OC: Kyrie Sheridan

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OC: Kyrie Sheridan

Post by xenolion on 6th December 2010, 1:45 pm

I typically have different character per RP I am in...This is from my first RP that is on the godsibb board, the premise of the story is a bit interesting. *Edited to include full profile*

Name: Kyrie Sheridan
Age: 20
Appearance: Average build, about 5'5" with shoulder length white wavy hair. It is usually pulled off her face. Her most noticeable feature are her lilac eyes.

Weapon(s) (if any): Designed by her brother she carries a miniature crossbow. It uses energy bolts instead of physical ones. When not in use it can be folded on her forearm and hidden under most long sleeved shirts. She is quite skilled with it as far as target practice goes, but has not used it in battle yet.

City, Academy: Nothlynn City, Crescendo Academy

User Unit: 6

User Abilities (if any): She has the ability of a healer. She can sense all physical conditions of a person, just by touching them. Her healing capacity is unknown as she seems to be hiding her true capabilities.

Bead Color: Violet.

Backstory: She comes from a long line of Force users and Academy members. However they are/were affiliated with Simarynn City and the Staccato University. She recently moved to Nothlynn to break free from them. Her older brother is the only one she mentions and only in reference to her unique weapon. He is an arms specialist. She lives off campus with her grandmother who gave her the violet bead that she has in her possession today. She is a quiet young lady, but warms up quickly to the right person. She tried to stay away from the Academy to live a normal life, but is drawn to it.

Extended backstory...in spoilers because of godsibb members coming over

Mom: Leilani Kaprielian, Dad: Jacob Kaprielain. Brother: Avery, age 25.
Both Mom and Dad UU1 force users and professors at the Academy. They are strict, but fair in the classrooms. They teach the higher level students. Mom's force is manipulation of Earth. She's been known to cause powerful tremors. Dad's force is manipulation of electricity/lightening. The same force he passed on to his son.

Kyrie's force was not discovered until she was 16, although she knew that there was something different about her earlier. So her parents ignored her because she was a non force user. And disappointed when it wasn't an elemental force that they could show off to others. They weren't all that bad though. They instilled the strive for excellence in both their kids. So it wasn't long before Kyrie reached a UU4 level. She recently took her UU3 test, but left before knowing if she passed or not. Avery is a UU2 (at least when she left he was), and he is also very skillful at making weapons. He and Kyrie are very close, and helps her in every way possible. He made the weapon she carries today. He knew she would have something that was ranged because she is not a fighter at heart.

Grandma and grandpa always lived in "Nothlynn" city (even before it was named that). They visited the Kaprielian's quite frequently. They are also force users. Grandma is a former UU1 Force telepath. She was a Professor at Crescendo Academy. Grandpa's force was burden and spatial manipulation. They are delighted about Kyrie's healing force. They areunhappy with the way Kyrie's parents are treating her. So there is lots of tension within between them.

On their last trip out there Grandma and Grandpa were attacked, somewhat close to the city gates. Kyrie was waiting in anticipation as usual when she was approached by grandma. She leads Kyrie to grandpa who was critically injured. Kyrie sends grandma into town to get more help. Soon she is joined by her family and other academy healers, but the wounds were too great. Kyrie is doubtful about her powers, and of course her parents blame her for not being able to heal him. They went as far as accusing her of murder and wanted to have her expelled from the Academy claiming that he died because she misued her powers. On top that they disowned her.

Well her confidence shattered, and her faith in the Academy shaken, she decides to leave her Simmaryn behind. She came back with her grandmother and took her name. She tried to live a normal life for the a few months. However a combination of her innate ability and the gentle persuasion of her grandmother, she decided to give the Academy another chance. She was afraid at first about them finding out about her, so she never mentioned her life as a Kaprielian.

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Thank you leah
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