Religious Reign Discussion

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Religious Reign Discussion

Post by JerriLeah7 on 13th September 2012, 10:34 pm

The King and Queen of the Sagian Kingdom no longer have the reign over their land as they once had--it seems now that the Church has taken over, throwing their religion into the air and thrusting into the throats of all citizens that wish to live within Sagian Territory.

Those who did not believe in the Holy Word of their God, Sagia, were burned at the stake. Those who did not attend Church at least once a month were beheaded. Those who did not walk the path of the forgiven were scorned and spit upon, left with no honor or respect in their lives.

To be of the church is to be rich and honorable--justifiable and true. To be of any other faith, you are a fool--a jester of any court that you may enter. And to be faithless, you are but a lost soul that shall be damned to live within the deepest pits of hell.

Those who do not follow the will of the church are to be either killed or cast out of the Kingdom. They are no longer welcome in a Sagian home, nor are they recognized as human. That is the way of the Sagian Kingdom, and no man or women--not even King and Queen--can change the way of things. As Sagia will have no other deity, no other cause, and no other righteousness.

There are other Religions, such as Christians and Muslims, that must either hide or scramble for food and water on the Kingdom's fringes, lucky to have shelter and to have their lives. They are generally pitied and rarely turned into the Sagian Church, as most can respect one of Religion, even if it is the wrong one.

However, for those who are faithless, they are naught but rogue Gypsies, known to all as not only worshipers of demons and spirits, but also as soulless creatures that shouldn't live, nor walk the streets of Sagian land. They are attacked upon discovery, which usually ends in death or a very violent chase that may end in anyone's death.

As the time rages on, those who are not Sagian are becoming scarce...and those who are Sagian seem to have less to worry about. The Sagian Church Pope and its Religious Council become more and more powerful over the years, taking hold of currency, property, laws, and more...

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