“Mandragora Companion”

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“Mandragora Companion”

Post by Tanuki of Sweets on 14th October 2012, 12:17 am

do note that this is a work in progress story i'm writeing it and posting it it's incompleted atm (as in i don't have all of chapter 1)

Chapter 1: the Sealed Mandragora prince

In the spring of 3312 a young Mandragora prince named Mandragora, was registered or sealed. He’s kind is known for death by sound, they hide underground leaving their heads just above the ground making it seem like that there’s a weed there, when a someone gets close they jump out and Scream at a very high frequency that can kill a Indian elephant, their screams can also make you death if you’re not as close as others are. However Mandragora was sealed losing his only defense. Out in the small town of Nerko a small Japanese town where Mandragora goes wondering around town. When he walked into a store he was threatened by the owner so he had no chose to run. As he finally escaped the range of the derange store owner he bumped in to a young man, whom could understand monsters feelings.

“Oh why hello there looking for a home?” Said the strange young man to Mandragora. Mandragora unable to speak nodded and then shook in terror. “Hey don’t worry you can live with me.” He reached his hand out to Mandragora. Mandragora put his hand on the human’s hand. He found his self at the front of a well managed house.
“Wait here I have to let my mother and Nekomuru know I’m bringing you in to the house.” Said the strange young man who ran in to the house. Mandragora sat down and waited. About one hour later he was gathering nutrients from photosynthesis. Three hours later he was laying down sleeping finally the young man came back. “Sorry it took so long Nekomuru was stuck in the door way again.” He said feeling ashamed for having Mandragora wait for so long. He picks up Mandragora and places him in a specially made room.

When Mandragora got up he noticed the room over everything else. He walked to the door and managed to open it. Nekomuru was sitting on the other side of the door. Mandragora was filled with fear and went hiding in the ground. “Oh dear meow, what do I do now meow.” Said Nekomuru filled with worry. Mandragora peeped from hiding and sees Nekomuru leaving the door way, he comes out from hiding and gets out of that room. He then wonders around the house only to find himself in the kitchen. Within the kitchen was an old female human preparing potato salad. When she looked over her shoulder she saw Mandragora and smiled at him. “Why hello there you must be a Mandragora by the looks of it.” She said ever so happily.

“Nekomuru are you sure he didn’t leave his room?” asked the young male human.”Yes meow, I saw it hide under the ground I swear Kuto.” Replied the cat monster Nekomuru. The young male and Nekomuru walked in to the kitchen look for Mandragora.

“Hey mom have you seen a monster that’s known as Mandragora?” asked Kuto. The old woman look at kuto then pointed down to the table. Kuto and Nekomuru look at the table seeing Mandragora back away from them shaking. “Hey now Nekomuru didn’t mean to startle you.” Kuto was trying to calm Mandragora down. “Yea I’m sorry meow, for ah startling you meow.” Apologized Nekomuru. Mandragora calmed down a little bit feeling less afraid. “Can you tell me your name?” asked Kuto. Mandragora unable to speak tried his best to tell him he couldn’t speak, and then he remembered the seal tag or license tag explaining his situation. Mandragora pulls it out and shows it to kuto.

“Oh I see judging by this seal you can’t speak at all.” Inferred kuto. “Well meow, is your name Mandragora meow?” asked Nekomuru. Mandragora nodded his head yes. Kuto smiled, “Well Mandragora I’m kuto and this –,“ kuto was saying being cut off by Nekomuru, “I’m Nekomuru meow, if you need help getting food meow, I’m there for you meow.” Enthusiastically said Nekomuru. Mandragora walked to Nekomuru and hugged him. “I think he likes me meow, don’t you think kuto meow?” said Nekomuru.

About four hours later it was dinner time. Mandragora was still staying close to Nekomuru; Mandragora was looking at what they were eating. “Are you hungry Mandragora?” asked Kuto’s mother. Mandragora shook his head no. “I don’t think plants eat other plants meow, I think we can use that sun lamp meow.” Said Nekomuru stuffing his face with steaks. Mandragora hugged Nekomuru some more. Mandragora standing by Nekomuru side because he feels Nekomuru will protect better than anyone else. “Hey Nekomuru I’ve been meaning to ask, how long has Mandragora been standing by your side?” Asked kuto. Nekomuru stops eating and thinks. “I think meow, about four hours meow.” Answered Nekomuru. Kuto was shocked that Mandragora followed Nekomuru for such a long time. “Nekomuru why would Mandragora follow you for that long?” asked Kuto. “I don’t know kuto meow.” Said Nekomuru. Mandragora left the dining room to get something when he returned with paper and a pen. He wrote a message but he has very illegible hand writing. Still he gave the paper to Kuto.

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