.

"Alright lets get going." Kyra said.

She lead Luna out of the cafeteria. Kuni placed his cards on the table face up. He had two pair. Mori placed his down with a three of a kind.

"Really? Man you two really suck at this." Shin'sai said placing down a full house. "So what was that about? The whole Yue Dragoon thing?" Shin'sai asked.

"That is something best left alone at the moment Shin'sai." Mori said.

"You don't know how to shuffle those cards. Hand them here." Kuni said gathering the cards and shuffling them again.

"So let me get this straight. Your Captian founded the Dragoons. How does he have time to manage them, do school work and be captain of his own team?" Shin'sai asked.

"Well he isn't really in charge of them any more. He set them up then put someone else in charge." Mori said.

"Yeah he seems to be good at that." Kuni said dealing the cards out.

"Anyway he may not be in charge of them but they all recognize that he is the Founding Dragoon so he has a special title and place among them." Mori said.

"Really? That is rather interesting. So who is in charge of the Dragoons?" She asked.

"I am." A female voice said from behind Shin'sai.

Shin'sai turned to look at the woman standing there. Her outfit looked rather pirate like. She wore black boots with the cuffs turned over. Her black pants where tucked into the boots. Her white shirt tucked into her pants. On top of all of that she wore a heavy brown coat. She moved her short red hair out of her face.

"Sid? What are you doing here?" Mori asked.

"Well I was in the neighborhood. Figured I would come check up on the Elder Dragoon." She said. "You wanna deal me in?" She asked sitting next to Shin'sai.

"Well he isn't here. I also don't think it is a very good idea to be here if Yue returns." Mori said.

"Oh crap I forgot she is part of your group. Who is this?" Sid asked poking Shin'sai.

"Oh right. Shin'sai this is Sid DeLeon, Leader of the Dragoons and inventor of the Airship. Sid this is Shin'sai who wants to be the newest member of our crazy little group." Mori said.

"Nice to meet you." Sid said.

"Same to you. I need to get going to class." Shin'sai said placing her cards face up. "Oh and I win again." She said before leaving.

"Wait four aces and a king! Kuni you don't know how to shuffle." Mori said.

"Give me that deck I will show you how to shuffle." Sid said.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

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Chapter 12

"Yue? Are you here?" Kyra asked as she opened the door to her room.

"Go away Kyra. I want to be alone." Yue replied throwing a pillow at the door.

Kyra closed the door so she wouldn't get hit. She then opened the door again bringing Luna into the room.

"Yue I wanted to apologize. I didn't know that things went south with you and... Well no the point. The point is had I known I wouldn't have said anything." Luna said walking a little closer to Yue.

Kyra let out a sigh and sat on Yue's bed next to her. She looked over at Luna then gave a shrug. Yue sat up rubbing tears out of her eyes. She sniffled and looked over at Luna.

"It's not your fault. It's just... hard you know?" Yue said.

"Not really but I do understand. Well I had better get to class. Again I am really sorry Yue." Luna said.

"Bye Luna." Yue said to her as she left.

"Come on sis. Let's get out of here. Ice cream?" Kyra asked her.

"Maybe. Don't we have classes though?" Yue asked

"No not for the rest of the day. Come on lets go." Kyra said standing up holding a hand out for Yue.

Yue grabbed Kyra's hand. She helped Yue to her feet. They both left their room. Yue shielded her eyes from the hall lights. Kyra lead Yue out of the school and out into the open air. Yue looked around before seeing two Dragooons standing around. She turned to go back inside but Kyra grabbed her arm.

"Kyra let me just go back into our room please. If they are here she could be here." Yue said.

"Maybe they are one of the other ships. You know there are a ton of them." Kyra said.

"And if they are part of her ship? What then? I don't want to run into her. Please let me go back inside." Yue said.

"No we are going to get ice cream. Come on." Kyra said pulling Yue.

They walked away from the school and towards the two Dragoons. They both saluted as they walked by.

"Hello there Commandant Yue!" The Dragoons said in unison.

"You do know I am not Commandant anymore right?" Yue asked hiding behind Kyra.

"We know. Old habbits die hard. Would you like to be escorted around Ma'am?" One Dragoon asked.

"No we will be fine thanks. Kyra and we please get out of here?" Yue asked.

"Yes we can come on." Kyra said pulling Yue away from the Dragoons.

They made their way down the streets of Northlynn. After a while they made it to the ice cream shop. Kyra made Yue sit while she got the ice cream.

"Here you are Orange sherbert." Kyra said putting it in front of Yue.

"Thanks." Yue said.

"Listen Luna is really sorry. I know how you get when you are upset." Kyra said.

"I know..." Yue said trailing off.

"Yue you will get over this ok. I know you. You are a strong person." Kyra said.

"What if I don't? What if we have to be on the same Airship as her and and and I have a break down? Hmmm? Tell me what happens then?" Yue asked.

"Yue... Listen to me. You will be fine." Kyra said taking a bit of Yue's ice cream. "Even if you do break down Hiyori and I will be there." Kyra added.

"You're right. Thanks Kyra." Yue said with a smile.

They sat quietly eating their ice cream. Several people went running in one direction. Kyra watched to see where people were going. Yue looked confused, she had her spoon in her mouth.

"Excuse me. What is going on?" Kyra asked a stranger.

"There is some kind of rally going on." The stranger said before leaving.

"We should go find out what this is about." Kyra said.

"Agreed." Yue said standing up putting her spoon back into the empty bowl.

They both made their way to the large gathering. There was a man standing on a stage. People had gathered from all over town. The man standing on stage had long black hair pulled back in a pony tail.

"Greetings everyone. I am glad that most of you could make it here." The man said his voice echoed over the crowd.

Kyra looked at Yue who gave a shrug. They both looked back at the man on the stage. The man looked the crowd over before continuing.

"This world is plagued by Users. These monsters need not be given a school to learn how to become better killers. Look off in the distance. There lies a powder keg of users just waiting to destroy." The man said.

The crowd gave an angry boo at the man. He started to pace back and forth on the stage.

"Think about it. Those monsters don't know how to use their powers. Do you want them to become as strong as the High King of Aelmoore? Or would you rather them become Dragoons? Lawless heathans who have the right to break down your door in the middle of the night? I don't want to live an a world with those monsters!" The man shouted.

The crowd started to cheer the man. Kyra looked around at the group. She didn't see a single person that was a user. Yue looked on with horror as the crowd cheered.

"Then there are the Crystalireans! We know nothing about them and yet the Users are more than willing to let them into that Academy. How long do you think it will be before Commandant Sid lets them into the Dragoons." The man shouted.

The corwd again gave another cheer. Kyra looked like she was ready to beat the man up. Yue touched her sister on the shoulder. She shook her head at Kyra. She sighed, Kyra knew that Yue was right, it would do no good to beat up someone it only would have added to the fuel to the flame.

"Hear my words of truth for I am Zane McCloud." The man shouted.

"Zane? McCloud?" Kyra whispered to Yue.

"Captain doesn't have a brother. I don't think. We should get out of here." Yue whispered back.

"Agreed." Kyra said as they ducked away from the crowd making their way back to the Academy.They could hear Zane's final words as they left.

"And I say down with the Dragoons! Down with Crystalireans! DOWN WITH USERS!" Zane said as the crowd cheered.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

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Chapter 13

Kyra and Yue walked into the headmasters office. Headmaster Emory looked at the two girls. Kain was leaning up against the right wall of the office. Xantho stood near the desk, while Sid sat in a chair in front of the desk. Sid turned around and smiled at Yue.

"Hey there sexy pants." Sid said.

Yue hid behind Kyra and gave a loud gulp. Emory leaned forward in her chair so that she was resting her head on her knuckles. Her elbows were propped up on the desk so that she wouldn't fall.

"Don't you two girls know it is rude to innturrupt a private meeting?" The Headmaster asked.

"Sorry Headmaster. We have some urgent news." Kyra said.

"I am afraid it will have to wait." Emory replied.

"Ma'am no disrespect but Yue and I just witnessed an Anti-User rally." Kyra said.

"What? Are you sure?" Kain asked.

"Y-yes. We did." Yue said stepping out from behind Kyra.

"And how did you witness such an event if you were to be here at the school?" Emory asked.

"So I might have dragged Yue off of school property without clearence but this is important. The man was demanding the down fall of Dragoons, Crystalireans, and Users." Kyra said.

"I would like to see someone try and take out the Dragoons. Even an army of bandits couldn't do that." Sid said with a smirk.

"Thank you two for bringing this to my attention. I will have to look into it later if there is time." Emory said. "You two are dismissed." She added with a hand motion for them to leave.

"Wait that is it? A 'oh if there is time' stamp and everything goes back to normal? Fine I guess there is no need to tell you that the rally was being lead by a Zane McCloud." Kyra said turning to leave.

"What? Zane McCloud? Are you sure you heard him right?" Kain asked standing up off the wall.

"Yeah are you just gonna dismiss that claim too? Cause you can. Clearly two girls were just bored and thought they would make something up. Though I guess if Zack brought this to your attention you would listen to him." Kyra said.

"Kyra don't push this..." Yue said with a concerned look.

"No it needs to be pushed. Cause they would never listen to us. We are just little underlings. Our voice doesn't matter." Kyra said.

"Enough!" Emory said silencing Kyra. "You have brought it to our attention. We will look into it, for now you two are not to breath a word of this to anyone. You are lucky I am not punishing the two of you for leaving school grounds." Emory added.

Sid let out a sigh, Kain leaned back on the wall. Yue grabbed Kyra's wrist. Headmaster Emory leaned back in her chair.

"You are dismissed Kyra." She said.

"Yes Ma'am." Krya said before leaving.

Once Kyra had closed the door Emory stood up. She gazed right at Yue. Yue felt uncomfortable being there alone. Sid looked away from her.

"Answer me honestly Yue. Can you confirm what you and Kyra heard?" Emory asked.

Yue took in a deep calming breath. "Yes. He said his name was Zane McCloud. Headmaster I know Kyra can be a handful, but she speaks the truth. We may joke around but something like this... I have done some crazy stuff while working with Captain McCloud." She said. "Never once was I scared on any mission we have ever done. Something about this man's voice." She added.

"Go on." Emory said.

"The way he spoke terrified me. If you don't look into this now, then when the storm finally hits us. You will have yourself to blame." Yue said. "I will take my leave now Ma'am." She added.

"Dismissed." Emory said.

Yue turned and left as quickly as she could.

"Excuse me for a moment." Sid said getting up.

Sid chased after Yue. She found her in the hall, grabbing her by the wrist.

"Yue we need to talk." Sid said.

"No we don't. Let go of me." Yue said trying to pull her wrist away.

"Yes we do Yue. I... I wanted to tell you..." Sid said stumbling over her own words.

"What? That you were sorry? I shared my heart with you. Then you stomped on it and told me to get out of your life. Now you want to make up for that? Fuck you Sid." Yue said pulling her wrist free.

"Yue... I never..." Sid started to speak.

"Never what? Meant to hurt me? Well you did. So don't act like you never meant to hurt me. I still remember what you told me that day. You want me to repeat it?" Yue asked looking rather upset.

"Yue..." Sid said hanging her head.

"Your words were 'Get the hell off my airship I never want to see you again.' Every day I have heard those exact words play through my head thinking, 'Did I mess up some how?'Then I realized that you are just a complete bitch. You used me, you hurt me and it is a wonder that Kyra hasn't slit your throat yet." Yue said wiping a tear off her face.

"I...." Sid started to say something.

"You know earlier I told Kyra that I wondered what would happen if I ever saw you. Or if we were on the same airship again. Well I guess I have my answer. Now if you will excuse me Commandant Sid. I have to go find my sister." Yue said leaving in a huff.

Sid stood there for a moment. She took a deep breath before falling to her knees sobbing. Her hands covered her face before wiping tears away from her eyes.

"Yue...I'm lost without you...." Sid sobbed to herself.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

Post by Tokahia on 14th October 2012, 6:27 pm

Chapter 14

"It is so hot." Zack said sitting with his back against a rock.

"Pass the water please." Kyrie said holding her hand out for the canteen.

"You two are sad. I mean come on Captain you can make a water shield and yet there you sit in the sand as if you are gonna die." Hiyori said.

"Well sorry but there is no moisture in the air for me to make a shield out of water. I also refuse to make it out of our drinking water." Zack said handing the water over to Kyrie.

"What about our sweat? Would that work?" Kyrie asked.

"Gross. Besides it would smell horrible." Zack said.

"Really Captain? What about your fire abilities can't you lower the temperature in the air with those skills?" Hiyori asked standing looking at them.

"I wish. How are you not burning up? It is like a hundred degrees out here, plus your cloths are like cotton arn't they?" Zack asked.

"Cause my Dad's side of the family comes from Aelmoore. Desert heat is nothing. Plus I might have covered myself in mud under my cloths." She said with shifty eyes.

"Ok that is just gross. Could you like manipulate the ground? Make a cover of shade to walk with us?" Zack asked.

"I could. If you wanted to get eaten by sand worms. Besides it has only been four days. We are like three hours away from Aelmoore and you are ready to die? Come on you two get up." Hiyori said trying to get them to stand.

"How do you know how far we are? It is a desert! It could be anywhere! This mission officially blows." Zack said.

"Come on get up Captain." Hiyori said grabbing Zack's chest plate around the neck.

The armor was so hot that when Hiyori touched it they could hear her skin burn. She yanked her hand away in pain. Zack fell back against the rock.

"Damn it! That hurt." Hiyori said looking at her hand that was starting to blister.

"If I wasn't so hot I would heal that." Kyrie said.

"Wait you said Sand worms right? How is it that we haven't been eaten by any?" Zack asked.

"Because Sand worms only come out when it is dark. The sun light is to much for them and will burn them alive. So if we stay here then I am sure we could all be worm food. Now lets get going!" Hiyori said.

"So... warm...." Zack said before passing out.

Kyrie fell over on to her side. She had passed out as well. Hiyori looked around before giving a sigh.

"We are so worm food." She said to herself. "Lets see. We are three hours away. Or three days away. Ugh I hate trying to remember how to get there." She said to herself.

Hiyori sat down near Zack and Kyrie. She stared at them as the sun blazed down on them. After an hour Hiyori laid back in the sand. She saw what looked like a boat gliding across the sand towards them.

"Great now we have bandits." She said getting up.

The boat got closer to them before stopping. Four men got of and walked over.

"Need some help there travelers?" The leader said in a different language.

"We would if you weren't bandits." Hiyori replied in the language.

"Is that anyway to greet your Uncle Hiyori?" The leader asked pulling his mask down.

"Uncle Ar'jer!" Hiyori said giving him a hug some of the mud made a squishing sound. "Oh right.... the mud... he sorry." She added.

"It is alright darling. Who are they?" Her uncle asked.

"Team mates. We were going to Aelmoore. Think you could give us a lift?" She asked.

"Yeah no problem. Though I must warn you Aelmoore has changed." Ar'jer said. "Hey get those two on the boat. Try not to burn yourself on the armored one." He added to his crew.

"Thanks. Damn this blister hurts." Hiyori said.

"I bet it does. You need to be more careful little one. Let me look at it." He said taking her hand in his. "Always playing with fire arn't you? How is Kyra and Yue?" He asked.

"The last time I looked. They were alright... to say the least. Yue suffered a major heartbreak... She hasn't been taking it well. Though Kyra is there with her to help her while I am gone." Hiyori said.

"And what about you? How are you doing?" Ar'jer asked.

"I am doing alright. I will be better when I get home." She said watching as the blister started to vanish.

"What about your mom and my brother?" He asked.

"They worry about Kyra, Yue and I. They worry that one day the Headmaster will visit them telling them one of us died being heroic." She said. "So how about we continue this in Aelmoore? I am tired of looking at nothing around but sand." She added."Very well. Come on." He said pulling her onto the boat. "Alright sail out to Aelmoore!" He shouted to his crew.

The boat lurched forward as if it were moving on its own. Once it started to get up to speed it lifted up out of the sand. There were two support pieces that glided over the sand with ease.

After a few hours Zack started to wake up. He looked around at the room he was in. He didn't remember how or when he had gotten there. He slowly sat up rubbing his eyes. He could see Kyrie in the next bed over.

"Ugh my head..." He said to himself.

Zack grabbed his head with his left hand. He soon noticed that his armor was sitting in a corner of the room. Once he looked down he was glad he had worn some clothing underneath his armor. The door opened and Hiyori walked in.

"Welcome to the living sleepy head." She said.

"Where are we?" Zack asked.

"Well if you must know we are in a pretty ok hotel room in Aelmoore." She said.

"Did you drag us here alone?" He asked trying to stand but only falling back on the bed.

"Whoa there Captain. You don't have your strength back yet. I would like to take credit for dragging you here alone, but I didn't. My uncle found us...." She said trailing off.

"Your... Uncle? Ugh... my head..." Zack said.

"Yes my uncle. Here have a drink." Hiyori said giving him a glass of water.

Zack took a sip of the ice cold water. He licked his lips for a moment before taking another sip. Once the water was gone he put the glass on the nightstand.

"So explain to me again how we got here?" Zack asked.

"I brought you here. On my sand boat thingy... It doesn't really have a name. Thought about calling it the sand speeder but that just sounds to stupid." Ar'jer said walking into the hotel room.

He wore a scarf that looked rather long in the back. The rest of his clothing looked rather simple. He wore blue jeans and a tan shirt.

"And you are?" Zack asked.

"I am Hiyori's Uncle. My name is Ar'jer. It is a pleasure to finally speak to you." He said holding a hand out to Zack.

"The pleasure is mine. Thank you for saving our lives. I am Zack, and that one who is still out is Kyrie." Zack said taking Ar'jer's hand. "What is that scarf if you don't mind me asking." Zack said.

"Oh this. A fine piece of Aelmoore clothing. It keeps not only the sun off of you but keeps the sand out of your mouth. See here." Ar'jer said grabbing the long part in back and pulling it up over his head. Then he covered his mouth and nose with a small bit from the front.

"See very handy and fashionable. I will have to get you three one before you leave for your trip home." He said.

"Oh no need Mr. Ar'jer. You have already done enough for us." Zack said.

"I insist." Ar'jer said.

"I don't know how I could ever thank you enough." Zack said.

"Thank you uncle." Hiyori said.

"Anything for my niece and her friends. For now rest up. You will need your strength to walk around the city." Ar'jer said.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

Post by Tokahia on 24th October 2012, 3:44 am

Chapter 15

Kyrie woke up in her bed the next morning. She slowly sat up to see Zack leaning against the window looking outside. The sun was barely up. Hiyori was sleeping on the floor with a blanket covering her. Zack turned to see Kyrie sitting up.

"Morning." He said.

Kyrie tried to speek but nothing happened.

"Oh here take a drink of this." Zack said grabbing a glass of water off the table.

He handed it to her. She took a sip of it before setting the glass down on the night stand.

"Thanks. My throat was so dry. Where are we?" She asked.

"Welcome to Aelmoore." Zack replied leaning against the wall.

"I thought we.. I mean..." Kyrie didn't want to say that they had almost died.

"Yeah well luck was on our side. Hiyori's uncle saved us. Though from what I hear. This town is huge. No way we can find our target in a day or less." Zack said.

"So we are going to do the impossible again arn't we?" She asked getting up.

"You know me." Zack replied.

"Could you two keep it down. You are so loud." Hiyori said rolling over turning her back to them.

"Yeah well we got a job to do. So come on. Wake up." Zack said.

"Ugh fine. Though I want you to turn your back captain." She said getting up holding the blanket around her body.

"Uh... sure." Zack said turning around looking back out the window.

Hiyori dropped the blanket. Kyrie looked over to see that Hiyori was naked.

"You sleep naked?" She asked

"Yeah... what of it?" Hiyori asked picking up her clothing.

"Nothing just didn't know you did that." She said.

Hiyori got dressed. Zack let out a sigh. She walked over and looked out the window as well.

"We should get started. This is a big town." Hiyori said.

"Yeah but where to start?" Kyrie asked.

"Well I haven't been here in ages. Though I am pretty sure that second wall wasn't there last time." She said pointing at a smaller wall that was inside the city.

"Well that is a start." Zack said.

He looked over at his armor. Zack grabbed his weapon and tied it to his waist. Hiyori walked to the door opening it.

"Lets go find us a Crystalirean." Zack said.

They made their way through the large town. Once they got to the inner wall there were two guards standing next to a gated door. Zack looked at his team.

"Ok those are the High King's personal guards. They are by far some of the scariest warriors you might ever face." Hiyori said to them.

"Alright just follow my lead." Zack said.

He walked up to the gate. The two Guards stopped Zack from getting closer.

"This area is restricted to only Authorized Personnel." The guards said.

"I am Captain Zack McCloud of Northlynn's Academy. I request to see the High King." Zack said.

"What part of Authorized Personnel don't you understand?" One guard said.

"Captain if I may?" Hiyori whispered to Zack.

"Go ahead." Zack said taking a step back from the Guards so Hiyori was now standing in front.

"I am Hiyori Valendorf. By Royal Degree you should allow me to visit the High King." She said.

"We know who you are Ms. Valendorf. Now step away from the gate. Authorized Personnel only!" The guards said pointing their weapons at Hiyori.

"Ok I get it." Hiyori said stepping back.

She held out her arms so that she was pushing Zack and Kyrie backwards. Zack kept eye contact with the guards. Once they were far away from the guards Hiyori turned to the others.

"Well that was a bust." She said.

"Yeah... What now Captain?" Kyrie asked.

"I don't know. The only person I would have thought to ask would have been the High King." He said.

"Why didn't you try your Elder Dragoon status?" Hiyori asked.

"Cause I am not here to represent the Dragoons. I am here because of the Academy." Zack said.

"Hmmm well there is always one place left to try. Follow me. Though were we are going. You might want to keep track of your coins." Hiyori said.

They followed her down many turning streets. They got to one street that had all kinds of homeless people against the walls. Some of them were kids. Kyrie started to get angry. Zack saw two kids fighting over a piece of bread.

"Hey you two. Why don't you share?" Zack asked getting closer to them.

"Cause I found!" one kid said.

"No I found it!" the other one said.

"Hiyori, how can the High King live in such a nice place while people starve?" Kyrie asked.

"I don't know Kyrie. I just know that people are starving more and more. I know you are upset but there isn't much we can do." Hiyori said putting a hand on Kyrie's shoulder.

"Here let me see the piece of bread." Zack said holding out his hand.

The kids put the bread in his hand.

"Now you both found this right?" Zack asked.

"Yes" they said in unison.

Zack tore the bread into two equal pieces. "Here you both go. Now then off with you." Zack said.

"Thank you mister." They said before running off.

"Captain we have to get going. The place is just up ahead." Hiyori said.

"You are right Hiyori lead the way." He said walking over to them.

She led them to a bar. Kyrie looked over at Zack who shrugged.

"You want to get us drunk?" Kyrie asked.

"No. Not at all." Hiyori said.

"Oh I get it. Go to the bar see what the bartender has over heard." Zack said.

"Right." Hiyori said.

They entered to see several baristas walking around. Hiyori got them a booth that had a curtain. They all sat down. One female barista walked over closing the curtain.

"Hiyori why are you here?" The Barista asked.

"Sorry Sherry. I am on a mission. I didn't know I needed permission to visit." She replied.

"Do you know how dangerous it is in town?" Sherry replied.

"Do you know everyone here Hiyori?" Zack asked.

"Not everyone. Captain, Kyrie this is Sherry. A childhood friend. Sherry my Captain Zack McCloud and Kyrie." Hiyori said.

"Yeah that is all well and great but seriously Hiyori. Why are you here. In my bar of all places?" She asked.

"We are looking for a Crystalirean." Zack said.

"There are no Crystalireans in town. Now get going. Get out of town and stay gone." Sherry said.

"Whoa Sherry what is the rush?" Hiyori asked.

"The rush is, it is not safe in town. Now do yourselves a favor and get going." Sherry said.

"Sherry please tell me what is wrong. We can help." Hiyori said.

"It isn't safe here. Maybe you want to rent a room." Sherry said putting a key on the table.

There was a number on the key. Sherry left them at the table. Zack picked up the key looking at it.

"Can we trust her?" Kyrie asked.

"Yes. Something has her spooked. Pretty badly at that. Her heart was racing as soon as she saw me." Hiyori said.

"Lets find out why we need a room." Zack said.

They got up and went upstairs. They made their way to the door that the key went to. The opened it up walking into the empty room. There was a single bed and a chest of drawers. There was closet. Zack walked around the room.

"Well this is depressing." He said.

"Here follow me." Hiyori said opening the closet, it was empty. She slid the floor of it out showing ladder.

"Let me guess childhood play area?" Kyrie asked.

"Sort of. Her father used to be a thief. It was his hide out." Hiyori said sliding down the ladder.

Kyrie slid down after Hiyori. Zack was the last closing the closet and the fake flooring. Once down they walked into a large room. Sherry stood there in her barista outfit. Zack walked over to Sherry.

"Alright. How can we help you?" Zack asked.

Sherry grabbed Zack slamming him against the closest wall. She held a knife to his throat. She was breathing heavily.

"You can start by freeing the High King of whatever spell you put him under Zane!" She said.

"Sherry!" Hiyori shouted.

"No Hiyori you brought the demon back into our town! He needs to pay for his crimes!" Sherry said.

"My name is Zack. Not Zane." Zack said not moving. "I have never been to Aelmoore in my life." He added.

"You look just like the demon. He came here shouting about cleansing the world of Users, Dragoons and Crystalireans. What do you want with a Crystalirean? Huh want to torture it?" Sherry asked pushing the knife closer to Zack's throat.

"Sherry put the knife down. We wanted to hire a crystalirean to our school." Hiyori said.

"Captain do I need to shoot her?" Kyrie asked pointing her crossbow at Sherry.

"No stand down Kyrie." Zack said.

"Swear to me that you are nothing like Zane! Then maybe I will let you go." Sherry said.

"I swear on my life I am not Zane." Zack said.

Sherry stepped back lowering her knife. "You even move for your weapon and I slit your throat." She said.

"Fair enough. Now tell me about this Zane person." Zack said.

"He looks just like you. Calls himself Zane McCloud." Sherry said.

"Captain?" Hiyori asked.

"What?" Zack asked.

"Do you have a brother?" Sherry asked.

"No. I don't. Now tell me about this Zane." Zack said.

"He looks just like you. Ever since his visit the people of town have been up in arms. They have been running Users, Dragoon and Crystalireans away from the city. You three could be in danger." Sherry said.

"The High King is a User. Why hasn't he been run off? Nor has my uncle." Hiyori said.

"Yeah well neither have I. Your uncle has it easy. He is hardly in town. I don't know why, but the High King has shut himself away in his section of town. He won't let anyone near." Sherry said.

"Alright then. Hiyori, Kyrie. We are breaking in to the High King's throne room." Zack said.

"Umm Captain.... That isn't the mission." Kyrie said.

"We need to know where a crystalirean is. However, I am pretty sure that Sherry here is not going to tell us anything til we help her. Is that correct?" Zack asked.

"Yeah..." She said glaring at Zack.

"So the mission has changed. We are going to break in. Confront the High King and save him." Zack said.

"That would be impossible. No one has ever made it past the High Guards." Sherry said.

"You don't know this Sherry, but our team is known for doing the impossible." Hiyori said.

"You tend to get use to it." Kyrie said.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

Post by Tokahia on 25th October 2012, 1:35 am

Chapter 16

Kyra stood in the center of the arena. Her weapon was in her right hand. Sweat rolled down her face, her breathing was heavy. A fire target popped up and she sliced right through it. The tip of the blade almost cut Mori across the nose.

"Whoa! Watch where you swing that." He said taking a step back from the edge of the ring.

"What here on orders of Headmaster?" Kyra asked turning her back.

"Well no. After seeing students running away from here. I had to see what the big fuss was all about.

"You want to know what this is about!?" Kyra asked turning around.

As she turned fire swirled up around her. Little sparks filled the air. Mori stood still as Kyra's sword pointed right at his face.

"Kyra... You are obviously upset. Tell me what is wrong." He said.

"What is wrong is that Headmaster doesn't take my damn word!" Kyra said angrily turning back around slicing another target in half. "Then again... I am not supposed to tell anyone what I saw. Not til the Captain gets back... Damn Headmasters Pet!" She added taking out two more targets.

"Tell me Kyra. If the Headmaster wants to get onto you for telling. Well then it is my own fault." Mori said.

"Please that bitch would only yell at me. You would get a clean walk." Kyra said.

"Kyra you need to calm down." He said.

"Why should I?" She asked.

"Cause you need to think things through. Being mad, in any situation is gonna to get you injured." He replied.

"That is bullshit." She said going to attack another target.

Kyra tripped falling forward. As she fell there was a loud snap as her ankle shattered. Her weapon slipped from her hands sliding towards Mori. The weapon stopped just at his feet, he rushed over to Kyra.

She sat up with a pained look on her face. Mori knelled down next to her. He lightly grabbed her ankle he made sure not to put any pressure on it.

"Damn it!" She shouted slamming her hand on the ground.

"Kyra you need to calm down. I know you are upset...." He said.

"You wouldn't understand. You are just as bad as the Captain." She said under her breath looking away from Mori.

"I see. That is an interesting assessment." He said lightly putting pressure on her ankle.

"OW!! Damn it Mori! Look just leave me the fuck alone." She said.

"No. Kyra today your anger just broke your ankle. Tomorrow it could be the difference between a broken bone and a dead teammate. So please calm down." Mori said looking at her.

They sat there in silence for thirty minutes. Mori kept her ankle up and stable as best as he could. Kyra let out a sigh before looking at Mori.

"Damn it you are right... It's just... She pissed me off." Kyra said.

"Come on lets get you to the Infirmary." Mori said.

"At least get me my weapon before we leave." She said.

Mori grabbed it then handed it back to her. She put the weapon back away. He picked her up so that his right arm was under her knees. His other arm wrapped around her back. Kyra wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Don't do any funny business. I may have a broken Ankle but you even think about doing anything inappropriate and I will snap your neck." She said.

"Noted." He said with a chuckle.

He carried her to the Infirmary. The student medics watched as he put her down on a bed furthest away from the door. One walked over to them looking at Mori.

"How can we help?" The student asked.

"Broken Ankle. Training injury. Who is the best medic on staff at the moment?" He asked.

"Well... that would be... hmmm... Sorry I am new." The student said.

"My my Ms. Kyra? Are you alright?" A female voice asked from the doorway.

Mori turned to see Instructor Xantho.

"Ah Instructor Xantho. I see the meeting has ended. What brings you here?" Mori asked.

"Well my other job here is as a medic. With Kyrie away I fill her shoes." Xantho said.

"Great..." Kyra said to herself.

"Oh my a broken ankle? Are you alright? You ran off in such a huff earlier." Xantho said taking a seat near Kyra's ankle.

"Yeah I am..." She said looking away from Instructor Xantho.

"Um ma'am what about the paper work?" The student asked.

"Get started writing it. I will look it over and fill in any blank spots. Get going now." Xantho said to the student.

The student ran off looking scared. Mori pulled the curtain closed around Them. Xantho put her hands lightly around Kyra's ankle.

"You really need to be more careful." She said.

"Yeah I have heard all the speeches. Just save it will you." Kyra said.

"Now now Kyra. That isn't how we talk to our teachers." Mori said.

"Yeah well maybe had some teaches not stayed quiet while the Headmaster chewed me out. Maybe I would be a little more forgiving." Kyra said staring at Mori.

"It wasn't my place to speak up. I am a new teacher after all." Xantho said.

"I know... It's just... Some back up from Kain would have been nice. She would take a Captain's word, even a second in command before listening to a student. I though maybe being a student teacher I would get some say, but clearly she just wants to ignore this problem." Kyra said.

"Someone mind filling me in?" Mori asked.

"Would if I could Mori." Kyra said.

"It is alright Kyra. I am here go ahead and tell him. He has a right to know." Xantho said.

"Yue and I witnessed an Anti-User rally. Well it was more of an Anti-everything rally. They wanted the Dragoons disbanded. The Crystalireans shattered and the Users dead." Kyra said.

"Whoa... That is pretty intense. Why would Headmaster ignore such a claim." Mori said.

"To top it all off. The rally was being led by someone named Zane McCloud." Kyra said.

"What? Is that right?" Mori asked.

"Great you sound just like the headmaster. Why doubt me?" Kyra asked.

"Sorry it is just a little hard to believe. You are right. I should trust you." Mori said.

"There all better. Good as new." Xantho said patting Kyra's ankle.

"Wow... What did you do?" Kyra asked.

"Well when a Crystalirean gets a user power. It is a little stronger than a normal user. Though I don't know why it is stronger." She said.

"Great now I can go get some food. I am starving!" Kyra said getting up.

She stumbled towards Mori who caught her. He helped her sit back on the bed. She got rather pale in the face.

"Are you alright?" Xantho asked.

"I will be. I just need something to eat. My power burns off my energy. Being angry amplifies that and adrenaline makes me forget about being hungry." Kyra said breathing heavily.

"Well seeing as how you are alright for now. I will go get you something to eat." Xantho said getting up and leaving them.

"Here eat this." Mori said pulling an apple out of his bag.

He washed it off real quick with his power before handing it to her. Kyra took it and bit a chunk out.

"Careful there Mori. If one didn't know better than I would say you were trying to get into my pants." Kyra said.

"Please You know better. Besides I think it would be rude to tell Hiyori that I let you die of hunger, but then tell her I think she is pretty." Mori said.

"Yeah talk about being rude." Kyra replied.

"Yeah..." Mori said.

"Hey Mori... Thanks." Kyra said with her mouth full of apple.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

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Chapter 17

"So your plan is what? Walk in the front door? Cause news flash that is going to get you killed." Sherry said.

"Is there a large source of water anywhere in town?" Zack asked.

"What? Why would you want to know that?" Sherry asked.

"Well? Is there or is there not?" He asked again.

"Yeah well sort of. I mean there is a well but it is pretty low on the water list." She replied.

"What are you thinking Captain?" Kyrie asked.

"Hiyori can you bring up a small model of the town?" Zack asked.

"Uh... yeah sure give me a second." She replied.

She swept her right foot away from where it had been. A small scale model of the town lifted up from the ground. Hiyori then stood up straight again.

"There you go. Everything down to the smallest detail." She said.

"Thanks. Now where is the water source?" He asked Sherry.

"Here." She said pointing to a well that was near the outside edge of the city. Don't tell me your plan is to get the guards wet is it?" She asked.

"That would be kind of funny to see." Hiyori said.

"Am I the only responsible adult around here?" Kyrie asked.

"No cause that isn't the plan. Not fully." Zack said.

"So the plan?" Kyrie asked.

"The plan is you are to stay here with Sherry. If Hiyori and I fail. You need to get back to Northlynn." Zack said.

"So what is our half Captain?" Hiyori asked.

"I am going to distract the guards. You are to get into the throne room and talk with the High King." He said.

"Oh that sounds.... simple. What if he doesn't want to talk?" Hiyori asked.

"I am sure you will figure something out." He said.

"Captain... I know we do some pretty impressive stuff, but how is this safe? I mean wouldn't this start some kind of war?" Kyrie asked.

"It is possible. Though I hope it doesn't come to that. We already have enough on our plate with trying to find this crystalirean. Then there is the man who looks like me." Zack said.

"Yeah about that man. Sherry is there anything else you can tell us about him?" Hiyori asked.

"Not really. He had longer hair then your captain. Other then that he kept on spew out words of hate." Sherry said glaring at Zack.

"Alright Hiyori let's get going." Zack said.

"We'll be back Kyrie!" Hiyori said as they started to leave.

Kyrie watched as Hiyori and Zack vanished from sight. She let out a rather loud sigh. Sherry walked past Kyrie.

"Look I have to get back to work. You are more than welcome to stay in here." She said.

"Thanks..." Kyrie said sounding worried.

Zack and Hiyori made their way to the inner wall. Zack pulled Hiyori down an alley way that was just outside of the wall.

"Ok now you know what to do right?" Zack asked her.

"Yes, Wait til the guards are gone. Then I make a path through the wall and get into the throne room. I still don't see why it is me that has to go in there." She said.

"Fire and water have no effect on an earth user. Besides you are one of the best I know." Zack said with a smile.

"So how do you plan on getting the guards attentions?" Hiyori asked.

"Just watch." Zack said.

He walked to the front gate. The guards looked at him getting ready to attack.

"Get away from the gate now!" The guards said.

"I request to see the High King." Zack said.

"No one sees the High King!" They replied.

"Damn. I really was hoping I could see him." Zack replied.

"Get back now!" The guards said again.

"Well I was hoping it wouldn't come to this." He said standing back. "Oh well. Here goes nothing." He added.

Zack jumped up into the air. Fire burst out from under his feet making him fly over the wall. Wings soon spread out from his back. Zack held his hands out making fire to control his movement.

The guards stood there as Zack flew over the wall. Alarms started to go off as Guards from all over made their way to the center of town. Hiyori hid watching the chaos.

The front gates soon shattered open. Zack flew through the city with guards chasing him. Hiyori made her entrance as soon as she was sure it was clear.

She made her way to the throne room. She could see the High King sitting on his throne. He was a rather buff man, she almost mistook him for Kain. She slowly got closer.

"I am sorry High King but I need to talk to you. I am Hiyori Valendorf." She said.

"I know who you are child. Are you with that rather loud fire user?" He asked.

"Yes. High King please I need to find a Crystalirean. I was told he was here. I mean you no harm." Hiyori said.

"Then why break into my home? No one comes to see me!" The high king said standing up.

"Please High King. If you help me I will get out of your town." She said.

"There are no Crystalireans in my town. You will pay for breaking into this place!" The High King said.

He slammed his foot on the ground. The floor moved in a wave at Hiyori. She broke through it with ease.

"Sir I don't know what you have been told but the town is failing. You need to listen." She said.

"The town is doing just fine!" He said making another wave go at her.

"Fine? How is people starving fine?" She asked stopping the waves and sending them back.

"You lie!" He said making two walls close in on her.

Hiyori jumped backwards as the walls came smashing together. Her feet barely made it out of the way.

"Please sir! I don't want to harm you!" Hiyori said.

"Then you shouldn't have broken in!" He said charging at her.

Hiyori watched as he charged. She could see a bit of a black blur following him. The High King got closer and closer towards her.

"What the hell is that?" She muttered to herself.

The High King jumped up into the air. Hiyori rolled forward as his fist landed where she was standing. The ground shattered to pieces.

"I bet the Captain is having an easier time." She said to herself.

Zack looked over his shoulder at the large horde of guards. When he looked forward again he saw they had split up and were charging at him. Zack dove down an alley way out of their path.

"Damn it. They have a fucking army! Why didn't anyone tell me?" He said to himself as he flew past people.

"GET BACK HERE!!!" The guards yelled.

Zack flew up into the air then dove into the only well in town. The Guards surrounded the well. The ones closest to the well shoved the tips of their spears into the water.

"We got him now!" Some of the guards said.

He created an air bubble so he could breath. He looked up seeing the spear tips. The water under him started to spin. It propelled him up out of the water. The guards pulled their spears out as the water raised up.

Zack was soon sitting up on a water tornado. The guards all gasped staring at him.

"Sup?" He asked.

He started to move towards the guards. They all started to run.

"Who know they were scared of water? I bet Hiyori is having an easy time talking to the High King." He said to himself.

Hiyori dodged out of the way of another attack. The High King had gone on full attack mode. Hiyori knew she needed to hit him.

"I really don't want to hurt you. You leave me no choice High King. I am sorry!" She said.

"DIE!!!" He said coming in for another attack.

She got into a defensive position staring up at the High King. His fist was coming in for another crushing blow. Hiyori made the earth launched her into the air. Her fist made contact with the High King's nose.

She could feel his fist hitting her in the chest. They both fell to the ground. Hiyori landed rather hard on her chest. She passed out from the pain. The High King held his nose.

"Ugh... what happened?" He asked.

He observed the destruction that had gone on. The High King soon saw Hiyori on the ground. He rushed over to her rolling her onto her back.

"Hiyori? No... I couldn't have.... GUARDS!!! ANYONE!!! I NEED HELP!!!" The High King yelled.

Zack made his way back to the inner wall. The Guards were still after him. Zack was no longer using his water abilities. He could barely even use his fire abilities.

"Damn it water didn't affect them at all." He said.

"GET HIM!!!" The guards yelled.

"Shit!" Zack said running past the broken gate.

He made his way into the castle. The guards followed him. Zack was getting tired. He soon tripped into the throne room. His eyes met with the High King's.

"Well damn... just my luck." Zack said.

"I need your help!" The High King said.

Zack's eyes soon saw Hiyori.

"HIYORI!" Zack yelled.

He rushed over to her. Guards flooded the room leaving an area open around the High King.

"Sir! That man is wanted." The guards said.

"Stand down!" The High King said.

"What happened?" Zack asked.

"I don't know. I don't remember anything." The High King said.

"Damn it I need to get her to my healer." Zack said.

"Moving her could be a bad Idea." The High King said.

"You two I need you to go get someone!" Zack said pointing at two guards.

"Like hell we will." The guards said.

"Do it before I kill you myself!" The High King yelled.

"Sir!" The two guards saluted.

"She is at a bar. Ask for Sherry. She will get Kyrie for you.

Tell them that Zack McCloud asked you to bring her to the throne room." Zack said.

They both stood there for a bit.

"I MEAN NOW DAMN IT!!" Zack said getting angry.

Sparks of fire started to fill the air. All the guards left just as quick as they had shown up. Zack knelled next to Hiyori. He placed a Hand on her shoulder.

"Don't die... Help is on the way." He said to himself.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

Post by Tokahia on 17th November 2012, 12:52 pm

Chapter 18

Sid leaned on the wall outside of the Infirmary. She watched Kyra and Mori walk out together. Kyra's eyes caught Sid's eyes.

"What the hell do you want?" Kyra asked coldly.

"I know I am the last person you want to see. I need to talk to Yue." She replied.

"No what you need to do is leave! You have caused her enough pain!" Kyra said.

"I am just gonna let you two.... talk..." Mori said trying to walk away.

"No. You stay. You are the only thing keeping me from killing her where she stands." Kyra said grabbing Mori by the shoulder.

"I was afraid you were going to say that." Mori said with a sigh.

"Seriously Kyra. I need to talk to her.I need to explain how I feel." Sid said.

"You know I remember when she came home crying. How she said that you shattered her heart and never wanted to see her again. So in all honesty I say you stay away from her." Kyra said getting ready to draw her weapon.

"Hey lets just hear her out ok Kyra. I mean just look at Kyrie and my brother. Kyrie needs to hear him out. So why not let her talk to you. If it is justified then she talks to Yue." Mori said stepping in front of Kyra.

"Please Kyra..." Sid said looking like she was going to cry.

"Fine you have a minute." Kyra said.

"I broke up with Yue to save her... Had I continued to be with her she might have gotten injured. I didn't want that." Sid said. "So I broke her heart. To save her." Sid added.

"It nearly killed her Sid. I think you should get going." Kyra said.

Sid let out a sigh. "Your right. I should get going." She said.

Kyra and Mori watched as Sid walked away. She held her head down low walking past other students. Mori turned to Kyra.

"What?" She asked looking at Mori.

"It was a fair reason. You know if the Captain had his way he would do stuff on his own to protect us." Mori said.

"Breaking someone's heart is never a reason for protection. Our captain knows better. Sid should have known better too." Kyra said walking away from Mori.

Sid walked out the front doors. She rubbed her eyes of her tears. Sid looked up seeing Zane in front of her.

"Hey what seems to be the trouble?" Zane asked.

"Grand Dragoon! I thought you were in Aelmoore?" Sid replied.

"Just got back today. Let's walk and talk." Zane said.

"Sure what is it you wanted to talk about?" She asked.

"The Dragoons. I feel that we have done our job. We have helped people enough." Zane said leading her away from populated areas of the city.

"Is that so." Sid said. "Then tell me the code word. I will have them disbanded after that." Sid added.

"Yes the code word is Bahamut." He said with a smile as they stopped at the edge of town.

"Wrong answer. Who the hell are you?" Sid asked pointing her Dragoon Lance at his throat.

"Zane McCloud. The leader of the Anti-Force. You will never heart me with that puny thing." He said with a smile.

"Oh yeah? You don't exactly have a weapon drawn." Sid replied.

"No? Then what do you call this in my hand?" He said holding a weapon Sid had never seen before.

"What the hell is that?" Sid asked.

"Westerners call it a Revolver. They also call it a gun. You see it is quite the piece of hardware. Do you wish to see how it works?" He asked holding it at Hip level.

"I don't care what it is drop it. By the law of the Dragoons drop your weapon." Sid said.

"Sorry no can do. You see you are going to be a message. That no one is safe." He said pulling the trigger.

Sid heard a loud bang. She then stumbled back a bit as pain radiated from lower abdomen. Her weapon fell to the ground and she soon followed. Zane stood over her holding the gun.

"Sorry, it is nothing personal... Oh wait it is." He said pointing the gun at her again.

Sid's vision started to blur. Zane pulled the hammer back on the gun getting ready to shoot her again. Just as Zane was about to pull the trigger a metal claw grabbed the gun slicing it to pieces.

Zane looked over to see someone in a cowboy hat. The rest of the outfit was a long dusty brown trench coat. Some black boots with spurs stood just under the coat.

Sid looked over but couldn't make anything out. The metal claw on the chain slid back to person standing there. The person stood there so that the claw was up in the air. It was attached to a pole that lead down to a large sphere.

"We meet again Zane." A woman's voice said.

"Well if it isn't Sheriff Claudia." He replied.

The wind slightly blew making her coat sway. Dust was blown up into the air. Claudia lifted up her head so that her face could be seen. Her black hair was tied into a pony tail that hung over her shoulder. Her silver eyes stared at Zane.

"Well Sheriff. Looks like we are at a stand off." Zane said.

"I would say I have the upper hand Zane." Claudia replied.

Sid tried to stay awake. She knew she needed to fight back but her body hurt all over. Sid tried to reach out for her weapon.

"On the count of three we make our move. Sound fair Sheriff?" Zane asked.

"How about when the bell stops ringing." Claudia said as a bell rang out across the city.

Zane smiled at Claudia. She stood there as the second bell rang out. Sid tried to reach for her weapon, her fingers barely touched the weapon as the third and final bell rang.

They all waited for the bell to end. Claudia tapped her fingers against her weapon. Zane smiled at her, as Sid's fingers tried to pull her weapon closer. A loud bang rang out across the town.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

Post by Tokahia on 25th November 2012, 11:43 am

Chapter 19

"Zack what happened?" Kyrie asked as two guards followed her.

"Hiyori is injured." Zack said.

"This is all my fault." The High King said standing up towering over Zack and Kyrie.

"We can talk about that in a minute sir. Right now we need to focus on Hiyori." Zack said.

"I will see what I can do." Kyrie said walking over to Hiyori.She touched Hiyori's neck feeling a pulse. Kyrie could sense Hiyori's broken ribs.

"Wow I am surprised she lived." Kyrie said.

"How bad is it?" The High King asked.

"Well lets put it this way. Her ribcage almost seems like a jigsaw puzzle." Kyrie said. "Though it is only on one side. I don't understand how that is possible." She added.

"Hiyori is a quick thinker. Maybe she was able to protect half her body in time for whatever attack hit her." Zack said.

"You can fix her ribcage right?" The High King asked.

"Yeah but even with my skills it could take a month for her to fully heal. If she is to get better quicker we need to get her back to Northlynn Captain." Kyrie said standing up.

"To do that we need a dragoon ship. Damn it.... None of them fly in this region. At least not around this time." Zack said kicking the dirt.

"What about my Royal cart and Boat? It could get you from here to Northlynn in about twelve hours. If I gave them the right motive." The High King said.

"How is that possible? Even a Dragoon Airship takes about a day to get from here to Northlynn with the right motive." Zack said.

"I have know Hiyori for a while. I even know her parents. Her safety is top priority. My men know how to get places rather quickly when it comes to important timing." The High King said.

"Just tell me what you need. I will get it for you." He added.

"Zack we need to get there. Twelve hours seems a whole lot better than several days. For now let me see what I can do to help her." Kyrie said sliding a hand under Hiyori's shirt.

She felt a rather rough set of dirt around her left side. She moved her hand to the other side feeling as the dirt went away. As soon as she touched Hiyori's injured ribs she yelled out in pain. Kyrie pulled her hand away. She looked over at Zack who let out a sigh.

"We need our stuff from the hotel. We also need a way to transport her without getting injured... more..." Zack said.

"Right away." The High King said snapping his fingers. Most of the Guards ran off. "Anything else?" He asked.

"Kyrie keep working on Hiyori. Sir, I wanted to ask you about the last thing you remember." Zack said turning back to the High King.

"I remember meeting someone just like you. Though his hair was longer. I think he called himself... Zane. We chatted for a bit then the next think I knew was I had this broken nose and Hiyori was on the ground." He said.

"Captain, Hiyori is going to take me a while. Should I fix the High King's nose?" Kyrie asked.

"Yeah... go ahead." Zack said.

The High King leaned over so that Kyrie could reach his nose. In a matter of seconds she had it fixed like it had never been broken.

"I would still be careful. It needs to heal naturally, but in a few days it will be better." She said. "Captain what about our mission? We still need to find that Crystalirean." Kyrie added.

"No, that mission failed. Hiyori needs to get back to Northlynn. If Headmaster Emory has a problem with it then she can take it up with me." Zack said.

"Mission?" The High King asked.

"Yeah it's how we train to get better. We take missions to find something, or someone. Sometimes we just help the area in whatever way we can." Zack said.

"Sir their stuff is aboard the royal cart." One Guard said sounding out of breath.

"Thank you. Well Zack who is it you are looking for? Maybe I can help." The High King said.

"A crystalirean. I never got a name. I was just told that he was in this town and that he was possibly the Oldest Crystalirean ever. I needed to bring him back to Northlynn to become a teacher." Zack said.

"I see. I will keep an ear out for this person. Now you three need to get going." He said. "Wait... You. Why do we have a prisoner?" The High King added pointing at a guard.

"Sir. You told us to lock him up!" The guard answered.

"I guess you use the ground to see people as well right?" Zack asked the High King.

"Bring him here now! I need to apologize for locking him up." The High King said. The guards went sprinting all over the place. The High King turned to Zack.

"I have to make everything right that I made wrong. I don't know if this town will keep me as the High King." He said.

"It is just going to be a long slow healing process." Zack said.

"Sir the prisoner you requested." The guard said putting the man before the High King.

The man was rather dirty, his clothing looked like they were just old bags that had been cut into clothing. There was a collar around his neck.

"No! I want to go back to my cell! Unless you are going to kill me." The man said.

"No... I want to apologize for locking you up." The High King said.

"Is that an Inhibitor Collar?" Zack asked getting closer.

"NO! KEEP THAT MURDER AWAY FROM ME!!!" The man shouted trying to crawl backwards.

"Damn it." Zack cursed under his breath.

"What is he talking about?" The High King asked.

"He is mistaking me for Zane McCloud. He is an Anti-User that looks like me. You think you have a long time to patch things over, just imagine what I have to do to get people to like me again." Zack said turning his back and walking back over to Kyrie.

"What is your power?" The High King asked kneeling down to the man.

"I can teleport people. Where ever I want." The man said. "You know if I wasn't wearing this collar." he added.

"Zack.. Captain, we could use that man's help." Kyrie said.

"He will flip if I even look in his direction. Teleporting would be nice. We could get there in even less time." Zack said.

"So go be buddy buddy with that guy." Kyrie said.

"Yeah and have him freak out again no thanks. Kyrie... Could you maybe to talk to him. I will watch over Hiyori." Zack said.

"Fine. Just know that you owe me a favor." She said standing up.

"I know I owe you a ton already." Zack said.

"Excuse me, I have someone that needs to get back to Northlynn as soon as possible. Could you please help me?" Kyrie asked the man.

"I would if you weren't with that murder!" The man said.

"Listen, that woman on the ground. She could die if I don't get her back. So I ask again nicely. Will you help me?" She asked again.

"No. You and anyone that helps that monster can die!" The man replied.

"I am sorry it has to be this way." Kyrie said touching the man's shoulder.

The man's eyes fogged over. She let go of his shoulder.

"There we have a short time before he snaps out of it." Kyrie said.

"Thank you Kyrie... I owe you big for this." Zack said switching places with her.

"What about your stuff?" The High King asked.

"Could you please send it to us?" Zack asked.

"No problem. What did she do to him anyway?" He asked.

"Something she really hates doing. She made him easy to influence." Zack said taking off the collar. "One portal to Northlynn Academy please." Zack added.

A portal opened up showing the steps to Northlynn Academy. Several guards made the earth rise up from under Hiyori. Zack stepped through first. Kyrie followed with the guards carrying Hiyori right behind her.

As soon as they were all through Zack looked at Kyrie. She glared at him before walking past with the Guards. Zack let out a sigh following behind them.

"Kyrie you know I would never ask you to do something like that if it wasn't important." He said walking close to her.

"Look I need to look after Hiyori. We can talk about this later." She said walking into the infirmary.

The Guards followed carrying Hiyori's body to the closest bed. Zack looked around. He needed to go talk to the Headmaster. He made his way through the halls til he got to her office.

Zack knocked on the door. "Come in." The headmaster replied.

"This is going to suck." he said to himself walking into the office.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

Post by Tokahia on 6th December 2012, 9:37 pm

Chapter 20

"Heh, I should have known you had one." Zane said holding his shoulder.

Claudia held her revolver in her left hand. She stared him down as he held a second gun pointed at Sid. Blood ran down Zane's arm dripping off his hand onto the ground.

"You know you have a choice Sheriff. You can either chase me down letting this woman die, though I doubt you will do that. Or you can save her life. The school that can save her is right back there." Zane said.

"Why not take you down and save her?" Claudia said.

"Cause of this." He said pulling the trigger two times before pointing the gun at Claudia.

He made a retreat into the forest shooting at her. She returned fire chasing him. One of Zane's bullets grazed her leg making her stumble. She put her gun away, she knew she had lost him.

"Damn it!" She said. "He knew I wouldn't leave you." She said to herself turning to Sid.

She folded up her weapon putting it inside her coat. She then picked up Sid's body. Claudia made the long run to the school. She knew time was going to be a factor with three bullet wounds. Claudia made it into the school. Some guards stepped in front of her.

"Hold it no one gets in without permission." One guard said.

"Medical Emergency. Out of my way." Claudia said.

"We will take it from here." The guards said.

"She is my burden. I got her injured. Just show me to the infirmary." Claudia said.

"This way." They said.

They lead her into the infirmary. Xantho watched as they walked in.

"My word! What happened to Sid?" Xantho asked rushing over taking her body.

"She was shot. Can you help her?" Claudia asked.

"We can try." She said putting her body on the nearest bed.

"Thanks." Claudia said sitting down in a chair. "Is there somewhere where I could wash my hands?" She asked.

"This way ma'am." An intern said leading Claudia to a wash room.

"Look I need to look after Hiyori. We can talk about this later." She said walking into the infirmary.

"Kyrie? What are you doing back so soon?" Xantho asked. "No matter I need your help here." She added.

"Is something wrong with Sid?" She asked walking over. "Put her over there please." Kyrie said to the guards as she pointed to the next bed.

"She was shot. I don't know by what though." Xantho said.

"I see. Who brought her in?" Kyrie asked.

"Some woman. I have never seen her before." Xantho said.

"Alright give me a second to set Hiyori up with some care." Kyrie said walking over to Hiyori's body. "I need interns here now." She said.

Three rushed over to Kyrie. "I need to rebuild her ribs. I don't need to tell you how important it is to fix them. Don't mess up." She said going back over to Sid's body.

"How is it that I can help you... Zack? What are you doing back so soon?" Emory asked seeing Zack.

"The mission was a failure. Hiyori is injured, but she is in good hands." Zack said.

"Let me ask you how did you get back so quick?" She asked sitting back in her seat.

"We used a port. He was locked in the High King's dungeon." Zack said.

"I see. Well then. I am glad you made it back. Is there anything else to report?" She asked.

"Yes does the name Zane McCloud sound familiar? He had some how possessed the High King." Zack said.

"Yes two of your members had said that name earlier. I want you to lead the investigation into that matter. I am sorry that you failed your other mission." She said.

"Which two members?" Zack asked.

"Kyra and Yue. You are dismissed. I look forward to a full account of what happened in Aelmoore." She said going back to her paper work.

"Yes ma'am." Zack said turning and leaving.

Zack walked down the halls not paying attention to anyone. He walked past Mori. Mori looked up from his book seeing Zack.

"Captain! You are back?" He asked.

Zack stopped and turned to face Mori. "Where are Kyra and Yue?" He asked.

"Yue has been M.I.A. Kyra is probably at the training arena. Why?" He asked.

"I need to talk to them." He said.

"Slow down Captain. I am sure it can wait. Also there is a new student who wishes to join our group." Mori said.

"Send them to the training arena. Oh and keep your brother away from Infirmary. Kyrie needs to concentrate. Him being there would only distract her." Zack said leaving.

"Will do." Mori said.

Zack walked into the training area to see Kyra in one of the rings. He walked over and watched from the sidelines. He figured he would wait til she was done.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

Post by Tokahia on 16th March 2013, 1:34 am

Chapter 21

"Just gonna stand there in silence Captain? Or are you going to yell at me when I am done?" She asked.

"Why would I yell? If anything I would pin a medal on you and Yue." Zack said.

"I think that a metal is far to impressive when we got chewed out by the Headmaster." She said stepping out of the ring.

"Do you know where Yue is? I need to tell and ask you both something." He said.

"She is probably in our room. She had a rather nasty encounter with Sid. So what is up?" She asked.

"I want you to tell me about Zane, but that is not important at the moment." He said.

"So what is important?" She asked.

"Hiyori has been injured. Now before you slice me up, know that she is being taken care of. We rushed her back here so that she could get better." Zack said taking a step back.

"Damn it Captain! I... I should be mad at you for getting her injured. I just..." Kyra said.

"ZANE!! You will pay!" Claudia yelled as the top of her weapon flew at Zack.

He drew his weapon stopping the claw. "How do you know about Zane? Who are you?" Zack asked.

"I am sheriff Claudia. You are Zane McCloud. You will pay for hurting all those people." She said pulling the chain back disarming Zack.

"I am not Zane. I am Zack McCloud. Elder Dragoon and Captain at Northlynn Academy. You really want to try me? I am in no mood for this." Zack said.

"Sir should I take her down?" Kyra asked.

"No get out of here. That is an order." Zack said.

"Yes sir." She said leaving.

"Now then. You think it wise to attack someone who has a really bad day?" Zack asked.

"You wouldn't imagine the day I have had." Claudia replied.

"Try me." Zack said making a fire and water weapon.

"Nice trick there Anti User." She said making her weapon snake to Zack.

He moved out of the way closing the distance with a quick fire boost. He was caught off guard by the sphere end of the weapon hitting him in the gut. He fell to one knee but moved quick as to not get hit by the sphere again.

"I told you I am not Zane!" He said getting closer.

"Prove it." She said making another attack.

"How is this?" He asked making a fire sphere around them and closed it in tight so that they could only be right next to each other.

"I noticed your weapon has a rather large ranged one. So getting in close like this is the only way to stop you." Zack said being right next to her.

"Is that so? You think it only a long ranged weapon?" She said as part of it changed to a small hammer hitting Zack in the gut.Zack doubled over in pain. The fire sphere broke apart. "Damn it, I let my guard down." He said.

"Your fire trick doesn't impress me Zane." She said.

"No but I bet this will." He said grabbing the weapon and heating it up.

"Ow! Son of a bitch!" She said dropping her weapon and looking at her hand.

"Don't worry it won't be burnt for long. Just had to get a point across." Zack said standing up. "For the last time I am not Zane." He added.

"I am still not convinced. I shot you in the shoulder earlier. Yet here you are moving like no injury ever occurred." Claudia said.

"Cause I was not shot." Zack said moving his shirt on both his shoulders showing he hadn't been shot.

"Damn it. Then I attacked the wrong person. I am sorry." She said kneeling in front of Zack.

"Let's start over. I am Captain Zack McCloud, Founder of the Dragoons. You are?" Zack asked holding out a hand.

"Sherif Claudia, Total idiot and major screw up. I am sorry for attacking you. I... I have had a bad day." She said taking Zack's hand and standing up..

"Haven't we all." Zack replied.

"Excuse me. Captain Zack McCloud?" A female voice asked Zack.

"Yes? Are you the person Mori was telling me about?" Zack said turning to see Shin'Sai.

"Yes my name is Shin'Sai. I am an Earth User. Looking to join a group. I have seen your team. At least some of them in combat training. I want to join to be come strong like them." She said.

"I guess I should leave you two and go check in on the person I brought in to the infirmary." Claudia said getting ready to walk away.

"No this will only be a moment. Shin'Sai normally I would like to see combat skills, but today is a rare occasion where I skip that and allow you on the team. Tomorrow I will see your skills. Today has been a mess and I want to start first thing in the morning. Understood?" Zack said.

"Yes sir! I will see you in the morning." Shin'Sai said leaving.

"You just let her on your team? Why?" Claudia asked.

"My current Earth user is injured. A back up earth user is always nice to have. Speaking of which, I don't have a Metal user. You seem to be pretty strong. Officially, you can't be on the team, not like members of the school can, but that being said you are after Zane McCloud. In due time I will be after him as well. I could use your help. So what do you say?" Zack said.

"I will, when I make sure my current mistake will live though my blunder." Clauda said looking away from Zack.

"Current blunder?" Zack asked.

"Yeah... I got this girl named Sid injured. I brought her here, but damn it. I screwed up, and worst of all I let Zane get away." Claudia said looking down. "I could just hit something." She added swinging at Zack who caught her punch.

"Sid? As in Sid DeLeon?" Zack asked.

"I didn't get a last name. Just a first name. I am a screw up."

Claudia said taking her hand away from Zack.

"Look you are not a screw up. Come on let's go check on Sid." Zack said picking up Claudia's weapon and handing it to her.

As soon as Claudia had her weapon back the chain pulled the claw and sphere back to it. She then folded it up and put it in her jacket. She then walked silently with Zack back to the infirmary. She stood outside the door looking in watching as people were moving all over the place.

"I don't want to get in the way. I am just going to wait out here." Claudia said.

"I understand." Zack said looking in the window.

He could see Kyra sitting next to her sister. However he couldn't see Yue. Zack let out a sigh, before shaking his head.

"If you will excuse me. I have somewhere I need to go." Zack said to Claudia.

"Yeah of course. You are a Captain of a team. I assume you have something important to be doing." She said waving goodbye to him.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

Post by Tokahia on 16th March 2013, 8:26 pm

Chapter 22

"Hey Kyra what are you doing here?" A male voice asked Kyra.

"Huh? Oh Kuni. I am here looking out for Hiyori. The better question is what are you doing here?" Kyra asked.

"I am here to see Kyrie. I have to explain to her that I love her." Kuni said.

"She is over there but I think it unwise to chat now. She is trying to save Sid's life." Kyra said pointing over her shoulder.

Kuni looked over seeing Kyrie rush around like a mad woman. He then sat down across from Kyra. He let out a sigh.

"So how is Hiyori?" He asked.

"She should recover pretty soon. I am impressed with the skills that Kyrie, and the other medics have. They regrew her ribcage from dust." Kyra said.

"Dust? How did that happen? I mean how is she even still alive. That should kill her right?" He asked.

"I don't know. I haven't really talked with the Captain. I should be mad at him for getting Hiyori injured, but at the same time... I am just glad he is back." Kyra said.

"Say do you know who that is? When I passed by her she just kept muttering 'It's all my fault'." Kuni said pointing at Claudia who was still out in the hall.

"Not really. She attacked the Captain, but I was given an order to leave. So I didn't get introduced to her." Kyra said.

"Oh hey look, Kyrie looks like she is done. Excuse me." Kuni said getting up and walking over to Kyrie who was still giving orders.

"No I said for you to watch the patient. Can you do nothing right?" Kyrie asked a rookie medic.

"Kyrie these are just students." Xantho said.

"Hey there Kyrie." Kuni said stepping closer slowly.

Kyrie turned and saw Kuni. She rolled her eyes then kept her back to him.

"What do you want? I am busy making sure Sid doesn't die." Kyrie said filling out paper work.

"I was wondering if you would let me explain what happened over the summer." Kuni said.

"How about you get out of my infirmary before I have you thrown out. I don't want to hear your lies and I sure as hell don't have time to listen to you right now." Kyrie said.

"Please this is important to me." Kuni said.

"And saving a life is not important?" Kyrie asked turning around hitting Kuni with a clipboard. "Get out of here now. I mean it Kuni." Kyrie said.

"Fine I am going. I still want to have this conversation later. You can't avoid it Kyrie." Kuni said turning and walking away.

"What do you want with these?" A rookie medic asked holding up the bullets in a pan.

"Set them over there please." Kyrie said going back to her paperwork.

"Kyrie why did you have to be so mean to Kuni?" Xantho asked.

"Cause right now is not the time to be having idle chit chat. Right now I need to over see Sid. Besides he is not worth my time." Kyrie said sitting down in a chair next to Sid.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

Post by Tokahia on 16th March 2013, 9:02 pm

Chapter 23

Zack walked up to Yue's dorm room. He looked at the three names on the door, then tapped on the door. He heard a bit of noise on the other side of the door.

"GO AWAY KYRA!" Yue's voice said through the door.

"Yue, it is me Zack." He said.

The door slightly opened and he could see Yue's eye looking at him.

"Captain? Look if you are here to tell me about Hiyori. I already know." She said.

"I know. Look Yue I have to tell you something about Sid." He said.

The door slammed shut. Zack took a step back with a shocked look on his face.

"Go away Captain!" She said.

"Yue, hear me out." He said.

"Go away Captain!" She said again angrier.

"Yue, Sid has been shot. She is injured and in the Infirmary. I know you are upset with her, but Yue I know you. You never wanted to see any harm come to her." Zack said.

There was silence for a moment. Zack let out a sigh before continuing.

"Look I thought you should know that she was injured. You can go see her if you want. I just didn't want you to be surprised when you go to see your sister later. If you need me I will be in my office." Zack said before leaving.

Zack made it back to his office. He opened the door to see Mori looking over some of Zack's stuff on the walls. Mori looked at the door when it opened.

"Hello Captain." Mori said.

"Mori how many times have I said for you to call me Zack?" He said sitting down.

"Yes well you still are the Captain." Mori said.

"Yes but I don't need a team that calls me captain constantly. It gets a little annoying. So what can I do for you Mori?" Zack asked working on his write up of the last mission.

"Did Shin'Sai find you?" Mori asked.

"Yes some how I still don't think that is why you are here." Zack said looking up from his paper work.

"Yes well I wanted to talk about Hiyori." Mori said.

"What about her?" Zack said going back to his paperwork.

"Well I.... Permission to speak freely Captain." Mori said.

"Mori, what has gotten into you? Listen firstly call me Zack and secondly, you always have permission to speak freely to me." Zack said looking up at Mori.

"Then in that case. I think you are a complete jack ass for letting her get injured." Mori said slamming his hands down on Zack's desk.

"Look Mori, she is alright. If I could have avoided a team mate injury I would have. Have you gone and seen her yet?" Zack asked.

"Sorry Zack. I thought I should get the yelling off my chest. No I haven't seen her yet." Mori said sitting in the chair across from Zack.

"Mori listen, and this is an order I am about to give you. Go see Hiyori, be with her. I am sure she will want to see you as well as Kyra and Yue when she wakes up. Now go. Enjoy your time off Mori." Zack said.

"Yes Captain." Mori said standing up. "Oh Zack I am glad you are back." He added with a smile before leaving.

Zack leaned back in his chair and smiled a bit before getting back to his paperwork.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

Post by Tokahia on 16th March 2013, 11:21 pm

Chapter 24

A woman watched in horror as the town in front of her burned. Copper skinned people were running from the burning buildings. The forest around the city burned as well. The woman turned around seeing a large demon looming in the distance.

The woman heard a loud cracking sound as a bit of lightning landed near her. She gasped waking up from her dream. She sat up breathing heavily. She looked around seeing her clothes folded nicely on the ground.

Her long black hair fell in front of her face. She soon brushed it back behind her ear with her hand. She got up and got dressed. She dusted off her light brown clothes once she had them on. Her hair was resting on her left shoulder.

The woman soon grabbed a knife. She held it in her left hand before putting it away in her boot. The bow was next to the door. She placed it on her back along with a quiver.

She then walked out of her hut into the sun light. She blocked the sun with her right hand. Several people were in the village. Some were next to the water washing clothes.

Others walked around carrying corn in weaved baskets. Several people greeted the woman who walked lightly on her feet through the town. Several kids rushed past the woman who smiled at them.

She made her way to a rather large hut. She walked in to see an older woman sitting near a fire. The young woman walked slowly to the older woman before sitting across from her.

"Greetings Grand Seer." The young woman said.

"Greetings Willow. What brings you here to see me?" The old woman asked.

"I had a vision. A terrible vision. One filled with fire and a demon." Willow said.

"Calm child. Your vision could mean many things." The Grand Seer said.

"Yes but it was our village on fire. A terrible demon was burning our way of life into nothing. There was also a lighting bolt." Willow said.

"Our village will fall in time Willow. You know that, it is just a matter of time. However the Demon could mean anything. Even the lightning could mean anything. I wish I could be more help." The Grand seer said.

"I understand." Willow said with a sigh.

"How goes the hunt?" The Grand Seer asked.

"To be honest I have not been in a while. Though today will be different. I must go Grand Seer." Willow said standing up.

Willow made her way out to the village edge. She looked back before stepping outside the village. She wondered the valley before setting her eyes on a cliff edge high above her. She smiled to herself.

She started to climb the cliff side. The rocks held her as she scaled the rocky wall. She reached up grabbing a set of rocks that crumbled. She swung out of the way as they fell to the earth far below her.

Willow looked to her left seeing a waterfall falling far to the ground below into a large lake. She finally made her way to the top of the cliff side. The wind blew her hair.

"A flash of Lightning and a Demon. What do they mean?" She asked herself. She knelled down to the water and took a sip from the stream. She then stood back up.

"I will never get the answers here. Where do I go though? Where would give me the answers that the Grand Seer can't?" She asked herself.

"Willow are you thinking of leaving?" A male voice asked.

Willow turned around seeing a man behind her. She let out a sigh.

"Tathulum don't sneak up on me. I could have killed you." She said.

"Yes but you didn't. You know we can not leave the village. We can not go to their world. Our gifts would be abused. You know that." He said.

"Tathulum I can't be here anymore. How can I protect the village if I can't get the answers I need. I am sorry but I must do this." She said.

"Willow, you know I have never questioned you but where will you go?" Tathulum asked.

"I will let the wind tell me. Tathulum please tell the Grand Seer that I am sorry." Willow said.

She gathered her hair in her hands. She held it with her left hand. A hidden blade came out from her right gauntlet. Willow then cut her hair. The wind then took the cut hair throwing it far and wide into the wild.

"Willow... Never forget our land." Tathulum said.

"I won't Tathulum. I could never forget." Willow said.

She then turned looking back out at the valley. She then took a few steps back before running and jumping up into the air. She looked like an eagle soaring for a moment before she fell down towards the lake.
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Re: FURP: A Journey Reborn

Post by Tokahia on 24th March 2013, 12:37 am

Chapter 25

Willow sat by the campfire she had made. She looked around the open field before looking up at the night sky. The moon was full and bright lighting up the field. She sighed to herself.

"What am I doing?" She asked herself.

In the distance a wolf howl echoed in the night. Willow turned her head in the direction of the sound. Though she saw nothing but open fields.

"It has been days and I have seen nothing but animals." She said looking back down at the fire.

"Well looky here boys. A loner." A male voice said.

A group of bandits quickly surround Willow. She went to reach for her bow but a bandit stepped on it.

"A bow? You really think you could have stopped us sweet heart?" The leader asked walking closer to her.

"What do you want?" Willow asked.

"Isn't that cute boys, she doesn't speak our language." The boss said.

The group started to laugh. One grabbed Willow making her stand up. They held her hands behind her back. She tried to twist away but couldn't.

"Tsk tsk tsk. Trying to leave the party so soon?" The leader said grabbing Willow's face. "You see girly. We men have needs. I am sure you understand." The added getting closer to her.

Willow spit in his eyes. The man pulled back before slapping her across the face. She used this opportunity to use her hidden blade to stab the man holding her.

She then threw him at a different man taking them both out. The boss then charged at her. She took a step out of the way to rush a third person. She stabbed him in the chest with the hidden blade.

"How dare you? You will pay for killing my men!" The leader said getting ready to charge Willow.

"You attacked me." She said though it did no good.

"You should leave." A male voice said.

A large man stepped between the bandit leader and Willow. The bandit bounced off the man. He looked up seeing the blue Cyrstalirean.

"You have no right here freak!" The bandit said the the Crystalirean.

"Nor do you Bandit. I suggest you gather your dead and wounded and leave." The man said.

Willow stood there watching the two men speak.

"Fine." The bandit said dragging his one wounded person out from under the body of a fellow bandit. They both gathered a dead body before they left. The Crystalirean turned around to Willow.

"I am sorry about those bandits. Are you traveling alone?" He asked her.

"Who are you?" Willow asked.

"My name is Cale." He said before sitting down picking up the broken bow.

"You understood me?" She asked not moving.

"I am a crystalirean. The oldest of my kind. I know more languages than exist any more." He said looking at the bow. "Did you make this?" He asked.

"Yes I did. It was my only one." She said moving closer.

"I am sorry that it got damaged. Are you lost youngling?" Cale asked.

"No.. maybe... I am looking for answers, but I have no clue where to look." She said sitting down.

"Tell me your problem child." He said putting the broken bow between himself and Willow.

"I have this vision. A nightmare really. Of my Village on fire. I want to know what it means. There is also a demon there and a flash of lightning." Willow said.

"Sadly visions are nothing I can translate. I wish I could help." Cale said.

"You are very kind. Thank you for the help, though I am sure I could have taken him." Willow said.

"I have no doubt that you couldn't have taken him. Though you shouldn't have to kill anyone." He said.

"I thought I was going to die if I didn't kill them. I didn't even know you were around." She said.

"I know. Listen child, you need to learn the common language otherwise this will happen more often. You should also have someone to travel with." Cale said.

"Why do you keep calling me child and youngling? Why should I learn the Common language and are you offering to lead me to someone who can translate my vision?" She asked.

"I am much older than you youngling. Knowing your name could end up tormenting me for years to come when I out live you. The common language will make sure you don't get into trouble that you can't talk your way out of. Though traveling with you will make that easier to learn for you. Alas I can not bring you to anyone who could translate a vision." He said.

"Fine... I guess you can travel with me. I also guess I could learn the common language. On one condition." She said.

"What is it youngling?" He asked.

"Call me Willow from now on." She said with a smile.

"Very well chi...Willow." He said smiling at her.
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